Saturday, May 03, 2014

Mike's Story Part 12: Blogreaders Weigh In

   News of Mike's flight to Venezuela had become public in August, with Carolyn Baker's description of the days leading up to his departure.  That, along with Michael Kane's account of the same period, makes interesting reading in light of Mike's final exit on April 13 of this year.
Since the blog had been assuming a greater role as FTW contracted, finally freezing into an archive site, a deluge of comments rushed in:

Some bore the telltale marks of disinformation.  Just as when the computers were smashed, the blog was besieged with messages that attempted to deflect the conversation away from FTW and towards the purported harassment of another "activist" whom FTW followers don't even mention by name, when Mike left the country, "news" flooded in about a journalist from a Neo-Nazi website who'd supposedly also, coincidentally at the same time, had to go into hiding.

I allowed some of this spam through: first, because the blog at that time aspired to be a forum for a broad spectrum of opinions:  second, because I'd posted a prominent disclaimer in anticipation of such an onslaught, to the effect that publication of comments should not be construed as endorsement etc; finally, to show we weren't afraid of them.  These days, I'd be more Draconian.  But in any case, the chaff was outweighed by expressions of genuine dismay:

All I can say is Wow! I am sorry it had to happen the way it happen, but I am very happy for you to be moving on and having the intestinal fortitude to do what needed to be done... Give em Hell... but find some peace. Howlin_Dog.

...I have to admit, that I am bummed... FreeAcre

  A salute from a follower with the eye-catching handle, "Allbetsroff."

 My husband and I have been following you and FTW for many years........... In our 2 hour commute home from work we would always read a printout from FTW and discuss the various issues presented.I think it's safe to say we love you... Mary Brown
c....... I couldn't help but cry when I read your latest messages...  I had this odd feeling... not even knowing all that FTW had been through, somehow I just knew [Oregon] was temporary. I guess it's all temporary. Anyway now I'm just bawling!...  Mrs. P

My only regret is... that I wasn't in your large suitcase. casecore

 To alleviate his growing despondency, I forwarded the messages to Mike who was heartened, writing, "It´s kind of like the final scene in Miracle on 34th when the mail bags come in."  His isolation and Herculean efforts were finally bearing the fruit of appreciation. He responded via the blog:

...I wish I could tell you all more about what my life is like here at the moment but I just can´t for reasons that maybe someday I´ll be able to ´splain to you.    These are terrible times for the planet and I fear they are going to get worse. Right now I am in something of an unavoidable limbo that seems to have no end. But it will, I´m sure. I mean, who the Hell am I to say, I´m 55 and have been through enough. I don´t need no more freaking evolutions. As always, my arms are too short to box with God."   The word '' 'splain" was an allusion to Ricky Rodriguez in the I Love Lucy show, the pre-eminent sitcom of the 1950's.  Mike had used the term at least once before, in his article, "Lucy, You Gotta Lotta 'Splainin' To Do," essential reading for anyone interested in the red flags known to the US government in the months leading up to September 11, concerning an attack on the World Trade Center.   
   The outpouring of support allowed him to admit a desire he'd been suppressing, perhaps in the belief that it would jinx his chances of achieving asylum status:  He wanted to come home.


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