Thursday, August 06, 2009

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Germs, Economy

From Jenna Orkin:

Foreign reports about escape from NW China plague
Thailand Tightens Border Controls Against Pneumonic Plague
VN closely supervises border to prevent plague
Military Poised to Help FEMA Battle Swine Flu Outbreak(from Rice Farmer)
Judge: Swine Flu Reason to Suspend Constitutional Rights (from Rice Farmer)
Whisky: a cure for swine flu, and so much more
Mandatory anthrax vaccinations raise concerns (from Rice Farmer)

Economic Collapse
Why Another Stock Market Collapse Could Be Imminent
The Dollar's Continued Decline: Unintended Consequences
Federal Tax Revenues Suffer Biggest Drop Since Great Depression
Office Volume Down 50% to 91%
Joblessness up in 90 percent of metro areas (from Rice Farmer)
Wages and Salaries Fell 4.7%, Most On Record
Infrastructure Spending Seen Set to Fall in 2009 Despite Stimulus (from Rice Farmer)
Global GDP Rebound Is Underway, But Who's The Buyer?
UK: Negative Interest Rates?
Britain's value falls 2pc

Russia/Central Asia
Georgia Says Russia Making New Border
Georgian Peace Key to Pipelines
South Stream Gets Assent From Turkey
One-Third of Russian Clothing Retailers Going Bust, European Exporters Say
Russia: Clinic Left in the Cold By New Timber Rules
Putin’s Popularity Not Oil Dependent

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Absolute Zero
Big Bang Collider to Restart with Less Energy
Charles Saint-Ange Thilorier, the first to freeze carbon dioxide into dry ice, ran an experiment that resulted in an assistant losing both legs. In 1886, James Dewar’s laboratory went up. Dewar himself . . . was nearly killed.” Frostbite’s for kittens...
At Harvard, in 1999, a beam of light fired into a Bose-Einstein condensate slowed from 670,616, 629 miles per hour to 38 miles per hour. In a later experiment, it stopped dead. Cool.

New hive that's causing a buzz
"Buzzy" Krongard and Blackwater
Banks May Be Added as Defendants in Madoff Suit: N.Y. Post Link
Fewer Germans in the Future?
Barack Obama faces 30 death threats a day, stretching US Secret Service
Thousands Exposed to 9/11 Fallout Now Have Asthma
Secret Report: Ground Zero Construction Lags; Slated for 2018
Royal Mint doubles production of gold coins


Sebastian Ronin said...

Rice Farmer et. al., re mandatory anthrax vaccinations and FEMA, here is an added tangent, under my own, special byline:

Calling all Internment/Resettlement Specialists, the recruitment dog-and-pony show comes to your town, step right up!

ecosutra said...

Twitter is amazing, it's very interesting that I have 2 sorted communities in my account.
The pro racing cycling community and the green movement.
The cycling community has no problems communicating, I am getting all there twits.
No sign of the many green followers I am receiving information from.

This is an attack on our democracy.

I can not twit either.

If you all do not see the extreme value in twitter then consider that I received these 3 stories from following twits.

1- East coast dolphins collect toxins =6800 parts per million of PCB, toxic waste dump= 50 parts per million. Through fossil fuels, Dolphins are swimming toxic waste dumps. This documentary, I hope will make a change. I cringe to watch it. How much mercury is in you?

2-The gene inserted into GM soy transfers into the DNA of bacteria living inside our intestines and continues to function.
This means that long after we stop eating GMOs, we may still have potentially harmful GM proteins produced continuously inside of us.
Put more plainly, eating a corn chip produced from Bt corn might transform our intestinal bacteria into living pesticide factories..

3- CCS= bio char? I think its the same. Sustainable fertilizer. Follow the trail of power on CO2 capture= gasification which means, " only from coal" or power plants and you see the consolidators systematically taking away your independence from water, seed, and energy for central control.

RanD said...

Helluva "tangent"/"dog-and-pony show" you provide us with here, Sebastian... the very sort of stuff that moves RanD to see, understand, and say what we do.

Thankyou, brother.

businessman said...

Sebastian Ronin...Since you mentioned how people are framing what you stand for as a candidate for office within the Green Party in order to try and beat you, I'm curious as to how that other project you've been launching has been going for you. You mentioned the project where you want to unite Peak Oilers and other people from diverse backgrounds all under one tent together.

Has that project been going good for you? Or have the people from diverse backgrounds been bickering with each other?

businessman said...

Greek government calls for Swine Flu inoculation of its entire population in September

agape wins said...

businessman said...

eyeballs...or to anyone else who also may know the answer...

Since you brought up the history of the Church's dominance years ago...What was it that eventually wrested this dominance away from the Church and put it into the hands of the nation-states?

Short & Sweet; Science!

At least the Extremest Worshipers of Science have never been powerful enough to openly torture and kill their Heretics.
Am I too close to the forest to identify the trees?

"ecosutra said...Twitter is amazing," & then says "I can not twit either."
I can't Twitter ether, this old brain can barely keep up with my computer.
My Daughter did $7,000 to her car + $2,000 to the other car, while
Every day I become more dependent on you in the Digital Generation.


Anonymous said...

I have never been able to understand how it is that if everything we discuss on this blog is so terribly important, why is it conducted like a private club where only selected people are allowed to post? I would think that given the recent state of events, we would want as many people as possible involved and learning the ramifications of the vaccination program, loss of rights, collapse of the economy, etc. We should be posting on other people's blogs, commenting on news stories in their comments section, forwarding articles from this blog to friends, so that as many people as possible might wake up and actually do something to possibly change what we fear is coming at us. It's great to feel superior and special by being a part of this blog group, but how are we changing anything by keeping everything we know within this blog? Are we like the group in the rowboat arguing amongst ourselves while ignoring the waterfall immediately in front of us? What's the use of enlightenment if you do nothing with the knowledge?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Will the deadly blow come from getting the vaccinations or not getting them? I visited the WHO website and nowhere did I see any recommendation that everyone be vaccinated. Read the director general's address. Very interesting.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Also, in the comments section of the article on the military helping out with the flu, the responses are nearly 100% suspicious of the governments intentions with this. Many of them seem to be right-wingers, so regardless of who is to blame for the coming debacle, it looks like we are heading for a fairly bi-partisan pissed-off population. Now we know what the helicopter-mounted crowd control laser pain device is for.

eyeballs said...


Good question. Long answer. Google Philip the Fair to see when the French state emerged to challenge the popes. However, a cozy deal was made soon after his death by which Catholicism was hugely mandatory in France, in exchange for cooperation by the clergy (who still commanded vast respect in the country) in the goals of the monarchy.

The short answer would be that nation states had nothing to do with totalitarianism abating. The social contract idea adopted by American political thinkers -- who were trying to unite Catholics in Maryland with Puritans in New England, Quakers in Pennsylvania and Anglicans in Virginia -- offered a new freedom, rare in the world, to belive what you like and not suffer for it. To this day, advocating an unusual worldview is likely to invite persecution in many parts of the world.

Before public libraries, the internet and television, preaching by the educated elite (the clergy) pretty much convinced the workaday public of what was what. Threatening eternal damnation could even turn the head of a king. But except in the most ignorant parts of the world, preaching alone will not mobilize the masses against any and every dissenter.

Modern tools include (in addition to torture, which is ancient) television, complete economic control (if they can shut off your food supply, you are likely to acquiesce) and meds. Lethal and non-lethal weapons that empower the government over the people so vastly that resistance is futile should also be included.

Our need is to see that these powers to control the minds of the masses are not successfully deployed to an unopposable extent. The lighter, cheaper weapons under construction may allow TPTB to exert considerable control far down the post-peak slope. Among these are solar powered spy drones that can circle cities indefinitely without refueling, killer drones, micro-drones, and killer robots that can refuel themselves by "eating".

Right wing death squads are another tool, used in the third world for quite a long time, that could de-equalize our position. Only a strong union of concerned citizens, dedicated to disciplining such criminals, would be of any use against them.

A very powerful tool is medication, which may be perceived as "protecting your family", but if delivered in a mandatory way is likely to be resented. This is a huge battle that we must win, and can win. Mandatory medication has to be stopped cold or they have the perfect tool (cost effective, with all the profit going to their buddies in the pharm sector) to wipe out dissent and suppress critical thinking. It's a short step from forced innoculation to mandatory additions to the water supply (as is commonly done with floride, a poison that marginally improves dental statistics). For now, we supposedly know what is going in the water. But if the population gets inured to forced innoculation of chemicals they cannot possibly understand, it's likely that government chem could be added to the water supply without divulging what it was. This would be the absolute triumph of The State over the individual, because living without water is impossible.

ecosutra said...

CJ, I have always enjoyed your posts. It seems to me, being from the entertainment industry, and knowing how information gets distributed. Its a big cluster @#$% of young adults running the editing room. They have new machines that are eliminating the editor. Its so big brother evil. Riot, Assent Media. Anyway, asking us to distribute the knowledge is like asking us to start a Magazine or a record label and get the artists released. We are all trying in our own ways to become the "source".

My way is turning into something amazing. I dont want to jinks myself. But I Have networked the Topanga Canyon playhouse, and luminaries in the entertainment industry are going come together Town Hall style to create an Artisan theatrical eco village that uses a circus for showcasing permaculture systems. Through Van Jones! Its gonna happen. Take over schools for 2-3 weeks and show them the future. I wish I could send you a business plan of something not related to me. Its so future it will have you dreaming for sure of so many innovations and solutions.

It feels disappointing that my incredible Permaculture design course from the best ecologist in the world Geoff Lawton, has not sold 1 copy. So you see, I have invested Thousands of dollars and not one purchase. I am still moving forward. It doesn't cost me much to keep going. I have "staying" power :))

Its so amazing to see how when I give it to people in my network, I know I have produced something very special. Like the hit records my father wrote, "Twist and Shout".

I may be putting myself out there. But I see the depopulation event so clearly, well, I don't know which tipping point is coming first, water, a melting million year old permafrost virus, peak oil, phosphorous, the list just keeps coming and growing. It sure seems there is much to the 2012 great shift back to natural patterns. I have been told by so many incredible people it is here now!

Even further to insult and humility, I was in Amsterdam this past month and had a dinner with top executives in the Advertising world. Landed ESPN this guy did, well I was jet lagged, we just arrived, and he brought his big shots to the table, I started swiss cheesing everything in the book, and at the middle of dinner he looked at me and said "I don't believe anything you say", and his friends pounded me further with their belligerence. We are lost out at sea CJ!

RanD said...

How WE spread knowledge - #6

cj et al... Concerns re the productive spread of knowledge and correlated change link to lack of knowledge re quantum physical science's findings re the nature of reality. A condensed explanation goes as follows:

Literally everything throughout the field of existence is integrally interconnected -- spiritually-mentally-physically; and, our understanding of how this connectiveness works is right now in the process of being generally realized and advanced.

All wisdom possessors and teachers throughout the ages have known and told us this is the way it is; although, up until now the Earth's/Gaia's human kind members have been living and conducting themselves without a fully secured, general, comprehensive, scientifically substantiated understanding of the nature of existence and the part that humankind provides therein. The more we members of Earth's/Gaia's human kind species that are able to assimilate such knowledge as this, the more it is able to spread from where it is to where it needs to be. And it's truly no more complicated than that... once one catches on.


Sebastian Ronin said...

RanD, here's another "tangent" for the recruitment dog-and-pony show:

National Guard asked to explain 'internment' jobs

Businessman, re pulling together diverse secessionist demographics, I draw your attention to the following that went out this morning. It should at least "hint" towards your questions. Please do drop in if you have the time. All are welcome.

Dear NAmerican Secessionist:

Some of you have already become members of the Ning Forum, North American Secessionist Congress, October 2010. For those who have not, I can only again request that you consider doing so and do so.

The Forum now has an added feature, a chat room. I am calling a "meeting" i.e. chat, for anyone who is interested for this coming Monday evening, August 10th, @ 19:00 EST. Members can sign into the chat room with their existing ID's that were entered upon taking out membership. Non-members wishing to take part in this meeting will, of course, have to take out membership first.

As a first meeting, I think it reasonable to discuss only one agenda item: the proposed mandate of the North American Secessionist Congress, October 2010, i.e.: the coming/pulling together of secessionist sentiment that exists within three distinct political demographics (Peak Oilers, States' Rights Movement, Disenchanted Greens).

-Is it a realistic mandate?
-How are we doing?
-What will it take to generate some dialogue in the Forum re this proposed mandate and in the greater secessionist community at-large?
-Is it reasonable to attempt to pull together a physical meeting of NAmerican secessionists for the sole purpose of founding the North American Secessionist Congress?

I look forward to "meeting" you all in a live format. For anyone who has not yet read Post-Peak Oil and NAmerican Regional Secession as a backgrounder, I can only again suggest that you do. Please feel free to forward this invitiation to all of your secessionist contacts. Kindly RSVP with intent to take part in this meeting.

Thanks for your attention,

Sebastian Ronin

Sharon in Mississippi said...

I could be wrong (and often am), but is it possible that cj is judging us a bit too harshly?

There are lots of ways to share the valuable information we get from this blog, and each person needs to decide for him/her self which way works best.

Regarding the possible pandemic this fall, perhaps some of you might find this web page from CERN to be helpful in making preparations:

Your Emergency Pantry

toner deeski said...

Energy Blues - School House Rock

Velobwoy said...

China: No More Fooling Around

Chris Martenson recently uncovered that it was the Fed, NOT China who bought most of the 7 years Treasury Notes issued last week. As you probably know, last week the Treasury issued a record $260 billion in debt. Of this, $109 billion were Treasury Notes: shorter-term debt. The issues were as follows:

2 year: $42 billion (Tuesday)
5 year: $39 billion (Wednesday)
7 year: $28 billion (Thursday)
The two year and five year issues were weak and bordered on failure. In fact, if it weren’t for the fact that Primary Dealers (one of the parties involved in buying Treasuries) are REQUIRED to buy, the 5’s would have actually failed (meaning not all of them would have been bought).

Turns out the Fed bought $6 billion 5's and $6 billion 7's. And they only waited a week to buy them from the Primary Dealers. So at least SOME of the auction was in fact monetized by the Fed, which asked the Primary Dealers to buy the Treasuries and sit on them for a week. Forget the fact that this is sneaky way of trying to hide the fact China and other countries don’t want our debt anymore… this is MORE of the Quantitatie Easing that Bernanke said he was going to phase out. The story was broken to the public by Brian Benton and Financial Sense University.

Folks, China is through screwing around. They’ve made it clear that they don’t HAVE to buy our debt and are quite comfortable putting their money to use elsewhere. The fact that the Fed is now buying Debt from the Treasury in this sneaky fashion makes it clear that without the Fed, we might have seen failed auctions.

Remember also that a failed Treasury auction was one of the harbingers of imminent economic collapse from last month's list.

agape wins said...

To CJ your point is well stated,
I have no idea how many posts are rejected, I expect many have gone on to greener pastures.
That seems possible since MCR's
book came out, several other sites
also have a decline or no increase
in posts.
Use caution when reading WHO or any
other governmental release, they
all use diplomatic trash to cover the real facts, turds all roll down hill, with TPTB the dirty work is always passed to the
lowest power so there is plenty of backing off room, IF things go wrong! THINK, would you want to
be held responsible If you can find
someone else who is willing to take YOUR blame??

I am posting this on several sites I am interested in; I wish there
was more activity on all of them! Is everyone as preoccupied as I
am, including the sponsor?

I do check your site, and wish I had the time to be more involved.
When you are surrounded by dysfunctional people, in a state which brags of its Equality, but in fact has none; you must spend the most Energy on those you LOVE and are the closest/most in need of support!

My biggest fear is that when the break up occurs there will be many
more fragments as unjust/or more so, than Wyoming; read about
Arkansas during & after our Civil war.
We must all be Dependent, or become states unto ourselves; where
we Kill even those closest to us in our SELFISH shortsightedness.

May your every thought/action be Constructive and Positive; there
is a difference, depending on your point of view?!

Always for the Brightest FUTURE, there is more truth/knowledge than
any one of us can know; we can not force it upon anyone!!
Just share what we have. PLEASE Expose yourself!!

Anonymous said...

With regards to the H1N1 vaccines, I've noticed that many news articles overseas and in the US say they will go to preganant mothers and children first, and the elderly last because they are supposedly less likely to contract the virus.

I've also found that the ingredient Squalene is included in the vaccine and is also a critical component of a patented innoculation process that renders animals infertile.

Which explains why the media is preparing the young to be vaccinated, and the elderly don't need it. Recent reports are saying that the innoculation process will require two shots - the same as the infertility patant.

The H1N1 vaccination process coming this fall is the planned depopulation strategy to prevent the majority of humans from reproducing.

Sebastian Ronin said...

Shorebreak, re "pregnant mothers" might we have arrived at Children of Men? There is actually a gender-reversal take on the latter. Google The Disappearing Male, a CBC documentary. I can't be bothered going the link thang right now.

ecosutra said...

Russell Berns President Of Ecosutra
Job Application to lead America.

I have to be the one who sets up the camps for the displaced. I heard that the DOD wants to nuke them. And if anyone else has in mind for these people its boot camps. I am Bert Berns Son, he founded and signed Jimmy Page, Van Morrison, Wrote Piece of My Heart Janis Joplin, and I know how to create the value for these green jobs in Permaculture. I will create the "theme camps" and have art for the displaced.

I have to be the one in charge! I am serious. I am

I will sacrifice my spoiled never had a job in my life freedom to serve, so I can have the opportunity to lead humans into Permculture.

And to all those famous musicians listening in, I can do it. My life long family experience managing and administering my own music publishing and owning 2 record labels, not to mention my mother, Bang Records, Paul Davis and Brick. I have the fractal dysfunctional experience to manage this dysfunction.

Stop Laughing!