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Mike's Story Part 21 - Death Throes of FTW

To Mike and Ray 11-1-2006:

  seconded re need for holding pattern.  remember ray's in pittsburgh and not on email so if we don't hear from him for a couple days, don't think anything sinister.
  anything else i say will be obsolete by sundown.
To Mike 11-1-2006 [in response to his expression of abject failure:]
  what would you say to a person who announces, at twenty, 'i'm going to be a billionaire by the time i'm forty.' at fifty, they've made a mere couple million dollars and let's hope, done something worthy meanwhile.  is this person a failure or was the goal too narrowly defined?

From Mike  11:47 A.M probably 11-1-2006:
       We have to all just stop and see how the dust settles.


   I pray that I hear from Ray who may have both the common sense and the special knowledge to find a solution.


   It is not wise to arrange things in the middle of a tornado and a tornado is clearly in progress.

   ...We all have to just chill until we hear from Ray.****
From Mike: 1-1-2006                2:03 PM 
 Have been dealing with medical issues this AM and yesterday. Hope to have my story complete and sent by tonight. This [an account of Mike's illnesses and attempts at treatment] is by FTW subscriber and my roomie Carlos Ruiz. If you need to ask editorial question of him you can contact him directly. he also has your email. He pretty much hit the nail. My story will take a broader, more global look and relate that to our subscribers in a way that will prove useful in that context.


These two stories, when combined should open the door to some serious cash inflow. My rcommendation is that some of it, maybe $1,000  or more --based upon availability-- be put aside for me in the Bof A account and that all of the rest be used to pay bills, ship product, etc. 

11-3-2006 9:55 A.M. from Mike:  

Hey, why doesn´t everyone chill. I am not scapegoating Ashland and am not fanning these flames at all. I haven´t touched that subject  for a while, my recent conversations with X were polite and cordial. I never mentioned aliens or accused X or anyone there of being on CIA payroll. Ken will confrm all of this. X should also confirm that our recent contacts have been cordial and respectful. 

   I am too sick to have time for this so... please chill just a bit. At present you are the only one acting hostile and accusatory here. You seem to be impersonating me. 

   To me it is clear that without Mike Kane, FTW is no longer sustainable in any form. [Not having gotten to these emails yet, I was off by six days in yesterday's post.  Sorry.  JO] I think Ken is in complete agreement as we spoke about this yesterday. As brilliant and dedicated as you have been, Carolyn, you  just can´t carry it all on your own. No one human being could. The heart of what made if FTW is gone. The heart of what we sell to subscribers is gone. That is no offense at all to you Carolyn, a great and brilliant writer. But it was me, Jamey, Stan and Mike who made FTW great and known over the years. We were the investigators and field reporters. All of us are now gone or neutralized in one way or another. Mike Kane is the last tree shaker, investigator to go. It was the tree shaking and investigating that made FTW.

   I don´t see how we CANNOT tell subscribers that Mike Kane has resigned. We can´t sell subscriptions based upon the presence of phantom writers that we know aren´t going to be there. Mike has a very large following in his own right. They deserve to know. 

   Whatever is said as our final word it will be said by me. I gave FTW birth. I held it together at the price of my health. Respect for almost nine years dictates that I be the one to pull the plug. No one should say anything publiclly until I do. (See below)


   My immediate recommendation is that we take down all parts of the store except the donation page. Ray, please take note of this. 

   I am weak, still very sick, and must go back to doctor´s soon. Am working on a very large piece which will be FTW´s last. It will NOT be accusatory. It WILL be an essay on Post Peak sustainability based upon my lessons here. It WILL be a tribute to Mike Kane and it will explain why we are shutting down. It WILL be a very large fundraiser which is our only hope now to achieve many things. It will NOT blame Ashland staff. It WILL provide options that might raise enough money to satisfy our creditors, pay staff, establish good faith on fraud allegations which should concern ALL of us and is the ONLY way I can see to get all back salaries paid, keep a permanent web presence and get my library and files shipped to Carolyn for posterity. I don´t expect I will ever get to see them again anyway. 

   It WILL recognize that we all must accept defeat now. I totally understand and support Mike Kane´s decision and why he made it. He has family. I do not. 

   Carolyn and all of you will have it before Monday unless I am hospitalized.

 ...I am NOT accusing anyone of anything. I am ill and with olive branch in hand. What all of us need now is a little teamwork. I know how hard this is on you too. You loved FTW almost as much as I do. But we must accept that this patient is dead and wtihdraw life support. It was my only child and it is my decision. It is my legal right.


   The way we pull the plug will determine a great deal. Can we call a truce until that is accomplished.


   I will try to get back online later today if physically able. My US cell phone will be shut off in a couple of days at most.


   X, please expedite banking papers and my trust documents to Ken ASAP. If you want to pay bills and to recieve what may be sufficient money to zero the books, it will come from and through him and Ray Kohlman who will be in charge of receiving donations. Since the office in staffed only one day a week and the store should go go down, this is the only option that makes sense. We are really stuck until Ken gats those papers. This is the ONLY way we´re going to get everyone paid.


   I know it´s a big request but there may be some donation offers in the phone messages and emails that no one has been able to check.


   Thank you



To Mike:
ray says checks can be sent to


ray kohlman [address]

   we're assuming they can go into the bank of america account whose number i gave to ray. ray thought there might be a different number in ny from oregon but i told him... the only thing they said about its being an oregon account was that that meant it would take a few days longer to get to you.
From Mike 11-3-2006  10:01 A.M.
No. NO!


  X has access to and can drain the Bof A acount in a heartbeat. Ray and I must control how the money gets handed out, not just dump it in X´s lap! We talked about that. A few hundred is fine becasue I can get that. But thousands and tens of thousands will disappear. They will never go for my health care or relocation.  Ray should endorse the checks into his account if possible. What we need is instructions on how checks should be made out. Please hurry.


  I am real sick today and very little is going right.




11-4-2006  12:25 to ray, faiz, me, cc andreas von buelow   Last night it became clear that I need for you three to look at the situation and make a decision as to how to get me out of here ASAP. I´ll follow whatever you figure out, just please keep me advised. The where´s and how´s  I´ll leave up to you four. Ray is best qualified to evaluate logistics and legal needs. Faiz has an eye on medical issues and Jenna is the rope that is keeping me tethered at the moment. I just sent out our last article which I know will raise money.


  Med updates. Diet change has pretty much cleared up urine. But nights are very difficult. Blood sugar (guessing) drop during night caused me to wake up severely depressed. Am improving accessibility to carrots, crackers, etc for use by bedside. Heavy, heavy day sweats in tropical heat, more than normal. Weakness continues. Had paresthesis of lips and fingers on awakening this AM after very troubled night. Freuqent, almost non stop urination at night is adding to already troubled sleep.


  ...I have the med documents copied and ready to fax... Don´t have enough spare money yet for glucometer.
  Small cash deposits of $500 or under can be made to BofA and I can access directly. Large ones run the risk of being appropriated by X. Am certainly OK for time being.


  I know that FTWs last article will bring in money.


  Thanks to all and especially to... Jenna. Thanks for your labors on my behalf. Jenna now knows about possible third country. That knowledge should be kept close in this circle only. Ray can share what´s needed with AVB. Ray, could you please explain why Faiz needs to avoid contact with Y or having any contact with Z who will funnel it back to Y. It´ll make more sense coming from you.


11-4-4:12 pm to me, cc A
A, will get back to you as soon as a plan firms up. I am very sick. Do not post this yet because I must make changes to show you getting library and files. you might have to make a quick dash to Ashland but not yet.


   This is real serious. I am through at FTW and FTW is through. It really is aout saving my life now, which a lot of people seem to think is worhwhile. That´s reassuring.


   jenna, you did fabulous with this [briefing A on the unraveling of FTW.] I donñt know why you think you´re not good at it.


   MESSAGE AUTHENTICATOR -- The last time i saw you A we were in the Black Sheep English Pub in Ashland. We went off for a sidebar about how fast things were deteriorating. We were right.


   Someday we´ll catch up and I hope get to meet again. And yes, in spite of all my troubles here I did get a convincing message through to the right people about no planes and building collapse. At least I got that done. That is not for publication. [emphasis mine. - JO]
From Mike 11-5-2006 re steps to be taken medically and offer of funds to do so:


[Re recommended tests:]
From Mike to A:  11-5-2006  10:34 A.M.
A, I want you to have the books. That´s a huge library. No risk there. Could you get my clothes. There´s nothing I can do to get the research files to Ray in NY. I am too sick, too broke and too far away. nobody has time or money.

   But the library is my gift to you. I know you´ll take care of it.*********
[A. did not end up with the library.  Mike speculated that A might indeed have felt it too hot to handle.]

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