Thursday, September 11, 2008

What was it I said about the markets being rigged here? The following story is just enormous. Hurricanes Gustav and Ike are out-leveraging the Bush administration. It will be impossible to cover the "shorts" that are out there. Oil prices are manipulated and Ike is most likely gong to bust them apart farther than TPTB can handle. They're not that liquid in my opinion. This story leads right to the heart of what's going on. It's not that the the bribery is occurring. We knew that. It's that it's being reported.

"It may not be profitable to slow decline." -- Quote from Dutch Economist Martin Van Mouren; [Paris - ASPO 2003].

[CORRECTION to last post -- It's not Minerals and Mining Service.It's Minerals Management Service of the Department of Interior -- MMS]

Keep watching the blog. There's a lot of heavy stuff going on. I will be commenting. There's nothing to lose."And it's One, Two, Three..."


Ike has made a hard right, directly to the heart of oil and gas infrastructure. LOOP is there. The Lousiana Offshore Oil Port. It is the ONLY place where large supertankers from the Mideast, Venezuelaand Africa can offload.

I ask again, "So why are oil prices falling?" This is just plain obvious market manipulation. According to the Minerals and Mining Service, 77% of Oil and gas in the Gulf is now shut it. This price manipulation is way out of hand. Like someone once said, "Those who win in a rigged game get stupid." The press mentions that the Gulf holds 25% of US oil and gas production. What they don't mention is that the Gulf is 40% of America's energy when LOOP is accounted for. The shorts are getting so far "out of the money" that it might just break someone's bank.

Did the Russians ever master weather control? Weather manipulation? Georgia is having massive repercussions throughout the world. There is blood in the water.



businessman said...

Having read Mike Ruppert's work for years, watched his DVDs, and listened to his audio CDs, he's been a proponent of buying and holding one's assets in gold to best deal with all of the things that are now coming our way in the world. We've seen gold go up in value incredibly in recent years, but since the Spring it's dropped about 25% in value. This despite most underlying indicators pointing to more reasons why gold should still be going up in value.

Here's an article showing how major U.S. banks have been manipulating the price of gold and silver downward in recent months:

Chris XVX said...

As always thanks Mike for the continued analysis. Hopefully you'll expand on weather manipulation in the near future...

Good post businessman. I have been sweating it lately, contemplating selling while still ahead but I'm gonna ride it out. Mike's been on point all these years, can't second guess him now...

Matt Hylland said...

I just went to my local gas station here in NC and there was a 10 gal limit!

Pretty scary

karlof1 said...

Well, with events in Bolivia that have caused the US Ambassador's ejection to the newest coup attempt against Chavez, and also his expulsion of the US Ambassador, I would expect gold and other commodities to rise again, regardless Chomsky's thoughts on a new Cold War.

trevbus said...

Chavez expels US ambassador; Gas pipeline explosion in Bolivia

Rice Farmer said...

Much ink and spit have been expended in expressing the fear of what would happen if the McCain/Palin ticket "wins" the election. McCain, whose hot head rivals that of Bolton, would supposedly have an itchy nuclear trigger finger, and Palin has just notified Americans that they must be ready to duke it out with the Russians. Of course, it's enough to scare the bejesus out of any sane person. But if McCain and Palin win (and if they win it is because they were meant to win), having hothead warmongers standing in the pilothouse of the Ship of State is exactly what their wire-pullers want. If controlling hydrocarbon resources appears to require nukes, these are the people who will push the button and take the responsibility for it.

Note that just the other day, the Brazilians made a big show of military force around their newfound oil fields. If that isn't a clear message, I don't know what is.

Unfortunately, I think it is only a matter of time until force is the only way to get and keep energy resources.

Tyler Havlin said...

Low fuel supply in the South