Wednesday, August 19, 2009

FDIC Bankrupt

From Jenna Orkin:

What if you threw a 'Going-Out-Of-Business' party and the problem wasn't that nobody came; it was that everyone came only they didn't realize where they were? Would that be the sound of one hand clapping?


CoLLapse to Show at Toronto International Film Festival
Collapse Of The "Ownership Society"
As of Friday August 14, 2009, FDIC is Bankrupt
House prices suffer biggest fall this year
Run on the Dollar: What It Could Mean for the Yen
World stock markets slide into red
Global Sell-offs Visit US
Taking Wall Street Advice in Rally Means Owing $6000
CalPERS Admits California "Pension Costs Unsustainable" - So What To Do About It?
U.S. Treasuries Yields - Where To From Here?
Raising the Debt Ceiling - Again
Brace for a Wave of Foreclosures, the Dam is About to Break
Be Prepared for Extraordinary Circumstances
Is a Huge Selloff Coming?
Germany braces for second wave of credit crunch
Six Million British Adults on Benefits
Youth unemployment doubles in Sweden (from Rice Farmer)
Misguided Worries About Inflation
Why This Economic Recovery Is On Such Shaky Ground
Optimism about a recovery starting to fizzle
The U.S. debt bubble: Lessons from Japan
Regulators Were Told of Stanford Fraud, Investors Say
“I feel the U.S. government is responsible for my loss,” Mr. Nelson said, words that earned a standing ovation from the audience of more than 250 Stanford investors in a crowded auditorium.
Worst Performance Ever For Back-To-School Sales
130 million credit card numbers stolen in identity theft scheme
Oil and Copper Double
National Guard drill at high school to prepare for possible H1N1 riot
The above article, submitted by Rice Farmer, anticipates desperate anxiety on the part of the public to get the vaccine. The article below betrays a different take on the issue from a more informed population.
Most nurses unwilling to have swine flu vaccine

U.S. Army Will Train Georgians
America's New Air Force
Virtual reality for real.
Prisons to Free Inmates to Do Public Works
At Least 20 Dead in North Caucusus
Britain in Afghanistan 'for another five years'
Who is funding the Afghan Taliban? You don’t want to know (from Rice Farmer)
Potential for water conflict between India and Pakistan (from Rice Farmer)

Africa (from Rice Farmer)
Africa: U.S. Military Holds War Games on Nigeria, Somalia
Clinton Threatens War in Horn of Africa
Polio surge in Nigeria after vaccine virus mutates

Anniversary: Drake's Pa. oil well idea changed world in 1859
Environmental Movies Have a Green Problem: Money
New Eating Disorder: Obsession with Healthy Food
90% US Money Laced with Cocaine
Ironic, no?


Gustav said...

This is just too weird in the light of what is going on regarding the "inevitable level 6 pandemic"

DNA work begins at WWI mass grave

Does anyone else have an insihgt or opinion on this?

The swine flu IS NOT LETHAL. In my country there were cca 200 people infected with it so far and NONE OF THEM EVEN REQUIRED HOSPITALISATION! No complications, no deaths, no flu-jabs, nothing. They just spent some time at home in bed, feeling like (cough) "you know what" - and that's it.

Another story on mandatory vaccination in England

Pregnant women to get flu vaccine

In this article you can read the sentence:
"The government has yet to decide whether everyone should be given it." - concerning the flu-jabs - this speaks volumes...

Another good article on Depopulation / Comming perfect storm of Energy and Food crysis:

Is there any point in fighting to stave off industrial apocalypse?

Be safe.

eyeballs said...

In Britain, it’s 99.9%

Paul said...

Pandemic Vaccination - Why You Should Be Concerned


Over the weekend, a gentleman in Belgium sent a very interesting e-mail. He had finally succeeded in getting a document from the European Medicines Agency (EMEA -the European Union's equivalent of America's FDA) that listed the basic ingredients in the primary "pandemic flu" vaccine being purchased for Europe ­ GlaxoSmithKline's (GSK) PANDEMRIX vaccine. This EMEA Document is very, very revealing.

The vaccine consists of:

Active Substance: Pandemic influenza vaccine (H5N1) (split virion, inactivated, adjuvanted) A/VietNam/1194/2004 NIBRG-14.

Clearly, this is BIRD FLU vaccine, with the isolated antigen being the VietNam killer bird flu virus that has exhibited such a high mortality rate amongst victims in that country. The problem is, according to the WHO, the pandemic flu threatening Europe and the world is not a BIRD FLU (H5N1) virus at all, but is a "Novel" Swine Flu (H1N1) virus. How is it possible that such a specific BIRD FLU VACCINE would give any immune protection to a "Novel" Swine Flu "pandemic" virus?

It would seem that GSK is trying to unload stockpiles of its "Avian Pandemic Flu" vaccine by disguising it as a generic "Pandemic" vaccine under the name "PANDEMRIX"!! Why is the EMEA allowing this to happen? Will the FDA follow the EMEA's lead and allow "Pandemrix" bird flu viruses to be shot into millions of school children in America?


A very real concern of virologists worldwide is that the relatively benign "Novel" Swine Pandemic Flu threatening the world today, could turn into a much more dangerous killer if it somehow were able to blend with a known high-morbidity-producing virus, such as the VietNam strain of H5N1. It would appear that injecting millions of people with PANDREMIX "adjuvanted" H5N1 Bird Flu viruses could indeed create the 'Perfect Storm' as far as a pandemic is concerned.


Baxter failed in their attempt to get the birdflu into vaccines... maybe this is Glaxo’s turn to have a go???

businessman said...

When will Mike's movie "Collapse" be coming to the USA?

Paul said...

RanD - thank you - good to be aboard!!


OregonSurvivor said...

Jenna, MCR: Please let us know as soon as CoLLapse is available for sale! Thanks and thanks for the astounding research & links you provide!

John Kelty said...

Oil industry's bait and switch

Jeff said...

Salazar throws another punch.

Jeff said...

This is beyond everything,where will it ever end?
With drugs like these out oxytocin,induces TRUST.Consider that when one of the previous links here was pharmacuticals found in US drinking water.

Don Hynes said...

UNICEF Nigerian Polio Vaccine Contaminated with Sterilizing Agents Scientist Finds
Scientist says things discovered in vaccines are "harmful, toxic"

Here's another more sinister view of the spreading polio among children in Nigeria, particulary among those vaccinated.

Sharon in Mississippi said...

Some GOOD news for a change:

New battery could change world, one house at a time

In a modest building on the west side of Salt Lake City, a team of specialists in advanced materials and electrochemistry has produced what could be the single most important breakthrough for clean, alternative energy since Socrates first noted solar heating 2,400 years ago.


Best Regards,
Sharon in Mississippi

Love More. Fear Less!

RanD said...

"Love more. Fear less!" Now there's a strategy that can't be beat!

Thnkyou Sharon in Mississipp!

eyeballs said...


Glad you're looking for good news, and maybe the Ceramatec battery will offer value. But wait. We're talking about millions of these things entering our environment.

Cheap, clean, decentralized energy for everyone, from the Coors family?

"Lots of sodium will be needed to make the new batteries, and Ceramatec proposes a symbiotic relationship with the federal government to get it. Enormous quantities of sodium metals, the byproducts of nuclear weapons manufacturing, just happen be available for cleanup at Hanford nuclear reservation near Richland, Wash. It's a ready-made source of material that CoorsTek can recycle."

Um, should I celebrate? Really?

From a
more recent article
on the Ceramatec battery:

“On the negative side, existing deep-cycle batteries are large, full of lethal components like lead and sulfuric acid, heavy, and require regular maintenance. They are also the first part of a solar electric system to wear out.

“Newer models, adapted to alternative energy storage, may have a useful lifetime of up to 20 years, and offer 2,100 cycles (complete discharge to recharge), or 4,000 cycles to half-capacity, but they are still large, heavy and dangerous, and may not last as long as the solar panels they serve. In fact, battery failure is often the largest contributing factor in a solar array’s failure to deliver according to its rated capacity.

“If Ceramatec’s battery delivers as promised, it would be an ideal, and less cumbersome, solution to solar energy storage, though most users will likely want a lifetime rating (beyond the 92-percent charge/discharge tag) when asked to fork over two grand.”

Increasing battery storage efficiency is key to bringing wind and solar into play. But if we look at the progress of the Industrial Revolution, “problem solving” has always involved ignoring inconvenient side effects and exporting hidden costs. What we need is truly appropriate technology, and I doubt that we can compete with the Coors family and its congressman board member when it comes to mass marketing. Huge mistakes will be made in the rush for power, as always. We need to DO THE RIGHT THING on our own, scaled to our actual needs and abilities, and circulated virtually underground in our own social networks.

We should be on the lookout for solutions, but in hoping for magic bullets, let's not be deceived as to the dangers, problems and hidden costs.

Paul said...

Is revolution really in the air in the USA?

It’s hard to tell from over here in the UK......


I'm calling for a national strike, one designed to close the country down for a day. The intent? Real campaign-finance reform and strong restrictions on lobbying. Because nothing will change until we take corporate money out of politics. Nothing will improve until our politicians are once again answerable to their constituents, not the rich and powerful.

Let's set a date. No one goes to work. No one buys anything. And if that isn't effective -- if the politicians ignore us -- we do it again. And again. And again.

The real war is not between the left and the right. It is between the average American and the ruling class. If we come together on this single issue, everything else will resolve itself. It's time we took back our government from those who would make us their slaves.


Larry Flynt, Huffington Post

RanD said...

What WE Need to be Doing - #9

Paul et al... Rather than seeing any 'revolution' taking place anywhere across the human scene, what R & D do see taking place is 'evolution' -- the process by which the forces of reality / existence / life continuously moves everything from one state of experiential being to something fundamentally distinct and thus evolutionarily advanced from the past.

On the other hand, evidently all that the Larry Flynts, the Barack Obama's, and the rest of this world's PTB's can see is to just keep maintaining and living with the progressively passé manifold of conditions, values, and strategies which belong to our now progressively archaic man-made world that is in the process of disintegrating, disappearing -- dying -- all around us.

What WE need to be doing is begin seeing ourselves AS A SPECIES which is finally beginning to fully consciously actualize its / OUR relationship to the whole of existence which has evolved US into being precisely to realize, assimilate, and live by such knowledge as this.


Over the past umpteen thousand years we've been wending our way(s) into the future on training wheels. From here on our training wheels are coming off -- so we can be who WE are and be about doing what WE need to be doing. It's time for it.

businessman said...

Paul...Thanks for the article from Larry Flynt.

I don't really feel that revolution is in the air yet here in the United States. The propaganda machine is hard at work in the form of the media here, and Americans are for the most part buying into it. We're grumbling, we're having a tough time here economically, but for the most part we believe what the media is telling us when spinning the stories about what's really going on here.

We're currently having a big debate about reforming our health care system, and the media is spinning this story to try and prevent any real reform, as they're so tightly in bed with the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries and get billions of dollars in advertising revenue from them, too. And these industries don't want us to reform our health care system because they're making so much money off of the one we have now.

The media has been showing video footage of elderly people protesting against health care reform, but they're not telling us that many of these people are protesting because they're afraid that their existing government-subsidized health care program will now be taken away from them under this new healthcare reform program. The media is spinning this story to get us to believe that these people instead are protesting because they think that real healthcare reform over here will cost our government way too much money, and therefore they're against spending that much money. This, in my mind, would be similar to the media showing soccer fans rioting at a major soccer match, and then telling us that it was all because these people wanted the sport of soccer banned worldwide.

agape wins said...

When people think, instead of accepting things they are told/read, a whole new world
opens up!
Here are just a few things that come to mind, there has to be a reason why each mind latch's on to some items at the expense of others.
That's why some make better Plumbers, others the best Doctors; why some prefer complex
expressions & love detail, while others enjoy more simplicity! It's why some men make excellent "Mothers", while some of the "Female" gender must "Father" Industry.

Yesterday We had three Customers who were driving Classic cars, from the 1930's & 40's, to a car show in Deadwood, S.D.. One Lady stated "It's better than spending your spare time in a Bar "; I, being from alcoholic parents, can relate, but also see many negative aspects to the entire concept, drive, or motivation! Just some more Brain exercise.
I don't expect everyone to be interested in or read the links I post.

Sharon in Mississippi said...Some GOOD news for a change:

New battery could change world, one house at a time

10:57 AM

eyeballs said...

Increasing battery storage efficiency is key to bringing wind and solar into play. But if we look at the progress of the Industrial Revolution, “problem solving” has always involved ignoring inconvenient side effects and exporting hidden costs. What we need is truly appropriate technology, and I doubt that we can compete with the Coors family and its congressman board member when it comes to mass marketing. Huge mistakes will be made in the rush for power, as always. We need to DO THE RIGHT THING on our own, scaled to our actual needs and abilities, and circulated virtually underground in our own social networks.

We should be on the lookout for solutions, but in hoping for magic bullets, let's not be deceived as to the dangers, problems and hidden costs.

8:25 PM

AND THEN THIS from the last post

agape wins said...

Have no fear Global Warming is real; it is a natural cycle, AND WE are responsible!
It took 2 million-to 3 billion? years to generate the Energy which we have so unwisely wasted in less than 200 years, no former life form, not even the Dinosaurs by the millions could equal the consumption of energy that the billions of stomachs, over the "natural" carrying capacity of our planet, convert into entropy!

Or do you even question when/if enough became TOO much??

When reading ANY of these links, reflect on where the data comes from, who assembled it, what they ignored, and most importantly what Power paid--remember nothing is as Black, or as White as it appears. Compare the Stock show animals with the "Stock" we end up eating, a show Steer lives better than most Americans!
Before 1900 you could walk across Lake Michigan from Chicago to Holland, on the Jan. Ice, by 1930 it was mostly open water! when I was a boy (1940's) the snow that fell on Thanksgiving was still there on Easter. As black as you would expect with the amount of Coal that was consumed.
Friends there tell me that now a snowfall seldom lasts a week.
Here in the Rockies the "Never Summer Range" is now bare rock 8 mo. of the year, where in the early 60's, to view them took your breath away in August! Colo.'s last Glacier is down to less than 100 yards.
CO2 be Damned, it's a minor player in what is going on!

PS., The laptop that contains several of my drafts is down for repair, the third time this year, time & tide.

1:13 PM

Anonymous said...

Agape Wins.
I just watched this show,
anyone with a love of science, thinking, where we are, and
where we are going should
invest some thought here.

RanD said...

Agape wins...

Good to see you back... hope your laptop is getting healed... and, re your comments on 'global warming': the following link (taken from gamedog's "Whereas" comments page post that was/is just above yours)

-- --

provides refreshingly more comprehensive & useful info on the nature & history of 'climate dynamics' rather than the decidedly simplistic & misleading catch-term 'global warming' that we've ALL been inculcated with. Ciao


We realize your post wasn't directed to us, but, from RanD's spirit-based / mind-based / life-based perspective on the nature of reality's construct, Nassim Haramein's Unified Theory about the structure of the universe -- as an essentially physical-matter-based non-living construct out of which life miraculously springs into existence -- is merely an up-dated version of that same old blatantly unscientific reductionism.

We, too, regularly check Coast to Coast's presentations, find excellent cutting edge information there, and (as one does well to be prepared for) also information that is sometimes fundamentally misleading; which information we of course interpret from how our perspective is oriented at any given moment. So, for ALL these reasons:

We recommend dealing with ALL 'new' information (certainly including RanD's) as agape wins wisely puts it: "When people think, instead of [merely] accepting things they are told/read, a whole new world opens up!" And, RanD would like to add that "learning to compassionately / intelligently critique as well as praise each other for what we think and say tends to further everyone's psychological growth & well-being."


Now, off to JO's new page!

RayLeeUS said...

Is anyone aware of the specific scientific explanation that is serving as the pretext for all the fear regarding swine flu? I've looked and looked and come up consistently with nothing other than that "medical experts fear" that the current virus "may" mutate into something more harmful. Really? They "fear it may". Well , what exactly is the basis for that fear? What are the odds that it will mutate into something more harmful compared with the odds of every other seasonal flu virus? Why is a vaccine for this flu so much more important relative to all other flu viruses we've experienced in modern history? And why do we think the vaccine being prepared will be effective against an unknown mutated form of the current virus?

Perhaps I've missed something, but my impression is that this is an all-out media campaign and any substantive explanation would already be out there in numerous media reports. Instead I only see the "experts fear it may" line.

Too bad we can't institute sweeping financial, environmental and energy policies based on what we fear may happen. Of course our fears are more likely to be based on mountains of hard evidence.