Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Look Out Below

Anyone wanting to screen the film should email directly to collapse@bluemarkfilms.com. Kate Noble gets these herself. I'm just a spectator here... and a happy one at that.

From Jenna Orkin:

Nouriel Roubini: Big Crash Coming
Rate of bank charge-offs surpasses that of the Great Depression
Death of the Soul of Capitalism
3 More Black Swans for the U.S. Economy (from Rice Farmer)
Rally fueled by cheap money brings a sense of unease
Putting the 60% rally into perspective
Are investors ready for a post-American world?
Rupee, Ruble Use In Bilateral Trade?
Remember the Iranian bourse and the Latin American shift to the 'sucre' a few posts ago.
Here's Why Asia Must Eventually Ditch the Dollar (from Rice Farmer)
Citigroup's "Hail Mary Pass": How To Know Citigroup Is In Serious Trouble
Food will never be so cheap
Three Signs of the Next Real Estate Bubble (from Rice Farmer)
Detroit House Auction Flops for Urban Wasteland (from Vantage Point)
Signs of a recovery don’t extend to jobs
Existing home sales FALL in September
America now the world's number one destination for child sex trafficking (from Rice Farmer)
"There are more slaves today than ever before in human history."

Big Brother
Remote Controlled Beetles to Bug Conversations
DNA Profiling: You May Be Next (from Rice Farmer)
“I think in 10 years, if not sooner, every baby’s blood will be taken at birth and their DNA will go into that database. It’s kind of Big Brother, but I think we’re already there.”
"Turning Spy Satellites on the Homeland: The Privacy and Civil Liberties Implications of the National Applications Office,"
House Homeland Security Committee, September 6, 2007.
"A Report Card on Homeland Security Information Sharing,"
House Homeland Security Committee, September 24, 2008.
"Oversight of the Federal Bureau of Investigation" (pdf),
Senate Judiciary Committee, March 27, 2007.
"FISA Amendments: How to Protect Americans’ Security and Privacy and Preserve the Rule of Law and Government Accountability,"
Social Services to "Take Baby from Teenager Deemed Too Stupid to Marry"

U.K. Economic Contraction Is Longest on Record
Alarm at routine patrols by armed police (from Rice Farmer)

Russian Oil Surges After Break With OPEC
India may purchase oil fields in Russia (from Rice Farmer)

Venezuelans urged to stop singing in shower to save water (from Rice Farmer)
Number of Americans who believe in climate change drops, survey shows
Only 57% of Americans feel that the planet's atmosphere is warming, a fall from 77% two years ago
Rich May Evolve Into Separate Species
Scientists Study Possible Health Benefits of LSD and Ecstasy
They're right! Look what talk of relaxing the marijuana laws leads to!
Body Armor To Be Restricted in BC
Your Dog Pollutes More than Your SUV
You know the study is suspect when you read another of its findings: a human in the West will require 1.8 hectares (4.4 acres) while a person from the Third World needs up to 6 hectares (14.8 acres.) - JO

Your Tax Dollars at Work
Man Arrested For Making Coffee Naked in Own Home

And, a propos nothing...
Taylor to customer, examining damaged garment: “Euripides?”
Customer to taylor: “Eumenides?”


Anonymous said...
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Jenna Orkin said...



Anonymous said...

Here is an analysis of false flag operations, past and potential:


v said...

Brother of Afghan Leader Is Said to Be on C.I.A. Payroll



Sebastian Ronin said...

The vids of the Green Party of Nova Scotia Leadership Speeches are up. I believe that for a "Peak Oil Candidate" to engage in mainstream politics as such may be a first. Election results to be announced this coming Saturday.

Sebastian Ronin, GPNS Leadership Speech

Ponter said...

The link you gave for the collapse trailer, the one that plays on Apple's sight, utilises a proprietary plug-in which is not available for my computer system (Ubuntu Linux) -- a system that all freedom-loving people should consider, by the way. It would be more helpful if you directed people to the link that's actually on the Collapse website, which goes to YouTube, which uses a plug-in that any system can install. (Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/user/collapsemovie#p/f) YouTube is not without its own issues, censorship being a primary one, but for now the Collapse trailer is available.

ATL said...


Karzai's brother on CIA payroll

Butch said...

Hi Miek and Jenna--

I have an email fwd I want to send you re: H1N1 (long story short: major beneficiary of swine flu fever-- a pharamceutical company where our old friend Rumsfeld is a major shareholder). Do you guys have an email address?

chris stolz
vancouver, BC

Butch said...

sorry guys, my email is


ATL said...


gee...I can't see any problems with this

agape wins said...

10,28,09, The way I detect if I am Dreaming or Awake, is the amount of distant/background detail; clear with a view into the distance.
Except for the "Fog" above which was just for a short distance, A mile or so.

Cont. Dream.
The layout, tea displays, wall displays, & even the staircase were all there.
It was shortly after 10:00 am and they had just opened, they did serve a light lunch, which they were preparing. There were no menu's as everything was in transition, the former owners had lived upstairs, where the lunch/dinner area would be, overlooking the lake; the old
stairway took up too much room and would be removed.
Because the soup was not done my wife read the local paper & I
reexamined the two rooms on the first floor, & their contents, still awed by the formality with "before"! The owner said the sign was being reworked to reflect that they now served food.

This is all I had written, I had intended making connections to Quantum connectedness, humanity, this Blog, and it/us as Community.
Since June we have picked up Climate/change/warming/cooling(?); the possibility of doing nothing because of uncertainness.

We also have F.Kamilov's opinion that there is a different "Human Nature" at work in his section of the globe, that the "Western" concept of a single "Humanity" (as I understand him), is wrong.

I am now reading 3 books; "The Predictioneer's Game."; "We read it so you don't have to", Newsweek. As always You do have to read "It", their 1/4 page condensation is not quite what he says, you have to read several chapters to understand the truth/untruth in their summation.


"Crowds And Power", and "Right Of Thirst (fiction), Frank Huyler's (the Author), comments about how/why the book came about are related to all the issues we are working out here "In The Wilderness"! It may take me a few days to pull it all together constructively, sorry.

Expressing Amae is the nature of a "Closed Crowd", or am i(small) expressing it Ass backward?

RanD said...

It is perfectly understandable why & how any successful status quo's psychology is conditioned to protect itself from attempts by its dissidents, iconoclasts, futurists, prophets etc to bring forth information which would even suggest, let alone credibly explain, why & how genuine change is coming to a status quo's once seemingly glorious and indestructible operational paradigm. Nonetheless, the following is a recap, and more, concerning R & D and their relationship to everything that exists, including that which ceases to exist:

The "R" is for Ruthie, my wife of twenty years now; the "D" for David, the one that writes for RanD. R & D are a team, a family of two; we continuously fully consciously interact with, and in service to, what we recogize as being literally the Source of every single thing that exists. We also recognize this Source as ultimately being our "GOD". It is from this perspective that we routinely determine everything we do as RanD.

Using our selves in this manner progressively shows us personal power, freedom, well-being, love for each other, and an ever-growing understanding of reality beyond what we previously experienced. Via this means we also have learned of the where, who, and what we are as RanD; and acknowledge that we are indeed very much "full of ourselves", and are unabashedly pleased to say so. Moreover, it is in large part from our both many years of entirely independent, and now twenty years of intimately interdependent experiences in correlation with --- but certainly not exclusively from --- that body of information generally identified as the Judaean-Christian Bible that we attribute our having found the life we're living today, both despite and because of those written works' convoluted, highly problematic & purposely cryptographic nuances, and is also why RanD is here at FTW saying what RanD is saying. And no, we are neither members of nor attend services of any self-presuming "official" religious organization other than the one which is ours.


JO's (and Rice Farmers') October 27, 2009, MCR/FTW blogspot's "Look Out Below" front page links under the heading "Collapse", in red, nicely substantiate the inevitabilities that MCR has been laboring to apprise planet Earth's peoples of since the infamous event of
9/11/2001. As we can see, collapse across the face of our planet is methodically occurring just as initially presaged about 2000 years ago.


Once again we express our gratitude to the FTW team for helping bring us all of this much anticipated and grandly self-fulfilling information.


F.Kamilov said...


...We also have F.Kamilov's opinion that there is a different "Human Nature" at work in his section of the globe, that the "Western" concept of a single "Humanity" (as I understand him), is wrong...

I hereby issue a correction to your statement: I didn't mean different "Human Natures" as much as I meant diverse Human conditionings and outcomes by various socio-cultural systems (or as Marx would have it, different economic evolutionary dialectical phases of social development). Now, say your society having gone off on its own socio-cultural tangent of development, while the Afghan one still remains stuck "comfortably" on an earlier rung - both your basic emotions and reactions might be the same, but an Afghan might find the idea of special dogfood sections in store and cats' clinics as contemptibly "hilarious" (at lavishing such concern over what are to him lowly creatures), while you will most probably find very reprehensible something he takes for granted without batting an eyelid - like shooting dead his young unmarried sister if he suspects that she has "illicit" sexual relations with a "strange" male - to "redeem" his "family honour". This is done everyday over in Afghan society without the slightest concern as it is "traditional", and yet if you were even to express your horror at it, the Afghan would react wrathfully. Similarly he would regard as "loose" behaviour many things you would feel perfectly comfortable with...

In nowadays world, we live on one globe with jet travel having shortened it to a global village - but diverse systems of social conditioning still exist. That is because, as I see it, Americans instead of fulfilling their primary obligation to the world by reforming and upgrading it - are off on their greedy spree of engorging themselves with surplus wealth and enjoying its modern benefits, while decrepit and degenerate social systems like Afghan society still exist and fester like the sores they are. They need someone to clear them up, but the "someone" that can do it is the Western world, which is off on a decadent orgy of self-destructive debauchery instead of thanking the lord (or whatever) for giving them a superior culture and civilisation. They are so gluttonous that they have a Devil-may-care attitude to the actual duties of a superpower, yet react aggressively and jingoistically if someone tells them that they make a lousy superpower. I know a lot of you won't agree with me - but then, you haven't really experienced the rest of the world! You, Agape, tend to dismiss what I have to say with the same kind of careless and ignorant humour I have alluded to. I say the "Western conception" is wrong, because from what I have seen, not only does the average Western citizen know naught (about such things) no matter how well-intentioned he or she may be - but in most cases, he or she cares naught too having more goodies than they can "digest".

Sebastian Ronin said...

Kamilov, re "I know a lot of you won't agree with me - but then, you haven't really experienced the rest of the world!"

I do and have.

You may find yourself debating against the delusions of Amerikan exceptionalism. Seeing as you refer to Marx, it is reified. In and of itself, it is a thread of the decadence...but only a thread.

The road to hell is paved with...

F.Kamilov said...


Indeed it is; to complete your adage "...paved with good intentions", but I referred to Marx in an intellectual sense, so as to highlight what I meant to emphasise, and was not analysing Marxism w.r.t Capitalism per se. After all, there was only a point beyond which the target setting of Soviet centralised planning - the Five Year plans or Gosplan - could have gone. That was their "idea" of unrestrained linear growth. Except that in that case, the ownership was public. They would not have acknowledged those contentions then, as their propaganda and its reach were narrowly focused and short term in nature. But then, to remind you, not everything is "green" either just as it isn't "steel and concrete grey" either, if you know what I mean; a Soviet analyst would have referred to your trend as a "perverse" reaction to excessive industrialisation, which, from that standpoint, it is. Further, most communist parties have undergone this metamorphosis into mainly ecological ones, especially in the industrialised world. However, these are things that have no relevance now and stand resolved as far as I am concerned; a lot of water has passed under the bridge since 1991 - and we are now nearing the end of the other great saga of the US NWO that began that year. I return to the start, and sum up, that it was only in the above-mentioned brief philosophical context that I referred to Marx (or more correctly, Hegelian dialectics)! However it is still very pertinent when analysing contemporary structures - whether one likes it or not.

agape wins said...


Repeating myself (small) again, read what I write with care, My intent is to generate Thought.
You seem to think I disagree with YOU, even after I state that I agree with your line of reasoning.

OregonSurvivor said...

"Yet our information sources are tainted by agenda driven mis- and dis- information, so how can one reliably interpret the data to arrive at a valid construct? In other words, "everything you know is wrong". ".
I, and each of us has to constantly "Rethink" what we KNOW, or suppose, you could wake up to something you knew all along!
The "Western Mind" is not able to see it's errors, HOW is it going to Save anyone??

PS. Your latest was great, except
The NWO is not "American"!
I would say "Anglo European"

Jeff said...

It seems this is the last straw before the elite kick off a massive war here with Iran.
there is no end to the hubris of the machine.

agape wins said...


I was awaiting your comments about the look back at our? slanted view of the "Cold WAR", please.
In other words a balancing view; allowing Me to locate my position more firmly.





RanD said...

Dear (in alphabetical order) Agape wins, F. Kamilov, (FTWers in general), and Sebastian Ronin ---

I'm continuously enchanted by the wonderful and (from Ruthie's and my perspective) hugely significant and important conversation you've been sharing on whether the idea of a truly "single humanity" can be substantiated exclusively by personal, direct experiences, and thus 'essential knowledge' (assumedly) gained exclusively thereby, of humankind's myriad of cultural/behavioral/moral/ethical behavioral idiosyncrasies.

From the above I'm given to wonder, if so, then how is it that I ("D", the writer of this), who has only been out of the USA's lower 48 when living in Bonners Ferry, Idaho and regularly taking trips up into BC, Canada could have developed such much easier affinity with F. Kamilov's thinking and knowledge via merely reading his words than with the thinking and knowledge personally expressed directly to me while directly interacting with the vast majority of my lower 48 brethren - if not because the idea of a single humanity is an actuality?

Just something to think about, dear fellow Earthlings.

eyeballs said...

Kamilov is right: people really have very different preconceptions and expectations, and very different worldviews, in different parts of the world. Had the mission of America been the enlightenment and reform of national vices around the world, the latter 20th century would have been a fine chance. However, while Kamilov indicts the gluttony of the American people, that was caused deliberately by the masters of the consumer society, who are also the masters of American foreign policy. The blame rests on TPTB.

American resources used abroad to influence other societies have largely been put to less idealistic uses: the throttling of socialist movements, sales of arms, supervision of oil and drug traffic, and the extension of consumer culture to the "developing world". Now we have heavily armed India, with its farmers committing suicide after GMO crops failed - while the burgeoning middle class buys iPods and trendy western clothing. Now we have Iraq in flames, sucking oceans of money out of the remnant middle class of America to pay Bechtel, Lockheed and Haliburton to destroy and rebuild. Now we have Plan Columbia pretending to interdict America's main drug supply while making war on the indigenous people near the Panama border.

America is terminally in debt, and no longer has the potential to reform the social ills of Afghanistan or any other spot. The mission is to prop up Wall Street because America has very little else to export besides weapons and war. As has been common throughout world history, a bloated, insane empire is thrashing and being thrashed by an ignorant and beligerant local population, mostly for money.

When empires are forced to give up long-range conquest, constrained by the collapse of industrial society, backwaters will continue much as they have, and the brief experiment at globalization will recede from the memory of new generations, into myth or oblivion. We, the sighted among a globalized generation, have the opportunity to found new cultures, perhaps in isolated regions, perhaps connected by a remnant communications network.

It's high time to take responsibility for the future by protecting the cultural heritage we value and planting it wisely in fertile ground.

F.Kamilov said...


"Anglo-American" is the term I always use, I don't know why I didn't yesterday, being the finicky type that I am. Perhaps I felt tired... tiredness and finickiness are mutually reinforcing, to the detriment of the writer and to the advantage of his enemy, writer's block - so thanks for reminding me about the correct term! Even in the West, the Anglo-Saxons and their US "Second British Empire" serve as the senior partners for the rest of their European capitalist partners, as well as their Asian partners like Japan!

About what OregonSurvivor says regarding dis- or mis- information and your quoting of him/her in this regard, well, the issues I'm talking about seems to be more because of a natural misunderstanding/disconnect on the Western part, rather than deliberate... but it does come in handy for those with ulterior motives who want to pull the wool over people's eyes. I mean if I came over to the US and stood on a street corner yelling into a loud hailer telling the people around me to "beware of the realities of Afghan culture", the responses I would get would range from me being termed crazy to being called a "bigoted hate monger", whereas neither would be true. But then again, both of these responses would be in accord with the the manner of the natural frame of reference of those so commenting... whether that is due to a natural disconnect, or a deliberate spin - or most probably a mixture of both.

And now about what David of "RanD" says about his ability to understand me better than his other fellow cuntrymen, despite the fact that he has not been outside continental North America:
ironically, that too is a possibilty - but from the very opposite end of the spectrum that I am emphasizing here! It is the intuitive and universal "invisible subterranean spiritual layer" that underlies ALL of humanity, but is far more subtle and as of yet a background player in the world - though given the emerging of New Human Potentials, it may not always be. I see these new potentials emerging most in the Western world, especially the USA and that is why I say they have wasted, rather prostituted, an excellent opportunity to reform mankind. Of course what I imply here may belong to the domain of Parapsychology, Quantum Physics and "New Age Thought" - all of which I am fully conversant with (just as I am with the hidden ancient tribal-feudal realities of the Central Asian culture where I have come from). Even writers like Alvin Toffler unwittingly take into account such new potentials, when discussing his "waves" theory of human progress - although the general body of his theories leaves a lot to be desired.

F.Kamilov said...

Eyeballs, accurately put.

Patrick said...


This is absolutely mind boggling but I encourage you and Rice Farmer and MCR to take a look!

This was sent to me by someone I do not know, however it seems plausible and if true is so incredibly tied to our banking system and 9.11 like I've never read or even imagined before!!

This is so incredible I think it's worthy of your attention, at least to investigate.

"Collateral Damage" by E. P Heidner, part I and II.

RanD said...

F. Kamilov- Your personalized response to Ruthie & me is very much appreciated, and we thank you for it. It is our hope & expectation that all of us will be successful in learning to much better "truly" 'understand' each other through our shared discourse. From R & D's perspective, genuine success achieved through specifically "empathic, honest, and careful" discourse is fundamental to advancing the "unrealized" potentials of our shared human condition. In fact we consider properly exercised communication prerequisite to evolving humanity into its ever-ready-and-watching-for-us future. Such an undertaking of course remains typically challenging and uncertain; and, with that realization ever in mind, I want to continue on by restating one of Agape Win's (hope you don't mind the caps, agape) perfectly apropos 1:02 PM comments as if it were my own:

"...read what I write with care...."

I (like Agape) emphasize reading "with care" because my 5:06 PM comments to "Agape wins, [you], (FTWers in general), and Sebastian Ronin" said nothing "...about [my having any] ability to understand [you] better than [my] other fellow cuntrymen [sic]...." What I did state (in the form of an interrogatory) is "...how is it that I...could have developed such [MUCH EASIER AFFINITY] with [your] thinking and knowledge via merely reading [your] words than with the thinking and knowledge personally expressed directly to me while directly interacting with the vast majority of my lower 48 brethren[?]"; I then went on to answer my own question by stating [within my interrogatory] "...because the idea of a single humanity is an actuality[.]"

I in fact understand my fellow countrymen very well, in that they (we) represent the normal run-of-the-mill planet Earth type human beings who distinguish themselves (ourselves) from any other such creatures only in terms and in consequence of (as you put it and exactly as I also see it), "...diverse Human conditionings and outcomes by various socio-cultural systems (or as Marx would have it, different economic evolutionary dialectical phases of social development)." (Except I would probably include "and pertinent culture-specific environmenal influences" as well.)


There is much more I could go on with here in response to how I've been reading your perspective, all the while continuing to find much "...affinity with [your] thinking and knowledge..." (though not all of which I necessarily perfectly agree with, btw).

For the time being, however, I sense that I've said enough in this vein; and very much look forward to your next post(s). RanD

F.Kamilov said...


Thankyou for your reply. I however, feel no need for any further clarification on your part or mine, as I read what you had written originally and responded accordingly. It is as simple as that. What you meant to say was that you understood my writing as well as you would the talk of any of your compatriots. But I see no difference between the printed word as conveying information any better than compared to a face-to-face discourse. Both can have the same effect, and any differences depend upon the intelligence of the reader or hearer. How you addressed this is where the misunderstanding crept in. I agree in general with your conclusions, and will only repeat that I too emphasise the primary precedence of culture over race as a determinant, as I did when I used the term “socio-cultural” over the outmoded Marxist emphasis on economic modes alone. When you said ‘Except I would probably include "and pertinent culture-specific environmental influences" as well’, you may be guilty of tripping over your own shoelaces, as I had said the same thing! The term socio-cultural amounts to just that. Perhaps you didn’t read it carefully!

As for (all and sundry) such misunderstandings, and misunderstandings galore - I feel we remain at Square 1 and will continue doing so, on this and related topics, for quite some time, as even many let alone a few blog post exchanges certainly will not suffice. You will only be able to appreciate other perspectives after mass and concentrated exposure. God knows how and when that will be, even though we have the internet. In this particular blog session, only “Eyeballs” came closest to appreciating the meaning of what I meant to convey. I have said what I had to in this regard, and must now sign-off.

As for thinking and knowledge, well, we all have our own “constructs”, don’t we? From what you said earlier on about yourselves, yours is derived mainly (but not solely) from The Bible (if I have “read correctly” your post) – as is typical for most Europeans, but most of all North Americans. I include the Bible in my repertoire too, but here where I live we have to contend with the overbearing influence of another Abrahamic faith, Islam, combined with ancient Hindu, Buddhist, Zoroastrian and myriads of other influences beneath the crustal layer, if you will, of what constitutes the vast Central Asian cultural milieu. But over and above all that, my own “faith” is best expressed by that formidable 20th Century American sage you may or may not have heard of, Manly P. Hall. That is truly universal and timeless.

RanD said...

Ah yes, F.Kamilov: "--- for eyes that want to see and ears that want to hear, only, of course." And so it is.

We very much appreciate your setting us straight.

F.Kamilov said...

I presume that is the case with all normal eyes and ears, my dears... At least it should be.

It would of course, benefit our readers here in general if a few permanent posters in this blog refrain as much as possible from using writing styles that are deliberately enigmatic and riddling, and/or styles sodden with gaudy and flowery embellishments. You in your wisdom will already know who I mean. It would save us all the mental energy that can better be put to use elsewhere in life, heaven knows there are so many things burdening us.

RanD said...

Please do understand, I'm/we're not here wanting to fight with -- or try being anything 'greater' or anything else than -- anybody or anything. Also: please do know that intellectually -- and, from my/our perspective, therefore synonymously morally (as M. P. Hall would have it) --- I'm/we're absolutely adverse to 'lying' (i.e., 'distorting the truth as one perceives it') for any reason whatsoever. That's absolutely NOT my or my wife's thing; we're here to benefit, literally/ultimately, the entirety of existence, itself, period. Also please do know that it is perfectly clear to us that lying and hypocrisy subvert -- rather than ensure -- fulfillment of any field or state or concept of common good. Also bear in mind (as I know you will) that I/we have nothing more than these words to affirm my and my wife's integrity; as we of course likewise know it is the same of/for you.

From your above 11:56 AM response and those before: I/we know 'where you're coming from'; and from that response and your other posted comments you've given me/us sufficient cause to empathize with, respect, and admire 'where you're at'. Words attributed to Jesus of Nazareth helped show me/us how to recognize this sort of thing. Moreover:

Please do know: I/we am/are your friend(s), not your enemy. While working to bear this in mind without defeating yourself, please do know there is much that can be done to bring good, indeed bring even kindness, to this seriously troubled world where we, and every one of our other billions of human fellows, find ourselves looking over our shoulders trying to determine, and in whatever ways of our socio-psycho-environmentally inculcated choosing, how, and then how best, to go about helping eliminate the Source of our commonly/systemically shared angst.


This is R & D's work. Continue sharing it with us if you wish. If you do not, then that will be good too.

F.Kamilov said...

RanD: You make me feel giddy!