Sunday, August 16, 2009


From Jenna Orkin:

150 Banks May Be Pushed to Point of No Return
"Fair Value" Accounting is Horror Flick Monster
The biggest reason that stocks have rallied since March, Wesbury said, is that the House Financial Services Committee forced FASB to loosen its mark-to-market rules. Other reasons for the rally are the easiest monetary policy in the Federal Reserve Board’s 96-year history and the end of panic selling, he said.
Insiders Continue to Sell, Sell, Sell
The Federal Reserve Is Immoral
Did Lehman Save America from a Dollar Collapse?
Stock Market and Monetary Disorder
US repossessions reach record levels
More Asset Bubbles and a Dollar Primed for Collapse

Chinese officials have a funny way of counting. When products are shipped from the factory, for example, they are counted as 'sales' even though no one may actually buy them...

'Green Shoots' Are a Mirage: Economy Will Deteriorate Further
Keep in mind," says The Richebächer Letter's Rob Parenteau, "China needs at least 9% growth to soak up the 24 million new Chinese workers who come of age each year - something even the Chinese Premier doesn't like to mention."
China Exports Down 22%
Shipping Industry Fights for Survival
Recovery Only a Statistician Could Love
Why Is the Fed Buying Treasuries? (from Rice Farmer)
"The fact that the U.S. government needs to resort to such tactics is the clearest indication yet of how close the U.S.'s Ponzi-scheme economy is to total collapse."
Germany's Steinbrück Warns of Return of 'Casino Capitalism'
Local Currencies During Recession

...Whereas all of the above indicates the opposite, we're supposed to believe the economy has turned a corner.

Former head of Britain's biggest credit union declared bankrupt
Bug Resistant to Antibiotics Enters UK
Hospital bugs kill 30,000 people

Kremlin Burning Bridges With Every Neighbor
Ex-ISI chief says purpose of new Afghan intell. agency RAMA to "destablize Pakistan"
Costly U.S. campaign expected in Afghanistan (from Rice Farmer)
US losing in Afghanistan, top general admits (from Rice Farmer)
Army Drills to Protect Pipelines
Kalashnikov Maker Stops Production

Earth's Cycles, Once in Concert, Falling Out of Sync (from Rice Farmer)
Germany's First Offshore Wind Park Goes Online
Can New Growth Save the Amazon Rainforest?
Phew; we can keep destroying it.
Drug Promises Fix for Radiation Poisoning
And we can build more nuclear power plants with a clear conscience too!
Food giants say U.S. running out of sugar
Let them eat Splenda.
Customer Spots Poison Stems in Salad (Germany)


businessman said...

Jenna...You hit the mother lode on providing us with an even more outstanding selection of articles than usual for us to read this time!


RanD said...

Jenna... No doubt, R & D are regularly drawn to commend you for diligently keeping us focused on the actuality(ies) that are taking us where we're going.

We love the consistent & comprehensive message provided by your lists of FTW Front Page links, and share our deep appreciation for your work along with businessman in saying: Thanks. And, we'd also like to share this MSM link from MSNBC-MSN -- -- whose message fits very nicely with all these efforts toward keeping our brains intelligently / beneficently oriented.

From our perspective, without this current global-wide collapse and re-orientation of the way money has been working up till now, human kinds' Earthen / Gaian experience would have no way of continuing at all.

Jeff said...

It seems as though the global stage cannot hold together much longer the way i'm seeing things.
China indeed is beating us at our own game.
not to mention this wrench in the gears
Here in anchorage they are warning of natural gas shortages this coming winter,then we have coal companies throwing ads up on how alaskas coal is the cleanest coal to be found,and we can keep the lights on for hundreds of years,our power plant is run on nat-gas.
We are also loosing top officials here like clockwork,as soon as Palin resigned the stimulus money was taken on day 1.All roads are being repaved,target building new stores,lots happening,alot of people are dumping alot of money into Alaska right now.Environmental laws are being bent and broken all over,the salmon runs this year are down so much that rivers were shut down,I am allmost tarred and feathered here telling people we are running out of oil and gas as they drive of in 1 tons with big tires.
May our collective projection be something better than ever seen before,the light is getting brighter every day with more aboard.The opposite is becoming much darker.The energy transformation forming is in the air,it's electric.

Gustav said...



The reporters and state-owned media in Slovenia (my country) have started to post articles regerding the doubts about the safety of swine-flu vaccines. And in some cases openly call these vaccines toxic and even lethal!


I think it is a significant triumph of the internet community as an alternate source of information for the people who do not believe the media by proxy, but want to check all information.


eyeballs said...

RE: Radiation drug

Isn't this a lot like the flu shot?

"Reizman and his business partners want to see countries like the United States and Israel establish adequate stockpiles for their populations. They expect the drug to generate annual sales of up to $500 million worldwide.

"Cleveland Biolabs expects to sell 2 million doses to the US military alone."

Sebastian Ronin said...

Re "Isn't this a lot like the flu shot?"

One flu over the cuckoo's nest.

Paul said...

Last night the BBC showed (during prime time) the first in a new series called “The future of food”. Its messages would not have surprised any regulars to this blog:-

Water is becoming increasingly scarce.
The west imports huge amounts of “virtual” water from 3rd world countries - and thereby exports drought.
Oil production is declining (“some say”).
Modern food production is incredibly dependent on oil.
Climate change is causing havoc to food production.
The UK is facing increasing competition for the food it imports from developing nations.
We must face a future with much greater home production of food - with millions having to work the fields.
We must change our eating habits - less meat, less processed foods.
Look at how Cuba coped in their oil crisis....

This is all in line with the UK Governments message a week ago that we face a food security crisis.

This was not a hurriedly cobbled together series - it included interviews from all around the world. It was polished. This has been in the pipeline for some time, and obviously co-ordinated with the Government’s message.

It was quite shocking in a way.... but then again it wasn’t....

The presenter was a well known newsreader here in the UK. Calm, cultured and utterly reassuring. The alternative food he showed and ate looked positvely appetising. The permaculture farm in cuba had plump and delicious looking veggies.

The messages were given, but it was almost as if he was telling us that in the future, we will all be eating beautiful heathy meals from natural products straight from the farm.

How so very reassuring!!!!

Obviously someone up on high has decided it is time to start drip-feeding the general public that things are going to have to change - but in a way that will not cause panic and riots in the streets....

gamedog said...

A convenient excuse.

I could not understand why TPTB are pushing “man made global warming” with such propagandistic zeal. The more I read the more I know it's a “crock”. GS et al are lining up carbon trading global money skimming paradigm to substitute & replace finite revenue streams. TPTB know about P.O. and understand the implications.

If they were honest about P.O. and the inevitable die off, the panic would spread faster than swine flu, the currant paradigm would collapse in a fast crash. The Mad Max scenario would seem inevitable driven by an unleashed media. There would be questions asked of governments, sheeple would be quick to see where the blame lies!

I watched “the future of farming” an excellent review was given by Paul, “How so very reassuring” it was indeed!

With a convenient excuse there is no-one to single out, the sheeple can wallow in a collective guilt, as the long decent takes its toll TPTB can still suck our lifeblood and profit from the masses.

Anthropogenic (man-made) CO2 contributions cause only about 0.117% of Earth's greenhouse effect, (factoring in water vapor)

Climate change is real, it's a natural cycle, we've now had 10 years of natural cooling, predictions are for this cooling trend to continue for another 20 years!

if the cooling trend continues, energy supplies will contract faster than previously thought as we all try to keep warm in winter.

agape wins said...

Have no fear Global Warming is real; it is a natural cycle,
AND WE are responsible!
It took 2 million-to 3 billion? years to generate the Energy
which we have so unwisely wasted in less than 200 years, no former life form, not even the Dinosaurs by the millions could equal the consumption of energy that the billions of stomachs, over the "natural" carrying capacity of our planet, convert into entropy!

Or do you even question when/if enough became TOO much??

When reading ANY of these links, reflect on where the data comes from, who assembled it, what they ignored, and most importantly what Power paid--remember nothing is as Black, or as White as it appears. Compare the Stock show
animals with the "Stock" we end up eating, a show Steer lives better than most Americans!
Before 1900 you could walk across Lake Michigan from Chicago to Holland, on the Jan. Ice, by 1930 it was mostly open water! when I was a boy (1940's) the snow that fell on Thanksgiving was still there on Easter. As black as you would expect with the amount of Coal that was consumed.
Friends there tell me that now a snowfall seldom lasts a week.
Here in the Rockies the "Never Summer Range" is now bare rock 8 mo. of the year, where in the early 60's, to view them took your breath away in August! Colo's last Glacier is down to less than 100 yards.
CO2 be Damned, it's a minor player in what is going on!

PS., The laptop that contains several of my drafts is down
for repair, the third time this year, time & tide.