Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Latest Buzz on Bees

From Jenna Orkin:

Colony Collapse Disorder
Beekeepers lose one fifth of hives (UK)
Vanishing Bees
New Clues in the Mass Death of Bees

Civilization Collapse Disorder
Credit Card Delinquency Wave Reaching Tidal Force
Huge Plunge In Mortgage Cure Rates Portends Foreclosure Disaster
The Next Shoe to Drop in Banking: An Options Strategy
Bernanke's Self-Promotional Reappointment Campaign A Stunning Success
Court Orders Federal Reserve to Disclose $2 Trillion Loan Program Details
Berlin Urges Calm Over Opel Dispute
Reuters The German government sought to calm a growing trans-Atlantic dispute over the fate of carmaker Opel on Monday as unions threatened “spectacular measures” to force a decision by U.S. parent General Motors.
Roubini Says Risk of Double-Dip Global Recession Rising on Exit Strategies
Millions face shrinking Social Security checks
Private Prisons: A Reliable American Growth Industry
‘Peak Oil’ Is a Waste of Energy
New York Times editorial by the same analyst whom Democracy Now! used to debate Julian Darley for their one show on Peak Oil. It will be interesting to see which letters in response they publish.
'Prolonged diapering' revealed as 'enhanced interrogation' technique
UK: Strikes Looming as Disputes Worsen
Britain wary of sting in tail
Britain sleepwalking towards economic misery
Counterfeiting and North Korea

Native Americans join tar protest
Amazon tribes fear river dams plan
Disaster Looming for Kenya
A Farm on Every Floor (New York Times Op-Ed)

Real Life Decepticons: Robots Learn to Cheat (from Rice Farmer)


dalex said...

Just a note for those in the mid-Atlantic area... There will be a "Heritage Harvest Festival" at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello estate in Charlottesville, VA, on September 12. There will be a seed-swap in the morning, and lots of free workshops, with topics such as seed-saving, permaculture, and garden pest control. See this link for info:

The event is essentially free ($5 for parking). I plan to attend, and would enjoy meeting any other FTW readers in the area. - Don

RayLeeUS said...

The Michael Lynch article dissing peak - classic straw man disinformation tactics, and more "pay no attention to the facts behind the curtain" gloss. Water level in oil extraction is a good thing because it's supposed to be there to help extract the oil? Never mind that its use indicates field in decline and that it's injection is known to hasten decline. This article is so over-to-top dismissive, and derogatory in tone, that it serves to clarify one thing: many powerful forces are still committed to hiding peak. And since we know production is seriously in decline, moreso perhaps than we expecdted - (as confirmed by the IEA, that "Malthusian"-mongering agency motivated to twist the facts in favor of peak), we can rest assured that these forces will have to put their efforts into further serious demand destruction or give up the non-peak hoax.

Of course, anyone who would speak of the collapse of the manipulated oil prices last year and long-term world production capability in the same article, much less the same paragraph, has shown their willingness to use even blatantly retarded logic in support of their lie.

Mr. Lynch, we're still waiting for your factually-based critique of peak oil theory. How bout some facts next time? There are oil fields or countries out there that will never peak? Must need a lot of those to counter the effect of all those that already have peaked.

businessman said...

The New York Times article about any discussion on Peak Oil being a waste of energy, is a perfect example of how someone picks and chooses the information they'll write about in order to convince the reader of their conclusion. To the average, uninformed reader, the article will make sense to them. But this is only because the article never discusses other important facts that would serve to obliterate the writer's conclusion.

Rice Farmer said...

Re: "A Farm on Every Floor"

Try as I might, I cannot see much of a future for indoor agriculture. It would require a massive investment in new infrastructure (as existing infrastructure crumbles before our eyes), and energy for operation, maintenance, and inputs. At first glance, some of the author's ideas sound good, such as allowing land to return to a natural state, but in a future world of constrained energy and resources, building, running, and maintaining such facilities will become an impossible drain on society, and force a return to traditional agriculture.

To be sure, "indoor" agriculture has been with us for a long time in the form of greenhouses, cold frames, hotbeds, and the like, but these are small in scale and serve special purposes. I think it's safe to predict that such large-scale indoor agricultural facilities (like the energy-gobbling "vegetable factories" here in Japan) will enjoy no grand future.

While allowing farmland to return to a natural state is good if possible, that's hard to do if we are to feed large populations. Instead, building on the Japanese "satoyama" practice would be a good way to grow food AND enrich the ecosystem.

eyeballs said...

RE: New Clues in the Mass Death of Bees

The Time article is a piece of fluff, touting the speculative claims of a group which admits it does not know.

Sure, it could be a combination of things. Cancer is a combination of stresses bearing down on humans. But what happened just in the last decade or less? Microwaves.

We're bathing in microwaves and living in technoland. Is this healthy? Or will it result in the sudden mass incompetence of humans?

Bees may be the canaries in our coal mine.

Jeff said...

I actually found a accurate article on the mainstream.

Anonymous said...

Hey Don, I will be there!! And very happy to meet people of like mind!! Susan

Gustav said...

The mainstream media is "eyeing the recovery" while the banks and factories are being shut down more rapidly than ever - especially in SE Europe.

The alternative to the lies and false optimism, the experts on economy from alternative media are predicting a "superstorm of three major rouge waves" comming at the end of this summer. Quote:

These waves appear as follows:

1. Wave of massive unemployment: Three different dates of impact according to the countries in America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa
2. Wave of serial corporate bankruptcies: companies, banks, housing, states, counties, towns
3. Wave of terminal crisis for the US Dollar, US T-Bond and GBP, and the return of inflation

The cumulative impact of three « rogue waves »

Unfortunately, the "GEAB" requires subscription fee of 200 EUR for their full and detailed reports, so we are left with only the extraction of the full report.

However, its a start.

If anyone else has any information on this, I would really apreciate your input.

Be safe,

Sebastian Ronin said...

eyeballs et. al. re "Bees may be the canaries in our coal mine."

I think I've put this one up before, but seeing as you touch on it I can't see it doing any harm to be up again.

The Disappearing Male

businessman said...

Sebastian Ronin...You tease us with that great title for a YouTube video and then I click on the link and get told that it's not available in my country (the USA) due to copyright restrictions!

businessman said...

Sebastian Ronin...Here's a link I found on Google Video with the same title. Is this the same video you're referring to?

The Disappearing Male

PeakedOut said...


Try a Google search on

The Disappearing Male

It feels like we are in the calm before the storm.

The news articles about the Fed's appeal of the FIOA should be enough for any intelligent person to conclude that our finacial system is rigged. I keep wondering how long can people stay asleep? Will there ever be an awakening? Or perhaps I will find a cure for my own insomnia? Hopefully, not one provided my Michael Jackson's doctor.

I miss MCR, but it feels good to think he is having fun, something I need to focus on more often. Thanks to all of you for all the great stuff, make sure to take care of yourselves.

Here is a link to make you smile, it may be how this whole energy and financial crisis got started.

Sebastian Ronin said...

businessman, I've loaded a five part version over here:

Sebastian Ronin, GPNS Leadership Candidate

You'll pick up on the petrochemical connection right away. If you ever seen the flick "Children of Men" this is it, only with a gender reversal.

Anonymous said...

Anyone catch this on Yahoo news today? No mention of where these "severe" cases have occurred. Has anyone anywhere experienced a round of three shots yet? Isn't this just like what we were told would happen after three jabs?

Anonymous said...

Follow up on my last post:

I don't feel so good.

We all should be spreading the news of this as much as possible and contacting our representatives before this become official. To date: No testing to verify if cases are actually the pathogen in question. Majority of cases very weak. The cure will be worse than the disease.

sunrnr said...

Mexixo's oil production is declining. Their major field peaked in 2004 and is dropping off radically. Biliions being spent to punch holes in search of new fields.


RanD said...

Die-off of the Profit Motive - #10

Sebastian's GPNS Leadership Candidate site's U-Tube links to The Disappearing Male series are inaccessible in the U.S. "due to copyright restrictions" (gotta honor those profit-incentivizing copyrights, ya know). However, businessman's link ( I can vouch will take at least Missouri Ozarks residents straight to state-of-the-art information on The Disappearing Male issue. After having seen that video then at least those MO Ozarkians et possible al. desiring to further augment their understanding of The Disappearing Male phenomenon might do themselves well to revisit Jeff's link ( and Gustav's link (!-Global-systemic-crisis-in-summer-2009-The-cumulative-impact-of-three-rogue-waves_a3359.html); and, God willing, thereafter finally begin realizing that it's deceit via denial and an unquenchable desire for money & power fed by the inherently greed-oriented profit motive that's at the root of The Disappearing Male as well as The Disappearing Honey Bees etc etc and is in fact exactly what underpins our entire current comprehensively socio-psycho-eco-systemically 'intoxified' (i.e., 'Satanized') human condition.

Moreover: the above explains exactly why we're going to see the profit-motive die deader than a doornail before all of this business we're going through is finished.

businessman said...

Massachusetts Senate passes "Pandemic Response Bill"...sets fines up to $1,000 per day for anyone who refuses to submit to quarantines, vaccinations, decontamination efforts or to follow any other verbal order by virtually any state-licensed law enforcement or medical personnel.

Click Here for the Article

OregonSurvivor said...

So the chemtrails induce asthma (mine started abruptly in 1998)and this type of respiratory problem increases the risk from the H1N1...hmmm.

None of us are getting out of here alive!

sunrnr said...

cj - I tried your link with no luck? Suggestions?

RanD said...

"Die-off" & the Profit Motive - #10

Sebastian's GPNS Leadership Candidate site's U-Tube links to The Disappearing Male series are inaccessible in the U.S. "due to copyright restrictions" (gotta honor those profit-incentivizing copyrights, ya know). However, businessman's link ( took at least this Missouri Ozarks resident straight to state-of-the-art info on The Disappearing Male phenomenon. After taking in that video then I'd say at least MO Ozarkians et [USA] al. desiring to further augment their understanding of The Disappearing Male phenomenon should likely do themselves well to revisit Jeff's link ( and Gustav's link (!-Global-systemic-crisis-in-summer-2009-The-cumulative-impact-of-three-rogue-waves_a3359.html) -- and, God willing, thereafter begin realizing that it's deceit via denial and an irrational desire for money & power accommodated by a primarily greed-driven profit-oriented economic system that's led us to The Disappearing Male situation, as well as to The Disappearing Honey Bees etc etc, situations and is in fact exactly what underpins & drives our now global-wide comprehensively socio-psycho-eco-systemically 'intoxified' (i.e., 'Satanized') human condition.

Moreover: the above also tells us why we're necessarily going to see the profit-motive progressively diminish into nothing more than simply an indicator of enterprise efficacy right as this developmental process we're going through proceeds to completion.

Gustav said...


I also miss MCR, but think back a week or so, when someone wrote, that "the training wheels are comming off".

I think, that this is exactly what Mike did - he retreated from us in order to stimulate us to form our own opinions and start to think and analyse with our own heads. Had he stayed on this blog, we would still be wetting our daipers, waiting for a "holy word" from him.

I also belive, he was afraid of creating a "cult of personality" around himself - something he was warning against all the time.

Of course I miss him too, but just take a moment and think about us. I mean us here, on this blog. And other blogs. And other people, who are slowly opening their eyes, just as we do.

He was (and still is) one of the most important first promoters of "the awakening", and he knew that. He is a teacher. He stays the course until we, his pupils, can stand on our own two feet. Then he stepped aside and let us pass.

I think that was his ultimate goal. To stirr the "(cough)" up and MAKE US THINK. QUESTION. DOUBT. To start a chain reaction of people opening their eyes, facing the reality AND DEAL WITH IT.


Of course, "none of us isn't getting out of here alive". No human in a history of humankind ever "got out alive". We all die sometimes. Maybe today. Maybe next year. Maybe in a car crash and even maybe from a bird of swine flu.

But all of us, icluding you, have made a choice. THE choice.

We chose to be agents of our destiny, not it's victims.

When I first started posting here about a year ago, I was slowly opening my eyes to the real world around me. I also tried to open other's eyes, that were still firmly shut. In that time I witnessed a change of attitude toward me, from the "funny looks" in my direction, to open questiond and real conversations about the current world events.

The "Awakening" is in progress and it is my belief, that it can not be stopped.

That is why, as allways, I wish you to:

Be safe.


RanD said...

cj - It definitely would've been nice had Reuters taken time to specify more than just the "epidemic levels [of 'the new H1N1 pandemic virus] in Japan" where & which the WHO claims are taking place according to (again unspecified) "clinicians from around the world [who] are reporting a very serious form of the disease". We personally know of no one with H1N1 or any "three jabs" problems anywhere, except what we read about. In the meantime I 'spect we'll just keep hanging low and watchin' for what does or doesn't come our way.

sunrnr - cj's link address didn't fully print out, which frequently happens on FTW blog's comments page, which thus occasionally fails to connect when one clicks on. Enclosing the link in parens, which I've done as follows ( ) will usually hold it together on the comments page. If complete cj's link as we tried to send it to you here still doesn't fully print out on the comments page for a complete copy & paste job to your address bar, click on what you get, as before; then go to and click on the down-pointing options arrow to the right to click up and click on the complete site address option (which is what we did and it worked for us). Good luck!

JO - Thanks immensely for linking us to OILEMPIRE.US's "timeline of Amy Goodman's not-so-good coverage which avoids 9/11 complicity and Peak Oil Wars". R & D were aware there was/is an issue of unsatisfied resolution between FTW's MCR et [perhaps] al. and DN!'s Amy Goodman but, until now, had no specifics.

Anonymous said...



Thank you all for the post about The Disappearing Male. Have we already set in place the conditions for our own extinction? For an interesting somewhat related line of thought reseach John Holdren, the current Science Czar and the Rockefeller family. I found one which details Holdren's extreme views on population control in detail, but Jenna may find my website a bit too controversial. There are a lot of other websites covering their views to choose from.

RanD said...

Also: - #11

Every one of JO's Latest Buzz on Bees page links under the heading in red of Environment speak to the ultimate influence & consequences of a purely hypothetical numerically determinable concept of ultimate value having been incorporated into and implemented as a now global-wide economic system upon which virtually everyone has been made critically dependent in terms of being their primary means of ensuring at least their senses of well-being if not their out-and-out daily survival.

With this situation having blatantly become the case, is it not good to once again ask ourselves: Is Anyone Catching on Yet?

eyeballs said...

RE: Businessman's Massachussets article

"An individual who is unable or unwilling to submit to vaccination or treatment shall not be required to submit to such procedures but may be isolated or quarantined pursuant to section 96 of chapter 111 if his or her refusal poses a serious danger to public health or results in uncertainty whether he or she has been exposed to or is infected with a disease or condition that poses a serious danger to public health, as determined by the commissioner, or a local public health authority operating within its jurisdiction."

This allows refusal, but sets a penalty and incurs some temporary imprisonment. Apparently any local health authority can call in the cops to detain any person, on their word that this person poses a danger to public health. I scanned the whole bill and did not find standards articulated by which the authorities must determine the danger. So presumably this could be used as a political tool.

However, there are some restraining factors. First, the governor must declare a health emergency. He will not be popular if he forces many people into inoculation procedures or detains people who are not sick. The second authority is the health commissioner, though apparently under certain circumstances local health officials can act on their own. Whether or not the electoral process is satisfactory, public officials (especially in Massachusetts!) cannot rile their citizens (or subjects, or whatever) too much. There would be hell to pay for an all-out assault on civil liberties, especially if the “pandemic” failed to deliver.

From the perspective of the governing elite, however (no matter whether in China, England or America) there is a strong mandate to keep civil order and prevent catastrophe. The SARS epidemic in China showed that the entire rest of the world hoped China WOULD aggressively suppress the disease. So, while it is inconvenient to our sense of personal dignity, here in the West, from the government perspective that matters only slightly compared with “doing their job”. They will be judged after the fact based on whether their actions were perceived as mainly helpful or mainly harmful, and that will come down to how serious the “pandemic” actually was.

From our own perspective, the threat of fine or imprisonment should not deter us from refusing the shot. After the fact, we will have our day in court. If, after the fact, the “pandemic” failed to impress, we will be seen as sighted and righteous. If it did prove quite serious, we can always appeal to freedom of religion: my body is a temple and I only put in it what God allows. I am the one who must decide what God wants. I may take other shots, but God told me not to take this one. And I’m completely serious about this defense.