Monday, September 29, 2008


Sept. 29, 2008

by Michael C. Ruppert

For years I have told you exactly what was going to happen and it has. Today's economic meltdown, with the Dow dropping 777 points and $1.2 trillion in equity lost is no exception. In our second FTW Economic Alert back in 2002 I predicted a market crash that saw $1 trillion in shareholder equity lost in the following three months. -- $1.2 trillion was destroyed just today. That and much more.

In FTW's fourth and last Economic Alert( just 11 days before our offices were burglarized on June 25, 2006-- I specifically warned that this day (metaphorically speaking) would come. What prompted that alert was an unprecedented move by President George W. Bush to give the National Director of Intelligence, John Negroponte, the authority to exempt "certain" Wall Street firms and banking giants from reporting their financial records to the Securities and Exchange Commission. It was this move which permitted everything that has happened over the last month. That move allowed smaller banks and investors to continue buying pigs (without lipstick) in a poke while average Americans were led to believe that everything was OK. If you don't believe me, go read the Economic Alert for yourself. It's all right there -- everything.

And if you had followed every piece of advice I gave in that warning-- two years ago -- today's events would have made you money. They would have strengthened your family. They would have made you immune to the panic that today touched American public consciousness.

Gold is likely to explode in price in short order. $2,000 an ounce is possible within six months.

Since 2003 I have told my readers that the destruction of the U.S.economy was planned, essential and a foregone conclusion. It has to do with Peak Oil. There is no economy without energy. The world is running out of oil faster than almost anyone had predicted. Even previously optimistic opponents of Peak Oil have acknowledged that global decline is now between 5.8% and 9% per year. That means that if the world produces 85 million barrels per day this year, it will possibly produce less than 80 Mbpd next year. Demand destruction is conserving a resource for which there is no replacement and this is what has always been intended. An $8 drop in price today has done nothing to reignite demand. The United States, with 5% of the world's population using a quarter of the world's oil, was/is the ONLY point of demand destruction available that will save human industrialized civilization. I have said that consistently for many years. I told you that the real Powers That Be had gotten or would get their money out and safe before they crashed everything. They did... It was your money. It was our money.

Those who read FTW for years know that time after time, and year after year my predictions have been proven correct. The United States economy is being deliberately destroyed. The fact that it was Republican House members who blocked the bailout today confirms that they are helping the Bush Administration complete its last mission before leaving office: the complete destruction of the American economy and the financial crippling of the American people. I believe the intent is, and has been, to leave a newcomer African-American president with an economy on life support which will expire early in his watch. Every Obama campaign ad that now promises to "turn the economy around" only tightens the noose around his neck. The subconscious "Jerome Corsi" message is, "Blame the blacks" next year when you get it that the Great Depression was a picnic compared to what is coming.

This is now the fast crash scenario. It is further complicated by two things.

First; today's failure coincidentally occurred at the beginning of Rash Hashana. I am not suggesting that Jewish members of congress had any part of this. It would not be, however, the first time that great crimes have been committed and subsequently blamed on Jews. The subconscious "Jerome Corsi" message is "Blame the Jews". Congress will now not reconvene until Thursday, October 7. Seeing the meltdown and collapse of the U.S. financial system, and the failure of the U.S. government, a two-day congressional stand down will give other nations time to realign and adjust their finances before it is possible to see another House vote. In my opinion foreign economies will been energetically disengaging from the U.S. economy and the dollar in tranches as big as possible without totally destroying the value of their holdings. During that time, with the markets open, giants like Citigroup (not the only one) will be exposed. They have been counting on the bailout. Citigroup may survive but others will not. The ones who do survive will ultimately be corporations that have been in on this plan. Goldman Sachs will most certainly survive. Berkshire Hathaway will undoubtedly survive.

Just a few days ago China ordered its banks to stop lending to U.S. banks.

Second; Venezuela, North Korea, Russia, rebels in Nigeria, and pirates off Somalia are becoming increasingly more aggressive. They do this not with the intent of physically attacking the United States itself, but with breaking its credibility and economic back. The U.S. has been humiliated in Georgia and North Korea is firing up its nuclear plants again. I have predicted this for years also and it is totally understandable given the belligerent, hostile and bullying foreign policy of the United States over the last eight years. I predict tha ton the geopolitical scene we are going to see (or not) some very serious realignments beginning over the next two weeks. They will be irreversible. The world is fragmenting along purely geographical lines. Yes, I predicted that too.


But it doesn't matter. I have broken an unspoken deal with the government to remain retired and not speak out. The legal harassments against me continue and I have just now crossed my own Rubicon. I am now preparing for physical attacks in the hopes that they do no toccur. You who know how right I have been can help protect me by speaking my name in public, by writing to media outlets, to Congress and telling them about "Crossing the Rubicon" and our incredible record at FTW.

Given that we predicted all of this, is it not reasonable to expect that someone might look to us and our work forsolutions? Isn't it reasonable to point others to the map we made? Isn't that the right thing to do? Given that everything I have predicted is coming true; given that we are witnessing the planned destruction of the U.S. economy; given that it was Republican members of congress who delayed the bailout it still so impossible to believe that Dick Cheney orchestrated and executed 9-11? They have almost handed off the carcass and evidence to a doomed Obama presidency. Oh yes, he'll win in a landslide... while the Bushes and their "base" will be laughing all the way to the bank. Please help protect me. Speak my name. Please help others. Point them to "Rubicon" and the FTW archives and teach them the map so they canfind their own paths through this.

It is a good day to die.

Michael C. Ruppert

"Fascism ought more properly be called corporatism because it is theperfect merger of power between the corporation and the state." --Benito Mussolini

Here is another piece of anecdotal evidence that the US government has no money, and the crash is here.

Medical professionals across the country have always had difficulty getting paid by Medicare for their services. Medicare is famous for creatively denying medical claims.

This year, Medicare has pulled a new one. Claiming that they are updating their computer systems (which they are---they are trying to electronically centralize medical information from across the country), they have forced medical practices to "re-register". Pending the processing of these new registrations, Medicare has frozen all payments. Medicare has offered no promises on how long "processing" takes.

Some practices have received NO PAYMENTS for almost one year, and 1. have not heard back from Medicare 2. have had their applications denied for no reason, or returned to them for new rounds of "processing", or 3. Medicare has "lost" the paperwork altogether.

Larry Chin (from Online Journal)


Mikael said...

Like with CHE ...

It will do them more harm than good

to take you out now ..

Remember that ..

And to Bush and Cheiney ...

Your time will come to ..


Andrea Muhhrteyn said...


I know I'm nowhere near you, but my thoughts are with you; and I shall continue to keep your words out there, as I can.

Also, if you were to arrive on my doorstep, accommodation wouldn't be anything close to the Ritz, but you would be welcome, and there is plenty additional space for gardening, more than we do already, plus I'm sure my worms would appreciate some male conversation! (sorry, macabre humour is probably not appropriate right now, but you of all people would understand).

Don't imagine that is in your plans, to get up and leave again; but options are always a good thing.

Huge hug,

Your buddy Lara, as always.

Felix said...

Take care of yourself, Mike, and be well!

agape wins said...

My thanks to RiceFarmer, Pandabonium, & Mike!
Save what you can, Gold has always been for the Money you can do
without tomorrow, if you have documents/Assets in a Bank unSafe Box, move it now, when the Savings & Loans went under, people were locked out for over 3 months, it required a court order to recover important Documents, your Stock broker is no better!
Shock Doctrine says exactly what
Mike has said in different words,
if used with Crossing The Rubican,
it's saying-"Mike Told You so"!

The word Amae is a side distraction, forget the negative!!
It's the "Emotion of(Shared) feeling", Folk stories from around
the World speak of a higher form of
Empathy, which overcomes selfish-
ness for the betterment of someone
else, or the group! Mike has
been doing this for years, he is still alive, some others have been
removed, While most of us are AFRAID to put our pride (not even
our Health), on the line!!
Will this attitude get us through
this undeclared War, which we are
Yes Jews, & many others have used
Gold as a means of escape, others
starved while hording something
they could not eat. Thousands
or Jews who survived are still
fighting to recover their assets
held in German, Austrian, & Swiss
It's past the time to run, find
those who will suffer for you,AND
SUFFER for them; or you both loose.
Love those who share!!

Nothing has been added to what I said in my post about Amae, thanks,
& please read it again. Agape.

Rice Farmer said...

Well, that's an interesting scenario about Obama being left holding the bag. Certainly, one wonders why the Republicans would have chosen two cripples for its ticket. But I still think there's a possibility that Palin is destined to be the pretty face plastered over Amerika's crumbling facade. Imagine her smilingly announcing the imposition of martial law, curfews, rationing, roundups, activation of detention centers, and corvee labor squads.

F.Kamilov said...

Don't worry Michael, whatever happens you can rest assured that now, when the curtain has begun to fall - you have done all you were meant to, and stand fully vindicated and honoured. Soldiers who do battle fall, and they go to battle prepared for it. I can see that you have your chin up. Keep it like that as long as your last breath permits.

Anonymous said...

The window of opportunity to redesign our institutions to be motivated by sustainability, rather than profit, will follow the collapse of the U.S. economic system. If the elite manage to reanimate the system by merging the U.S. economies and currency with those of Canada and Mexico, it will be too late.

The Hopi Indians have guarded a way of living in peace and harmony with the Earth for centuries. At a place the Hopi call prophecy rock, a pictograph describes the two paths humans may choose at this tie in history. The lower path is symbolized by a farmer who lives a long and happy life -- as Thomas Banyacya stated in his 1992 address to the UN: "Through a direct relationship with the Earth, self-reliance becomes the basis for health, peace, justice and freedom." The upper path of technology and greed leads to self-destruction.

The Native Americans lived in harmony with Mother Earth for centuries, taking only what resources they needed, and living with the environment rather than dominating it. It's time to take a second look at what their cultures have to teach the world today.

Thank you Mike, Jenna, and all of you who've worked at FTW so hard for so long. Know your efforts are not in vain.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
I own gold and gold stocks and gold stocks took a pounding yesterday...what do you see in the future for mining shares?

sambahdi said...


I wonder, is what we're seeing here the first steps repeated when soviet russia collapsed followed by the 'looting' of it's economy.

Hmm...Wonder where this 700 Billion is really going to end up?

And they're doing it to there own people.

This is true horror.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

FTW Website taught me so much, I bought numerous copies of "Rubicon" and sent them to our British Parliament,I was sad to see FTW close and miss your insight,after learning so much from you and others in your space I sought out key individuals and debated the issue directly with them , they include your own Mr Big Jeb Bush, Prince Charles, numerous politicians such as William Hague (British shadow foreign Secretary) next week I will meet for lunch with David Cameron our next Prime Minister , my frustration is that whilst I have warned everyone I know for years about what is coming they refused to listen , until Lehman went bust and TSHTF, now they are all oozing compliments but it is too late for them to do anything, I have spent the last four years becoming totally self sufficient and storing Gold and Silver , I have a remote property with copious amounts of diesel stored in bunkers , all my friends thought me stark staring mad ..... well I only did it for my kids and you pointed the way.... let's see what transpires , God Bless and God please destroy fractional reserve banking ASAP.

Corwin said...

I will do my best MCR, im just a little guy, but getting the word out anyways. My family is finally listening to me. Hang in there my friend. I thank God for you.

(Your words remind me of my great grand father, thank you)

My family has a farm here in the North West, if things go further south, I welcome others to our home. Just let me know.

robmac58 said...

Hello Mike, I was a subscriber to FTW for some years. I read carefully and applied what I learned. Today, I am solvent and set to survive as well as possible into the near future. My "map" is proving to be true. Here's an example. I sold my home in 2005 for $429,000. In April of this year, that house became a foreclosure casualty. It's been on the market for 5 Months listed at $214,900. The real estate market here has been destroyed. If I still owned this house today, I'd be upside down by a significant number. If I was not a FTW reader, I would likely be in that unfortunate position today. I know that the work of Mr. Michael Ruppert has been a substantial benefit to many folks. I am one. Thank You Mike!

D! said...


I would say that the best plan is to STAY VISIBLE, be outgoing, meet new me, come over for lunch or something sometime. If you read any of my previous posts it's pretty obvious my intentions are only to help.

Much Love,


D! said...

Has anyone actually read the Bailout proposal? In short, the Secretary of the Treasury picks where that $700,000,000,000 should go...and no one can say a damn thing about it. It is cannot be reviewed by any court of law. Pretty sweet deal, if you're the treasury secretary's friend.

Pandabonium said...

Agape Wins - my apologies for getting side tracked on a word rather than focusing on ideas.

I agree with the thought you were expressing in that comment with regard to the importance of relationships.

I still disagree regarding being afraid to own something because someone may take it from you some day. Gold is not a substitute for food or community. It is a tool and can be a store of value for the future. There is no guarantee that it will no be taken, but there is no guarantee that you will not also lose your food, friends, or own life. This too the Buddha knew - all things are impermanent. But we can plan ahead on how we will deal with contingencies. A seat belt may not save your life in a car wreck, but I'd be a fool not to wear one.

Of course, one must monitor the situation as it exists in the place and time you find yourself.

I removed myself from the USA four years ago, which I considered more important than buying "things" or building "community" there. Not saying everyone should flee as I did, nor that I have found some Shangri-la. Just saying we all need to think about what we are doing and act according to our inner compass.


Pandabonium said...

Flashback - interesting article about Henry Paulson from Business Week in June 2006 (when he was chosen to be Sec of Treas):

"Mr. Risk Goes To Washington
Hank Paulson's profound understanding of risk and reward makes him the perfect pick for the Treasury"

quote - "Think of Paulson as Mr. Risk"

Anonymous said...

It is difficult to summarize my feelings after having read Mike's latest eloquent words. The most powerful of which is likely a deep, meaningful thank you to him for how much he has given to me and to us.

I know this is probably a forgone conclusion, Mike, but if you ever need to flee, you can always stay in my home for as long as needed. Portland, while not sustainable like every other major U.S. city, is at least home to one of the most energized, consciously rooted public citizenry's of any large scale city I've ever lived.

But, in any case, I really hope that you do remain safe whatever your choice may be. If you're able to continue reporting back to us, in even the smallest of ways, my world will be a better one for it.

I was still in college when I learned about FTW (2001) and it, more than any other single source (to my knowledge), gave me the tools and awareness to help make sense out of the geopolitical map post-9/11, that seemed so confusing.

In times of being shunned, doubted and made to look like a nut by others because of believing what FTW researched and reported on exclusively, I feel vindicated knowing the map was and still is an accurate one. No words can possibly express my gratitude toward that end.

Perhaps, more than anything else, FTW and all its contributing staff and writers, made me value--at a core level--how much more interesting it is to be open and inquisitive about our world--without blinders on--then it is to exist with them (as so many do).

I say to you, Mike, I truly hope you remain safe in these times. You are a brother and a most unique ally (and asset) in a deeply troubled world.


Iroquois Pliskin said...

"It is a good day to die."

You're not dead yet. And if you wanna stay that way, you may want to consider going completely public again. Lectures, TV appearances, everything and anything to make sure people know you exist.

The worst thing you can do is stay "underground". For talking about his role in the Iran/Contra scandal (something you're all too familiar with), "they" killed Chip Tatum. I say "they", because noone really know who "they" are. Given his involvement though, it was most likely CIA. Point is, his body was found beaten severely, on a beach in panama in '07. They waited until he was out of the public spotlight, until long after everyone had forgotten about him, and they came for him, and they took him out.

If you're seriously worried about being "disappeared" or "neutralized", get public, and soon. Make sure there's always just enough attention focused on you to where if you suddenly disappeared, it would be noticed, and scrutinized. I'd say don't trust anyone, but sometimes, you hafta trust....i guess just be very careful about who you trust.

"You can do it, we can help" :D

Welcome back to the game,'ve been missed.

fozziebear said...

Why do you only publish comments which you approve of?



agape wins said...

this is a request for Blogger response, I am pasteing Fozziebear's
post to the latest.
Peak Oil's Blog has been around for
years, every Blog has the right to
control "content", for obvious reasons; I have seen distracting, &
even Mean postings on other Blogs.
I have seen negative postings here in the past. Fozziebear just started posting this month, possibly with some non constructive posts in the opinion of Mike.
There are other sites where someone
can post their slant on World affairs, & their opinions!
Can you post something which will
shorten, or improve the Mess we
are in, if not YOU are part of the
Problem, in MY opinion??

Blogger fozziebear said...

Why do you only publish comments which you approve of?



3:20 PM

whistlingGrizzlyBear said...

Rice Farmer said, "But I still think there's a possibility that Palin is destined to be the pretty face plastered over Amerika's crumbling facade. Imagine her smilingly announcing the imposition of martial law, curfews, rationing, roundups, activation of detention centers, and corvee labor squads."

It's exactly that spectre which leads me to consider not voting for Cynthia McKinney.

I'm aware that Obama is hooked up with BrZezinski and it kissing major butt to get into the White House. But I have a feeling that he may be exactly what Rush Limbaugh is ranting about, a stealth liberal, but also a person with the smarts to understand Peak Oil.

I have been re-assured by a fairly well-informed neighbor that there's 'no way' McCain can take California, so I can give Cynthia McKinney my vote as a sign or appreciation for her own truth-telling. He has put this in the context of the polling, pointing out that Obama is wildly popular among young people, who mostly have cell phones, so their votes are not counted by polls.