Wednesday, September 24, 2008

You Are Here: Exposing the Vital Link Between What We Do and What That Does To Our Planet
By the excellent L.A. Times journalist Tom Kostigen


Anonymous said...

U.S. gasoline inventories lowest since 1967

businessman said...

Where would the stock market be without these bailouts and all of the news designed to still make everyone feel OK about what's going on? I have to believe that the market would crash...which makes me think it still will at sometime in the future.

Yesterday Warren Buffet announced that his Berkshire Hathaway company is investing $5 Billion in Goldman Sachs. And today Congress reached an agreement in principle to move forward with the $700 Billion bailout. But how long can we just keep putting band aids and smiley faces on an economic cancer and still have people buy it?

Here's an article I read that does a good job of showing us what we're now facing with credit derivatives. Take a look at the bar chart and you'll see how credit derivatives totally dwarf what we dealt with in the subprime derivative arena, and how credit derivatives are actually bigger than the entire global economy:

Rice Farmer said...

Why Sarah Palin? She's just a jerkwater local politico who knows nothing about running a country, nothing about foreign affairs. So ignorant she needs crash tutoring courses (and note some of the people she's meeting, like Kissinger and Uribe). It occurs to me that she's destined to be the smiling face of friendly fascism. She'll take Dubya's place as America's beloved "aw shucks" village idiot, and the neocons' political sock puppet. Something will probably happen to McCain a few months after taking office (old war wounds acting up, etc.). Certainly Palin was not chosen for her talent, knowledge, experience, or any of the other criteria you'd normally examine.

kiki said...

with what i see happening in the capitol, i question whether there will be an election this year or whether a state of emergency will be declared and the election suspended indefinitely ergo we will have an emporer