Wednesday, May 27, 2009

From Jenna Orkin

The Sinking Titanic: Interview with Michael C. Ruppert
Unraveling Markets Bode Ill for US Economic Might
Duh. But it's noteworthy that they're daring to say so aloud.
G8 Hears Oil Prices Could Soar When Crisis Eases
IEA Repeats Warning of Possible New Oil Price Spike
Looming Oil Shock Means Globalization's End
Rubin Blames Recession on Oil
Warning About an Oil Supply Crunch
Saudi Arabian Oil Minister Naimi Says Oil to Reach 75$ a Barrel
Alberta In Tie-Up with OPEC
The Lithium Boom Is Coming: The New Bubble?
Could pop real fast.
Job Losses Push Safer Mortgages to Foreclosure
Energy Plans Often Run Out of Gas
California Crisis Imperils Obama's Agenda
Regulators Seize and Sell Florida's Largest Regional Bank
After Major Florida Bank Fails, Carlyle Swoops In As Buyer
Governor Plans to Completely Eliminate Welfare for Families
Many Summer Internships Are Going Organic
"Master of Fantasy" Bernanke Says Economy to Heal
Bernanke recalled how he spoke a year earlier to a graduating class to which Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling also delivered an address. The student who introduced Bernanke jokingly described the two speakers as "two of the great masters of children's fantasy fiction," he said.

Comment: Ha?

Bernanke offered wisdom from references to Bank of England Governor Mervyn King (the object of central banks should be to make monetary policy as boring as possible),

Comment: Why? So the public will be lulled into complacency?
Americans Save
In March, the average person saved 4.2% of disposable income, compared with just 0.2% a year earlier.
British Banks Revolt Against Obama Tax Plan
Value of Mexico's Crude Exports Down 60%
Olduvai Theory: 2009 Article Genes of New Flu Virus Not So New
So far sampling of the new H1N1 virus shows very little genetic mutation -- a sample from a patient in Mexico is virtually identical to samples from various U.S. states and other countries.This "indicates that this virus may have been introduced into humans in sort of a single event," Cox said. Or if more than one person was infected directly from an animal or other source, they were infected with genetically identical viruses.
IEA Forecasts First Electricity Use Decline Since 1945
China Grows More Picky About Debt
This is in the US section of the blog because guess whose debt they're talking about.
US Is Said To Be Weighing Financial Consumer Agency
Another deck chair for the final rearrangement.
GDP Down 6.1%
Seven from Rice Farmer:
TARP Warrants Show Banks May Reap Ruthless Bargains
Under 20% College Graduates in 2009 Found Jobs
Is the US Dollar Heading for a Mighty Crash?
The Myth of Efficiency
Skyscrapers Across the US Being Sold at Firesale Prices
Unemployment Up in 44 States
Trade Based Money Laundering is Flourishing - UPI

UK Falls Out of Premier League of Economies
Expenses Row "Unbearable;" Suicide Feared
How MI5 Blackmails British Muslims
Senior Muslim Officer Charged Over Restaurant Scuffle
Online and Undercover
Award-winning NightJack blog on policing in the UK, by an insider.
Wildcat Strikes Over Foreign Workers
Car Production Slumps by 55%
House Building Hits 50 Year Low
British Airways Makes Worst Ever Loss
BA plummets Into Record Losses
Bee Rustlers Cash In On Honey Shortage
Young People To Be Hit Hardest By Recession, Warns Prince's Trust
Police See Huge Rise in White Collar Crime
Professor Shiller Warns Britain May Suffer a Double Recession
Gold Bugs At Last Have Their Perfect Trinity
From Cigarettes to Gold: French Tobacconists Boost Falling Income

Zubkov Proposes Mini-Grain Cartel
Drive for Domestic Chicken
Russia, its appetite for cheap poultry meat growing, is spending billions of dollars developing its poultry farms to slash its dependence on imports and squeeze U.S. suppliers from their biggest export market.
Gazprom Output May Fall 18%
Riot Police Officer Caught Trying to Sell Arms
New Wave of Defaults Looms
Production Stopped at Ford Plant
The factory... employs about 200,000 people.

Middle East/Asia
Iran Completes Gas Pipeline Deal with Pakistan; Could Include India
Wind Turbine Noise Suspected of Killing 400 Goats
Japan: Crude Steel Output Plunges 44%
Japan's Big Guns Prepare to Rejoin Arms Trade
Younger Farmers Blogging Their Way to Success
...some of them even gracing other people's blogs. - (JO)
Bank of Thailand GDP Down 5-6%
PetroChina Becomes World's Biggest Firm
Chinese Oil: Google Images Show Growing Crude Storage (from Rice Farmer)
NRO To Be Revamped
Drones Hardly Ever Kill Bad Guys
This article, provided by Rice Farmer, is especially interesting for its source: The Department of Defense.
Nomination of US Afghan Commander Revives Questions in Tillman Case


OrwellianUK said...

Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation:

Sebastian Ronin said...

For what it's worth, from the Center for Research on Globalization: The Bilderberg Plan for 2009: Remaking the Global Political Economy

Take what you need and leave the rest behind, I suppose is appropriate.

Pandabonium said...

Ignorance of peak oil makes for bad business models...

$9-a-seat airline targets smaller markets"The Lansing, South Bend, Melbourne and Toledo airports are subsidizing JetAmerica with $1.4 million in grants in its first year, along with about $867,000 in waived airport fees and $1.1 million in marketing and advertising assistance."

"John Weikle, chief executive of JetAmerica, said the subsidies will help insulate the new carrier from spikes in jet fuel prices."

Somebody - please send Mr. Weikle a copy of Mike's new book.

Gustav said...


Just bought both Rubicon and Energy Policy on Amazon.

Although I read the Rubicon some time ago, I am more interested in how did the sale of the "Policy" go?

Is there any more interest on Peak oil and possible Malthusian Disaster from general public?

Unfortunately, in Slovenia, the topic of Peak Oil is still ridiculed. I only hope I can at least convince my loved ones to cange their lifestyle and at least try to prepare for the comming S that is on it's course to THE FAN.

Thank all bloggers for their insight.



agape wins said...


About the "Die off"
in_the_light said...
"From my observations of the comments on this blog, I would say that it appears that most people on this site enjoy the idea that a massive die-off needs to happen if their theories are correct."

My feelings about "this blog" are much different than yours; This Blog is about understanding where we are, where we are going,
AND how to get there with the least pain, suffering & reducing the "die off" as much as possible.
If you think the earth will support 6 billion people after oil,I pray you are correct & I am wrong. I will plan for some to Die AND WORK to avoid ANY "Die Off"; which is the best possible way to insure I/YOU will Live.

The Japanese endured two A bombs, and evolved Emperor Dependency into Universal dependency, where everything interacts/effects everything else, false optimism is just as dangerous as denial, work to save everyone--Amae.

REPEAT from the last thread.

Right on Paula!

Except that Philip Dick misstated a fact,possibly intentionally (think)!

"Before the new things can be born the old must perish."
So true--but which takes place first, or is it possible they both exist at the same time, only we can perceive only one at a time--Chaos!

Why is this coming down in this order?
First I read APEP, with Mike's naming the 2 laws of Physics, the next day I purchase "Programming The Universe", then Mike & Jenna "odd man" about Spirituality which brings on a downpour for a spell (clears the air).
Now thing are dead again!

Are my posts constructive/meaningful? When I was in the 4th grade I would talk about Einstein, Atoms, & Relativity; the teacher took me
aside and said "stop it, you are scaring the other children", instead of advancing a Welfare kid, they put me in a "Ungraded" class (true learning in "Chaos"), for 3 years. Am I still Scaring people?

Guy Fawkes said...

He said it! He finally said it!! I just heard President Obama say "oil is a finite resource," and words to the effect of immediate transfer to alternatives. It was in the live press conference on CNN with him and some ME leader (I forget who, I just caught the end of it). 6:10 p.m., 5/28/09, a U.S. leader finally acknowledges Peak Oil for the first time since Carter. Now, if only he dumped the "clean coal" rhetoric.

businessman said...

OrwellianUK...I'd like to read that article, but the latter part of your link is hidden on the Blog from me. If you'd like to know how to post the article as a clickable hyperlink visit: Ronin...I'd like to read your article also but the link you gave us goes to a page that says the article is not available. How appropriate considering the subject matter!

gildone84 said...

A combination of direct talk about our predicament and inspiration:

Paul Hawken's commencement address to U of Portland, May 3, 2009

Diaspora said...

I certainly don’t get the sense that contributors to this blog enjoy the idea of mass die off. Speaking strictly for myself, I believe that is what is most likely to happen. We are all playing a game of musical chairs and TPTB control not only the seats but are running the music as well. They know there aren’t enough chairs for the majority of the players but continue to let us delude ourselves into thinking that by circling the room and timing our steps just right that we won’t be the one(s) left standing; that fate will be for those in other regions where Cheney decreed “a change of lifestyle” a life without oil, is their only option. Of late they always seem to stop the music at the same place. There are now fewer chairs, but I can’t be the only one noticing they keep playing the same old tune. As MCR’s A.P.E.P. points out it’s tough to teach an old dinosaur new tricks. Unfortunately most of us (dinosaurs too) will end up in the figurative La Brea Tar Pits, trapped in the goo that was the object of our undoing.

William Nye said...

Hi Mike-

In Twenty-five Points on page 104 you state, "We have already seen how a 1999 University of California study revealed that more than 3,000 gallons of gaseous hydrogen is necessary to produce the same amount of energy as a gallon of gasoline.”

I didn't see this sourced at the end of the chapter, but I did find a source in the FTW Archives and it points to a document at the University of California, Irvine that no longer exists.

I did a site specific search across their web server looking for the word “hydrogen” and didn’t come up with anything.

Do you recall the name of the principle researcher or the journal it was published in or otherwise know where I can find a copy?


Gustav said...

Agape, you don't scare me. Or - more to the point - you don't scare me away.

My observation is, that most of us here on this blog are the kind of people, that when hearing the bad news, we do not go into mental shutdown and reset, but start thinking, analyzing, planning and taking action.

To sebastian Ronin: your link is "kaput" - i get "page unavailable".

Is there any possibility for you to CTRL-A and CTRL-C the whole article and send it to my e-mail? I would much apreciate it.


Gustav said...

Obama trying to hide an Elephant in a living room:

Chevron, Shell and the True Cost of Oil

The West’s Reckless Approach to Relations With Russia

South Korea worries North may take more action

The Video Shell Oil Desperately Doesn't Want You to See

Sebastian Ronin said...

businessman, then just go to the Center for Research on Globalization home page. The link to the article is front-and-center and works and will take you there. I have no idea why the url of the article itself doesn't work.

The site itself is actually a great resource. You may wish to tuck it under your cap. You have read Rubicon. The name of Prof. Michel Chossudovsky is then no surprise.

Sebastian Ronin said...

James Lovelock: The Earth is about to catch a morbid fever that may last as long as 100,000 yearsIt would seem that even a pioneer with the status of a Lovelock falls prey to the usual blind spot, i.e. "Each nation must find the best use of its resources to sustain civilisation for as long as they can"

"Nations" will not be the decision-making, institutional entities that inherit the crisis. Collapse/devolution/implosion/Olduvai/entropy shakedown, etc. = regional tribalization. Without the inclusion of this most important factor into the equation, Post-Peak Oil analyses remain mired in the mud of liberal wishful thinking.

North American Secessionist Congress, October 2010.

RanD said...

Kudus to you, Diaspora, on your take re mass "die-off". I find it remarkable that so many people in this era of incomparable enlightenment refuse to get their heads into the fact that "die-off" is as natural a feature of reality as are tornados, sex, wars and farts etc etc etc. Hey you guys that haven't bothered to switch on the lights in your lives yet, get busy and accept the fact that bodily death is a fact of life! Shit and death happen; catch on!

As for "saving lives", the only life you can "save" is your own; and the only way human-embodied living spirits/souls/minds/etc (pick whatever label suits your fancy) "save" themselves is to grow up.

Inform yourself, teach yourself how to logically internalize the realities that characterize the world common to us all. And everything essential to GROWing your consciousness to where you need to be to "save" yourself is right here available to you in this world we're living in today. In other words, get busy and elevate your consciousness until you can comfortably accept the fact that all human bodies and stupid thoughts inevitably must and will die. And while you're figuring that out for yourself, you can also get busy and begin catching on to the fact that the REAL you is a spirit that NEVER dies. The only "terror" taking place on Earth today is the "terror" that is produced by stupid human brains.

If you're into getting this kind of info sufficiently actualized and securely tucked away in your own gray matter you will begin comfortably understanding why mass "die-off" of way too many human beings on planet Earth and why way too much stupid human thinking and corresponding behavior are inevitabilities that are damn sure going to happen.

And btw, as you know, if you want to reject every word of this, you're certainly free to do so and go on doing whatever fits your fancy; and everything will still turn out exactly as it's supposed to.


Gustav said...


tim said...

Concerning the die-off: nobody on this blog looks forward to people suffering and dying. Everyone is intelligent and compassionate but also very practical and understanding of human nature and history. We've had some fun arguing physics and alternative energy replacing oil, but I see no way to replenish the soil to feed 7 billion without pumping oil and natural gas fertilizers into the ground. We may disagree on certain things but we all know that Mother Nature demands balance. Technology can help and permaculture can only support so many people. "in_the_light" observe: you, me, the grass, the trees, the stars: all of us are born, live, and die. No exceptions. This world is temporary for the sake of learning. Even if 5 billion die, their souls or "subtle bodies" are untouched. It's the suffering that makes me reactive, and everyone on this blog is trying in their own way to eleviate as much suffering as possible.

Sebastian Ronin said...

Gustav, then I don't know what's going on. I opened your Blogger link to get an email addie, and nothing there. I suggest you Google "Centre for Research on Globalization." The article is still the top article on the home page. Better yet:

HTML a problem? Go around most things.

OrwellianUK said...

For those who wanted to read it, here is hopefully a re-post of the Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation link

Gustav said...

Yep - got it now - thanx, Sebastian.

scary stuff. I hope the EU will not succumb to the IMF, and that east-european countries will stay away from their "easy money".

You are either an agent of your destiny, or it's victim. The decision is yours to make.

Have hope!

agape wins said...

RanD said...Kudus to you, Diaspora, on your take re mass "die-off". I find it remarkable that so many people in this era of incomparable enlightenment refuse to get their heads into the fact that "die-off" is as natural a feature of reality as are tornados, sex, wars and farts etc etc etc. Hey you guys that haven't bothered to switch on the lights in your lives yet, get busy and accept the fact that bodily death is a fact of life! Shit and death happen; catch on!

I suppose we are in the same Universe, but planets apart, the Spirit/God that speaks to you also speaks to me--& this man.

" Quanell said he did not sense any remorse on Sylvester's part, only concern for his own self-preservation."

And you contend; " As for "saving lives", the only life you can "save" is your own; and the only way human-embodied living spirits/souls/minds/etc (pick whatever label suits your fancy) "save" themselves is to grow up."--Your guide speaks to others,
HOW DO THE 2 ABOVE, & this boy fit your contention?

Death is all around us, BUT it does matter how you see it. Is starvation as terrifying as being dismembered, how about
RAPE, how about wearing a locked Chasity belt for 20 years, dieing slowly of infection, exc-exc- ?

These people have as much determination in how "I" die as I do!

look at all 17 pictures to see self determination, how do your Bits, Theirs' & Yours' interact?
What makes your' "bit", or mine' more "forceful"?

"And btw, as you know, if you want to reject every word of this, you're certainly free to do so and go on doing whatever fits your fancy; and everything will still turn out exactly as it's supposed to.

Please look into Quantum Physics.

"But every computer needs a program, the set of instructions that tell it what patterns to create. Where did the bits come
from that tell the universe to create its magnificent complexity? Who-or what- is programming the universe?"

"Solidarity said...

For a new angle on die-off and collapse please google:

Our Lady of Akita

Our Lady of La Salette

Our Lady of Good Success

2:13 PM"

SORRY, Not a "new" angle, an old one; the "My way or the highway"(HELL)!
An average 56 Million links, mostly Preachy, Missionary, my Heaven is better!
Sign up right now or suffer later.

Here is , in my opinion the most important book in the Christian Bible; I only heard one
sermon on it, -too dangerous, it erodes the missionary-& collection income!
if it would have been followed Millions would not have bled/died in the name of God, if any book was "inspired?" this one was-- it was also Ignored, bathed in a sea of BLOOD!!
I am sure Jenna was speaking of the Spirituality of most organizations striving for membership, & in competition with "Evil". Spirituality is entrenched in TPTB!
Read 1 John here:

Read about those Killed in the name of MY GOD & YOURS, with a few killed for Energy.

And the Drumbeat goes on-& on.

RanD said...

Dear agape wins:

I very much empathize with your concern(s) about where my words are coming from, and find it not uncommon for others to have difficulty productively relating to what I have to say. Your questions and comments move me to say you are likely trying to process more information than you're capable of productively managing at this time; and suggest you consult a licensed clinician (psychologist or psychotherapist) on how to reduce and simplify your intellectual focus to a level appropriate to your currently developed abilities.

I wish you well; sincerely,


RanD said...

PS to agape wins:

On the other hand, if you merely want to know everything there is to know about why the world we're living in sucks like it does today, you can go to:


Steve said...

I don't know the significance of this but the headline read "Millions in gold, silver taken in raid"

agape wins said...

Where is everyone, I can't/ won't carry this alone; it's not my Blog!

A little lightness to start.

This came to me as a Email true story, question everything!

Now on to saving ones' self.


One time I needed Milk at 11:00pm, on Sunday, I drove to the strip mall on empty streets.
There were 5 cars in the lot as I parked, A clerk, still in his store apron was leaving the grocery, his car was at the end of the lot, possibly 200 ft to my left. as he was walking away from me a Chev. from the other end of the lot sped over to the young man, 4 people jumped out, & they
started beating him! I got out of my car & walked to the drugstore, away from the grocery & payphone. When I got in the drugstore, I asked the Pharmacist for the phone, while I gave the details to the 911 operator, the Pharmacist told me where the car headed. We went out & waited with the victim, who had been stabbed. we used a gauze pad to stop the bleeding.
In less than 10 min. a out of uniform officer arrived (he lived 6 blocks away), an ambulance arrived 5 min later, which brought the clerks out of the store! The car was stopped less than 6 min. after my call-6 blocks away. the victim had 2 broken ribs, a broken arm, stab wound in the abdomen, &
trauma from a jack handle. The quick response saved his life, 3 adults went to jail, the fourth got
Juvenile probation.

Another time I was viewing a house to purchase, when I heard Brakes squeal followed shortly by a
scream. I ran to the front door and saw 2 cars parked in the center of the street, with a man astraddle a woman on the ground, he was throttling her! I ran out yelling, and before I got to the curb, he was in his car, & leaving. The woman had blue bruises and could not talk for 3 days. None of the neighbors
bothered to respond throughout the event! She recovered & all her Ex got was a restraining order & a
tracking cuff.

As you said we each of us can do
as we will; AND/but it
will affect the future!

Alfred said...

I was interested in and supportive of most of Richard Duncan's Olduvai theory until he started blaming immigrants and at the very end slipped in this unsupported, racist phrase
"(5) Multiculturalism will cause chaos during the transition to localism." Where did he get that from? What statistics did he use to substantiate such a conclusion? I hope that an otherwise respectable and believable scholar wouldn't be the first to machine gun the foreigners attempting to get into the lifeboat. Does he want to genocide anyone in the US who isn't a native born, White Aglo Saxon Protestant? Community, tolerance, inclusiveness and sharing can help us all survive. Indeed it's what makes us human. If any of you outside the United State were in desperate shape and Richard Duncan said, "Here, give me your hand", be careful. He might want to eat it.

John said...

US lab debuts super laser

"A fusion reaction triggered by the super laser hitting hydrogen atoms will produce more energy than was required to prompt "ignition," according to NIF director Edward Moses."

Rice Farmer said...

Not being in the market for a condominium myself, I had little knowledge of the local market until I saw a feature article in yesterday's newspaper. In short, it's a disaster. In town there is a new 12-story building, 54 units, COMPLETELY EMPTY. As bad as things are, it's still surprising that not a single unit has sold.

agape wins said...

I have never called into question anyone's motives, intelligence, or mental condition.
I have pointed out that there are several "mindsets", & different forms of expression.
Everyone here has a valid point.
As always Jenna or Mike decides what appears here, as always I agree to/with this!
What follows is from RandD's recommended reading, I picked things at random; read
them, skim them, or read the book for yourself; you judge what it says!

I pray at least this much gets posted, Amae.

Over the interminable course of playing out this very routine exercise, we experience our lives. It’s what we do. We are being human animals doing what we human animals evince ourselves capable of doing. Variously we are all practicing, in our own socio-psychologically individualized ways, one or another form of scientific methodology. We may visualize different thoughts/ideas/questions, find different answers, explore and experience different results. We may choose to as precisely as possible replicate a thoroughly documented procedure to determine the replicability of its documented result(s). On the other hand, we may choose to do what we do unbound by regimented formulizations. Whatever the case may be, in the end we all, in principle, do what we do via the same process: we think, we do, we learn.

It thus behooves the reader to give careful thought to the fact that the socio-psycho-environmental consequences of what amounts to only half-wittingly interacting with a world perceived and thus treated as if it were primarily composed of physical substance/criteria remains—at the moment of this writing—so pervasive and securely rooted throughout the field of humanity’s social constructs that no sufficient number of our species is yet found adequately dealing with the self-defeating effects of mis-perceiving and consequently mis-treating reality.

42 THE SIGNIFICANCE of the information herewith this writing cannot be overstated. To inform—not to discipline—is the object of its didactic, impressionistic, tautological construct. If it does not serve you, then cast it away.

62 THE UNIVERSE—in toto—is, in-principle/in-many-ways, technically a virtual organism.

So, for humankind—ourselves—to responsibly and effectively contribute our part to the process of removing such potentially SELF-Self-self-thwarting stuff from the existential world of which we are integral components, let’s learn how to properly use a device that is specifically designed to remove any potentially obfuscating residues separating us from access to the infinitely unconstricted field of the Mind’s-eye’s focus.

69 THIS SYNOPSIS OF REALITY has come to us during a Divinely Planned-for moment on the path of humanity’s and the Universe’s evolution: our species has reached an object whose touching is our mutually-earned self-conscious realization of that which herein is revealed as GOD, being that which is SOURCE and FOUNDATION of ourselves and everything else which exists, has existed and will ever exist.

73 FINALLY, it is always a matter of personal decision whether to perceive/receive whatever is presented as being “the truth”, and with one’s own self-employed GOD-given means determine “its” veracity.

HUMANKIND’S VIOLENT HISTORY of implementing various fear/hatred/greed driven post partum destruction of human bodies—whether via humankind’s mere “legalized” or “defense”-oriented, nonetheless irrational, egocentrically to ethnocentrically to nationalistically justified/oriented and/or revenge-oriented socio-politically sanctioned “cleansings” or retaliatory destructions notwithstanding—clearly exemplifies/evinces the fundamentally psychopathic to sociopathic behavior/force/reasoning that was able to take hold of humans whereby they would willingly rain all manner of direct and/or indirect methodical injustice and violence upon each other and their environment.

RanD said...

agape wins:

Loved your last post, and couldn't agree more with your closing paragraph. I'll play devil's advocate briefly though to emphasize my perspective by pointing out that you and everyone else failed to 'save' the victims of the two traumatic events you witnessed in advance of their occurrence. And then go on to emphasize the significance of your last paragraph's closing point which goes: "AND/but [all of what happened]
will affect the future!" How true how true; particularly in respect to all of what is being achieved here at FTW in terms of working together at this remarkable site in our common effort to enlighten ourselves. Indeed: It is the good AND the bad that we as a species cause, observe, gradually come to understand and finally generally overcome (which RanD insists we eventually will!) that will mark the day of our species' SELF-evolution into a way of living together that consummate our raison d'etre.

Sebastian Ronin said...

Gustav, thanks for the link to "The Video Shell Oil Desperately Doesn't Want You to See." Within the span several commentaries on one blog post, some very obvious dots are connected: Royal Dutch Shell (RDS) finances the Nigerian military to persecute and murder the leadership of an indigenous movement; the major shareholder of RDS is Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands; Queen Beatrix is one of the principle Bilderbergers; Queen Beatrix is the daughter of Prince Bernhard, an ex-Nazi and one of the founders of Bilderberg in 1954.

Segue to the Bush/Clinton gab fest held last week in Toronto before 5,000 fawning Canadian corporatists and a "motley crowd of demonstrators" out on the street. Although Bush himself has never attended Bilderberg, enough Bush insiders have. Clinton is a known Bilderberger as is the event's host, Frank McKenna. McKenna is also a Liberal Party heavy weight, ex-U.S. Ambassador, and the Deputy Chair of TD Bank Financial Group which staged the event.

The point of all this? Toronto, being the corporate and media capital of Canada, will be the PR point of assault for North American Union (based on the EU model, a Bilderberg creation), which Bilderberg is reputed to want initiated around 2010-2012. The signal to get things underway falls to the Obama administration and an Ignatieff-led Liberal party in Canada waiting in the wings.

Just because globalization is dying, does not necessarily mean that untold political and ecological horrors will not be committed within the vortex of its death throes.

PeakedOut said...

I am always fascinated by the discussions about die off. While it seems only a few really seem to delve into it here, it is an important topic for us all. I've posted twice recently about challenges I am facing at work. I work for the State of California and the State is outsourcing State worker IT jobs. They aren't saving money for the State in doing this. The right lobbyist's simply have the right Elected officials ear and money is moving from public to private sector hands. The jobs are actually moving out of state.
Two entire groups of IT workers will soon be laid off. I'm not in one of them, but I am advocating like hell to try to stop the money grab and save California jobs and save the state money. I cannot even get the people being outsourced to raise their voices. And those not now on the chopping block are afraid to anger management. No one will stand up for themselves or help those trying to help them. It makes it easy for TPTB to do as they wish. I think this is a microcosm of society at large. Those that feel safe will do nothing until it is there butt on the line, and even then they will often do nothing. Courage is a rare commodity. (Kudos to Agape wins for those heroic stories).

I keep thinking that at some point people will be hurting bad enough to rise up and say enough is enough. What I am seeing is that small groups or segments can be squashed easily with little resistance.
I'm not articulating this as clearly as I'd like, but so far, I see the die off coming in small waves here and there with little resistance or awareness of what is happening. Sort of natural I guess. Like wolves or some other predator, pick of the weak and vulnerable.

As for race or other divisive construct. I think we will see escalating tensions around the world and locally based on race, religion, whatever. It is and always has been a useful tool for TPTB. As long as we fight each other, we will not turn on our masters.

Alfred said...

Earlier I suspected Roger Duncan of saying something anti-immigrant bordering on racist. I think he said nothing of the sort. The summer 2009 edition of the Social Contract doesn't seem to exist yet. I suspect that the link on Michael Ruppert's blog is spurious. I read Roger Duncan's previous versions of the Olduvai Theory which extend back to 1996. In none of them does Duncan blame or mention immigrants or say something warped like let foreigners starve to be kind and keep down their population. I'm suspecting that this link is a big whopping lie. Please compare the views on, especially 2007 when Roger Duncan's work did appear and the little anti-immigrant views slipped into an otherwise respected writer's work in the link on Michael's blog dated summer, 2009. Am I wrong?