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Michael C. Ruppert

April 29, 2009, 7:00 PM PDT -- It is pretty clear now that we're going for the full ride with swine flu. This is not like SARS (see FTW). It is bigger and much more ominous. There are good reasons to separate the ice cream from the bs right now -- the things that should be focused on from the things that distract, lead into blind alleys or induce panic. I had an epiphany today about why the W.H.O. and all governments are so concerned... It is not just the "unknown" nature of the bug but the fact that this is just more evidence that there are too many humans on this planet. It's so simple. With almost seven billion people, more of us are coming into contact with more of us... at a faster rate than ever; thanks to oil-powered transportation and population growth. It couldn't be more obvious. We're popcorn. We're also running out of energy, water, minerals, seafood and arable land... you name it.-- Now compound that with the fact that the Spanish Flu of 1918-1919 -- which killed between 20 and 40 million people -- was/is a variant of H1N1 Swine Flu and there's reason for one's ears to pick up. If it killed that many, that fast, in 1918 how many could it kill now and how fast with airplanes, cars, trucks and ships? And this epidemic/nascent pandemic is behaving more like Spanish flu that swine flu. It likes to kill young adults with healthy immune systems. Plus we have an H5N1 Avian flu genetic component thrown in. The W.H.O.'s reaction in escalating to a Level Five warning today was appropriate... and very welcome for me.

I was very impressed by by the statement of W.H.O.'s Director General Dr. Margaret Chan as she sounded the alarm. In part she said... "Above all, this is an opportunity for global solidarity as we look for responses and solutions that benefit all countries, all of humanity. After all, it really is all of humanity that is under threat during a pandemic." -- All of humanity is under threat anyway. We have known that for a while now. Are her sentiments not what we believe here in Peak Oil/Sustainability? I can promise you that this is what I call for at the end of "A Presidential Energy Policy": a true species-wide dialogue. -- This is what must happen if our species is to survive the dieoff... a dieoff which few can still argue can't possibly happen.

To be fair, I do not know if this Swine/Spanish flu is going to kill billions or not. We all hope not. But it would be maladaptive and dumb to just rule out the possibility wouldn't it?

Now I must choose my words very carefully. -- I also cannot ignore the brilliant work done by many at FTW into the very mysterious cluster of murders, suicides and accidental deaths of 14 world-class microbiologists in a very short period right after 9-11. All of them were working on viral disease projects which FTW firmly established were consistent with the pursuit of a gene-specific bioweapon (e.g. race-specific). Our stories were "picked up" by the The Toronto Star (although the editor had to write me an apology email for not citing FTW) and The New York Times wrote a 7,500-word monstrosity trying explain that all these dead scientists were really an accident. Perhaps the most famous of these bizarre deaths was that of Dr. Don Wiley in Memphis. Wiley was la creme de la creme of microbiologists and I have saved an academic abstract showing that he was specializing in swine flu and DNA recombination. Same with the very famous "suicide" (murder) of Dr. David Kelly in the UK that happened around the time the British government dug up victims of the 1918 Spanish flu to get the DNA so that an extinct disease could be brought back to life.

I must emphasize that all this proves nothing except for the fact that the current outbreak bears watching closely. Personally, I believe that it is our job to do everything possible to prove that there is no possible biowarfare involvement here; not to mention a gene-specific one. The fastest way to rule that out is to see Caucasians falling right along with people of color. No one has yet explained why the U.S. cases have resulted in only one fatality (a 23 month-old Mexican boy) although I have heard the question asked many times on the air. "How come no one's dying in America? They have Tamiflu in Mexico."

There's yet another distinct reason why this is catastrophic. I have been pretty clear that protectionism was both an inevitable and imminent stage of collapse. This outbreak has opened the door for a protectionist panic. If the pandemic takes center stage then all bets are off. Russia has already banned all American meat products. China is pondering similar restrictions. Forget the science... this kind of reaction (logical or otherwise) has been a part of human nature since we became human. Fear is the most-powerful control mechanism this unevolved species has ever discovered. NAFTA is dead, just like globalization. And my message to Americans who want to ban food imports from Mexico... be careful what you pray for.

There can be no jumping to conclusions and I caution against it. There are only some very very good questions. Having written and edited many stories on biowarfare and pandemics at FTW -- as well as putting a chapter on the subject in "Crossing the Rubicon" -- I can tell you that this is serious.

Dr. Chan was quite right. All of humanity is threatened... and so I add is all of the humanity inside us.


Look, this hasn't been easy for any of the great people involved in making this book happen with the quality we have achieved. Some very serious money, talent and work was put in by some high-performers who had to learn a lot of new skills and play out-of-position. We believe we will break the old publishing paradigm and blaze some new trails. On May 1 "A Presidential Energy Policy" will go on sale at Amazon around the world, all at once. This is the first time Amazon has ever taken a brand-new book from inception for a launch. Amazon will also be the exclusive distributor for Kindle and all electronic versions of the book. I think I can safely say that there are many out there who "get it" and who are praying for this book to rocket. A revised book announcement with new details is up at and all of the cover buttons at FTW and here on the blog will go hot to rubiconworks on May 1; and from there straight to Amazon. Our pre-sale helped us shake out a lot of bugs and I again express thanks to New World Digital for their responsiveness.

I'll be doing my first radio interview in almost three years with KBOO in Portland between 9:30 and 10:00 AM (PDT) tomorrow (Thursday, April 30th) with my old comrade Per Fagereng to talk about the book. You can listen online by going to

Oh yeah... and I have to laugh at myself. I remember when it took my father ten years to break down and get an answering machine. I now have a FACEBOOK FAN PAGE which you can see at Search for Michael C. Ruppert. Or you can go directly (if a member) to: Cara Tompkins, my incredible assistant, did it for me and I have to admit it gives me the warm fuzzies to see pics of fans and friends. We had twenty in less than 48 hours with no announcements. I don't know how these dagblasted youngsters found it... It's a conspiracy! -- Sign up! I'd love to see what some of you brothers and sisters look like.

OK, this is it -- May 1. Day after tomorrow we find out if the world is listening and how hard. With every passing day, breaking the NY Times list becomes more and more important. I'm relieved because all the prep work is done and I think -- on our end -- we all did a great job in bringing the book to life. Thanks to everyone, for the effort, the great reviews and the dedication you showed. It's up to the movement now to give this book legs and life.

Jenna Orkin adds:

Mexico Shuts Down Economy as Flu Pandemic Imminent
US Economy Tumbles in First Quarter
Head of US Bank Rescue Program Prepares to Exit
Mexican Toddler First US Swine Flu Death
An ambiguous case. What was the relevant factor here? That he was a toddler or that he was Mexican?
Flu Outbreak Hits Travel Industry
Arctic CO2 Levles Rising at 'Unprecedented' Rate, Scientists Say

Drug Tests for the Unemployed May Only Be the Beginning
Wind Farm Out, Nuclear Power Station In
Green Companies Facing Cash Crisis


Sebastian Ronin said...

MCR, bravo, I guess, re Facebook. Over 200,000,000 people have Facebook entries. Facebook claims over 100,000,000 access their accounts every day. The CIA is one of the backers. So is the Department of Defense. Corporate and government surveillance has never been easier.

(I especially like the feature of data mining the number of university students who have read The Catcher in the Rye.

Donald Dee said...

Careful with facebook!!Look at this:

Its a CIA Front to monitor peolple.

Anonymous said...

Now MCR just needs to open up a Twitter account so he can send out real time messages, alerts, thoughts, etc. :)

mikedboh said...

Just finished listening to the live radio show. Good to hear your voice again Mike! I'll be ordering my copy tomorrow!

matt said...

I can't say I am quite convinced this swine flu is not anything more than scare tactics, and to distract us to focus elsewhere, to give the politicians a break from criticism.

How many people die of the flu (other strains) every day/month/year?

This study finds an average of 41,000 flu-related deaths per year between 1979 and 2001. That works out to 3,417 per month.

I just don't see the reason for panic in this swine flu yet...what am I missing? Is it going to kill 3,000 people this month? Doesn't seem like it so far.

sambahdi said...

From LA Times:

Scientists see this flu strain as relatively mild,0,119808,full.story

Personally, I think your judgement in these things better than mine Mike.

Did anyone read in Feb about Japanese companies recalling overseas staff before a a pending global pandemic hit? That was a piece that got me curious and then when swine flu know.

For me this one doesn't feel like IT. Could be laying the ground for something else...

BTW has anyone seen 'State of Play'? or the original British production of it? Pretty good stuff. But MAN I want to see even just a chapter of Rubicon in a film. Perhaps a little too late in the larger scheme of things. Anyway, if it were to happen I nominate Phil Seymour Hoffman to play Mike.

Looking forward to the book Mike!!

manny paul said...

An NRI who flew to Hyderabad from Texas, the US state which reported the first swine flu death outside Mexico, was on Wednesday found to have the flu symptoms..
swine flu to hyderabad

Dave Crossland said...

Download the 12Mb MP3 of the radio show here:

Sadly I missed the first few minutes, and the sound varies a little at the start, but its free and clear :-)

Demetrio said...

Viral "mishandling"

KimB said...

Personally, I'm very surprised at Mike's comments, though I don't doubt the veracity of his facts. This feels much more like a co-ordinated attempt at demand destruction, and grab for even more powers and control, than a genuine "Pandemic." I tend to reflect hubby's irreverent attitude on this (he works for the Queensland government), when directed to routinely use hand disinfectant (a knee-jerk reaction from on high in response to "Swine Flu"), "I haven't got over the millenium bug yet." That's not to say there isn't the potential for a large scale epidemic (at some point), but I think those-on-high got sick and tired of waiting for one to turn up on cue, and after the "Success" of 9/11, have the arrogance and hubris to launch a co-ordinated media campaign as if there is one. I also think this recent "Guardian" article might be instructive:

Donald Dee said...

Seems like the Swine flu virus way may have been man made:
This article says it is a combination of human, avain and swine:

Look at Key devolpments for Novavax: look at the dates:

why did they release a study about using all three strains 2 weeks before the outbreak. Thier stock has trippled.

Jacob said...

FYI the amazon link on does not appear in firefox (3.0.10).

eyeballs said...

This link , from Kunstler’s blog, offers a broad view of the flu, by a victim of Hong Kong Flu in 1968.

Also, what to make of this ? Cheney fantasizing about torture, or telling the truth? Or is this a spoof?

ProGo said...

Mike, if someone didn't make a fan tribute page on Facebook pretty soon, I was sorely tempted to. There's such an abhorrent amount of traffic on that site everyday its like a billboard over a very congested interstate. I nixed the idea in the end thinking it'd be better if FTW did it officially, and lo and behold, it happened.

I'm proud to say I ordered that puppy just about an hour ago. Now I'm not sure how often you're going to be dropping in on Facebook (still can't get my head around that one, the Apocalypse must be upon us) but I'm the poster that goes by the name of Anthony and I just want to thank you personally Mike and Jenna, for all of your immortal diligence through some truly dark years. The fruits of your pain and labor have turned this guy's life around. I still look forward to the day where I can shake your hand and get a John Hancock from you on my Rubicon, or now, perhaps my PEP?


Paul said...

9:00 British Summer Time May 1st

Book not yet available on UK Amazon - but presume it will be launched in US first? I will try again later!

I see it is on the US Amazon site - with a temporarily out of stock notice.

Good luck with the launch Mike!! I am looking forward to reading your book. More importantly, I am willing it to have the impact we are all hoping for!

pine said...


Just a food for thought: In 1918/1919, people had a higher basal body temperature than today.
In other words, their immune systems had a capacity to mount a much more intense, acute inflammatory reponse. A flu which kills healthy people requires - in order to kill - an immune system which readily responds with a cytokine storm. Cytokine storm can lead to acute pneumonia and respiratory failure even when attacked with strong aininflammatory agents (aspirin in 1918, many others today); sometimes such interventions make the condition worse. Flus like this are met better with an immune system which is not too "hot" or overstimulated.
Climate and race do influence how "hot" the immune system is at its baseline; therefore, the discrepancy in the severity of cases in Mexico vs. amoung Causasians is no proof that the virus was designed for genetically selected targets. It only says - regardless of the origin of the virus - that Caucasians are of a colder, less inflammatory nature, and also, mentally, carry more fear (fear cools immune system down).The Human Genome Project did not bring the expected support for all the mainstay genetic axioms; but it did bring epigenetics back to grace. This science of how expression of genes is regulated from outside of DNA is not yet popularized; so may be it will have to be visualized by the differences in response to a widespread virus - which mutates all the time in adaptation to different reponses in hosts. The popularization of epigenetic awareness will take some time - unless the pandemics will help spread the good old common sense:).

Jenna Orkin said...

agape wins has left a new comment on your post "THE COMING PANDEMIC -- BOOK LAUNCH SET WITH GOOD N...":

There was a time, not to long ago when this Blog would post 70 or more responses to each posting by MCR or JC, now it's down to 10 with a lot of the good contributors absent, I hope they are not submitting unacceptable posts.
Our purpose is to reach the most people in order to enlighten, and therefore Save as many as possible, I write about Amae and dependency; as things erode our dependency (for Survival), will increase !

Quoting MCR:
"If the pandemic takes center stage then all bets are off. Russia has already banned all American meat products. China is pondering similar restrictions. Forget the science... this kind of reaction (logical or otherwise) has been a part of human nature since we became human. Fear is the most-powerful control mechanism this unevolved species has ever discovered. NAFTA is dead, just like globalization. And my message to Americans who want to ban food imports from Mexico... be careful what you pray for."
Read the entire post vary carefully-- isolation will not save anyone!!

Avian Flu.

How far could you go? Where were the patriots when he needed them the most? There were breaks in the Dependency/Amae link, but I will not blame anyone.


Music & the brain.

I am a Dinosaur, who was raised with the music, & the books of the 1930's, and 40's. My brain has its own processes, as does each of us.
Each generation has it's context, which creates a generational thought pattern; music, and it's effect on you makes you YOU, and how you express yourself. As I read the postings I detect 7 different mindsets, I find little to object to,-except the lack of interplay to clear up the discord or lack of harmony, in this concert we are partaking in.

Read through what follows, think of the music in your head and how it affects your thoughts AND expressions!!

"Once he learned to use the vivid images in his head and process information through his own unique ideas, he ended up with high grades and made it into an elite orchestra.

Another student saw pitch in color, and also struggled until she learned to work with her own way of thinking."

'While it may seem frivolous, it even has a place for those struggling in this economic climate, according to Hein. Creativity is needed to boost business, but so is a sense of humor and fun.

Uplifting yourself and others helps everything from attracting customers to more productive work. Creative problem solving also improves relationships of all kinds.

“In hard times,” Hein said, “creative activities are more important than ever. Whether it’s a hobby or your profession, it gives you heart, it gives you hope and it nurtures a part of you.” ",%20Digital%20Immigrants%20-%20Part2.htm
Different kinds of experiences lead to different brain structures.

-Dr. Bruce D. Berry, Baylor College of Medicine

After all it's just a Duck!

Anonymous said...

agape wins,you've compelled me.

Your concerns are valid. Occasionally I return to measure the wind but I've stopped posting. It was proving to be a waste of time and effort.

John said...

A balanced and expert view of swine flu here:

Among the interesting asides, the large number of deaths during the 1918 flue pandemic was due to complications arising from strep infections (pre-antibiotic days, of course), and not to the viral agent of the flu.

ecosutra said...

Today Kurzweil tells of a traffic jam of bandwidth on the internet. Nemertes Research experts predict that consumer demand (monthly traffic across the Internet is now running at about eight exabytes), growing at 60 per cent a year, will start to exceed supply by next year because of more people working online and the soaring popularity of bandwidth-hungry websites such as
YouTube and HDTV Web services.

Well, I am about to launch a Content delivery network. My CDN breaks records in costs. I think my costs will stay under 1000 a month with 100,000 subscribers. Now thats a huge profit margin. Can you set up a social network? That is the big question. The future of the entertainment industries are through subscription services and social networking tools. Ecosutra has finished the CDN construction with the latest encryption security software. Using flash and Amazon web services. networks are going to be popping up, and the ones who make it are the ones with a social network. This terrifies the media consolidators who are not in the business of creating social creative content through collaboration. They are simply pirates. They really are freaking out.

When my father was starting a record label in the 60's, he was collaborating with with Otis Redding and signing Van Morrison, with Atlantic records trying to
fuck my over all along the way.
He flew Jimmy Page to America at 16 years old and put him inside the broadway circles. well, The Brill building back then was a collaberative place to work and arrange music hits. That world is coming back through CDN subscription networks.

Information is never going to be the same. Its a whole new playing field. The corporate medias have to shut down the internet before they loose their grip on power. They are too late really. The cat is out of the bag, and the only thing they can do is sit and watch the new social subscription models take over thier useless agendas.

So, a new internet is in the works. Will solve the problems of bandwidth and turn's into cable channels. That technology is called Numetra. So the big Banks and big media really are loosing control of everything.

look out for war profiteers....

OrwellianUK said...

Interesting BBC article about plans to tag people - sorry - sheep. Test bed?

sunrnr said...

Agape - Not that I've posted much of value, but personally I've reached information singularity.

I find the amount of material and thought generating information on this site now totally overwhelming and cannot keep up with it ....

That said, I find the H1N1 Influenza A and the world wide resonse to it very puzzling.

Seems there was ample warning of something amiss, but it was largely ignored by the WHO until compelled to do so.

A Washington based biosurveillance company, Veratect Corp put out a warning 18 days in advance of WHO alert.

From George over on comes a comment on Mexico's statement that the outbreak has stabilized ...

"The third possibility is a little darker: If it's a weaponized base that got loose, then it should have a burn-out rate that's pretty high - that's what you look for in weaponized platforms, just x generations of propagation."

Many Asian doctors proclaim this strain to be engineered as the combination of swine, human and avian strains is very unlikely to have been generated naturally.

There are some saying this strain, though similar to the Spanish flu, lacks some of the makeup that made that strain so deadly. We'll see, eh?

All this fits MCR and other FTW investigators scenario quite nicely.

Even if the medical impact is slight, the socio-economic impact will be immense. Mexico is losing $100 million a day. Mexico City businesses are suffering losses they may never recover from.

School closing in the US are gaining strength. Parents need to stay home with students, thus impacting their jobs and output.

Maybe this is all a test of the pandemic response system before something much more omnious is rolled out. The purpose being to determine and exploit weaknesses, thus ensuring greater die-off success in the next go around.

What's next? Prepare for the absolute worst and hope for the best? I'm starting to wonder if it's worth it ....


Bigelow said...

On May 1st early afternoon, an Amazon search for “A Presidential Energy Policy” gives these results:
1. The Gambit by Gary Nunnally (Paperback - Dec 1, 2006)

2. A Presidential Energy Policy by Michael C. Ruppert (Paperback - 2009) 1 Used & new from $16.99

3. A Presidential Energy Policy by Michael C. Ruppert (Paperback - 2009)

4. A Presidential Energy Policy by Michael C. Ruppert, Michael McClay, and Aedon Davis (Paperback - April 15, 2009)
Out of Print--Limited Availability

Paul said...

re Dave Crossland - thanks!

An alternative with the first few minutes....

Full MCR interview broadcast on KBOO available here By the way - still not able to order the new book from Amazon UK (will keep trying!)

businessman said...

I think that one of the reasons we're seeing fewer posts to the Blog these days is because of the solid abundance of articles Jenna has constantly been providing for us in recent weeks. These articles leave a lot less unsaid about what's really going on around the world.

But while the quantity of the posts has gone down, I think the quality of the posts has definitely improved.

businessman said...

Along the lines of what others have said, all this media publicity around the Swine Flu may have just been a test to see how the world would respond to the propaganda. When you see how quickly the media panic spread around the world, it looks like all of this panic may have been orchestrated in advance.

This could have just been a grand experiment to see how the world would help with the future planning by the people who are really running things.

I've always wondered why weapons of mass destruction weren't simply planted in Iraq. It could have been done so easily, or the media could have just told us that huge quantities of WMD had been discovered in Iraq, and people would have believed it.

It's always made me wonder whether this was all done just to see if we'd really not care after the fact that the reasons we were originally given for going to war weren't really valid reasons at all. And the truth of the matter is...just a minority of people have really spoken up strongly against this having happened. The rest have for the most part just rolled over and said, "I trust that the people in control are doing what's right for all the rest of us."

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to thank Dave Crossland for posting a link to his recording of the radio interview with Mike! :)

NB Patton said...

Agape wins, Shorebreak,

I mirror your opinion Shorebreak.
Allow me to elaborte; The sting of spending potentially hours of your time and energy just to be censored is something you don't soon forget. On a personal level, my own thoughts and opinions are not appreciated here, I would rather spend my time conversing with people that do. I never stopped writing, in fact I write even more than before! But it is to my family and friends that compose my physical and intellectual life boat.
On a policy level, I detest the appalling hypocrisy of the administrators actually promoting and proudly announcing censorship on this blog.

I guess the straw that breaks the camels back for me is the sycophantic jackbooted legions of intellectually inept that support and applaud this hypocrisy.
I vote the only way I can, with my feet.

I doubt even this one will make it through. Censorship in ANY form implies an inherent lack of confidence. And so it begs the question... What are you guys afraid of?

Hikikomori said...

Cosmos without stars would be quite boring, if not dead. But don't worry -- Mike's return with his new big scroll full of fresh "lamentation and mourning and woe" will open a new chapter, I guess ;-)

gildone84 said...

‘New Scientist’: Swine flu stems from virus that evolved in U.S.

puppetpalclem said...

This may or may not be informative to anyone here. Just thought I'd include it. It draws together some interesting facts concerning various companies involved in vaccine production and bioengineering in a way suggestively related to the current outbreak.

Ed said...

Just listened to your interview by mp3 from the radio station website and found it very interesting. I just ordered your book from and I'm anxious to read it.

To "Jacob" in his message re: the Amazon link not visible in Firefox 3.0.10, I have that version and it wasn't visible to me UNTIL I turned off my Adblock Plus extension for After that it worked fine and I was able to see the link and order the book. Good luck on book sales Mike. Pet the pooch for me.

Rice Farmer said...

Facebook is of course a great way for spy agencies to populate their databases. I certainly don't have an account there. But in the case of MCR, his life is already an open book. He's a big blip on the radar, and his every move is closely monitored. So in his case, Facebook is no added benefit to spies (it doesn't tell them anything they don't already know), while on the other hand it raises his public profile and helps get the word out. So for those who are under the radar and would rather stay that way, Facebook would be stupid. In MCR's case, the benefit is on his side.

RayLeeUS said...

CNN, getting all technical on us:

Kieny said there is "no doubt" that a vaccine [for swine flu] can be made "in a relatively short period of time."

Producing a vaccine involves isolating a strain of the virus, which has already been done, and tweaking it so manufacturers can make a vaccine, Kieny said.

Wow, and I thought "tweaking" was mostly something you did to the guitar solo track in mixdown to make it grittier and more present, or something you did to a computer program to get rid of the "glitches." Didn't realize it had a relevance in saving the lives of billions of people.

Mike, at least your book and its message are benefitting from the improvements of "viral" networking. It's like Faberge shampoo - I'll tell two friends, and they'll tell two friends, and so on, and so on, and so on . . .

gaelicgirl said...

Well, I finally saw the book offered on amazon, and I ordered 2 copies on April 30, and saw that they are not in stock, but I would be notified when they became available. So of course I checked my order on May 1 and 2, thinking that they would become available then, but still get the same info. I still wonder what is going on here? Is this just sloppy, or is there a problem? This is not a good way to launch, IMHO. I want to order more, but will wait. Some others who are not as knowledgeable may be put off and just not order. How to get on the NYTimes list this way?? I'm sorry, I'm sure Mike is doing his best, but what the bleep is going on?

Old git Tom said...

My admiration for Mike Ruppert is very great. How few like him in the world, those who have a grasp of the big picture. Apart from MCR, Naom Chomsky & a very few others, where are the bloody intellectuals when you need one? The Four Horsemen are coming over the horizon – War, Starvation, Plague & Death. MCR is correct, overpopulation is a deadly threat. It feeds the four. They clearly tell us our ‘western civilization’ has reached the end of its tether. When/if they converge – curtains. The current economic crisis is the arithmetically inevitable result of our bankrupt, deficit banking system. That assumed a limitless future in which taxes pour back gazillions to private bankers. That future is now gone – physical resources like oil & water have been done to death. Metaphorically, our future has been used/abused as a raw resource to feed our current economic engine. The bankers know this, even if Joe & Jane Citizen don’t. Millions of peasant farmers in the Third World have been driven by poverty into huge cities. Full of malnourished poor, these super-cities are stews of new plagues – even if not helped along by the Dr Strangeloves of bio-genetic warfare. Pig flu may be no more than a straw in the wind. But when THE plague hits, it is very unlikely the developed world will be immune. We will get a negative synergy of economic & health breakdowns, which we might be able to ride out, except, some nations with atomic weaponry will not placidly watch their populations die off, & their economic/social structures collapse. In such chaotic extremes, twitching fingers will reach for the buttons. Old git Tom

Anonymous said...

OK Good so I am not a complete idiot for putting history with present and seeing this pattern?!?!

OK so I have been doing a little research on this "Swine Flu" garbage today, brief, wikipedia stuff. First and foremost let me break down a stat really quick. There are on average 36,000 deaths per year from basic influenza and its comlications per year in the USA alone, yet we never see the media getting this wild do we? Swine Flu has caused about 160 deaths WORLDWIDE, yet it is EVERYWHERE ON THE NEWS!! Here is why in my opinion.....

Consider this your shock test ...this is the publicized version of "what would happen if we....." testing done by the government. They want to make sure that we SEE how much TamiFlu and Relenza is being used RIGHT NOW on this "weak" version so that when they MUTATE the H1N1 strain in September/October (oops did i say that out loud) they can fall back on the excuse of "well dammit we used all the vaccines in May".

Being the H1N1 strain it is the same (non-mutated) strain as the 1918 Spanish Flu. It is estimated that anywhere from 50 to 100 million people were killed worldwide, or the approximate equivalent of one third of the population of Europe, more than double the number killed in World War I. This extraordinary toll resulted from the extremely high illness rate of up to 50% and the extreme severity of the symptoms, suspected to be caused by cytokine storms.

When the immune system is fighting pathogens, cytokines signal immune cells such as T-cells and macrophages to travel to the site of infection. In addition, cytokines activate those cells, stimulating them to produce more cytokines. Normally, this feedback loop is kept in check by the body. However, in some instances, the reaction becomes uncontrolled, and too many immune cells are activated in a single place. The precise reason for this is not entirely understood but may be caused by an exaggerated response when the immune system encounters a new and highly pathogenic invader. Cytokine storms have potential to do significant damage to body tissues and organs. If a cytokine storm occurs in the lungs, for example, fluids and immune cells such as macrophages may accumulate and eventually block off the airways, potentially resulting in death.

It is believed that cytokine storms were responsible for many of the deaths during the 1918 influenza pandemic, which killed a disproportionate number of young adults. In this case, a healthy immune system may have been a liability rather than an asset.

I just find it interesting that the first cases of Spanish flu were discovered in April of 1918, but the bulk (about 25-35 million people) died in that subsequent fall and we see a pattern here people?!?!

In 1918 World War 1 was going terribly for the US, however, oddly enough in the fall of 1918 when they announced that the outbreak of Spanish Flu had finally hit the states they "offered" new individuals enlisting in the armed forces a vaccine as a requirement....13 MILLION American Men enlisted to boost fighting power and take us fully through the war....

Do you hear the drums of war beating yet? Peak oil has passed in my opinion, although, Michael you have a TON more info on that I'm sure... we NEED the Caspian Basin Oil...Our troops and enlisting numbers are dwindling because of the hopes Obama will "bring them home anyway so why enlist"

Oh they are about to give EVERYONE a reason to enlist by saying "you used all the damn vaccine in May, so the general public can't get it, but if you are military, it is a matter of National Security that you have it" many people do you think will enlist to just survive?!?!?!

Maybe 25-40 Million.....maybe more...especially funny how this particular strain affects those between the ages 15-28...pretty good military age don't ya think?!?!?! I mean why kill off infants and seniors, they have no reason to enlist in the military.

Put it all together, stock up on what you need NOW, because in fall and winter we will be enjoying the MUATATED version of H1N1...let's see if they really end up calling it "Mexican Flu" so we can start the war with them we have been DYING to have anyway....

Please tell me I am not totally off my rocker for thinking they are this out of control.

F.Kamilov said...

Mike has spoken the truth again. Yes, it won't go away and can't; and the universally known fact about truth is that it is bitter and unpalatable - especially to the uninitiated. That is why only a few ever really "know things". There are yet more truths in this regard that even my friend Mike may find too bitter to swallow, but I would prefer that they remained in arcane territory as yet. They will reveal themselves anyway, in due course.

Mike's new book is available on Amazon, but only through an Amazon "third party" seller, someone nicknamed "Neoflix". These private sellers are permitted to ship only to a selected list of limited countries and not everywhere. Until and unless the book is sold directly by Amazon itself, will it really be available internationally.

Sebastian Ronin said...

Rice Farmer, re Facebook and "So for those who are under the radar and would rather stay that way, Facebook would be stupid. In MCR's case, the benefit is on his side."

Granted, as is the case for anyone who has their head poked above the radar. The thing is, as I understand it, it's not about Mike getting data-mined, it's about those who are drawn into his Facebook.

Also, and from personal experience, I found Facebook to be a very weak (possibly counter-productive) organizing tool. There's no control over a targeted demographic. Anyone and his/her dog can jump in and yap yap yap. Old boyfriends/girlfriends showing up and wanting to share their feeeeeeeeeeeeeeelings within a political discourse, etc. It's a pain.

Then again Mike's, and anyone else's, mileage may differ.

Old git Tom said...

sorry old son, the facts don’t support your fears. You wrote, “In 1918 World War 1 was going terribly for the US”. Not so: the USA only entered the war about June 1917. The war was over in late 1918. Both the Allies & Germans were exhausted. The entry of 1.2 million US troops tipped the balance to the Allies. I don’t see how a deliberately seeded influenza scare was necessary, or helped recruitment in the short time available. And this was surely too early for bio-warfare research?

It’s not hype. The media panic over pig flu is well-founded. The terror is of a mutation that will spread & kill long before any effective antidote can be designed & mass-produced – as with the H5N1 (is it?) bird flu. ‘Tamiflu’, as far as I understand, is just a best-hope drug for generic flu strains.

A ‘killer’ virus must compromise. It cannot be so fast & deadly that it kills its host before spreading to the next body. That is why the current ‘mild’ strain is sinister. Present low death rates are not the issue – potential future death rates are.

A deep-laid plot to boost troop recruitment for an assault on the Caspian Basin oilfields? Surely unlikely; last I heard, the gravy was running low there too. Or do you mean swamping Afghan with forces - that might give pipeline access to the immensely rich Kazakh gas fields, true. But large numbers of troops didn’t do the Russinas much good there, did they? More troops equals more targets for the opposition. Democratic nations are very sensitive about high casualty rates & long, inconclusive wars, not to mention the guys in uniform.

Which is why I do fear genetically-targeted bio-weapons. But even if one such could eliminate certain ethnics – very unlikely so far – what are the chances of a mutation blowback that starts to kill we of the WASP master-race? I share your suspicions that the maniacs who rule us could be deranged enough to try it. Old git Tom

eyeballs said...

Amazon says it cannot deliver the book to my town in Taiwan. I'd like one electronic copy and one paper one. Can I order these direct from Rubiconworks and leave Neoflix out of it?

Anthony Williams said...

Dear Mike,

Appreciate your work, but you should know that you are way off base about equating "gene-specific" with "race-specific". There is no relationship between genes and "race". What we think of as "race" is a historically and culturally defined construct. It has nothing to do with biology. The biological concept of race was discredited a century ago. For more, see:

Old git Tom said...

Anthony (Williams),
thanks, agreed: no scientific/genetic basis to ‘race’. The fear remains of some kind of genetic bio-plague, targeted on skin color for example. The results might well be catastrophic for the whole human species. Eugenics may be discredited, but it’s also alive, if low-profile. It has a following amongst those of our lords & masters who do indeed see themselves as a ‘race apart’. Hey, the Bilderger guys & gals are not just there because they struck it lucky, are they? You can trace the same ideology/politics/power set-up back to Cecil Rhodes’ Round Table, circa 1900s.
Modern medecine allowed the concentration & retention of most capital in the hands of a relatively few extended families – hence their ignorant belief they are fate’s chosen people. As such, they feel morally entitled to ‘put down’ hordes of poor, inferior people, if these prove a threat or a nuisance. Old Git Tom