Monday, April 27, 2009

From Jenna Orkin:

US Declares Public Health Emergency Over Swine Flu
Spain Confirms First Case in Europe
New Possible Case of Swine Flu Identified in Texas
Two Swine Flu Cases Found in US State of Kansas
...and reported in the Chinese press. Tit for tat for our targetting SARS years ago. Speaking of which... Train Carrying Deadly Virus Arrives in Moscow (SARS)
Quarantine Plans, Pork Testing and Travel Warnings Issued
10 NZ Students Likely Have Bird Flu
Avian Flu Among Turkey Workers
Study denigrates organic farmers.

Economic Crisis
US Banks Face $70 Billion Shortage
25 Banks Fail in 2009
Suit Claims JP Morgan Aided Madoff's Fraud
As Economic Turmoil Mounts, So Do Attacks on Hungary's Gypsies
The 1930's return, in more ways than one.

Klepach Says GDP Plunged 9.5%
Russia's Nuclear Attack on US May Start With Major Banks - Pravda
Russia to Take Measures in Response If NATO Rattles Weapons Near Russia's Borders
Al Qaeda Prepares Terrorist Attacks in Russia
Unemployment in Russia Reaches Alarming Level
US Retargets Missiles to Russian Economic Facilities
Is Serbia On the Chopping Block Again?

India Upset With China Over Sri Lanka Crisis
Pakistani Linked Terrorists Plots (sic) Terror in UK: Brown
ISI Links With Baitullah Mehsud
North Korea Says Has Started Extracting Plutonium
Cruise Ship Opens Fire on Pirates

Imagine a World Without Seafood For Supper: It's Nearer Than You Think Oceans Acidifying More Than Ten Times Faster Than Predicted
Water People of Andes Face Extinction
Greenland Tunnels That Could Accelerate Ice Melt
Women Bear Brunt of Food Crisis in Africa, World

Death Squad Leader was Top CIA Agent
Secret Wars: 100 Years of UK Intelligence Inside MI5 and MI6


Emanuel said...

Here's a good one:


Iflipti said...

Are we sure we want Baxter to have a copy of this strain?,0,3579388.story

Sebastian Ronin said...

Stock futures tumble on swine flu concerns,0,4088824.story?track=rss

Can the epidemic take down global markets?

PeakedOut said...

How much credibility does Pravda have? I haven't read it much or seen it referenced here very often. Just based on some of the other articles available at this site, it looks like they will publish anything.

On the Swine flu,

Does anyone know if they test the normal seasonal flu virus in the same way this Swine flu is being tested? Don't most flu outbreaks link back to pigs, people, or both?

Talk about a panic button. We should watch this event with a skeptical eye and also watch for creatures crawling around under the radar during this media blitz. Too many things about this story worry me other than the flu itself.

Lastly, as the book generates interest in MCR, hopefully Mike will post here more often. The rest of us need to be mindful of the additional interest as well. We may see a big influx of readers and contributors. Perhaps Mike should start a new site or revive FTW. Those archived stories speak volumes in terms of credibility and accuracy of reporting as well as Mike's track record on predictions.

Pandabonium said...

Reuters: Swine flu could hit already ailing fuel demand
"The widening outbreak of swine flu could further quash already weak jet fuel demand if it grows to rival the SARS epidemic that hit global travel six years ago."

tony said...

have you read the latest article on the oildrum about Iraq?
"However, what is more worrisome after several years of miss-management is that Iraqi oil production is on the verge of witnessing a sharp decline in production to possibly under 2 million barrels a day, as indicated from recent news reports"

A peon said...

Pakistani leader: Bin Laden 'may be dead' _ or notFrom the above article: "Reports of bin Laden's death or of near-captures have punctuated his years on the run since the Sept. 11,2001 attacks,only to be seemingly debunked by periodic audio and video recordings."

*Key word would be "seemingly".The audio and video recordings have been debunked as far as I am aware in more than one Lary Chin piece as well as by Wayne Madsen.I was going back over them when I discovered that Mr. Madsen had been arrested.

To comments on the preceeding thread about pork,I have read that pork is bad for you minus any swine flu contamination in that every pork cell already contains the retrovirus porcine endogenous.This is not suprising since apparently a pig will eat whatever is in front of it,including it's own feces.This ends up on a pig's bones as meat within a few hours.More on pork on pages 5 and six of this pdf document: If that link doesn't work,anyone interested let me know,and I will post the entire document on my blog for you to read so as not to take up too much space here on Mike and Jenna's.

The best advice I have seen for avoiding the swine flu is to keep your body pH(potential for health)alkaline,as opposed to acidic.

I also noticed a comment by a Jim L in the last thread about AIDS and Dr. Peter Duesgerb(I'm assuming he meant Duesberg).I've only read a small amount of information about Dr. Duesberg,but I smell a rat.This is the same Peter Duesberg that Dr. Leonard Horowitz publicly indicted for the bioengineering of AIDS(along with Duesberg's colleague Dr. Robert Gallo).I just get the feeling that Duesberg is trying to morph the debate over the origin of AIDS.I may be mistaken,but that is what I believe.

unknown said...

I am still stunned by these links;

Exercise Cauld Craw

Exercise in Texas

sunrnr said...

I find it very frightening how MSM (especially CNN) has put a big RED panic button in front of the public with the ratcheting headlines concerning the Swine flu. A stressed public is more than happy to hit it and wait for the Government to "save us!".

Seems too convenient for a flu strain that looks to be bio-engineered to suddenly unleash itself in Mexico. Testing of spread speed and patterns? Preparation for forced "inoculations" with vaccines developed by Baxter as Iflipti posted?

Two things come to mind "... trust no one." from X-files and "paranoia will destroy ya" from Paranoid by the Swollen Members ....

Oh, Utah already tried the drive up window testing of vaccinations last fall with some success. A dollar was given to every kid in the car each time it came through to represent a shot.


Jenna, keep up the awesome data mining. MCR, ordered the book and passed on the notice to everyone I thought would benefit.


Pandabonium said...

After a few false starts I was able to complete an order for the book (ordering from Japan). The people at Rubiconworks and New World Digital Publishing were most helpful.

I'll wait for the debut for the copies I will send as gifts. 'Hope that's copacetic with Mike.

How convenient that we now have a top news item to displace justice for those who torture. Maybe we should torture viruses and get them to rat on fellow viruses.

gaelicgirl said...

I am still wondering about how best to order the book. I keep checking amazon, as that seems the best way to make a difference, but haven't seen it yet. What's the scoop there?

John said...

Re: Swine Flu

Executive Order 13295 (2003)

"...providing for the apprehension, detention, or conditional release of individuals to prevent the introduction, transmission, or spread of suspected communicable diseases..."

Executive Order 13375 (2005), amending EO 13295

"Influenza caused by novel or reemergent influenza viruses that are causing, or have the potential to cause, a pandemic."

Gustav said...

A case containing 8 vials of swine flu EXPLODED on the TRAIN (of all places) from Zurich to a laboratory at Geneva’s university hospitals (HUG).


My questions:
- how can a case full of vials filled with deadly virus travel vith civilian transportation?
- how can a case fill of vials filled with deadly virus EXPLODE suddenly?

I mean - who are they kidding now? Or are they (TPTB) so far along their plan, that nothing we say or do, carries any significance?

I'm worried....

ecosutra said...

Jenna, I found this on you. I really like how you speak. The tones in your voice, in its harmonic pattern are very nice. ITs like listening to a great story teller.
You are uh, I am uh, humbled.
We dont know who we are talking to. lol

Anonymous said...

First a very disappointing report from a Pharmacist in NJ~

The Federal Government has allegedly halted shipments of Tamiflu, and
Pharmacies are finding it very difficult to stock up on this medicine
for patients. This is consistent with reports from the manufacturer
Roche, which according to the corporate "news" reporters at the
Associated Press, is limiting Tamiflu shipments to prevent hoarding:

Of course, the wealthy already have stockpiles hoarded, while many of
the poor are left to help themselves~~~sounds a great deal like the
aftermath of Hurricane Katrina! Same big government, different puppet at
the helm.


Safe Hygeine for the Swine Flu and Other Contagious Illnesses~

1. Frequent hand washing, maintaining a clean kitchen, utensils, and
dishware are fine habits that should be part of any cook's daily routine.
2. The Smile is a Universal Greeting! Avoid shaking hands with strangers
and people who appear ill, or work in professions where they might be
exposes to germs.
3. If traveling using mass transit, consider covering One's face with a
filter mask or bandana. One can always draw a smile on those 3M filter
masks that are sold at most hardware stores, and other filter masks at


4. Disposable paper tissues such as Kleenex can be dispensed of in paper
bags, and burned off carefully each night to eliminate transmission of
unhealthy bacteria, viruses, and germs to other locations. Cotton
handkerchiefs can be washed with small amounts of chlorine bleach, which
also sterilizes them. Potentially contaminated areas can be wiped down
with rubbing alcohol or a solution of 1 Tablespoon of common, unscented
household chlorine bleach mixed with 1 quart (or liter) of water.

5. High doses of Vitamin C boosts the immune system, such as 3000mg per
adult 3 times daily following a meal with plenty of filtered or Spring
Water!!! Echinacea, Ginger Root, Carrots, Kale, Broccoli, Cabbage,
Blueberries, Strawberries, and Citrus Fruits also assist a healthy
immune system!

Please Share these suggestions with others as You See Fit!

Thank You!



The Rainbow Bridge To Peace On Earth Web Site!!!

Especially Tabs 777 and ~Help~

Love Always!!!
Mark and The Blue Star Kachinas!!!!
Happy Camp
Karuk Nation
Turtle Island

stusual said...

I am curious why the media continue to refer to this flu as a "swine" flu. There have been no reported swine sources located, and the virus is a hybrid Avian/Human variant, quite possibly the result of genetic manipulation.Your thoughts?comments.


Velobwoy said...

From Gregg Easterbrook, writing in

A rule of news management is: When you have something bad to announce, announce it Friday evening, because Saturday's newspapers are the least-read of the week. Early this month, at 10 p.m. on a Friday night, the White House announced that in 2008, presidential economic adviser Larry Summers received $2.7 million in speaking fees, almost all from Wall Street and banking firms now being given taxpayer bailout money. Summers also received $5.2 million as an adviser to a hedge fund that has not been bailed out. Considering Summers is a poor public speaker -- I've twice been in the audience to hear him drone on with vague generalizations and statements of the obvious -- plus considering most of his economic predictions of recent years have been wrong, it is very hard to believe Summers' speeches actually were worth $2.7 million. Summers, the White House says, gave 40 speeches last year for an average fee of $68,000 -- which makes him one of the highest-paid speakers ever. And I can assure you, he is at best a below-average public speaker.

Goldman Sachs paid Summers $135,000 for a single talk, the kind of speaking fee normally reserved for ex-presidents. Such an absurd fee, conveyed when Summers was known to be consulting with likely future president Barack Obama, sure looks like a polite gratuity conveyed in the hopes of future favors. The Wall Street companies hiring Summers to speak probably didn't want to hear him drone on; more likely, they wanted his good will if he got back into a high government post. (Goldman Sachs has received at least $13 billion in bailout money, via AIG.) How can Summers possibly be allowed to participate in decision making involving Goldman Sachs, or any financial firm he's received a "speaking fee" from?

Late that Friday night, the White House also disclosed that Summers, a former president of Harvard, received $587,000 in teaching salary from Harvard in 2008. This surely makes Summers the highest-paid professor in world history. How could Summers possibly have done $5.2 million worth of work for a hedge fund, and traveled the country to give 40 speeches, and done $587,000 worth of teaching at Harvard?

A peon said...

3 Sure-Fire Strategies to Prevent the Swine Flu

And none of them include a vaccine.

Flying column said...

I know this is probably 15-20 years too late but Irelands Government has made a commitment to have 230,000 electric cars on the road by 2020.They signed an aggreement with Nissan & Renault.I guess its a step in the right direction for a country that depends on around 80-90% on oil for its energy.All we need now is to put up alot of wind turbines!

Pandabonium said...

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my!

The global politics of swine flu