Monday, August 03, 2009

Out of the Mouth of the IEA

From Jenna Orkin

IEA Warning: Oil Supplies Are Running Out Fast
U.S. commercial mortgage delinquencies jump 585% (from Rice Farmer)
1 Month, 24 Bank Failures: Random Event or Wilting Economy?
China: U.S. must manage dollar supply
Weekly Unemployment Claims Portend Disaster
Free Money Runs Out, Congress Authorizes More
Air Safety Plunges in First Half of 2009
Such a graphic verb, given the subject.
Wall Street Profits from Trades with Feds
75% Favor Auditing The Fed; Fed Job Approval Rating Lower Than IRS
Arizona May Sell State Capitol Building To Balance Budget
Toxic asset insurance slows recovery
Agencies to Set Up Mass Swine Flu Vaccinations (from Rice Farmer)
Far Right Warning: Neo-Nazi Threat Growing Despite NPD Cash Woes
Southern Migration Spikes Power Usage
Electrical Demand Plunges in Ontario, Canada; US Demand Expected to Drop 2%

Hackers attack MI5 website
Secrets of CIA "Ghost Flights" To Be Revealed (from Rice Farmer)
Microwave Weapon Will Rain Pain from the Sky (from Rice Farmer)

Foreign Investors Snap Up African Farmland

Russia: State Weapons Firm Executive Shot
Tajikistan Moves to Ban Russian Language
Kyrgyz Candidate Condemns Vote as Fraudulent
Pakistan Consumed by Violence as Taliban Power Grows.
Bankruptcy Laws To Be Overhauled
A Failure of State and Military in Afghanistan

Relationships in the Time of Collapse
Brothel Usage Down 30%
China's concubine culture is back
Big spenders tend to marry big savers, researchers find
Are these the marriages that last or the ones that get divorced? And whom should the US marry next, given the dicey state of our marriage to China?

New film by the makers of CoLLapse

From Secrecy News:

In 2005, the National Security Agency released a partially declassified (pdf) 1952 history of communications intelligence prior to Pearl Harbor with several passages censored. But this month, the NSA released the complete text (pdf) of the document after the Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel (ISCAP) determined that there was no justification for continued classification of the withheld portions...The new disclosure illustrates once again the efficacy of the ISCAP in overcoming the reflexive secrecy of executive branch agencies, including those that are represented on the ISCAP itself. More often than not, the ISCAP has released information that one of its own member agencies said must remain classified.


rnr said...

've never posted here before but have been reading blog ever since it's been around. this is a link to an article that i think is quite interesting:

i believe that one of the next things to fall and collapse is going to be university/college systems. young people are increasingly realizing that they were conned into going into debt for degrees that do not result in jobs or important skills for self-sufficiency. and now they are tens of thousands of dollars in debt. they are becoming enraged. the university system is just another scam. community colleges are holding cells for people to be because there are no jobs for them. thirty years ago, you could find a job w/o a college degree, today these people are encouraged to go to college. the idea that everyone needs a college degree is as thin as the idea that everyone is supposed to own their own home.

trevbus said...

Not wishing to be alarmist, but it occurs to me that some viruses can
1) cause cancer
2) sterilize
3) make genetic modifications to the host

Is there any evidence as yet that swine flu is engineered to do any of these?

Diaspora said...

Rice Farmer thanks for the yeoman’s work you do on posting stories of note. One of your latest is worthy of everyone’s attention. “Agencies to set up mass swine flu vaccinations”
My sister in New York works in the health care sector and she is adamantly opposed to shots. She is now but the first to be ordered the make the Globalists Hobson's choice; either get the shot or loose your job. I’m with her; no one has the right to tell me what to put in my body. The reports that NorthCom will assist FEMA in carrying out this forced inoculation program are mind blowing. Great news the US Senate is funding “intervention” teams to come into our homes and determine who has followed orders to get the shot. If you were unable or unwilling to do so, fear not, these teams will be able to administer shots on the spot. Is it time yet to get up off the couch?
“New York State Adopts Mandatory Flu Vaccination Program For Health Workers
Opposition from nurses association falls on deaf ears
Monday, August 3, 2009
A New York State health authority has adopted a regulation that mandates every health care worker in the state to be vaccinated against influenza. The news was announced last week by the New York State Hospital Planning and Review Council, despite overwhelming opposition from the nation’s oldest and largest state professional association for registered nurses.
The council adopted the proposal as an emergency rule that could go into effect before this winter’s flu season, according to a report by EndoNurse Magazine. The policy will effect all healthcare workers, including volunteers, that have any contact with patients whether it be in hospitals, treatment centers, home care programs or hospices.
The ruling discounts any exemption from immunization for religious or cultural preferences. The New York State Nurses Association described the council’s action as a “scorched earth” approach during testimony.
“While we encourage nurses to be immunized for the flu, we do not agree that nurses should be required to get immunizations as a condition of employment,” said Eileen Avery, RN, associate director of the association’s Education, Practice & Research Program.
“The seasonal flu vaccine is not 100 percent effective and sometimes is highly ineffective, as it was in 2005 and 2007,” Avery said. “There is no guarantee that in any given year, the public will benefit from mandatory immunization of healthcare providers.”
Avery also described the move as “effectively blocking” any individuals who are opposed to vaccines from earning their livelihood. Calls for increased vaccination have been spurred by the ongoing H1N1 outbreak, which has also seen new regulations put in place to provide pharmaceutical companies with blanket immunity from lawsuits.
“Vaccine makers and federal officials will be immune from lawsuits that result from any new swine flu vaccine, under a document signed by Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius,” reported the Associated Press last month.
Although no formal announcement has yet been made, it has been suggested by health authorities that the upcoming mass public vaccination program against H1N1 will be mandatory.
As reported by CNS News last month, a health-care reform bill approved by the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committee called The Affordable Health Choices Act, will fund the creation of state “intervention” teams that will carry out home visits in order to check that both children and adults have been vaccinated and also provide “provision of immunizations”.

PeakedOut said...

Here is an interesting site on legal challenges for Vaccination.

Velobwoy said...

Capital Gains

Excellent article from Granta on the current conditions in New Delhi - sad and very disturbing to those of us with very different memories of the place. Of particular interest was this passage:

‘We’ve just leased 700,000 acres for seventy-five years; we’re opening up food processing, sugar and flower plantations.’

He is so matter of fact that I’m not sure if I’ve heard correctly. We have already discussed how laborious it is to acquire land in India, buying from farmers at five or ten acres a time. I can’t imagine where he could get hold of land on that scale.

‘Where?’ I ask.

‘Ethiopia. My father has a friend who bought land from the Ethiopian president for a cattle ranch there. The President told him he had other land for sale. My dad said, This is it, this is what we’ve been looking for, let’s go for it. We’re going in there with [exiled Russian oligarch] Boris Berezovsky. Africa is amazing. That’s where it’s at. You’re talking about numbers that can’t even fit into your mind yet. Reliance, Tata, all the big Indian corporations are setting up there, but we’re still ahead of the curve. I’m going to run this thing myself for the next eight years, that’s what I’ve decided. I’m not giving this to any CEO until it meets my vision. It’s going to be amazing. You should see this land: lush, green. Black soil, rivers.’

MC tells me how he has one hundred farmers from Punjab ready with their passports to set off for Ethiopia as soon as all the papers are signed.

‘Africans can’t do this work. Punjabi farmers are good because they’re used to farming big plots. They’re not scared of farming 5,000 acres. Meanwhile, I’ll go there and set up polytechnics to train the Africans so when the sugar mills start up they’ll be ready.’

Shipping farmers from Punjab to work on African plantations is a plan of imperial proportions. And there’s something imperial about the way he says Africans. I’m stunned. I tell him so.

‘Thank you,’ he says.

‘What is on that land right now?’ I ask, already knowing that his response, too, will be imperial.


Gustav said...

Anyone cares to comment on the US State departement sending huge amounts of cash to it's embassies woldwide, to exchange them to local currencies, and the "sense of foreboding, that something is about to happen in 120 to 150 days"?

I mean - is there ANY confirmation to this? CAN anyone confirm such a rumor?

I would apreciate your inputs on this.


M.C.P. said...

Guys, chill out about swine flu. It too, and its vaccination, shall pass. I know several people who have gotten swine flu. Its not a big deal and it won't be. The Article posted by rice farmer isn't claiming its a mandatory vaccination program, and it won't be. The only thing still pushing swine flu through the news is fear. The same fear still pushing it through this blog.

(aka in_the_light. This is my new google account)

businessman said...

The idea of the powers that be trying to spread a flu pandemic seems to be a logical conclusion for them to come to. If they wait for people to begin starving in huge numbers all over the world from the effects of Peak Oil, then there would probably be huge resentment and violence from the masses towards both TPTB and the wealthy...And both the powers that be and those with a lot of money would be in much greater danger.

But something like a flu pandemic, with all of the major media stories on it being controlled from behind the scenes, will cause huge numbers of people to die, similar to what would have happened with starvation also. But the powers that be and the extremely wealthy won't be resented by the masses in the exact same way. The entire epidemic will be framed as a modern day occurrence of the Bubonic plague, and how can people really blame TPTB and the wealthy for something like this happening?

Veronica said...

How come you people don't post the excellent articles on

I've heard that in the past there was a disagreement on the reality of peak oil. But I can't believe that you'd be so petty and unintelligent as to let that get in the way.

businessman said...

WHO estimates that 2 billion people worldwide will be infected by the H1N1 flu:

Click Here for the Article

wez said...

fed shenanigans clarified...

eyeballs said...

RE Pandemic

The current financial scam, of which bailouts, wars and drug trafficing are large components, pits a few very clever, highly empowered elitists against the mass of humanity. More than ever before, the masses are educated and informed enough to perceive the scam. More than ever before, the victory of the elite must be total, or end in bitter failure. More than ever, the ruthless pursuit of this war on Earth by the political/ecomomic elite threatens very near-term disaster for all life forms on the planet, including the Wall Street crowd itself. Therefore, the masses must be restrained from resisting, and given the present rising tide of resistance, we can expect much sterner measures.

I don't think they can pull it off, worldwide, with military alone. Perhaps the media hypnosis will suffice, as it has through better times. But perhaps these measures will not be enough. Think like a plutocrat: How could you keep five or six billion people docile and confused while you stole their farmland, their homes, their pensions, their public institutions and their future? I would say mass drugging would be in order.

What delivery system would efficiently get a disempowering substance to the majority of the world's people? I cannot believe in the chem-trails hypothesis, which states that THEM is deliberately spraying mind-altering aerosols over the entire surface of the Earth. It's just not cost effective.

You could put it in grain, or some common powdered recreational chemical, or coffee, but the treated batch would only affect thousands or millions.

Mandatory innoculation around the world pretty much answers the question. This does not mean that the H1N1 shot is such a disempowering chemical, but if mandatory innoculation can be established throughout the world, eventually, one shot or another could be "the one". I suppose yearly worldwide innoculation would not only enrich the drug companies but keep the people wazzed out on a regular basis.

Of course, innoculation could make people succeptible to another cause of death (such as hot weather or pollen or some common industrial chemical) and thus lead to depopulation. But neutron bombs are available for this purpose if THEM ever decides to get rid of the useless eaters. Forced innoculation is perfect for creating a docile population, though: if you can jab them with a sharp object on the basis of your authority, and inject them with an unknown substance, you have probably established a relationship from which control will be enhanced. But if that substance also weakens resistance in some psychoactive way, you would also buy some more time to ream the system.

Whether it's getting the mark of the Beast on your forehead or getting the mandatory jab in the arm, I recommend being somewhere else when the government comes calling. And any resistance we can give to others being subjected to this is well worthwhile.

If the population around us is buns-up to the oppressor, we are not going to change the economy, stop wars, relocalize the food system or accomplish any other valuable, systemic work. A no-brainer is resisting mandatory innoculation, even if it means chancing the flu.

Sebastian Ronin said...

Veronica, re "How come you people don't post the excellent articles on"

This point has been raised in the past. It is obviously an editorial call and, being such, is the prerogative of FTW. The link to Globalresearch has appeared before and, had anyone followed it, the site should now be in favourites. It could really be a moot point. Anyone in the loop to the degree of following this blog, contributing towards, and having read Rubicon is likely more than familiar with Chossudovsky's work.

Aside from the differences re Peak Oil which you state, personally I am of the opinion that Chossudovsky leans too far to a neo-Marxian slant than may be comfortable with a predominantly American readership. The same (Peak Oil inclusive) applies to the excellent work of F.W. Engdahl.

The issue you raise, IMO, is a smaller element of a greater whole. We all know that Peak Oil cyber-factions are positioned and continue to grow. Of the majors, The Oil Drum would seem to have the propellor heads, i.e. hard science oriented and we certainly need that, Savinar has the younger demographic, Kunstler crosses all lines, etc. Minor variations on these camps abound. Then we have a certain megaphone journalist who brings some very important stuff to the public's attention without the realization that the meta-condition for all he reports on is Peak Oil!

This leaves the FTW blog. I held great hope that it was to be, at the very least, a political cyber-cadre as was called for in the last pages of Rubicon. Every now and then it goes there, and then pulls back. Of course any cyber-cadre can never hope to accomplish politically what old-fashioned hitting the streets can do and does.

Lastly, re the cyber pissing contests of the various Peak Oil factions, we do ourselves a great disservice while doing our adversaries a great service: on our adversaries' behalf we keep ourselves divided and conquered. With friends like us, who needs enemies.

For anyone interested on the challenges and difficulties to be faced when bringing Peak Oil to the institutional political stage, you are welcome to keep track of my leadership bid of the Green Party of Nova Scotia.

My candidacy is getting framed as some kind of "Peak Oil-9/11 reinvestigation Anti-Christ." LOLOL Too fucking much! If the Peak Oil message does not resonate (which it is not doing) with Greens, then that should give one a rough idea of just where and how we sit.

Paul said...

Businessman/eyeballs re pandemic

and having drugged up and made subservient a large majority of the western world plus a smaller proportion of the third world with their vaccine - would it not be tempting to send around a different strain to wipe out those who did not have the vaccine.

That way they would take out those rebellious ones in the west who refused the vaccine (troublemakers!) and a large chunk of "useless eaters" in third world countries. Those who survive - that is, took the vaccine - would mainly be educated sheep.

It has been suggested (elsewhere) that the vaccine could compromise our immune system - this may be sufficient to make us subservient. A worker with a sick family is more likely to tow the line, and continue to work in the fields and less likely to go out onto the streets with their pitchforks.

Meanwhile, the news comes in thick and fast:

Diseased African Monkeys Used to Make Swine Flu Vaccines; Private Military Contractor Holds Key Patents


Aside from the outrageous cruelty taking place with all this ("incubating" the virus in the kidneys of living monkeys, for example), there's another disturbing fact that has surfaced in all this: The patent for this process is held not just by the National Institutes of Health, but by another private corporation known as DynCorp.


DynCorp, it turns out, is a one of the top private military contractors working for the U.S. government..... Dyncorp just happens to be paid big dollars by the U.S. government to patrol the U.S. / Mexico border, near where the H1N1 first swine flu virus was originally detected.


agape wins said...

businessman, Ricefarmer, Eyeballs, &
Sebastian Ronin; in my eyes are the
pillars of this blog (possibly the
MCR, & Jenna set things in motion, any
issues with/about them is a distraction,
We have to build on the positive we have.

Where RanD, and Agape fit in the mix is
up to YOU to decide, for each of you, to Value
It truly is Dependency, the PTB/BAD
Guys) insist on their control of
OUR Dependency/FATE!

businessman said...

I think it's definitely very relevant for us to talk about the H1N1 potential pandemic and vaccine. In my opinion, the pandemic, if it develops, will do so because of the vaccine.

There may be no better way to determine which people will live and which will die than being in control of which vaccinations will be administered to people in various parts of the world. While we may be told that all of the vaccinations will be the same, that most likely will not be the case.

businessman said...

Good analysis, eyeballs!

agape wins...Thanks for the kind words.

The truth is I learn much more from everyone in here than what I can contribute myself.

Sebastian Ronin said...

agape wins:

Thank you. I am having one of those days when the recurring thought “Am I nuts?” comes in and leaves with the regularity and softness of an evening breeze.

If anything, each in our own ways, we take turns standing on the shoulders of giants. Also, I believe, each in our own ways, we do what must be done in order to be prepared for what lies on the horizon, as we perceive that to be. It can range from getting in a garden, to stocking up on supplies, to scouting the purchase of rural properties, to creating dialogue with our neighbours, to taking a 2x4 across the public’s third eye via the medium of a disorganized and juvenile political party.

When the chips are down, as they tend to be more than they are up, we all hold one asset in common, one that cannot be taken from us nor denied us. It is what I regularly refer to as The Condition. It is simply a matter of having the patience to wait it out, to let the accusations of naysayers slide off our butts like water off a duck’s ass. With The Condition on our side how can we lose?

So then the question becomes, what victory, exactly, do we stand to gain? That again, is relative to each of our lives. If nothing else we gain the victory of being at peace inside our skins and living to fight another day. When all is said and done, the only real freedom, scraped clean of liberal and soft freedom pretenders, is the freedom of opportunity.

As written as the final statement in a paper that was written last year which I have often plugged via this blog (but will not plug to-day =:-D): “However one may understand a power greater than themselves, may God’s speed be with us all.”

Sebastian Ronin said...

Re H151, I've been busy...not been around much. I offer my apologies if the following has already been posted.

Journalist Files Charges against WHO and UN for Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder

For those who don't mind toying with the Facebook CIA tool (hell, PROMIS probably grabbed us all a long time ago anyway), just search accordingly and you'll find the group. Be it a gender misappropriation or not, what this woman is doing takes big, big balls!

Paul said...

I appreciate the need not to “scaremonger” about swine flu and vaccines. There is enough fear already about the different symptoms of collapse.

However, I think this is a valid topic for discussion and people need to be made aware of the events that are occurring. I shall continue to post what I think is important until Jenna says enough!

Swine flu itself does seem to be a mild disease. My daughter has had it (I believe). I have had it (I believe). In both cases it was unpleasant but no worse than a normal cold/flu. However, we are both relatively heathy people living in a relatively wealthy country (UK). People in third world countries may not fare so well. People from different ethnic backgrounds may not fare so well.

US government declares war on its people with the purchase of 312 million doses of the squalene adjuvant, a next generation bioweapon

Looks like in the US at least the intention is to vaccinate everybody. (I wish I knew what the UK’s plans were - they seem to be secret or very well hidden).

The only way they can produce so many vaccinations is to use a component called squalene - which effectively makes the vaccine go further (by a factor of six, apparently). The downside is squalene is bad for your health. Seriously bad for your health. And it is untested (unless you count the times they used it in the first Gulf War - where it was implicated in triggering Gulf War Syndrome). But please don’t worry, ‘cos the companies that produce it have been given protection against being sued if it does make you ill. Or you die...

So - sorry if this scares you - it scares the s*** out of me!

dmilam said...

Wall Street is the CIA; the CIA is Wall Street...

Anonymous said...


I have a short story regarding Chossudovsky's website. I'll precede my story with a brief explanaton:

It became clear to me quite some time ago (15-20 years) that one of the objectives of the globalist corporatists was to play both sides of the same coin in as many area's as possible when it came to influencing public opinion. Using WWI and WWII as an example, they used pre-meditated global warfare as a means to influence world populations into supporting a world governing body. There are many more examples, such as areas of social policy, environment, energy, etc where the same doctrines are applied, via media control and other effective tools that have been inmplemented over the couse of many decades.

When Chossudovsky opened up his website I became a frequent visitor very quickly. I don't agree with all of his conclusions (or those of several of his contributors) but I do find him to be a much better source for current events than I find in our controlled media. The item that most peaked my interest and my concern with Chossudovsky was his efforts with the Perdana Peace Conference.

In summary, Chossudovsky directed his efforts toward world peace towards a solution that would make war illegal and would grant military capability only to the UN. Considering that the UN is a creation of the corporatist globalists whom Chossudovsky claims to oppose, he revealed his agenda by publicing his goals for the UN. His role is to educate his audience on the evils of globalist players, and then promote a pre-planned solution that will place those same globalist players (who are behind the scenes and not covered in mainstream media) in charge. They are playing both sides of the coin - the empire on one side, and folks like Chossudovsky on the other.

So, with that in mind, here is what I did. I joined the Global Research discussion forum. I posted the history of the UN, beginning with it's founders. Posted the UN's Declaration of Human Rights and revealed how it confines all human rights within the scope of the wants and needs of the UN. I then went line by line through the Perdana Peace Initiatives published objectives and revelaed how they are aligned with the ultimate goals of the globalists for the UN.

So what was the result? After three days of my posts, Chossudovsky pulled down the discussion board, claiming that they were having technical difficulties. That was several years ago and it hasn't been back.

For what it's worth, I agree with him on Peak. That's another game where bith sides of the coin are played - for the sake of short term profit, long term justification of sustainable development (UN Agenda 21), and to justify a population reduction to go along with it.

All are very well known globalist goals, which are achieved via a handful of methods - including the swine flu. FYI, the US government was officially preparing for a swine flu epidemic back in 2006, back when CDC was digging up Spanish flu samples from graves in Alaska.

Jenna Orkin said...

M wrote:


"Journalist Files Charges against WHO and UN for Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder"

Good luck determining if this is true or just more disinformation distraction, although given the number of not-credible websites promoting this, it's probably a good idea to be skeptical of this one.

As for eyeballs question about what means is used to hypnotize billions, I think the answer is TELEVISION. Recommended is Jerry Mander's book "In the Absence of the Sacred" among other works. And it's summer - at least here in the northern hemisphere - go outside and revel in the natural world, which is ultimately more important than artificial structures.

Hotspringswizard said...

Rice Farmer, I tried a link within an article ( the cost of energy ) at your blogsite and it didn't work ( said it was broken ). The link was " net hubbert curve ", and you highly recommended reading the article. I tried the Oil Drum and that came up broken link too. Just wondering if you can tell me how to get to that article. Thanks for any help on this. The information at your site is great. Of course Jenna Orkin is doing a fine job with all the important links she post too :-)

Sebastian Ronin said...


Points taken. Thank you for the heads up. Researching the Perdana Peace Conference is now on my list of to-do's.

The globalist meta-structure and meta-intrigue is mind-boggling, is it not? What is even more mind-boggling is attempting to filter the latter through to the public consciousness, even if only fragments. I am adult enough to know that, for the most part, the latter effort is no-win, therefore the qualification of fragments. So we sit back, wait for all of the historical drivers currently in play to kick in, and then hopefully guide the mindless mob (as it historically always is) towards some semblance of new perceptions and new institutions. Or, as I told another commenter in here via personal email, Mounting the wild stallion of revolution. It will not be pretty.

Re Chossudovsky and who is playing whom, how does this then reflect on the writing of Rubicon and the information that was fed by him? One can only wonder.

It is a maze...a glass bead game. Step gingerly, carefully and wisely. Kurtzian wisdom is relevant: In a war there are many moments for compassion and tender action. There are many moments for ruthless action, what is often called ruthless, but may in many circumstances only be clarity, seeing clearly what there is to be done and doing it, directly, quickly, awake, looking at it.

Hotspringswizard said...

Never mind Rice Farmer, that link is working for me now. That " net energy " concept is a very important part of the overall energy decline equation that most people never even consider.

businessman said...

Wow!...There are some great posts from many people in this thread.

wez...Thanks for the link to that article on what's been causing the stock market to was very straightforward and informative.

eyeballs said...


"While we may be told that all of the vaccinations will be the same, that most likely will not be the case."

So true.

The concept that "The State" (globalist, state, federal or whatever) can forcibly change the bloodstream of anyone, any time, with an unknown substance supposedly necessary to counter an unknown threat, creates totalitarianism. The Total in totalitarianism means they can have all of you, down to your thoughts, down to your bloodstream, including your family. Most of what is called "totalitarianism" is really just absolutism, a government of a few with a vague monopoly on violence. The Catholic Church in the 14th century had totalitarian control of Western Europe: you couldn't even THINK the pope was wrong. Hitler had totalitarian control in 1940.

If a secretive government can innoculate this one with this, that one with that, are we really not better off skipping the injections, by whatever devious means it takes, and taking our chances in the hands of the Goddess?

Some say it's a mistake to have too strong an immune system - in 1918 it was strong immune systems that killed many young men. But these strategies will likely help: being healthy to begin with, treating the disease right away (rest, fluids, cold presses if necessary, aspirin to control super-fevers, and possibly stuff I don't know) keeping calm and retreating to safe, calm territory like home (instead of wandering around on the street or filling up a ghastly hospital) and I would add love, possibly prayer, and the will to live.

Might die anyway, but then, you will eventually. Live free, keep your bloodstream free. Help the others to be free.

Responding to Paul's valuable speculation that the rebels who did not take the meds would be wiped out by the flu, that might be a strategy they would use, but in fact, they're not in total control of the Life and Death thing with the flu itself. (Though possibly with the vaccine.) So far it's a non-performer. If they can buff it up a bit and make it more deadly, there would still be survivors.

Ran Prieur has written an excellent little novella which touches on standing up to a pandemic. It's free online and takes only a couple hours to read - and WELL worth it. Apocalypsopolis

businessman said...

eyeballs...or to anyone else who also may know the answer...

Since you brought up the history of the Church's dominance years ago...What was it that eventually wrested this dominance away from the Church and put it into the hands of the nation-states?

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, take a break from all this doom and gloom and watch a spectacular Alaska nature film featuring glacial calving, ice bergs, humpback whales, orcas, bears, and more: