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Mike's Story Part 20 - Snafu

To Mike 10-20-2006:
   ...be careful of email trails. a few days ago a sequence got forwarded to X in one email of which u said he was 'full of excuses...' 
[And, since Mike was no longer sure whom he could trust among the FTW staff]...remember that it's possible to set up a blog in the name of mike ruppert2 any time for free.
Email to Mike 10-22-2006:

after the conference call, it occurred to me that even if [the webmaster] were fired, xxx could replace him with, say, her best friend's niece and you'd have the same problem of sabotage again. so the underlying issue is control of the webmaster... 

your [political] arguments speak for themselves. where you live is your fucking business. ftw's credibility is based on the innate truth of ftw's work. 

i understand that it would be hard to explain coming back after the burning bridge article. but so what? you've learned things. there were factors you hadn't known about. these are complexities that readers would understand.  your enemies would jump for joy in their netherworld; that is what they do for a living. but allowing that to guide one's behavior is truly 'letting the terrorists win...'

  i'd like to talk to your unconscious for a moment. i'm concerned that your unconscious could think, 'if i come home after having written the burning bridge article, my fans will be disappointed.  but maybe that would turn into sympathy if i came home because i was sick and couldn't get healthcare otherwise. even X would relent and give me money for a ticket.' then you might allow some sickness to get the better of you... 

  please be on guard against this. you're vigilant against exterior enemies. but they have a mole in you whom you have to watch out for too.

From Mike to numerous recipients 10-25-2006:

My US cell phone was shut off today, I guess the hopeful message from X yesterday did not impact what was really a fait accompli.

   These are tough questions. I can only offer my two cents and suggest my priorities.

   1. I would like to get a new power executed to Ray ASAP. Ken, you shouldn´t be troubled. How do i do that without going to US embassy.

   2. Ray, in Ashland is a box with all of the Ruppert Family trust documents and records. That´s worth $300,000 to me-us. >From that I can pay you, Ken, and eventually the creditors. My stepmother may already be dead. I don´t know. But if we don´t have that box and the original trust docs we have nothing. This needs to get accomplished fairly quickly.

   3. We still have asstes. Ken has the mailing list and the archives are worth a lot. I will keep the copyrights to DVDs.

   Beyond this I am helpless to advise and can only rely on you two.

   Going to the doctor now.

FTW was now insolvent, with 200-250 orders unfilled and no credit left with Fedex or UPS.  Staff were working for no pay, some with thousands of dollars owed.  If the website was taken down, the newspaper article would no doubt be scrapped. 
From Mike 10-25-2006:

How do you evaluate archives etc. I should retain copyrights for DVDs in case of future miracles. There are lots of intangible assets and valuation but I don´t think the mailing list should be put up as equity due to privacy concerns. That´s the biggest asset of all though.    X in the Ashland office knows exactly where the box with the Trust docs is and can put her hands on it almost instantly. What we don't know for sure where the ORIGINAL trust docs are. Y sent something to the Portland firm. Don´t know what or if it has come back. You already have the name and contact info.    The key is that my stepmotrher may have died a months ago. As soon as she dies, it´s split 50/50 and there´s nothing her family can do about it. She´s past 90 and nuttier than a fruitcake. Her family wouldn´t dare put her on the stand now with her Alzheimer´s. The trust was always a 50/50 split between me and her heirs...    Medical report to come soon.
10/27/06Ray Kohlman wrote that as of the previous day 1445 east coast time, the Ashland police had no interest in Mike, except as a victim of B&E. [breaking and entering.] They had no idea when or where rumors of "person of interest" began.  

From Mike 10-27-2006:  

God, thank you Ray!!!!!!!!!


   Now where did all this bs originate.

Meanwhile, Michael Kane, for personal reasons, announced his resignation as Energy Editor.

Mike 10-27-20: 
I think we have to let FTW die.   Mike*****

On the phone he added mournfully, "I'd only been keeping it alive for him, because he loved it so much."

To Mike 10-29-2006:

I can't help thinking that at some level you do what you do for copy...  

Mike to me and Ray 10-30-2006:


Ray, I´ve cc´d Jenna becasue she´s my only real sigificant other, aside from you. Stop laughing.

(Jenna, you may share with Mike Kane if you wish)

  Details you need to know.

  I am very sick. In my heart of hearts I just want to come home and stay out of public sight but would have no place to sleep if I did. There may be some breaks in Vz soon, but there have been a lot of maybes lately.

  As for FTW, it´s so fucked up I can´t describe it. X cannot sign checks because there´s a new bank account that Y walked out on. She´s sent paperwork to Z in LA and is waiting for its return so she can even write a check. She cannot ship product until she has those. She cannot ship you the Trust docs because she apparently can´t access any money. Catch 2222.

X´s cell phone number is XXX XXX XXXX. She takes calls, is no nonsense and straightforward. She´ll talk to you. You can cut through to simple solutions quickly.

I don´t know what the balances are in Ashland. And I just cannot figure out why the subscriber stories are still free. It is not that people don´t want to buy, it is that they can´t. I understand there have been glitches in converting to the new system (which was needed), but I have heard about four times now over more than a month that the store would be fixed and subscriber stories no longer free any day.

  I really don´t know where Y´s head is at these days and he´s just not going to take charge. As soon as I get the new PofA from you I´ll find a way to have it notarized properly, but please understand I am also almost out of money down here. Jenna´s made a deposit of $400 for me. I´ll sell my watch and last few little gold pieces if necessary but there is nothing more important for me right now than getting a new PofA into your hands.  

  If you just get me the Pof A, I´ll get it back to you. But it´s got to be fast. Make sure I have a street/delivery address. I have no idea how to solve the unable to write checks problem in Ashland. Y can solve that quickly if and when he sends X the paperwork that will allow her to write checks on the new Ashland bank.

  Ray, the Ruppert family trust is my ONLY hope right now. When you want and are able I will hook you with the LA attorney, a Yale grad and glacially slow W, who I retained after Dad died. Big mistake. I can give you all the background. Technically we´re supposed to wait until ¨[Mike's stepmother]¨dies but the trust can be dissolved earlier. Dad left an amendment saying that it was to be dissolved immediately after his death. They´re contesting it and saying I ain´t entitled to nothing, even the hafl he brought into it. The original deal as 50-50 split after [Mike's stepmother's]death. "XY" is my mother nickname. Her full name is YZ. If alive, she is 90, has Alzheimer´s and is nuttier than a fruitcake. But no one has even verified she´s alive in more than a year. Dad died in May of 05.

  Remember ¨Psycho?¨

  FOR THE RECORD -- If I do not live to see the money my father left me, I want you to use it to pay off all debts, pay all the writers, Carolyn, Stan, Mike Kane and all staff. Pay Ken and, or course, yourself (very well). I have no family. With Y solo on the Pof A all I can imagine is that it will just sit in a bank or go to my stepmother´s... niece who is an Alabama Democrat for Bush.

  Whatever´s left (might be a chunk) please split between Jenna Orkin and Mike Kane.

  This is not much of a will but when you have an executed PofA it will be all you´ll need.

  Please hurry Ray. Please. Please.

  I have no intention of doing anything irreversible as soon as it´s done. That´s not the point. But I just might be able to sleep one night without worrying about it being lost due to the fact that no one went after it and saved the documents. My share is probably over $300,000 right now. Even a negotiated half or a quarter of that could save my life.


Mike to an ally 10-30-2006: 

...my frIend, I must trust that you can completely adhere to what I have asked here. My life is in danger and on the line. I need to come home. It is also possible that people who are not FTW´s friends are planning on taking the web site down soon. We are developing a plan.

   Please do nothing. You will here more from me, Mike, and Jenna soon enough...


Ray ''

  You´re going to have to read between the lines, but we know each other well enough that I know you can do that.

  1. The bad guys... fucked up. They let Mike Kane get his story up describing my health problems which are not getting any better. The Cuban doc has prescribed nothing. The response is overwhelming and now we see that there can be ample financial aid to accomplish two things A), get me back to the States, NYC for medical treatment and B) save the FTW web site. BUT NOTHING CAN GO THROUGH THE FTW WEB SITE. WE´LL NEVER SEE IT.

  2. X has outed himself as one of the sources of the unfounded rumors. We already know that Y was hostile before I left the country and helped spread them...  [One of the offers for the website] would have destroyed FTW and castrated me. At minimum X should be asked to take a polygraph exam by Ashland PD, but that´s much further down the road. We should squeeze X, but never directly. jusy keep working around him.

  3. Y is coming back around and we must leave the door open for her.  [She] was mind fucked and she´s worth every effort to save.

  4. We have no gauarntee that we will see any money donated through the web site. Yesterday, X said she couldn´t even write checks until Y sent her back papers for the new bank. But still she sees every penny coming in through the store and none of us have any idea how much money is coming in or where it is going.  (She can move it electronically) That includes Y. Why is the subscriber-only section still free?????????????????????? Where is a freaking sales report? how much money is coming in? Ray could really help here with timely phone calls to Y and X that mentions nothing of these plans.


  5. Y´s loyalty is questionable. What can I say about his competence? At present I don´t think I can write ANYTHING for the web site because of the fraud issue. I am on record as opposing any fruadulent behavior and there´s a clear record showing that I had nothng to do with these decisions. However, Y was on the original PofA and now he is the ONLY person with Power. Ray, maybe we can use that. So if the web site goes down and the store closes, etc, the fraud charges kind of roll in his direction, don´t they? The point is that they can´t close the business yet. They´re laible and I´m not.

  I (and Mike Kane) are leaning towards a guerilla web transmission of an emegerency message from me, Mike and Jenna that will call for rescue monies to be sent to a brand new account in NY that comp`letely bypasses FTW.  Between Mike and me, we can reach maybe 20,000 people in 24 hours and that will propagate to maybe a million within a week. This will only acknowledge the war that we already know has been underway for some time. But then, if in retaliation, X shuts the web site and walks out it only confirms their agenda in the first place, proves we were right and lets me, Mike and the good guys off the hook on fraud. It would increase sympathy and donations. 

  X has got to understand all this but I am not the guy to persuade her. We need to do everything possible to get her completely back in the fold before the message goes out, but we can still do it without her if we have to '' leaving the door open. X is a rescue mission, not an enemy.

  The question is how to structure this and do it quickly. Ray, if this works I can sign the new PofA in NY. It is to New York that I must come first.


  I have no doubt that we´ll raise a lot of money. maybe over $100,000 that must not go anywehere near Y's hands. That can cover medical care and hopefully some place to stay in NY while Ray and I put the next phase together. I had already compiled a list of heavyweights and miks kane´s story has shown me how to reach out to them.

  Once we have money, which might be as soon as 3-4 days after the notice goes out and we have a place for me to stay, we should plan on flying me back via American Airlines. Here´s why. 
1. We´re going to have to plead for a one way ticket on medical emegrency grounds. For years I was an AA frequent flyer, member of the Admirals club and a VIP. They know me. I know they can make exceptions based on those grounds for a one-way ticket purchased with a credit or debit card. That will eliminate a lot of computer generated DHS problems but probably not all.

  2. Before buying the ticket Ray should call DHS and find out if I am on a no-fly list as a dissident author. By then our guerilla web plea will be making world news.

  3. When we have the ticket, the flight and the date, I make a cell phone call to Ray or Mike in NY as I board the plane and am sure I´m onboard. We make sure that all o our friends and lots of Indy media know what the flight number is. Then, if I don´t emerge at JFK the noise can start and Ray will know where to start looking for my habeased corpus.

  Ray, I think you´ll be able to fill in blanksfrom here. This just might work and get us FTW back in better shape than ever, with friends in VZ, and having eliminated what I am sure have been some long time, behind the scenes very nasty problems..

  But most important is my health. I am very weak and seemingly getting weaker. I have to go rest for a while before i can come back to the web.

  Ok, I´ll pray for a quick response from Ray.


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