Sunday, May 10, 2009

From Jenna Orkin:

Economy Contracts Faster Than In the 1930s
Employment Figures from the Bureau of Spurious Statistics (from Rice Farmer)
"Fed Dread" by Eliot Spitzer (from Rice Farmer)
Las Vegas Running Out of Water Means Dimming Los Angeles Lights
The New Homeless

Bank of England Braced for Third Wave of Financial Crisis
Britain Cannot Afford Any Further Fiscal Stimulus, King Warns
Thousands Join Army to Escape Recession
Deforestation Plan for Britain Which Has Split Green Groups

Swine Flu/Environment
British Scientists Crack Swine Flu Code
Safety Measures in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories
Swine Flu
Reuters page including map revealing emphasis on the Americas, Europe, Australia, South Africa and along the Pacific Rim.
WHO: Up to 2 Billion May Get H1N1
NTEU's Kelley Calls for Guidance Allowing Employees to Wear Protective Masks
Ancient Forests Which Gave Us the Apple Are in Danger of Extinction
Death of the Garden of Eden in the most unsubtle terms.

Twin Articles from opposite shores:
How Gardening Becomes Fashionable Again
The Manure Chronicles

US Missile Data Found on Ebay Hard Drive (from Rice Farmer)
US Threatens "Military Force" Against Hackers
They Know What You're Thinking: Brain Scanning Makes Progress

From Secrecy News:
3 Rounds, 3 Dead Bodies
A copy of the U.S. Army Special Forces Sniper Training and Employment manual (FM 3-05.222) was obtained by Secrecy News. Although the document is unclassified, it is subject to restricted distribution in order "to protect technical or operational information."

For once, such restrictions appear to make sense and the 474-page manual will not be posted on the Federation of American Scientists website. But as always, views on the question of disclosure differ. A 2003 discussion on the "Shooter's Forum" website presented contrasting opinions on the desirability of publishing this Manual.

Central Bank Plans to Switch from Copper to Steel Coins
US Brothers Found Guilty of Espionage
Spying on Gazprom
Terrorist Threat on Rise in Ferghana Valley (Kyrgyzstan)
From the Soros Foundation.
Amid Central Asian Dysfunction, Astana (Kazakhstan) Becomes Island of Sound Water-Management Policy

"Secret" Defense Ministry Database Reveals Full Settlement Construction

Toyota Expects Biggest Losses Ever
Satellite to Detect Missiles Under Study
China to Issue 15 Billion Yuan T-Bonds Next Week
Karzai in Move to Share Power With Warlord Wanted by US
Half a Million Flee Swat Valley


brell said...

I"ve just started reading PPOL. It's good so far.

DOn't know if this is credible or relevant re swine flu:
"A pig farm in Mexico claimed to be the source of swine flu is host to a UN-registered CDM project."

agape wins said...

Great book, except for proofreading as noted by gaelicgigl, should we be noting errors for correction in future printings?
Everything so far has been straight up, except for, on p. 99, fourth paragraph, "to the leadership of Abraham Lincoln after
the Civil War;". Lincoln was Assassinated on 4,14,65 and the war ended on 5,13,65; his leadership was in scant influence
on future policy's, as was JFK's! We can dream about what history would look like today--except for??

Sunrnr, posted in part,

"We're just another species sharing a very small and limited environment with millions of other species, no more, no less. We're no more or less important than any other species."

I may be taking this out of context, but I have to disagree!
Even if there is no God/power, or driving Force; Mankind IS the only "Species", capable of subjugating all others, with the
ability to, and has chosen to, destroy other "SPECIES" at will.
This has in the past including members of his own species, who HE in his GODHEAD has determined to be SUBhuman, or
a negative evolutionary factor!
The attitude of "No More, No Less" is self defeating, and justification for letting NATURE take it's course; after all our
negative acts just come naturally.
Eugenics is still alive & well.

agape wins said...

Comedy is a two way street, is 9/11, hijacking, complicity, or our President a laughing matter for the extremists only?

OregonSurvivor said...

Started PPOL today, and I am excited to see such a direct and straightforward treatment of the crisis of humanity! I am wondering how we can get this in the hands and heads of the influential people... Is there any kind of orchestrated campaign to make sure all Congressmen get a copy? And all of the talking heads, like Olbermann and Ed Schultz? If not, can we create one? Sign me up...
Congratulations to MCR and all involved on a historic piece of work.

Los Doggies said...

Still haven't received the new book which was ordered about 2 weeks ago. I never even got a confirmation of the order, or any word about it. Thought, the money was taken out of my bank account.

Has anyone gotten the book not from amazon ?

agape wins said...

The Kindle edition is out, at last!!

I tried last Sat, but the link was not working, but it is today; hit it!

I took a copy to my library,
now if they order a copy, they will
have 2 to loan out!
whatever works.

agape wins said...


Here is a little humor, which
should get a laugh out of F.Kamilov.
I sure wish some of the old faithfuls, like RandD would speak up, Oh where have all the Flowers

Lawrence said...

Well here is one for the Front Page!!!
The Electronic Police State
2008 National Rankings

Anonymous said...

I ordered my copy on the 28th of April from a non-Amazon vendor and also have not yet received it. I wrote to them about it and they replied that they were so swamped with orders they were having a hard time processing them all. Maybe the presses aren't able to keep up with the demand at this point since it's such a new book. Would like to be reading it along with everyone else though.

Jenna Orkin said...


we've noted your message. i'm in a similar position but not worried yet. hang in...

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to a fellow peak oil blogger who has the right idea:

Now we need someone with the president and a copy of you know what, but this time, please ask Mr. Obama to hold the book so we can see it.

I picked up mine yesterday from a local book store here in Oregon. Thank you, Mike! Let's get this baby talked about and sold!

juanito68 said...

Los Doggies: i'm in the same situation. I bought the book on April 30th from Rubiconworks (new world digital inc)and still haven't received it yet. But it's on my credit card bill already. I just wrote to find out what's going on with my order.

Can't wait to read it!

F.Kamilov said...

I am here, Agape. In fact, I am watching the unraveling of Pakistan begin. The link Jenna posted about 0.5 million internal refugees leaving Pakistan's northern war-torn Swat and other districts is now outdated: the number currently stands at 1.5 million, according to UNHCR statistics, and is swelling by the hour. This is the largest ever population displacement within Pakistan since its creation by the British in 1947 - and the largest ever refugee movement since that of the Rwandan conflict in 1994. Pakistan's federal and provincial governments have no competence or resources to deal with this, and the seeds of a wider conflict and revolution are being sown - which will tear apart both the geographical structure of Pakistan and overthrow the regime of the pro-western anglophile comprador elite classes that traditionally rule it.

Tulsequa said...

Talk about manufacturing fear and hysteria.

Remember the 1976 swine flu fiasco when the vaccine rushed to market was deadlier than the flu it was alleged to prevent?

And what of the wild bird flu virus that is claimed to infect migratory water fowl?

How is it these birds (ducks, geese, swans, etc., etc.) can fly thousand of miles twice a year and not drop dead out of the sky from 'bird flu'?

Four months ago, this blogger asked an MD. who is researching viruses (HIV for one), why do people get fevers?

The MD's response: "To kill viruses."

It appears that viruses can not replicate when our body temperature exceeds 102 degrees F.

The traditional herbalist or shaman knew enough to feed and cure a fever with saunas, sweat baths and or sweat lodges.

A follow up question "why is HIV an exception?" has not yet had the courtesy of a reply.

At this juncture - conventional virology is standing on its head because of unanswered questions regarding the contradictions that are inherit in current viral theory.