Monday, April 06, 2009

April 6, 2009

From Jenna Orkin:

Global Crisis/Americas
Estimated Cost of Bailout for US Taxpayers Jumps
Real Jobless Rate Hits 19.8% (from Peter J. Nickitas)
The Recession's Impact: Closing the Clinic
Economy Prompts More Calls to Suicide Hotline
The vortex speeds up: Yearly Record Set in Just Three Months
Downturn May Have Just Begun
From Bubble to Depression?
The Wall Street Journal catches on.
Consumers Fall Behind on Loans at Record Rates
Food Price Hike Crisis in Britain
Darling: I Was Wrong on Recession
Banks Could Bet on Toxic Assets With Taxpayers' Money
EU Finmins Said to Clash on Pan-EU Bank Supervision
Summers Earned Millions From Financial Industry
Bailout Helps Buffett Plenty
Goldman Sachs to Hang Onto Buffett as Client?
Mexico to Seek IMF Credit, Tap Federal Reserve Swap
State Pension Funds Weigh Toxic Assets
Sounds good to us. Can we interest them in a nuclear waste dump?
Is It Better To Buy or Rent?
Water Wars in the West
Heavy Winds Cause Power Outages
Louisiana: A Test Case in Federal Aid
California Faces Greater Risk from Global Warming
Among the projected effects: a loss of up to $3 billion in agricultural revenues by 2050 resulting from reductions in the water supply, a statewide increase in electricity demand of up to 55 percent because of extended use of air conditioning, and a heightened risk of wildfires that could cause billions of dollars in property damages annually.

Too Little Too Late:

Corporate Media "Embedded" with Wall Street as Economic Crisis Hit

The Right Stuff
CNBC gives air time to the prescient after ignoring them when it counted.
Caribbean Exposure in Tax-Haven Crackdown

Prepping for Backlash

Financial Crisis Puts New Emphasis on Security, Chairman of Joint Chiefs Says
Gates to Unveil Pentagon Budget on Monday

Not Enough Oil for the G-20 Package (from Rice Farmer)
Oil Rises on Stimulus Efforts, OPEC Production Cuts
Banking on Energy (Rather Than Currency or Gold)
One World, One Currency?
Should We Follow the Yellow Brick Road?
The US Strategic Stockpile is Gone: Now What? (2008)

China, Russia, Rebuff US at UN to Condemn N. Korea Launch
US Spies on China From Kyrgyz Base: Russian TV
Halting Russia's Population Crisis
See the final explanation - Russians are leery of people whose backgrounds are different from their own - with its accompanying graphic of gravestones marked by nothing but swastikas.
Pakistan, Russia, Agree to Enhance Cooperation
Obama Warns Europe Faces Greater Threat From Al Qaeda
From the "Plus Ca Change" Department, along comes this announcement coupled with this week's Sunday Times Magazine coverstory, "Pakistan." Not one for understatement, each letter of the word formed part of another word such as "anarchic" or "violent."
CIA's New Strategy of Maligning ISI

Chinese Navy Has New Sub Base in Pacific (from Rice Farmer)
Why the Global Economic Slump Takes Higher Toll in Japan
President Hu: 5-Point Proposal on China/Japan Ties

Here today, gone tomorrow: Piece of Continent Goes Missing
Should Obama Control the Internet? (from Rice Farmer)
Global Asset Strategist
New Creed on Water: Use Less, Pay More
Drug-Resistant TB a "Time Bomb" WHO Chief Says
Nigeria: New Cooker Uses Trash to Feed Poor
The trash is used to generate energy, not food, we hasten to add.
US Judge Stays Deportation of Demjanjuk: KyivPost


Dave Crossland said...

Bird flu now into Egypt:

PeakedOut said...


The Mossberg model 500 is a good reliable shotgun. Look for a combo with the vent rib, fully-rifled slug barrel & 28" combo barrel with multiple choke tubes. If you can get a synthetic stock without pushing up the price, that's a plus, but not a must have. I suspect that all Model 500s come chambered for 3 inch shells, some maybe even 3 and a half inch. This means the gun can shoot different length shells in the same gauge. All part of its versatility. Changing barrels is very easy. Maintenance is simple and if done regularly, your shotgun should last for decades.

I'm not a gun nut. I was born the son of hunter in a long line of hunters. Was given my first BB gun at age 5 and first shotgun at age 7. We take gun safety seriously and only shoot what we intend to eat. I'm passing the tradition on to my son these days. It is a special father son pastime. One that I cherish.

I won't offer a lot of additional advice unless others prompt for it. I will say that you must practice and learn about your firearm. Find several big sheets of paper or cardboard and shoot birdshot at them to learn how your shotgun patterns at 30 yards. This will help you visualize how to aim in your mind. Same with shooting slugs. Knowing where your shot is going is important to making a clean quick kill. Lastly, check with your state's fish and game department for educational programs for hunting. California has some really good ones and I suspect most other state do too. My best to you and your son this season and in all season.

eyeballs said...

RE: Caribbean has exposure in tax-haven crackdown

Common sense suggests that the regulators, who themselves report to the worlds wealthiest, will not aggressively eliminate the chance to hide wealth in the system. I believe this sudden attack on tax havens is a move by the super-rich to prune the gains of up-and-coming competitors. For instance, the DEA would like to reveal where Bolivian and (some) Mexican loot is stashed.

Taiwan’s former president was turned in by Switzerland for trying to stack up some secret wealth. He denies all wrongdoing of course, and is otherwise a pretty decent leader of the independence-minded Taiwanese. But if a crack lawyer, who has spent years running one of the world’s largest economies, does not know better than to get caught stashing millions away, there are definitely “ins” and “outs” in the game.

Public outrage is being managed into revenge on second-tier players like Madoff and the AIG employees, while Godman Sachs posts gains for 2008, not losses, having sucked up $20 billion in government money through AIG. You can bet your bottom yuan that the big players have a new Cayman Islands somewhere in the world. It doesn’t have to be somewhere you’ve heard of.

Simon said...

As a long time follower of MR and admirer of his work, I thank the man, and of course his assistant Jenna. I selected my current location in 1989, purchased in 96, and have spent the last 10 years turning 100acres of bare land into a farm. I am steadily approaching a state of readiness, food stocks growing rapidly, seed bank in place, water systems set up, surrounded by friends and neighbours who "get it" big time. Protein runs free every night in the form of wallaby, (miniture kangaroo for those from elsewhere).
I am open to negotiating with those who seek a place of sanctuary in uncertain times, in order to enable more rapid completion of a dwelling under construction. Location, Tasmania. Those interested can contact me at

Ecosutra Permaculture Design Group said...

Tonight Hermosa Beach is a buzz about kidnappings. Latinos are trying to snag teenage woman on our strand. The violence coming out of Mexico is unprecedented.
Is it a failed state? OR civil war. Its more than a drug war.

i want to know Mikes opinion on this great article, from a great site

I imagine Ruppert telling me that this whole economic meltdown is another drug racket opportunity for the Fed.

v said...

India to cut off 30 million mobile phones


rocklicker said...

Communities print their own currency to keep cash flowing

eyeballs said...

Crush Pakistan with foreign aid

"Cash-strapped Pakistan is keenly awaiting a US aid package that aims to triple economic assistance to US$7.5 billion over five years.

"Although the aid bill meets some long-standing requests for military equipment, it requires the White House to certify that Pakistan is fighting terror and that its military and intelligence services do not support extremists.

"Pakistan must also close all terror camps in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas and work to prevent cross-border attacks into Afghanistan.

“'What is expected in the coming months is intensification of the campaign in search of al-Qaeda and its local allies in Pakistan,'” analyst Imtiaz Gul told reporters when asked about the significance of the US visit. 'Drone attacks are a reality that Pakistanis shall have to live with.'”

It's a good thing they would never use this cheap and increasingly ubiquitous technology against US.