Monday, May 12, 2014

Mike's Story Part 19 - Suspicion

By Jenna Orkin

   Several colleagues in Ashland had become increasingly annoyed by the latest developments at FTW.  They felt that writing the Burning Bridge article was in itself an act of burning the bridge home; if Mike came back, particularly so soon, FTW's credibility would be trashed.
   Now that he'd relinquished his role as CEO, Mike could best serve the website, they maintained, by acting as its Latin American correspondent.

   Among their complaints was the appearance of alleged "compelling evidence" that Mike himself had been the one to wield the sledgehammer on the seven FTW computers, the act of burglary which had precipitated his flight to Venezuela.

   Mike was accused - not by law enforcement, nor by any government agency but by some of his own colleagues - of staging the burglary himself, then high-tailing it several thousand miles south, taking the insurance money with him the day before he was to have a lie detector test with the Ashland Police Department.

From Mike to numerous recipients 10-20-2006:

On my life and on my soul, I swear that I did not smash my own computers.

On my life and on my soul I swear that not a penny of the insurance money ever entered my pocket. I left with $2,100 and my gold. [Carolyn] and Mike Kane saw it in the silver box from which I took my Great Grandfather´s pocket watch for Mike. The cash came from one subscriber who saw what was coming and told me to use it personally, for anything I needed. I told you that.

Would I have been stupid enough to commit such an elaborate fraud for just $2,000? The only insurance check I ever saw for $7,000 went straight into the company account to pay bills.

On my life and on my soul there was no appointment for any polygraph test in Ashland. That´s absurd. I was asked if I was willing to take one within a week after the burglary. I said sure. For three weeks I never heard another word. I would not have left with that appointment hanging knowing that it would instantly condemn me for failing to appear. I had/have nothing to fear from a legitimate polygraph test. Why do we learn of this now? Where is the record of the appointment? Who found it?

As it is I have been tried, convicted and sentenced without having been given the right to examine or challenge the evidence against me. That is a fundamental human right. George Bush signs a bill and everyone starts acting like a fascist. This so-called evidence surfaces four months after the burglary and three months after I leave the states. Does anyone think that I would be stupid enough to leave such evidence if it existed?

Mohammed Atta´s passport has just been found in the wreckage of the World Trade Center. Case closed. Ruppert is guilty. No trial needed thankyou.

Where did this evidence come from? Who found it? What is it? Who told you about it? Answers to these questions are my fundamental rights as a human being.

If the evidence was strong enough to convince [he named three colleagues,] then I now know that this entire thing was very well orchestrated and executed.

If I hear nothing from anyone within ten days then you guys can assume that -- not knowing who I can trust -- I have gone to a new level of operation. Suicide is out now. [XX] you make me want to come back more than ever to clear my name. Someone does not want me to come back and they are obviously very afraid that I might. Who? Why? Who benefits?

We´ll see.

   Ray, we need to talk ASAP please.

At this point, the ante was upped:  Apparently, further evidence had been unearthed to show that Mike himself had written the "phantom" or fraudulent email to subscribers.

From Mike to numerous recipients:  10-20-2006 

I am innocent on all counts. I have been shown none of the so-called evidence or afforded an opportunity to comment on it. At least in a US court I might receive a little mopre justice than I am receiving here and now.
From Mike, undated:
   Who in the hell believes that I could have possibly sent that email message? Has everyone lost their minds?*******

From Mike, undated:  
  I again request that this ¨evidence¨ be shown to me, or at least described. What is it? Where was it found? Who found it? 

   The new allegation that I sent the bogus email is beyond ludicrous. Everyone who works with me knows that I absolutely lack the technical know-how to do that. I have never directly posted to our list even once, from the FTW offices. That´s why I paid IT people $900 a week.

   This is like Kafka, you talk of evidence and then produce none. Then you ask me to defend myself against somethng unspecified and undescribed. How can I prove evidence to be false if I am not even told what it is? When is my day in the FTW court? How can I disporve something that isn´t on the table.

   If it is evdience I can´t possibly tamper with it from here. Wrap it up, take it to Ashland PD and then tell me what it is.

   I repeat, I am innocent of all of these charges. I have admitted to my mistakes but that´s all there were. On every one of these allegations I am completely and utterly innocent. You have become sadly like Joe McCarthy with his list of known Communists. When do we get to see this list?

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