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Mike Ruppert; Iran/Shell, Bank, Macroeconomics; IMF/Gold; Illegal Imprisonment; Germany/CIA

Two new articles by Mike Ruppert! Please post and distribute widely. We do not currently have access to the Subscriber list and the site is still receiving thousands of visitors per day which uses bandwidth that FTW has to pay for. Thank you!
Jenna Orkin

Welcome to the FTW Archives
From Me to You
Shell/Iran Deal
US Prohibits All Transactions with a Major Iranian Bank
Macroeconomic Implications of War with Iran

IMF Changing Laws Governing Gold Trading
Illegal Imprisonment Not Just for Terrorists
Germany May Go After CIA-Sponsored Operatives


Rice Farmer said...

I've just eagerly devoured Mike's essays. There's a lot of positive feedback here: Mike is encouraged and empowered by us, and many of us feel the same way after reading his writing.

Mike, I highly recommend a place in the country with a dawg and horse (I make do with semi-feral cats). And you must have a garden. There is nothing as theraputic and life-giving as an organic garden.

Finally, what have I gotten from Mike and FTW? Lots of valuable information, but even better is the "road map," and the much-improved sensitivity of my BS detector.

Matt Savinar said...


I'm not a doctor so don't take this as medical advice.

A couple very basic things that might help Mike:

#1. Some B-Vitamins

Whenever you're stressed your body burns through b-vitamins. Mike's levels are probably very depleted.

B-vitamin supplements are pretty common, you can probably pick some up at a safeway. If you get confused by all the different brands and versions just pick up whatever is by the company NOW. They're all over the price and a solid reputable brand.

#2. Some digestive enyzmes

Most westerners have totally screwed up digestive systems due to all the stress and crap in the environment. You probably have no stomach acid whatsoever at this point due to all the stress.

#3. Some fish oil and/or essential fatty acids supplements

Same thing with #1 and #2, this is a pretty basic building block of the human diet (back in the hunter-gatherer days we subsisded on brains of dead animals scavenged from other predators and brains are 60% fatty acids.)

The only caveat here is you want get a brand that filters our mercury. Health from the Sun, NOW, or Carlsons all fit the bill. They each have liquid versions that are quite palatable.

My guess is funds are tight to say the least. I buy all my stuff at, you'll save 50-70% off what you would spend at a retail establishment.

For more on fish oil, scroll to where it says "the single best supplement"

For more on digestive enymes, scroll to where is says "HCL, you are what you assimilat":

If you or Jenna shop around a bit you can probably use a combo of a sold B-Vitamin supp, some digestive enymes with your meals, and a tablespoon or two of fish oil a day for $30-to-$45 a month. Whether that fits into your budget, I have no idea but figured I should throw it out there.

Beyond that if have the funds you might try some type of protein powder in terms of keeping your weight up. Try mixing one of Beverly Nutrition's powders with a couple tablespoons of organic cream and drink that a couple times a day. (not half bad actually) I'm assummin your not lactose intolerant here. This had a cult following back in the 1950s but that's another story. Even Arnold used it. (he was using other "stuff" too of course)

Oragnic eggs are nature's perfect food and pretty affodable as well.



BuckDevlin said...

A plausible scenario for a military collision with Iran involves Iraqi failure to meet the benchmarks; followed by accusations of Iranian responsibility for the failure; then by some provocation in Iraq or a terrorist act in the U.S. blamed on Iran; culminating in a “defensive” U.S. military action against Iran that plunges a lonely America into a spreading and deepening quagmire eventually ranging across Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. --Zbigniew Brzezinski, 2/1/07

mrs p said...

Ditto on the comment re: BS Detector! I've said this before, Rubicon & FTW changed my life in a HUGE way & the lives of my family & friends. I'm not the same person I was, pre-Rubicon. No one who knows me, is either. I refer to Rubicon like a bible. I wish there were words to convey so Mike would get it. I feel there's still a "hole" that needs filling in him. We each fill those empty spots in different ways..sometimes not so healthy ways. But I sense he still has yet to comprehend what a huge difference his compassion, bravery &honesty has made on this crazy planet. The difference is still unfolding, developing. As for his personal life...a garden, even a "micro" one would surely bring much pleasure. May the garden Gods guide & protect Mike. I'd be mighty upset if anything should happen to him! We love you man! The vitamin advice is good. They do work. Nice organic dark green leafy salads and I recomend a "Garden Burger" brand Flamed grilled burger with all the fixins - you'll swear its da kind from your old favorite spot. XOX to you and Jena!

Pandabonium said...

Mike - I would like to second Matt's recommendations.

My diet changed radically for the better when I moved to rural Japan 2 1/2 years ago. It's mostly vegetarian, except eggs and some fish (fresh organic foods - 'wish I lived closer to Rice Farmer). I also take a few supplements.

I've mentioned it before, but a resource I rely upon for unbiased information is

I'm no doctor either, but I'm about your age and nutrition (and walking bicycle riding) has really turned my health around.

All the best.

Matt Savinar said...


I think you (and all others who do likewise) are doing Mike a disservice by referring to his work as "a Bible." Doing so may have contributed to Mike's own sense of invincibility which, to some degree, is what is responsible for his current situation.

After all, if your work is akin to the word of God, you can probably afford to ignore good basic personal health practices and warning signs/symptoms. (as Mike has admitted to doing.) Even if don't consicously believe this, once enough people tell you things like this you will probably start to act on them, even if unconsiously.

I say this as somebody who, like you, has benefitted from Mike's work and am quite disheartened regarding Mike's current condition.



Wiccedwoman said...

I belong to the Australian Peak Oil email list ROEOZ:-

And I've just posted this message:-

"Mike Ruppert appeal

One of my greatest sources of clear, incisive comment has always been Mike Ruppert and "From The Wilderness." I am forever grateful for the path he's shown. And without wanting to re-ignite old arguments, as I have great respect, warmth and admiration for Mike Stasse who runs this list, I stopped subscribing to ROEOZ for a good while when some of the subjects Mike Ruppert has written about were deemed too "Taboo" to even mention here.

However, it seems I'm in good company - Richard Heinberg no less, as anyone who reads pages 70/71 of "Power Down" will discover.

Also, the allusions to Mike Ruppert being "Mad" or "Paranoid" (not necessarily here, I had a very civil email exchange with James Kunstler in which James asserted that opinion - I disagreed), I found irritating because I've been a qualified and practising psychiatric nurse since 1978 - and without one shred of uncertainty, I can say that while I'm sure Mike is a prickly and andrenalin-driven character, he is definitely NOT mad. Mad people do NOT write coherent, well-researched and comprehensively foot-noted books - OR the type of brilliantly incisive articles Mike has posted to his site. And I've seen thousands of really "Mad" manuscripts over the years, believe me, there is NO comparison.

I am more than willing to acquiesce to the opinions and knowledge of all the engineers and scientists on this list re stuff I have no first hand experience of, or study. I respect their insights. So some regard for a psychiatric nursing carreer which began in 1975 would be good too. And is Richard Heinberg nutty as well, for saying what he does on pages 70/71 of "Power Down"? Richard must be one of the most clear-eyed sages on the Planet.

Here's an article from "Media Lens" that I also sent to James Kunstler in the course of our exchange re Mike Ruppert, "BRILLIANT FOOLS - Harold Pinter, John Le Carré And The Media, Introduction - Factory Labels":-

It's a very powerful article, which has always stuck with me - and seem particularly appropriate to the way Mike Ruppert has been "Labelled" in some quarters.

Anyway, I've just read this appeal/article from Mike Ruppert:-

. . . and I've donated a few dollars in recognition of the enormous help this man has been in the course of my own understanding. I can also see where he's coming from psychologically, in terms of depression and PTSD. Yes, most definitely, he's been there (and he's probably still on the way to recovery), but that's common to many (and dare I say, quite a few of those reading this), but the man is NOT mad. Anyway, there might be others who might want to send a dollar or two, or a message of support. Love to everyone, Kim ;-)"

AND here's some advice to Mike (from someone who has struggled with weight, and looked after people with eating disorders), cut out refined sugar and fat, but otherwise eat as much as you need to satisfy your hunger. Here's my journey:-

... you'll see I mention Susan Powter's stuff (which is great, and very readable) - and the Pritikin philosophy/plan is also spot-on (except I've never measured anything, I just eat as much as I need/want). Don't eat less, just change what you eat.

Also, don't go near benzos or any other sleepers/tranquillisers - they will ultimately just increase any anxiety and/or restlessness, plus they're major mood depressants (alcohol in tablet form really, great for the drug companies, eh?) I worked in drug alcohol detox unit for years, I know these things.

Think all forms of natural relaxation therapy, plus gentle excercise (walks maybe), and low-fat, no refined sugar, nutrient packed diet.

Take care ;-)

PS - here's my latest missive to the Australian Government re Peak Oil, posted to the web too (and extensively circulated, see the cc list, the Australian Government did . . . ):-

illyia said...

Thanks for keeping this up. If I had any money, I'd send it to you... Just glad Mike is safe and can write.

What is the status of the books, especially CtR?
What is the status of the archives?
Who is helping to defray costs/contributers paying back, or have they already?

What do you need?
What can we (I) do?
Please be creative (I am an artist, so I must ask)...

Can you foresee a situation whereas Mike could play a part - post Bushco scenario... i.e. permanent archive, regular speaking engagements.

Lastly... thanks for opening my eyes to begin with... and making me realize how hard I might have to work in the future. No one ever said following the truth was easy, eh? Maybe that would be a money-making talk... Hey! Jesus did it!

Peace is had among equals,

illyia said...

Okay... I've got the archive section! I am embarrassed...


gaelicgirl said...

It's nice to have more word from Mike. He's been through some pretty profound change, but with that always comes new wisdom. I'd like to suggest caution to Mike when following the nutritional advice of bloggers. Some is good, some is well-meaning but underinformed. Again I strongly suggest consulting this source:
before embarking on any dietary change. WAPF has changed my life and health and that of many other people, but their outlook is not that of mainstream nutrition nor even of vegetarian nutrition. And they are totally committed to relocalization of the food supply, starting now, one at a time. Mike, enjoy your new journey back to deserve it!

mrs p said...

Re: Referring to CTR as a "Bible" just meant that it's one of those books you keep forever & consult often. Like a garden book. Sometimes you read a book once and it gets passed on. If I kept every book I'd have no space in our tiny 50's beach shack. I've told everyone I know about CTR but my copy is something I like to refer to ofen and I do keep it close.

There are many souls who come along just every so often. For example Bob Marley was one of them, in my opinion. So was Martin Luther King Jr, in my opinion. A friend used to say, "For every Jacques Cousteau, there's 10 Hitlers." A grim view but he is a criminal private investigator who has a great BS dector of his own.

Mr.Matt, I've been misunderstood. Mike's not God but he IS an enlightened soul who has brought a great gift to us all. Not all evolved people eat right over the course of a life and we all have health issues that we inherit which have been proven to worsen with the wrong diet. The American diet has never been too healthy, in my opinon. BTW, the flame grilled garden burgers I recommended are vegetarian/soy, but very tasty like Boca burgers.

I believe "over-eating" is worse than what you eat. What has caused illness for Mike, in my opinion, is the neocons mucking up the planet and messing w/basic human rights. They're making all of us very sick in a way many of us are not aware. Most people just don't want to go there but they're suffering greatly in ways they're not even in touch with. Mike has been a public person for a long, long time. If any of us were where he's been, at the level he's been, we'd be toast. The "balance" we all get out of balance with daily is a tough daily battle filled with many choices. Not to mention all the other "darma" that we're bombarded with constantly. Life is full of duality and smoke & mirrors. Survival. Funny there's a not-reality, reality show about it. If not for the investigative journalists who've put their lives on the line, we'd all be sheep muttering weee-hee-hee luh-huh-huv shra-huh-hub, while marching off to die. Keep all of your "bibles" close, you're going to need them.

Matt Savinar said...

Mrs. P.

I don't think Mike ever thought of himself as "god." But I do think he felt his work was important enough that it took priority over his basic physical/mental health and financial stability.

When you compare Mike's work to the Bible and Mike to Martin Luther King, you are (assumming Mike reads these comments) contributing to that line of thinking as it is only inevitable we start seeing ourselves as others tell us we are one way or another.

I will be blunt: Sometime after the publication of CTR Mike needed fewer people telling him how great he is (even though he is great) and more people in his inncer circle bitchslapping him into making his own health and basic finances a priority.

But Mike kept going and drove himself and FTW straight off a cliff. Okay maybe that's not the best analogy because we do have the archives to refer to and those are golden but you get my general point. It is a decent analogy in regards to his physical health, at least in his current state.

I hope Jenna is strong enough to layeth the smacketh downeth on Mike as necessary. (And get him to pop some EFAs and digestive enzymes also.)

Rice Farmer said...

A large article on today's finance page is about how the use of corn for ethanol in the US has raised the international price of corn. It warns that the costs will be passed on to consumers. Also, today Carolyn Baker has posted an article by Dale Allen Pfeiffer called "The Dirty Truth about Biofuels." Very bad news for biofuel buffs, I'm afraid.

Rice Farmer said...

US military creates AFRICOM to grab Africa's resources and energy before China can get them.

FTW admin said...

note to self: bitchslap mike. be sure to say, 'this one's from matt.'

Rice Farmer said...

"European blowback for Asian biofuels"

Biofuels are not only energy sinks, they are also decidedly not environmentally friendly. What a disaster!

Anonymous said...

FTW admin said...
note to self: bitchslap mike. be sure to say, 'this one's from matt.'

LOL!!! :)

It's nice to see some more lighthearted responses around here! I think a little bit of levity is in order if any of us plan to make it through this in one piece. Several pieces ar OK too, so long as they're held together with decent glue (aka compassion).

The news isn't good, the deceptions are obvious, and the imperial effort for global integration is running full speed ahead on multiple fronts, using forced regime change, using environment arguments, using integration of US diplomats with foreign governments, using fearmongering after successful US creation of a radical Islamic movement, using nations acting in opposition to the US but in reality building economic integration where the US failed (Venezuela - building the socialist South American order that could not be achieved under the FTAA due to suspicion of the US), and via many other unnamed fronts that hvae been developed over years and decades.

Humanity faces a threat that is unmatched in our history; a threat crrated on multiple fronts by globalists who's ultimate agenda is to place all world citizens under the UN's total control devices known as Agenda 21 and as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which restricts all human rights to the will of the UN.

It's my opinion that world opinion has been swayed and decieved into believing in much of this agenda. People don't understand the history and dichotomy of how these plans have been coordinated and implemented using a globalist owned media and controlled education departments. War is conducted as a means to encourage support for global unity. World Bank and other UN programs are implemented to starve entire nations, increasing the call for a global economy. And environmental propaganda is pushed by the globalist media to generate support for international (gloabalist financiers) control of business regulations.

We're facing dangerous times. But where there is danger, there is hope. I believe in a God - a God who is good and who is redemptive in our own personal lives if we allow it. And part of that personal redemption is the ability to experience joy, laughter, and most of all, to experience hope.

So thanks for the levity, Jenna. We all need it as we watch world events unfold. I fear for my kids, but always with a hope for the future. I wish you and Mike the best in doing the same.

FTW admin said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
FTW admin said...

without getting caught up in details, a ps is in order on how, or at least when, ftw got 'driven off a cliff:'

when mike left for venezuela, ftw was strong financially as well as editorially. only when he was out of the country and therefore out of control did the store go down for two months which precipitated ftw's demise.

Anne said...

This is off subject ....
Rice Farmer, I saw this link on
It's about a fruit used commonly in Japan, yet denied here in the 70's by the FDA. Just curious.

Jenna, you are a hoot!!!

Rice Farmer said...

Anne -- I know little about miracle fruit, and have not seen them for sale anywhere. And at such a high price, I cannot imagine that "miracle fruit tablets" have a very big market.

Aher said...

Mr Ruppert, I thank very much for all the truth and analysis you have shared with us over all this years, the system reacted furiously against you, but thats just another indication that this system does not care how dres, whts your name or anything of that sort, it only worries whne the light of the truth excels the darkness of lies and destabilizes it. I really thank for pening my eyes on many issues, and sicne a couple of years ago Ive been on a quest of finding the truth, and as I continue to walk I perceive the characteristics of this vile system of deceit surrounding us, so in part you have inspired me to write a blog:
its not revealing on news as yours but I hope it helps the cause. Remember: THE TRUTH IS FREEDOM
And rest reassured you might not be rewarded today but the biggest reward is opening somebody else's minds

Rice Farmer said...

"Biofuel craze is water madness"

Shows that in China biofuels are cutting deeply into the food supply.

"7 Forces That Will Drive Uranium to $100 Per Pound in 2007"

My prediction: Oil war will expand into uranium war.

Nuclear fuel is another energy bust. After a half century of commercial operation, nuclear power is still heavily subsidized. A news item here in Japan yesterday noted that Japanese power companies have appropriated far less money than needed for dismantling of decommissioned nuke plants and waste management. Nuclear power is a black hole that sucks in huge gobs of money.

mrs p said...

This editorial might not be on target but the movie poster of Cheney the warlord is a hoot.

Lawrence said...

Jenna and Mike,

I read, with great interest, Mike's comments and the recent history. I am so glad to hear the recovery is coming along and that the critical crisis (I've been there too) has been passed. The fact that Mike is still with us means that the trials have been passed sucesfully. Very good. Well done! No remorse allowed. Congratulations for making it through!!

Now, once again, please consider my offer for a Holiday in the mountains of Vermont. I have a good home and room and time for you both. I can be here or disappear. Take a break from the city. The train is slow, but cheap, to Waterbury, VT [I'll even reimburse that cost if needed]. Or make a one way trip up and I can drive your back. I'll take care of the food and transportation when you arrive. That's my offer; and if you can't get away soon then keep it in mind for when you need it. As a long time activist I understand the need to make a retreat now and then.

I am here in Vermont, becoming a part of a local sustainable community, because of FTW. I hope Mike and Jena can come see the better life FTW helped one person wake up to.


FTW admin said...

thank you so much, lawrence. i'll pass your offer on to mike.

readers should understand that messages sent to the blog don't usually include private email addresses so this is the only forum in which it's possible to respond.

mike is aware of everyone's thoughts and offers of help of various kinds. he appreciates them enormously; they make a great difference. thank you all.

Rice Farmer said...

Zimbabwe -- not a pretty picture.
Notice the descent into totalitarian control in a desperate effort to keep society from falling apart.

trevbus said...

I was listening to a radio program about "extraordinary renditions". An author who has researched the matter noted how bizarre they were, with victims abducted in small jets, the type typically used by rock stars, and treated appallingly on the most ridiculously tenuous link to terrorism.

Then it occured to me that these jets would be ideal for carrying heroin out of Afghanistan! The renditions may just be a bizarre cover for flying planes *out* of Afghanistan full of heroin, and possibly back in, full of US dollars. No wonder all those European governments/officials turned a blind eye, they would be getting a cut of the drug money.

tbagg said...

Here's a more precise link for the story about illegal imprisonment:

tbagg said...

Here's a more precise link to the MoJo story on illegal imprisonment: