Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Global Warming/Ice Shelf/Island; Russia/Oil; UAE/Euros; Laughter/Disease; Declassification/Documents; Berger/Clinton

Global Warming Claims its First Inhabited Island

Ice Shelf Size of 11,000 Football Fields Breaks Off in Arctic Circle

$20Bn Gas Project Seized by Russia

State-Owned Pipelines in Russia

UAE Converts 8% Forex Holdings from Dollars to Euros

Beneficent Effect of Laughter on Disease

Declassification of Documents at 25

Berger Hid Clinton Documents Under Trailer


illyia said...


I cannot afford to buy 4000 books in bulk - however, I consider "Crossing the Rubicon" to be THE definitive book on 9-11. I would like to get several copies as back-up for future hand-outs, etc. When the final disposition of those copies is made could you please post a notice and I will buy some?

My very best to Mike and all of you who made From the Wilderness such a resource for so many of us over the years. I wish I could have done more to help out - but was struggling, myself. Artists are like that.

Thanks for keeping the flame alive.

Lawrence said...

Global warming summary:

A very interesting summary at

This goes along with the book recommended by FTW regarding Climate Crash, and the fact that "tipping points" are beginning to exert their influence. I reside in Vermnt and we are really not seeing Winter here so far this year.


gaelicgirl said...

Another sign--and side-effect--of Peak Oil:


Rice Farmer said...

Doug Bandow
argues that Japan should rearm big-time so it can take on China for the US.

The Empire delegates its "constabulary duties."

Rice Farmer said...

Today's newspaper had an unusually frank assessment of the outlook for the US as a superpower. I say unusually frank because mainstream Japanese media news on international topics, and even some domestic topics, is by and large US/Japan government propaganda. The article asked what would happen to the US in the near future. Will it still be the world's superpower in 2020, or will it be eclipsed by China and India? There was mention of energy supplies and the dollar's woes. No mention of peak oil, though. I see the article as a crack in the pro-American facade that covers Japan.

The average Japanese knows little or nothing about the real America, and thinking is governed by relentless pro-America government/media messages constantly beamed at the public. This is part of the usual "news" fare along with sickeningly sweet articles on the imperial family, and demonization articles about North Korea.

Rice Farmer said...

China slakes oil thirst: Kazakhstan to sell field for nearly $2 billion


Anonymous said...

Somewhat off topic - I've posted my first attempt at a video on youtube. It's short but to the point that there are 9/11 questions to be aswered.

Check it out and send it around/post it on a website or whatever.


Rice Farmer said...

Bad news for nuclear power


Rice Farmer said...

World May Be Facing Highest Grain Prices in History (because of the ethanol craze)


Rice Farmer said...

Demonization of Iran in Japanese press: Today's paper has a large article with the sinister title, "Iran's shadow covers the Middle East." Basically it regurgitates the US government position. I have yet to see articles with titles like "Bush thumbs nose at international law" or "US tortures innocent victims."

Rice Farmer said...

"EU Commission to Present Energy Plan"


Rice Farmer said...

"Paper: 'Blood and oil; How the West the will make a killing on Iraqi oil riches'"