Friday, January 19, 2007


This posting is no longer relevant and is being retained only for some of the responses.


Chris Foote said...

Hi Mike.

I've read your book and have read many of your (& other FTW) articles in the past few years. If I can help in getting people to understand the Peak Oil issues in a small way by hosting the site, then that's a way I can definitely contribute.

I run a co-lo/hosting company in Australia which runs its own network & infrastructure, and probably have a secure server ready to meet your ongoing needs on a pro-bono basis.

If you would like to discuss this further, get in touch with me at

Best regards,
Chris Foote

David H. Stern, M.D. said...

Mike, Contact me. I think I can help. I've been trying to mirror locally, but run into problems with the security, and it has been impossible to reach anyone. However, if I can confirm our mutual interest, I may have a solution in short order.

mikeinAZ said...

Take a look at

Osseth said...

Hello! I`m Hans and I might have a solution to your problem. $800 per seems colossal for hosting a site. I live in Estonia and here our web hosting is pocket change compared to yours. Actually it`s only 35 EEK a month, which is about $3. Seems unreal, but the features are :

Disk space : 2000MB
Bandwidth: 50GB
FTP users: 10
E-mail addresses: 100
E-mail alias: 100
MySQL databases: 4
MySQL users: 6
Subdomains: 25

Server Manager
Trash mail ifilter
E-maili virus defence
Zend Optimizer
mod_rewrite support


I use the company`s services myself and I have no complaints. The servers are fast and very reliable. If this sounds good to you, contact me, Mike! My email: I`m glad to help FTW any way I can.

Osseth said...

Sorry about the duplicate comments :)

Bambitroll said...

How much space do you need?
Would it be ok if, once redirected, the URL would show somehting else than
What are the requirements for the hosting server? Plain HTML support? SQL? PHP?

Wiccedwoman said...

Well, I use use these people for around $100 a year:-

And here's my site:-

. . . hope that helps. All the best, Kim

Bullwinkle said...

Hi Mike:

There are several commercial web hosting companies out there that can host FTW for less than $75/month. The one I would recommend is

Their gold package is $45/month and their platinum package is $70/month. The type of package you need depends on how much data is accessed from your site. So the more traffic, the higher the data transfer and the higher the monthly fee. Still, it's much less than the $800/month you were paying. This might buy you time so you can find a free webhost (a university etc.)

Bullwinkle said...

Hi Mike:

There are several commercial web hosts out there. is a good one.

They offer Gold and Platinum packages that run between $45 and $75/month depending on how much traffic your site generates. It's much cheaper than what you're paying now.

rhizome_evolver said... , which is one of the very best email providers out there, has _static pages_ web hosting as part of the email service. An account that can host 600M is $20/year; 2G, $40/year.

suranyami said...

Mike, I can do this immediately, and I am happy to do it at no fee. If you can let me know what your average monthly bandwidth allocation is, and the size of the site, I will confirm that this is not going to change my current ISP arrangement, but I'm pretty sure this will be fine.
Please contact me on david dot parry at suranyami dot com.

suranyami said...

I should also add that the server would be linux, with full access to shell, databases (MySQL, Postgres), Java, CGI, PHP, etc; SFTP, FTP, SSH; stable and reliable DNS hosting, high-performance web hosting, and configurable mailbox setup. The servers are maintained by a small, but excellent, team of unix sysadmins who are extremely adept at ensuring security, preventing spam, and protecting against intrusion.

ArkBuilder said...

Hi Mike,

I would advise to let us all do it. Just like the policy of, the anti-war site.


Let's hear them tell it - "...we have 10 websites on 6 servers in different places. So, if the website is slow or it does not answer, you can recall one of the other web sites: -"

So you see, you don't need to find A HOST. You need all of us hosting your site.

Not difficult to understand why, right? Just make the whole thing available for shipping on DVD at our expense and let us put it up.

suranyami said...

I tend to agree with ArkBuilder, however that would require a couple of conditions:

1. The hosting would have to be free, or cost next-to-nothing.

2. There would have to be some readily-available mirroring software in place.

I can definitely help with 1. Does anyone have any suggestions for 2?

ArkBuilder said...

Good idea Suranyami, and I suggest that all need to keep all files intact without any manipulation.

Also, we all should promote the full set of sites so that viewers have ready access to alternatives.

The living static library of FTW, useful for generating hits and for keeping the core message alive. A symbiotic relationship.

By the way, I can provide a number 2 solution but if you want to use the licensed version (of whatever we agree on) then you need to buy your own copy.

What do you say, Mike?

Kind regards,

ArkBuilder said...

... that is I can do 1 and 2.


PPUK said...

Arkbuilder's solution looks good. I wouldn't mind hosting a mirror if someone could tell me how.

ArkBuilder said...

Owner of Uruknet is here -

His email is here -

He is a University teacher in Rome, and yet he is the most powerful anti-war news force on the internet.

Google hates him, and has recently delisted his site (for the third time).

It is far easier to stick a thorn into the beast when you have a grass roots, savage type of support from people without money.

The globalists love it when they can corrupt one big structure, like a Rush Limbaugh for example, than to go against a dynamic bunch of savages like many of us who hate what we see and want to get our hands on a spear, a rock, anything useful.

So check it out.

There isn't any need to re-invent any wheels here.

johnpearcey said...

Hi Mike, I run a hosting company in the UK and have servers in the US and Ireland. I can provide a hosting solution for you if you have no luck elsewhere. The price will depend on the requirement but 20GBP is a typical price. It does seem however that 'osseth' will give you the best deal at 3USD pm.You can contact me at

MichaelB said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
MichaelB said...

For months I've been offering to archive and professionally support the site at no charge. No one has replied or followed through.

Your message is too important to flounder like this. You have my email; reply.

FTW admin said...

michael b

i sent an apology/appreciation to your address. plz let me know if it doesn't arrive

FTW admin said...

michael b, my email to u bounced. here's what it said:

v sorry michael b. u have no idea how traumatic the past few months have been. we're just trying to keep certain bodies and souls together and are operating in survival mode. with any luck, this story will become clearer in the near future. thank you SO MUCH. your offer is greatly appreciated. v sorry for any anxiety that may have spun off in your direction