Monday, January 29, 2007

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Rice Farmer said...

"Private U.S. mercenaries in Iraq work outside normal constraints"

Rice Farmer said...

"Shell defies US pressure and signs £5bn Iranian gas deal",,329700021-108725,00.html

Rice Farmer said...

I assume this means the website has found a new host. I tried a bunch of links at random and found no broken ones. What impressed me once again is what a valuable resource this site is.

Rice Farmer said...

Here's an interesting item from today's Japanese media. According to government figures released yesterday (Jan 31), sales of gasoline, kerosene, fuel oil, and others experienced their first decline in 32 years. According to a Nikkei article, oil companies say the decline came faster than expected, and now it appears they have excess refining capacity. Gasoline fell 1.1%, diesel 1.7%, and kerosene 11.2%. Transport fuel declines are attributed to high prices, while kerosene is mostly because of the warm winter.

Rice Farmer said...

Intelligence Daily is back up (sort of), and they are running a Xinhua article saying that Indonesia had 1.2 billion bbl of oil discoveries last year. But the figures for projected oil production given in the article mean that these discoveries will barely raise Indonesia's output. Moral of the story: don't get excited.

gaelicgirl said...

Thanks for the info on Intel Dailey. What happened to them?

Rice Farmer said...

I got the impression that Intel Daily was hacked.

Rice Farmer said...

More news on Japanese auto sales. The Japan Automobile Dealers Association reports that January 2007 sales of automobiles (excluding "kei" cars) were a whopping 10.3% down from sales in January 2006. On the other hand, the Japan Mini Vehicles Association reported that sales of kei cars were up 2.4%, reaching the highest level ever. Sales of small passenger cars fell 18.2%, so it appears that kei cars are getting many of their new users from former small passenger car owners. Reasons for the shift are, predictably, lower maintenance and fuel costs.

Rice Farmer said...

"Mexicans stage tortilla protest"

Pandabonium said...

Rice Farmer - yep, the Mexicans are getting hit right in the ol' tortilla by bio-fuels driving (pun intended) up the cost of corn.

As for car sales in the USofA, the big three continued to get hammered with Ford reporting a staggering 12.7 Billion dollar loss for 2006 and January sales down 19%. GM ("we need more dHummers") sales down 16.6%, and Daimler Chrysler was up a wimpy 3.2%.

Toyota on the other hand saw a 13.1% increase.

Rice Farmer said...

"Simmons says global oil supply has peaked"

Also made a big splash over at The Oil Drum:

Rice Farmer said...

"China's new 'win-win' strategy in Africa"

Rice Farmer said...

"Japan, Australia eye action plan over North Korea"

And, not so coincidentally, guess who will be visiting Japan and Australia this month?

"Cheney to Visit Japan, Australia"

Cornsilk said...

This is an observation from reading Mike's recent post at the site.

Even though life has dealt Mike a blow, he's still very strong, stronger than he knows. That strength comes from his having confronted Truth and taken the only path possible. Truth is fortifying in a way that nothing else is.

Mike regrets not being invincible. What he needs to be reminded of is that taking a blow from behind and doubling over isn't a flaw. It's a God-given survival instinct.

Of course Mike is sick, and tired and depressed and a bit desperate. That's life, and life is a patch job. Mike will patch up his life, given the time he needs. And he should take that time. History is on his side.

Mike, go with the flow. If you made decisions that you wish you could make over, welcome to the real world. If you feel gullible and foolish, welcome to the real world. It's the work, Mike...always the work. And your work is sound.

Take all the time you need. Healing will come, the bills will be paid, the grieving will evolve into something else. When you're sick, it's just hard to see that.

The truth is, your work has changed people's lives. What more can a man ask for in this life?

Rest well. Get stronger. Be patient.

All the best.

A peon said...

I was just on the FTW sites search engine,and I wanted to let you know I'm no longer getting a link to the "Global Warming in Capsul Form" you guys published from what I think was a Gristmill story if memory serves.

FTW admin said...

cornsilk -

i just read mike your beautiful comment which is the first after the posting of his two new articles. we are both extremely moved by it.

mike says 'thank him for me, will you? thank him for me a lot.'

thank you cornsilk, and thanks also to all the other readers who've sent mike comments via the blog over the last several months.

FlemmingLeer said...

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