Friday, April 17, 2009

Media outlets requesting a review .pdf file of the book should write to


A Presidential Energy Policy: Twenty-five Points Addressing the Siamese Twins of Energy and Money


Michael C. Ruppert

ON SALE MAY 1, 2009 at and at

"COLLAPSE" – A Feature Documentary by Bluemark Films. (Winner: Special Dramatic Jury Prize, 2007 Sundance Film Festival, for "The Pool", and Grand Jury Prize, 1999 Sundance Film Festival for "American Movie").

For a full press release on the book, film and important additional information including a complete list of off-the-chart reviews, please visit:

Mike Ruppert has been at the forefront of speaking and writing about the grim reality that the world's crude oil output is peaking or has already peaked and will soon begin what could be swift declines over the next decade or two.

The world needs to pay careful attention to the multiple risks this event will usher in. Thanks to Ruppert's new book, readers around the world will have access to his well written work.

Matthew R, Simmons
Simmons & Company
Author, Twilight in the Desert
Mike Ruppert has an unblemished track record for saying things that are incendiary, outrageous, shocking—and true. Our new president needs desperately to hear the uncomfortable message of this book about energy and the economy, and so do the rest of us.

Richard Heinberg, Ph.D.
Author, "The Party’s Over", "Peak Everything", "The Oil Depletion Protocol"
Senior Fellow, Post Carbon Institute
All I can say about A Presidential Energy Policy is, "Yikes!" This is a book everyone should read.

Mike Ruppert is my friend. And, sometimes I remind him, in a way that only a friend can, that my perspective is colored by my own distinct experiences as an informed woman of color in the United States. And frankly, that means that some of what is between these covers makes me cringe; but it is exactly this substance, actively suppressed in proposed national and international gatherings, that we human beings must debate and resolve, or else, we will find Dr. King's admonition, once again, to be true: "We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools."

We know Mike Ruppert because he became a whistleblower and told us some inconvenient truths. About crack cocaine, 9/11/01, and now this -- how to step back from the brink of human disaster.

It is clear that Mike and I are headed toward the same destination, despite our differences. "A Presidential Energy Policy" lands Mike exactly where I am -- outside of the box of political orthodoxy, but well within the space of policy advocacy that is representative of critical thinking, rational analysis, and authentic leadership. Mike Ruppert dares to go where our elected leaders seem afraid to take us. In the end, however, if we are to salvage our own human dignity, either our "leadership" must catch up with us or we must become and nurture a new generation of leaders.

Cynthia McKinney
6-term Member, U.S. House of Representatives
Green Party Presidential Candidate, 2008

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DarkNetz said...

the links to and are not working properly near the bottom of this page:

businessman said...

Mike...Congratulations on getting the book out! I know there are ways to launch your book and have everyone on your list buy it on the same that Amazon will then allow you to call it something like the #1 best-selling book on So I'm guessing your publisher and/or consultants have discussed this with you.

This is no time to be shy, Michael! Tell us what you want us to do. If you tell us to buy ten books and give nine of them away as gifts to people we care about, I'm down for ten books!

You've done so much to both awaken me and transform my life that I really, really want to support you.

v said...

Hi Mike,

This is great news for you, and for us!!!
Can't wait to read the book. Is it possible to go to a bookstore (In The Netherlands), give them the ISBN number and let them order/purchase the book for me (so I don't need a credit card)? Or is the book only released via Amazon/Rubiconworks?

And some somber news:
Israel stands ready to bomb Iran's nuclear sites

Take care Mike and good luck with the book release!!


martypantsROK said...

Congratulation Mr.Ruppert. I can't wait to see and read more.

I've enjoyed the headlines while you've been out getting all this ready, but I am very much looking forward to your personal insight and expertise on world events.

We are living in interesting times, indeed.

Dave Crossland said...

Great work Mike! Looking forward to the delivery! :)

Pandabonium said...

Wow. When you said on March 21st, "I will be making a book announcement very soon... It will be big", you really meant "BIG"! And a DVD as well.

This very exciting. I'm "shovel ready" to order and (as we say in Hawaii) "spread 'em around".

MCR said...

Thanks to all. Anyone who actually writes reviews can request a review copy my emailing The Bluemark site isn't active yet because the poster and trailer aren't ready yet. We just shot the last scene a couple days ago. Kepp watching that site and checking the Aamazon links for when the book goes on sale.

I told you guys I had a couple missions to complete. I've been one busy mf.

Let's get the announcement on every web site and email list we possibly can!



tony said...

Will the book be sold on ?
(I bought Rubicon there)

MCR said...
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Jenna Orkin said...

Regarding the movie -- It is not a DVD. It is a theatrical documentary that will be eligible and I believe a likely candidate for Best Documentary at next year's Oscars.

I can't say for sure because I haven't seen it yet. But I did happen to be there for all the shooting.

Intially the book will be on sale through Amazon at all of their worldwide Amazon homepages in every country where they have a separate web site. We go from there.

best to all,


businessman said...

Jenna...What is Mike's connection and involvement with the movie "Collapse"?

MCR said...

For BUSINESSMAN -- Please don't ask Jenna questions she can't answer. The full details are in the book announcement on the rubconworks site. It is a documentary about me and my work, about the book, and I am the only person in the film. For the rest you will have to wait.

Jenna posted my last comment under her name and it was misleading for me too.

Please just watch the rubiconworks site and the blog. I cannot answer more questions now. Be patient.



Victor said...


I've been waiting patiently and quietly for this announcement, knowing it was imminent. Full disclosure, I currently work for WIRED magazine as a page designer, and from time to time I've been able to get things pitched. So please let me know if you want me to pitch what I can. The "editorial mission" there might not be totally kind to your POV, but they aren't ignorant either. I'd love to get you some more mainstream press if I can.

On a personal note, it's good to see you making an effort to maximize impact. Bless you for the efforts.

Direct line:

God bless and God's speed.


Victor said...

Also, JO and MCR, my e-mail to the address bounced. FYI.


Crissipus' Platypus said...

It's great to see you back Mr. Ruppert. I have to say I only really started reading your work in the last year or so and just in the last few days stumbled upon the video of you confronting CIA director Deutsch on youtube. I've watched it over and over again and can't help but smile even as I'm writing this. Every time I watched it I laughed out loud and wanted to just pump my fist in the air shamelessly. It just felt like such a relief just to see one guy squirm a bit after so many years of feeling helpless as we watched inexcusable abuses of power. Anyway, I'm sure this is all long past for you. But like I said it's good to see you back. I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Jenna Orkin said...
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Jenna Orkin said...

i did not post mcr's last comment under my own name. blogger did that. i was asked to correct a misprint. the only way to do that was to remove the original comment and send in the corrected version which blogger automatically posts the way it posts. that comment was signed 'mcr.'

i see how confusing it looks but people need to understand and take into consideration that there's another party to this conversation which is software.

Victor said...


Typo in my e-mail. is the correct one.



businessman said...

The following link is simply titled "Book Announcement" on the RuboiconWorks Home Page but it is so much more than that. It discusses Mike's new movie, how the media has been unwilling to mention the subject of Peak Oil, and what Mike is asking us to do around the release of his new book...And the importance the success of the book will have on getting the message out to the rest of the world.

Because I missed this link the first time I went to the RubiconWorks Web site, not recognizing all the information that it contained, I thought I'd post a direct link to it here: