Saturday, September 06, 2008

Georgia Update (MCR); Palin, Perfect Patsy (JO)

GEORGIA UPDATE -- Saturday September 6, 2008 -- 6 PM PDT

Michael C. Ruppert

As the linked story reveals, someone has pushed the Stupid Button on both sides. I have had a concern since Day One that this might be match point play. If so, then both sides are going (pardon the mixed metaphor) "all in". These are the baby steps of escalation. Once the trickle starts, the dam will have to burst quickly because each delay in response will signal weakness. I am not ready to say that this is it yet, but I have thought that this might be the answer to Peak Oil that we all wanted least.

Be concerned. I do not see a collusion between elites here. I see elites at war.

As Jamey Hecht or Sophocles might say, "The Gods fight themselves." The only good news if that if that be true is; then they can't be Gods. God does not fight Itself.

Palin, Perfect Patsy

Jenna Orkin

In an era when what counts above all is selling toothpaste, Sarah Palin has it all: Looks (the Barracuda even has toothpaste-selling teeth); the Reaganesque savvy to disarm her critics with self-effacing humor ("What's the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull? Lipstick;") and to top it off, Wonder Woman prowess at hunting and skinning a moose. We know-it-all East Coast city slickers are impressed in spite of ourselves. Even the Peak Oilists have to admit that, however perversely, she has some of what it takes to make it through the hard times, at least on a personal level.

What makes the package even better for the Repubs is that the Powers That Be, operating, as always, on a need-to-know basis, will keep her pumped with disinformation so that she'll continue to preach the party line: Drill, Baby, Drill! Nukes! "Clean" Coal! Then, as an afterthought, wind/solar/geothermal and whatever other renewables you want to throw into the kit, what the hell.

Americans, who every day become more incapable of analysis any deeper than tabloid level, respond to her poignant yet sitcom family dilemmas, her spunky ability to bounce back and what's more, to project her own problems onto a national scale, promising, for instance, that other famililes with special needs children will have a voice in the White House (one of the few real issues she addressed in her acceptance speech.)

In sum, What a great package! And the fact that there's nothing inside - that can do us any good, anyway - makes her all the more perfect as a choice for running mate. Her ignorance of the true facts behind our energy crisis only makes her a more effective proponent for economic growth which is the original cancer of our mortally ill civilization. If you want to convey the impression that your solutions to various impending crises are innocent of environmental or social havoc, there's nothing like sending out a messenger who genuinely doesn't know any better.

Like W, she's being bought with power. After all, look where her zealous promotion of the party platform has gotten her so far. And like W, she's being set up to take the eventual and fatal fall. That the rest of us will fall with her is just part of the Darwinian scheme of things.

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Chris XVX said...

The WeatherWars site is a great find. This guy Scott Stephens doesn't believe in man-made global warming at least not the way it's presented to us.

Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting take on the selection of Palin from someone who fled a different theocracy. Basically, as a pro-war mom, she's the antithesis of Cindy Sheehan: an encouragement for U.S. mothers to sacrifice their offspring for their government and empire.

trevbus said...

My first-read impression of is that it is a useful clearing-house for unusual weather observations which may help us to determine the extent (or existence) of weather warfare.

However having studied physics as part of my engineering degree, I can say that Scott Stevens' saying "heat is drawn into 3d-space from the time domain" comes across as meaningless technobabble.

I do support the idea that weather and seismic activity is naturally electrically driven, see

The mainstream suppression/ignorance of this would hypothetically be important in keeping weather warfare covert.

businessman said...

While the neocons of the current administration are nearing the end of their term, they still have the ability to influence the upcoming election and get John McCain elected. Any increase in tensions or threat of war between the USA and Russia, or between the USA and any other country that might be considered a threat to the USA, will definitely help John McCain on election day.

Ivan said...

Re: Georgia Russia counterpoints via drug route(as pointed out by Matt Savinar).

KimB said...

However, it seems Europe knows on which side their bread (or energy), is buttered . . .

All major wars to date have been fought against a backdrop of sufficient oil & gas, but this time I think the Planet herself is conspiring against elite ambitions. Let's face it, armies and equipment (however sophisticated), don't run on thin air - or on "Allies" who desperately need the energy resources of the "Enemy."

petroleum is abiogenic said...

That CO2 to cement idea is pretty clever. Sounds like a good investment in that company (if they hold the patents).

businessman John McCain will definitely not be elected. Brzeznski's assets in the McCain camp will see to it just as Brzezinski asset Mark Penn sabotaged Hillary Clinton's campaign.

About the man made global warming scam/manipulation this site by a respected climate scientist may be of interest

Here is an article about the promising near future of the hydrogen economy/infrastructure.

Maybe hydrogen can be extracted from natural gas in which case how much natural gas would the world need to replace all oil use?
Or maybe a better option besides using solar or wind to split hydrogen from water is to use nuclear power plants to split hydrogen from water.

businessman said...

Recently I've been seeing these commercials by T. Boone Pickens mentioning his energy plan. And here's what his Web site says about energy generated by wind and natural gas right here in the United States:

"We currently use natural gas to produce 22% of our electricity. Harnessing the power of wind to generate electricity will give us the flexibility to shift natural gas away from electricity generation and put it to use as a transportation fuel — reducing our dependence on foreign oil by more than one-third."

It's my understanding that along with Peak Oil we're running the risk of depleting our natural gas resources also. So I have to conclude that what he's proposing here certainly isn't any kind of realistic short or long term solution to the energy problem...and that it's just a lot of hot air. Does anyone else have any comments on this?

karlof1 said...

Businessman--I suggest you read this item as it concerns the amount of NG being extracted. You will then be able to form a better opinion about the efficacy of using CNG as a transport fuel.