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Mike's Story - Part 22 - Adios, Venezuela

From Mike  11-1-2006  11:18: 

...X h
as indicated that there is a trust settlement offer. Ray had begun the process of confirming this. Soon he´ll be able to start executing on my behalf. I´m already personally trashed, my company is destroyed, so I don´t give a rat´s ass what people will say. I am ¨radioactive¨ as they say, but I am not dead. [Responding to the rumor that he'd smashed the FTW computers and taken the insurance money before fleeing the country and sending the fake email to subscribers.]  I can still move and that makes me dangerous.

  You have labored well without pay. Although you have not said that you were going to quit, you certainly would be justified and have every right to do so. However, if you were to quit without leaving me and Ray Kohlman all necessary codes for upload to the web site, that would absolutely constitute theft/misappropriation of company property. There are about a zillion instances of case law supporting that. I know you would never intentionally do something like that being the ¨straight up¨ kind of guy that you are.
   When a corporation goes out of business its assets are normally liquidated to satisfy debts. When in bankruptcy the court does it. Before bankruptcy the stockholders do it. The codes to the web site are probably FTW´s single most important asset at the moment.
   I am the sole stockholder of FTW. In other words those codes and protocols are my property.
   So I am instructing you to provide a copy of all web access codes and complete instructions for upload to Ray Kohlman and to me. Once these have been checked and verified for functionality you can quit any time you want. I should think that Wednesday is a sufficiently generous window for what should amount to less than 30 minutes of your time t get us this information.
   Now everyone think for a minute. I am proposing a solution in my article that may not solve everything but will do the most to get money in the shrotest period of time and leaving everyone (except me) walking away clean, with no strings and without having to look over their shoulders for me or Ray.
   We will not post the article I sent to Carolyn yet. It will be edited. But that article does represent a seroius way to get everybody at least some payment and end this all as quickly and cleanly as possible with the best possible outcome for the greatest number of people. Any other negative actions merely risk lengthy legal entanglements for EVERYBODY.
   As I said, I got nothing to lose and after I get my health back I´ll have a lot of time on my hands.
From Mike 11-1-2006        2:58 pm
One step forward, two back.
   Walked and travelled for 30 min in heat. Waited, only to find out that the free clinic did ot have the quipment for the tests. The travelled 30 min back and almost crashed.
   Have loctaed private lab close to apt. Here will go tomorrow and make appointment for tests.They´ll cost about $200 I´m told but don´t know yet. Money thin but cannot wait. The only other free lab was almost an hour away and no guarantee that they have right equipment.
   Also found out I need Yellow Fever and Hep A&B vaccines to leave country. Can´t get those until doc sees what current prob is, of course.
   Thanks to all,

11-1-2006  From Mike in response to an irate email from a loyal FTW reader who hadn't received his order:

   If Ray can take this from the money earmarked for my health care and relocation and refund it directly I would appreciate it. I will sleep better. I am very ill but this is something I feel needs to be done.   I have no control over what happens in Ashland and haven't for months now. I am just trying to stay alive but I don't want my conscience eaten alive over this. I have tried so hard to never cheat anyone.What happened in Ashland has beoken my heart.   Ray, there should be enough from the donations for me to take care of just this one order and it would let me sleep better. Jenna, Ken, please help me make this one thing right. 
On 11/6/06 9:36 AM, Ray Kohlman wrote that he had submitted papers for a "show cause" hearing, stating that although Mike owed rent, he had a history of paying.
From Mike:

 Sorry, I am waaaay lost here. How can I pust in papers for a show cause hearing in Ashland from here in Caracas?? Who´s going to do that??? I am just trying to stay alive and get med tests done.
  That would have to be ken and he´s not going to go to Ashland I don´t think. Certainly not just for that.
  X is the only one there and I don´t know if she would/can do this.
  If there was a show cause hearing who would appear??????????????

For some reason, I have no emails between November 9 and 18, when Mike popped up again in Toronto.  Given the choice between me in New York and Barry Silverthorn's place which offered a horse down the road, the horse won.  Ray and I met Mike at the airport when he changed flights, to make sure he didn't disappear.

I'd never met Ray so he described himself over the cellphone:  Younger, thinner and handsomer than Mike... and wearing a baseball cap.  Let's just say that the first two adjectives were objectively false.

Mike looked slim and happy to be "home" but at that moment, all he wanted was water.  We were in an area without any nearby so, explaining he had kidney problems, he ended up with a spare bottle from a sympathetic security guard.
The kidney problems also came in handy for bypassing some of the lines at the airport.

Months later, in a conversation about the National Reconnaissance Office, where a war game was conducted the morning of 9/11 involving a plane flying into a building (in direct contradiction of Condoleezza Rice's testimony to the 9/11 Commission that the administration had never dreamed of such a scenario,) I learned that the papers concerning that building that Mike had taken to Venezuela to show the Chavez administration had all been ditched before he headed back across the US border.  He didn't tell me what they contained, thank God.

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