Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Threat of Laughing Gas; Salvation in Fake Trees

From Jenna Orkin:

Americans’ income slump biggest on record (from Rice Farmer)
Japan jobless at record
Fears for economy Business investment suffers sharpest fall in 44 years. (UK)
Greater Than One in Four FDIC Insured Institutions are Unprofitable; Bank Problem List at 15 Year High
Barney Frank Says Ron Paul's Audit The Fed Bill Will Pass in October
Federal Reserve Says Emergency-Loan Disclosures Would Hurt Banks, Economy
Racketeering 101: Bailed Out Banks Threaten Systemic Collapse If Fed Discloses Information (from Rice Farmer)
Markets In for a Bumpy Ride to a Bottom
California Taxpayers Lose $1 Billion From Unconstitutional Debt Financings
Real Unemployment at 16%
Words "For Lease" Spread Like Chicken Pox
NYC Apartment Rents Drop 7-10 Percent, National Vacancies Highest in 22 Years
Next Real Estate Bust: Office Space
Ben Bernanke "World's Most Dangerous Man"
34 Percent of Workers Have One Week or Less of Savings
Buying into the Rally, Hook, Line, and Sinker
Critically Under-Capitalized Banks Direct Result of "Wonderful Chain of Stupidity"
New Bubble Threatens Global Rebound
Obama Channeling Reagan Needs 5 Quarters of 7% GDP Growth for New Morning
'Obama Should Make Sure Cheney Is Brought to Justice'
9/11 Planner is Recast as Asset for CIA (from Rice Farmer)
German state to act as second crunch looms
German Economy Endangered by End of Rebate Scheme
Wolfgang Joop on the Crisis in the Luxury Industry'I Anticipate Many More Bankruptcies'
UK population hits 61 million
The UK population increased by a record amount last year to top 61 million for the first time, figures revealed today.

'Fake trees' could fight climate change
When they can synthesize air and water, we'll be home free.
Laughing gas is biggest threat to ozone
Annual cost of climate change 'will be £190bn'
Climate change will cost the world more than £300 billion, say scientists
Measuring the Damage of our 'Water Footprint'
Planet found that defies the laws of physics
Creationist Zoo
The Dawning Age of Mind-Reading Machines


ATL said...

I'll go with this site and Ruppert over prisonplanet/alex jones 10/10 times but found this interesting...

A peon said...

"Fake Plastic Trees"?

Aviator said...

Thought this might be of interest to some of you:

Shortly after the bombing of Pan-Am jet 103 Time magazine published an article reporting that a rogue CIA unit had done the bombing in oder to kill another CIA team that was on the plane and about to expose their drug trafficking operations. Here are some recent articles on the release of the man convicted of the bombing and jailed. There are been numerous revelations about the case about tampering with evidence, paying someone two million dollars to testify against Libya and also charges of withholding evidence that proved the innocence of the accused. Link for Article:

Lenny said...

Insider Selling in August was 30.6 times insider Buying. The insiders are bailing themselves out. Selling their worthless stock in their own companies.

businessman said...

Any audit of The Federal Reserve will just end up being a whitewash. They'll select people to be on the committee who they'll know in advance will play the game, and come up with the conclusions that the powers that be want them to come up with.

LOL...And somehow the people on that committee won't report that The Fed is privately owned, is run for profit, creates money from nothing, and charges the U.S. taxpayer interest on every single dollar that it creates.

Now that's what I call a kickass audit!

RanD said...

HR 1207, the Fed, & the teeth-gnashing Truth - #12

ATL's infowars link:
( ),

and JO's bloomberg link:
( ),

and Rice Farmer's zerohedge link:
( ),

and Lenny's non-link-substantiated posted comment:
"Insider Selling in August was 30.6 times insider Buying. The insiders are bailing themselves out. Selling their worthless stock in their own companies",

beautifully combine to point the finger at exactly why RanD's Aug. 30, 2009 3:22 "Die-off" & the Profit Motive - #10 post closed with the words:

"'s deceit via denial and an irrational desire for money & power accommodated by a primarily greed-driven profit-oriented economic system that's led us to The Disappearing Male situation, as well as to The Disappearing Honey Bees etc etc situations, [a properly repositioned comma, there] and is in fact exactly what underpins & drives our now global-wide comprehensively socio-psycho-eco-systemically 'intoxified' (i.e., 'Satanized') human condition.

"Moreover: the above also tells us why we're necessarily going to see the profit-motive progressively diminish into nothing more than simply an indicator of enterprise efficacy right as this developmental process we're going through proceeds to completion."


Hey gals & guys, I'd say the above tells us there's some pretty fine family teamwork coming into focus down here at FTW land.

RanD said...


businessman - Had I seen it coming I'd have damn sure worked in reference to your above 10:07 PM typically right-on-target post with my 4:36 AM post. Love reading your stuff!

Buddy the Cat said...

RE: 9/11 planner is recast as key asset for CIA... i can't find this article. the link JO (rf) provided leads to a dead end. i don't really need to read the article, just pointing out the dead end. msnbc & do not have it.

i've read enough 9-11 stuff to last me another lifetime. another article cementing the "fix-is-in" is unnecessary, although it might serve as a pointer on the ever-changing roadmap.

thanks to all here for their continued diligence, i love this site, i love all you posters, i love JO & MR and wish you all well!

Jeff said...
Not a big suprise.

RayLeeUS said...

Has the backtracking on swine flu begun already? Wonder of those millions of vaccinations will still be given - well, not really.

RayLeeUS said...

I know there's a way to keep links from getting mangled in these comments, but am too tired at the moment.

eyeballs said...


Thanks for alerting us to a valuable article, but your links didn’t work. I searched within the CNN Website using “gupta flu guide” and got
Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s suggestions on the flu

Dr. Gupta would be surgeon general right now, but he withdrew his name in order to keep his position as a private sector commentator on just such issues as this. Perhaps it’s true that sometimes we can do more outside of government than on the inside. Anyway, this is the well-considered advice of America’s leading doctor.

Again, thanks RayLee.

eyeballs said...

Good news !

GM China expects sales to rise more than 40% this year

“Buick, a struggling brand elsewhere that is popular among China’s middle class, saw sales rise 102.8 percent year-on-year last month with more than 38,900 units sold, the company said.”

Cruise the Miracle Mile. Get laid in the back seat. Your time has come, China. Never mind disappearing farmland, pollution or parking problems. What you need is drive-in movies. No, wait. Meter-wide plasma TVs with DVD players in your own cement mansion, and robotic massage chairs, too. This is The Life, China. Welcome to the Spectacle. Have a cheeseburger.