Thursday, May 07, 2009


There has been some confusion from people trying to buy the book on Amazon. There is a sales page up that says that the book is unavailable, which will be taken down shortly. Please use this link to access the correct sales page, and be sure to add your review comments here.


OregonSurvivor said...

MCR and Jenna, any prospect of an audiobook version? I don't know how large the market is, but I for one would buy the audiobook. Especially would like it narrated by the author!


mrs p said...

I just checked the new posted link and it works fine. If you order more than one book and you don't mind waiting a day or two extra for the delivery, you can get FREE shipping without signing up for anything. I did it. For such a valueable book it's a great bargin!
I'm going to wait a few days and order some more! (maybe I'll send one to the city manager!) mrsp

v said...

Decision on Flu Vaccine LoomsWHO: Up to 2 billion people might get swine fluV(incent)

Lawrence said...

Thank you for persisting. I've been trying to order from Amazon for a week, but kept getting a third party shipper, which would eliminate the free shipping option. Looking forward to reading and reviewing and passing along.

gaelicgirl said...

I got my four books from amazon, after some difficulty as others have described--but worth the wait! I bought several copies, and have given some to friends already....may get more. It's a very attractive and eye-catching cover! I'm about 3/4 of the way through reading it now, and am impressed with the way Mike has taken so much information and research on complex, difficult issues, and distilled it into very clear, direct writing. The 25 points are quite interesting, and contain some suggestions I have not seen anywhere else. The book is fascinating to me, who is thoroughly familiar with the issues, the website and blog, and yet should also prove understandable and convincing to someone who is encountering this information for the first time. My only caveat about the book is its proofreading--or lack thereof. As someone who earned my living as a proofreader for a while, I noticed errors on almost every other page: typos in spelling, missed words, sentence fragments, extra words, misspellings, etc. Example: p. 10 in bold letters: "7. Does the Inventor Claim Zero Ollution?" Ollution?? These errors don't make the message any less urgent and compelling, but they are certainly a pity in an otherwise beautiful book. If Mike brings out another book, I offer my proofreading services free of charge, and guarantee a much better result!

Jenna Orkin said...

robmac58 has left a new comment on your post "CORRECT LINK TO AMAZON SALES PAGE FOR A PRESIDENTI...":

Today's mail came through the slot and landed on the floor with an unusually heavy thud. Could it be? I thought. A package from New World Digital is laying on my floor. Sweet!
My plans for the day just changed.
As I write this I'm at page 71. I likely will finish it tomorrow.
I tip my hat to Mr. Michael Ruppert. This book could be read and understood by any high school kid or Joe Bubba. It gives good detail and yet moves along at a good pace.
I am already compiling a list of in my head of people who I'm going to get to read it.
This thing needs to be spread far and wide. I pray it is so.

Jenna Orkin said...

sunrnr has left a new comment on your post "CORRECT LINK TO AMAZON SALES PAGE FOR A PRESIDENTI...":

I received my book yesterday. Pretty daunting for sure. MCR, Jenna and all who helped get it put together deserve a huge thank you from the Human Race for trying to save us from ourselves.

That said, I wonder how many people would really care even if they read and understood the message?

I live in a state where the dominant religion seems to believe they're only here on earth as a training and proving exercise before heading off to their own kingdoms in heaven.

You can see evidence of this by how they treat the environment, animals, each other. They seem to think that the land, all it's resources and the rest of us are here to use with no thought of future generations even though they seem to be working overtime generating those "future generations".

Many others believe they'll be swept up in the "Rapture" shortly so why care about the future and the lack of resources?

How can humans be so arrogant (and I dare to say ignorant) about their role here on Earth?

We're just another species sharing a very small and limited environment with millions of other species, no more, no less. We're no more or less important than any other species.

We also seem to be the only species who are exponentially "fouling our nests".

One can only hope enough people read and get MCRs message before it's too late for all of us.


agape wins said...

Sunrnr, posted in part,

"We're just another species sharing a very small and limited environment with millions of other species, no more, no less. We're no more or less important than any other species."

I may be taking this out of context, but I have to disagree!
Even if there is no God/power, or driving Force; Mankind IS the only "Species", capable of subjugating all others, with the
ability to, and has chosen to, destroy other "SPECIES" at will.
This has in the past including members of his own species, who HE in his GODHEAD has determined to be SUBhuman, or
a negative evolutionary factor!
The attitude of "No More, No Less" is self defeating, and justification for letting NATURE take it's course; after all our
negative acts just come naturally.
Eugenics is still alive & well.