Sunday, May 03, 2009

"A Presidential Energy Policy" Rockets To Life

May 1, 2009 9:30 Am PDT -- A full day before it was scheduled to go on sale at, the buy page for "A Presidential Energy Policy" went live. Although we have just been advised that what we recorded yesterday may not have been completely accurate as the tracking systems come online, it's pretty clear that we have a huge hit. Here's what we saw: Out of the 400,000-plus books that ranks, we first caught it at 11:00 AM (PDT) and the book was already in the 13,000s -- A day before it was actually on sale!. Within an hour the book had climbed more than 6,000 places. By mid-afternoon the book was climbing at a rate of 100 spots per minute. These numbers were almost certainly from our dedicated fans in Australia, Japan, Russia, Germany, France... and especially the UK. We levelled off in the low to mid 2,000s overnight. Let's make our American, Canadian and Latin American voices be heard now! We can push to the Amazon top ten within two days if we do it now. A #1 rank at Amazon virtually guarantees the NY Times list! We can do this!

This morning, as copy was added to the sales page a listing appeared showing that the book was "Out of Print." Please disregard this page and rest assured that the book is available right now and now is the time to buy it. The momentum demonstrates that our movement is strong and powerful. The push to break the NY Times list is eminently doable and much easier if we don't dampen the incredible (and possibly historic) momentum shown yesterday.
Here's a direct link to the sales page.

PLEASE GET REVIEWS UP AT AMAZON -- For those who have received review copies and read them, it is vitally important that we get good reviews up at Amazon as soon as we can. These also help to boost sales rankings quickly.

We are in great shape and I think we have a true blockbuster; a blockbuster that can save lives and change the world. All of the minor problems should be resolved shortly. Please continue to report any issues with sales to and we'll be on them right away.

I am both humbled and gratified by this overwhelming show of support. Thank you all!

Jenna Orkin adds:

US Health Data Czar Sees Role for Government Hand
The word "czar" in these contexts used to be ironic. But it's morphing into accuracy.
Obama's Aide Catches Swine Flu
No Case of Swine Flu in India; Surveillance Stepped Up
Egyptian Christians Riot After Pig Cull
New Virus May Be a Real Mongrel
Tamiflu? Money Can't But It But Gags Are 10 a Penny
China's Anti Flu Aids Arrive in Mexico

Global Economic Crisis
Queen Attacker Was "In Despair" About Economy
British Airline Wipes Israel Off Map
US Senate Rejects Easing Mortgages in Bankruptcy
Bankruptcies Rise to Record High
Small Businesses Dig In Heels as Recession Bites
Buyout Firms Put Up For Sale Signs as Crisis Hurts
Dow Chemical Shares Surge on Surprise Profit
Surprise to whom?
Goldman Arm Shuns Ratings With New Credit Strategy
Ghanaians Vulnerable to Food Insecurity

Unrest/Gov't Control
US Lawmakers Discuss More Gov't Power Over Grid
Kenya: Women Go On Sex Strike
Gunman Kills Twelve in Azerbaijan State Oil Academy

FEMA's 9/11 Coloring Book
Download audio file
Feds Knew Flyover Would Cause Panic


Sharon in Mississippi said...

A "must read" from CNN:

Scientists dig for lessons from past pandemics

In four past pandemics, a mild spring outbreak was followed by virulent fall sickness.

Sebastian Ronin said...

Me, I only bring one thing to the table. No poker face required. For anyone who might be interested, a forum has been launched for the inaugural meeting of the North American Secessionist Congress, tentatively slated for October 2010.

Some people may think that attempting to bring committed secessionists, Peak Oilers, States’ Rights advocates/Tea Baggers, and pissed off Greens together under the same roof is a bit of a long shot. However, there is a common thread: a growing awareness that the large industrial nation-state, as a legitimate social institution, has had the schnitz…unless one thinks that industrial civilization will collapse/implode/devolve and graciously leave the nation-state unscathed. Its firepower aside, the Empire is toast. Now what?

If you think it appropriate, kindly forward to your contacts. Thanks for your attention.

businessman said...

I think there are some additional reasons why we're seeing fewer postings to the Blog these days:

1) The solid, increased number of articles that Jenna has been posting on the main page in recent weeks is leaving a lot less unsaid by all of us.

2) There was a time for awhile when the Blog would go for longer periods of time, perhaps 3-5 days sometimes, where no new articles would appear on the main page. And as a result the total number of postings after each article would be larger. But with new articles now being posted to the main page every 1-3 days again, the total number of postings for each article is now less.

I personally think that the quality of everyone's postings to the Blog has improved in recent weeks, and I believe this is due to Mike and Jenna constantly keeping us on track. I was told recently to not continue on with a discussion that I was having in here on a particular subject, and I'm in agreement with the underlying reasons why both Mike and Jenna wanted it that way. And I appreciated the way that they handled it with me, too.

businessman said...

This article, written by a well-known doctor, contains a lot of interesting details about the current Swine Flu pandemic, what he believes are the true underlying causes of the pandemic, and the fact that just a couple of months ago scientists concluded that the deaths from the 1918 flu pandemic that killed between 50-100 million people worldwide were NOT directly caused by the flu:

Click Here for the Article

Diaspora said...

Items I have submitted of late haven't made the cut. They are no less or more earth shattering than the few posts that end up on FTW POB lately. I don't see many submissions from contributors I used to read. Apparently I’m not the only one experiencing this. Jenna’s busy? Makes you wonder.

MCR said...

We are well in the fight. And I am proud to be on the field with such as these... We band of humans.


duma said...

Mike, I bought your book yesterday through Amazon(Neoflix) but when I checked it on Amazon today it says "Out of Print--Limited Availability". Maybe they ran out of copies already but I know it's not out of print. You may have seen this already but I just wanted to give you a heads-up on this.

gaelicgirl said...

Is it just me having trouble with amazon??? After reading Mike's post today, I clicked on the link to amazon, to buy two more copies of the book. Now it says it's only available from third party sellers--in fact it said only 1 copy was available! What to do??? Jenna, can you give some guidance here?

Tyler Havlin said...

U.S. Gas Fields Go From Bust to Boom PARISH, La. -- A massive natural-gas discovery here in northern Louisiana heralds a big shift in the nation's energy landscape. After an era of declining production, the U.S. is now swimming in natural gas.

Even conservative estimates suggest the Louisiana discovery -- known as the Haynesville Shale, for the dense rock formation that contains the gas -- could hold some 200 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. That's the equivalent of 33 billion barrels of oil, or 18 years' worth of current U.S. oil production. Some industry executives think the field could be several times that size.

"There's no dry hole here," says Joan Dunlap, vice president of Petrohawk Energy Corp., standing beside a drilling rig near a former Shreveport amusement park.

Tyler Havlin said...

Russian gas output at record low gas production at Russian energy giant Gazprom has hit its lowest level in a decade after falling by 28 percent. Data from the Russian Energy Ministry showed on Saturday that Gazprom's gas output was 1.15 billion cubic meters (bcm) per day in April, 7 percent down from 1.24 bcm in March 2009 and 28 percent down from 1.60 bcm in April 2008.

redrosebeader said...

A way to increase sales and expose more people to Mike's new book: Place holds on the book at your library. Most have a system for requesting new books that they don't yet have. I did that at my library, even tho I have already ordered my own copies.

gaelicgirl said...

Finally, I was able to order two more books from amazon. I kept checking amazon's website all day today (Monday, May 4), and it wasn't until 5:30PM EST, that I could actually order it from amazon. Before that I just got the "unavailable" notice. I still wonder what was going on....I hope I'll hear an explanation eventually. I must say that I was suspicious of some sort of sabotage of this book.

Diaspora said...

Marshall Adkins (of Raymond James) is quoted in a May 4, WSJ article as saying we passed Peak Oil in early 2008. Unlike most events in our march through history with this milestone, we are not opening a door but rather having one slammed in our faces. It will be interesting to see how TPTB ease this one in esp. with MCR’s “A Presidential Energy Policy” making its debut. You can almost imaging strategy meetings within the White House planning diversions so that fat and dumb Americans don’t realize the lights are flickering. War in Pakistan? Faux Pandemic? Alien Invasion? It’ll take a biggie this time guys.

Peak Oil global economic recession:

Sudeep Bhaumick said...

The article says...

The Japanese government has warned doctors that Tamiflu, the drug being stockpiled around the world as a defence against a bird flu pandemic, should not be prescribed to teenagers for fear that it can lead to bizarre and self-destructive behaviour.

Tokyo’s Ministry of Health and Welfare today instructed the Japanese distributor of the drug to include a warning not to give the drug to patients aged between 10 and 19, after reports that at least 18 Japanese children taking Tamiflu have died as a result of irrational behaviour...

the nomad said...

I've finally fully warmed up to ya Mike, after having not been as hung up on Peak Oil. The work you've done is outstanding and we commend you.

I can't seem to get my head around the idea of oil being a "fossil fuel" (that it comes from bones). I think some Russian scientists got it right (link below), that oil is a natural (renewable?) substance.

BUT...we've taken out way too much oil too fast and it takes a LONG time to renew, in my opinion, and we're at the end of the line so to say. So in the end we disagree on if oil comes from bones, biological or from some other natural source...but the effect is the same.

Following the rest of what is going on, hearing Daniel Estulin of Bilderberg fame speak on Peak Oil (link below) also made a lot of sense...if the big guys aren't investing in new technology and opening new fields, its got to tell you something! If it looks, smells and tastes like a duck, well then, quack quack! 20-30 yrs? Mackinder on steroids as we are witnessing (to quote from Engdahl's upcoming book)!



mrs p said...

When first clicking on the provided link from the blog, Amazon said "unavailable" but...if you just type the name of the book in the "search" spot at the top of the Amazon comes up and is available! Just ordered a few copies and another Rubicon to share with neighbors. Let's keep the wave going! mrsp

A peon said...

Oh boy. Former `enemy combatant' pleads guilty in Illinois

pine said...

From: MEDWATCH - The FDA Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program [mailto:MEDWATCH@LIST.NIH.GOV] On Behalf Of CDER MEDWATCH LISTSERV
Sent: Monday, November 13, 2006
Subject: FDA MedWatch: Tamiflu (oseltamivir phosphate) associated with reports of self-injury and delirium in children

MedWatch - The FDA Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program

Roche and FDA notified healthcare professionals of revisions to the
PRECAUTIONS/Neuropsychiatric Events and Patient Information sections of
the prescribing information for Tamiflu, indicated for the treatment of
uncomplicated acute illness due to influenza infection in patients 1
year and older who have been symptomatic for no more than 2 days and for
the prophylaxis of influenza in patients 1 year and older. There have
been postmarketing reports, mostly from Japan, of self-injury and
delirium with the use of Tamiflu in patients with influenza. People with
the flu, particularly children, may be at an increased risk of
self-injury and confusion shortly after taking Tamiflu and should be
closely monitored for signs of unusual behavior. A healthcare
professional should be contacted immediately if the patient taking
Tamiflu shows any signs of unusual behavior.

Read the complete MedWatch 2006 Safety Summary, including links to the
Dear Healthcare Professional letter, prescribing information and patient
package insert, at:

John said...,-Says-Geopolitical-Expert-George-Friedman

America in Terminal Decline? No Way, Says Geopolitical Expert George Friedman
Posted Apr 29, 2009 07:30am EDT by Aaron Task in Newsmakers
With its slumping economy, mountains of debt, ungodly deficits and overseas entanglements, many observers believe the end of the American era is at hand.

Not so, according to George Friedman, founder of STRATFOR, a global intelligence company.

In his latest book, The Next 100 Years, Friedman argues America's power on the world stage will actually increase in the 21st Century for three major reason:
The immense size of the U.S. economy: The current crisis is painful and America's deficits are shocking on an absolute basis but are "trivial" relative to the country's net worth, which Friedman estimates is about $340 trillion.
The unrivaled dominance of the U.S. Navy: Even in the digital age, control of the high seas is paramount in geopolitics.
The ability of the U.S. to absorb immigrants, both culturally and in terms of the nation's relatively low population density.

This last point is controversial, considering the nation's current anti-immigration mood and worries about ongoing job losses. But the global population is shrinking, especially in the developed world, and Friedman foresees labor shortages leading to competition for immigrants in the next 20-30 years. America's ability to attract and absorb those workers, especially relative to economic rivals like Germany and Japan, will thus be key to its continued status as the world's leading power, he argues.

Editor's Note: Stay tuned for additional segments with Friedman where we discuss his (very) long-term views on:
China's ability to cement its status as a global powerhouse.
The outcome of war between the U.S. and radical Islam.
The future of warfare and likely combatants for WW3.

makzimu said...

Dear Mike and Jenna,

It appears that the link provided in the last blog entry shows a page with an out of stock message:

The Rubiconworks link however shows that the book is in stock, and the rank counter is at a different number.

Please take steps to correct this as it may affect sales.

Kind thanks and regards,
Maxim Narbrough

Pandabonium said...

the nomad - "fossil" doesn't mean just bones. The word means any remnant of a past geologic period. In the case of oil, that would be microscopic plants - phyotoplankton - which grew in the oceans in massive amounts. I highly recommend the Australian Broadcasting (ABC Science) video "Crude - The incredible journey of oil" that is available for viewing online (follow the link). The first segment has an excellent explanation of the process, as well as other aspects of peak oil.

Tyler Havlin - the Haynesville Shale is a large discovery, however, the issues are always EROEI (energy return on energy invested, which I know you are familiar with), flow rate - how much can be got in how much time. Gas shale wells have a history of running out in 2 to 3 years time, requiring a constant stream of new wells. 33 billion barrels of oil equivalent sounds like a lot, but at what rate will they get it and at what energy cost? Even if brought on line quickly, such an amount would only delay world peak by a year.

v said...

what do you guys make of this:

Wasting A Good Crisis: The Result May be $200 Oil

Gustav said...

Just some articles I found interesting.

Pakistani hysteria just a ruse for Obama's Pak-plan:

Is Iraq another Viet-Nam in the making?

Is Chinese dragon spreading it's wings?

Greetings to all.

Jenna Orkin said...

gaelic girl

i just posted your latest comment but don't see it here.

guys, thanks, we're aware of the problem message when you try to order. hang loose, or tight, whatever.

Atle said...

I know this is a little off topic, but I just stumbled over something very interestig with regards to the map. I just read the foreword and the first chapter, but it's looking promising with the possibility of filling some gaps.

It's all about Methlabs, coverups,Inslaw, Michael Riconosciuto, Danny Caselaro & COINTELPRO- agent and Bush-family- henchman Ted Gunderson (MCR wrote about his reactions to the "911 conspiracy theory" in Crossing The Rubicon).

This is a 17 chapter book by an investigative journalist called Carol Marshall. The manuscript is called "The Last Chapter".

Maybe I'm digressing now, but I personally believe the document of Osama "Tim Osman" Bin Laden visiting Ted gunderson and mr. Riconosciuto on U.S. bases for the purpose of weapons sales are real. This is one of the least investigated aspects of 911, but all the more interesting.

Is this helping untying this Gordian knot we are all working on?


-Atle, 26 yrs, Oslo, Norway

eyeballs said...

John, George Friedman at STRATFOR is an interesting guy who extrapolates certain current trends to arrive at expected future conditions. The problem is that he concentrates on the trends he thinks are significant, but we all know it's the unpredictable, or subtle and occulted trends that upset these applecarts.

STRATFOR predictions are a for-profit business with this guy and he puts them out the way a carpenter turns out desks and tables. Just because he thinks such and so will happen doesn't really make that outcome more likely than it would have been otherwise. Be prepared to do your own research on a topic before accepting his predictions.

The good thing about Friedman is that he has a fertile imagination and really can make some interesting guesses. If he had been a science fiction writer in the '60s he might have got some interesting things right. But he's only guessing on long shots, not doing exhaustive research that proves anything. His biasses show through, and he's just a guy.

As for oceanic hegemony, you might want to read this announcement by Admiral Mullen, which appeared in today's Taipei Times: China military buildup is US-focused .

Anonymous said...

Here's a sign of breakdown in municipal funding and it's impact on liberty when judges use the bench as a fundraising methodology. Please copy the link far and wide - it's a definite sign that tyranny by the governed is the evolution of a financial breakdown:

agape wins said...

I am re posting this in the hope it was lost in space, I have reread
it & can see nothing to object to!

Shorebreak & other observers/bystanders,

There are many names missing here, discouraged, or rejected?
The future will never improve if the sponsors of this Blog are not
aware of the discontent in the ranks.

My post was to encourage your valuable input, watch this video!
This Blog is made up of many unknown poster's, but we all take
part as the people who took the time to delay their important
errands. Life is soo SHORT, smell the roses!!

Who made the people join in, where did they train, did someone
say "You have no talent, stand aside"? after the Dance was over
they just disappeared; can you tell me their experience had no
lasting effect on everyone there?

That is what dependency is; we support one another, or we let
ourselves down as much as those we fail to interact with.

Mix it up; we never know what affect we will have on someone
we never suspected, there are hundreds of people who read this
No one person can possibly know everything, please enlighten me.

Gustav said...

Some more articles for today:

A very good article explaining EROEI (Energy Return on Energy Invested):
(April 06, 2009)

Trouble looming over PV (PhotoVoltaic) industry:
(May 07, 2009)

Some question answered about The Myths Of Solar Electricity:


wxdude714 said...

U.S. Halts Pilot Program in New York to Detect Biological Attacks

businessman said...

Diaspora...I just had a post that I submitted on Sunday appear on the Blog today...on Friday, five days later. I also know from past experience that sometimes posts get lost in the system, so I save copies of mine and resubmit them if they're not posted on the Blog after awhile.

I'm sure there are some people, though, who are posting to the Blog less nowadays.

Jobe said...

Mathew Simmons was on goldseek radio last week (May 9th episode). I just about to listen to it.