Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Interior Secretary threw a major mody blow today to the enegry indisutry and its rampant duplicity. Interior's Minerals Managment Service (MMS) is perhaps the most important place in the government where reserves estimates and production data for everything from coal, to oil, to natural gas is compiled and reported. It has been one of the biggest fountainheads of lies giving the naysay to Peak Oil. In the last year a series of stories broke about how, throughout the Bush years MMS was lobbied by the enegry giants with ounces of cocaine, gaggles of prositutes and lavish getaways to spew the lies now so deeply rooted in the general American consciousness. You know, we'll vere run out of anything and we've been using everything for a hundred years and there's still plenty left.

You can bet that at least a dozen from MMS deserve to go to prison... and they will. Salazar made it pretty clear that he's going in with steel wool to do some scouring. The energy industry is on notice. I dunno. I expected this from Salazar and I have to say that after the first eight days, I'm pretty impressed with the Obama administration. We, you and I, along with other will take him to task on clean coal and increased domestic oil production and whatever other nonsense positions. But I can't help feeling that Mr. Obama wants to be forced to give up unattainable campaign promises. To do that he needs someone to hold his feet to the fire so he can say ouch before letting go.


We talk a lot about music here and I've shared some of my background. Businessman put up a track and dared me to do the same. Here it is. It's all me, with me doubling on parts of the vocals. We did it in-studio last night in about a half an hour. Enjoy!



Jenna Orkin adds:

Tokyo Rethinking Alliance with US in Multipolar World
Et tu, Tokyo?
Brazil May Look to US, Canada for Wheat
Brazil (the film)
"Now they've got the whole country sectioned off and you can't move without a form."
Russia and Iran Get Strategic
Gates Says Iran Bigger Worry than Russia in Latin America
Alberta's Tar Sands Pose Messy Challenge for Investors and Ducks
70% of Uranium Deposits Under Native Lands
How Long Will the World's Uranium Supplies Last?
High Fructose Corn Syrup Commonly Tainted with Mercury


ProGo said...

Mike, I gotta be honest, before I listened to the song I thought, anything that doesn't shatter the glass in my apt will be fine. But I was pleasantly surprised. I'm so used to listening to your lectures that your singning voice didn't register at all as sounding like you. I wouldn't sell the rights to FTW tomorrow but that was pretty good. Reminded me of something off a Tom Petty album.

guitarbuddy said...

Hey, Mike, nice job on the vocals! Here's one back at you, my jazz trio when I lived in the Twin Cities. I'm on guitar, BTW.

Dick McManus said...

US Justice Department covered up and failure to prosecute drug trafficking

see my on-line book (a work in progress)



desertfae-exposing the octopus said...

I'm trying to get in touch with Mike Ruppert. My name is Rachel Begley. I'm the daughter of Ralph Boger who was murdered along with Fred Alvarez and Patty Castro in 1981, connected to what was going on at the Cabazon Reservation in California. I am currently investigating their murders and I'm responsible for the cold case being reopened due to the evidence I've found. Fred (who was my dad's best friend and like an uncle to me) was a tribal leader there.
Both Fred and my dad were trying to expose what happened at the reservation when they were murdered along with Patty who happened to be at Fred's place, all shot in the head one time, execution style. I'm assuming since you are well versed in the drug trade that you're well aware of what went on at the Cabazon Reservation, or at least the drug ring part of what happened there.
I wrote back in late 2007 and was told that Mike was out of the country but I heard he is back now. Can you please have him email me at won't say anymore here due to this being too public. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike-

As always, the analysis is a great read. I don't write often but I read all the time. I had to say something about the song. What I love about ya is that you give everything your all--doesn't matter what it is or if it's a natural strength. The fact that you've got a good sense of humor through all of the hellishness we're all going through--and this includes Rosie--shows how developed a person you are. I admire that. I always wanted to tell you how much it meant simply giving you a ride back to the hotel all those months and months ago, when you were last in Eugene. It meant a lot to be able to know that, even for a short while, I was able to talk to someone who literally changed my life by the quality of work you do. You're a good man. Wish we could hang out again sometime.

agape wins said...

Thanks for the fine entertainment
Mike, I'll look forward to your first album!

On to a heavier note, thanks, Jenna! More than your sweetroll
High-fructose corn syrup, mercury, & On & on
Page down to the comments, the one headed: Heavy Metal Brew:*

The coal Ash wet impoundment that broke in Tennessee made the news cycle recently. The heavy metals component of that toxic spill was elaborated on. However it is surprising to me to know how little the public at large knows

agape wins said...

This deserves it's own post,

I have had contact actively, first in a service function for 29 Y's, & then as a retailer for the last 16 Y's,
In reply to; Ar, yes, part of it is "Hording", or I would call it preparing, "Hording" was what was done by our Dept of Ag., which
also "regulated" the prices! You can find many links to the amount of land no longer farmed,or diverted to animal feed, Corn Syrup, or other non food, high profit crops.

Everything revolves around greed, "The bottom line", as supplies decline, machines fail,& deadlines
approach, producers are forced to stretch the limits, hoping no one gets sick. I saw it first hand, over, & over in the Meat packing industry.

Sebastian Ronin said...

"Senator Warns White House Will 'Create Crisis' and 'Panic' to Push Stimulus"

Possibly the most telling quote by Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C in this story is, "... the Bush administration and now this administration knows that they’re not going to get a quick reaction out of Congress unless they create crisis and widespread panic. And that’s going to be their M.O. to get Congress to act.”

It looks like just one more flag, of the now many, attached to the "pending crisis" to be faced by the Obamaites in this first year of office. The conditioning of the public psyche is so crass and obvious it borders on being embarrassing...the crafting of spontaneity, i.e. Gee, never saw that one one ever could have imagined airplanes as missiles.

RayLeeUS said...

Damn you're good! I'm thinking "wow, he sounds a lot like Jackson Browne, and what is this song he's singing?" (dur).

Dave Crossland said...

MCR once suggested here that the oil price spike was higher than expected, and it seems the demand destruction is greater, so the price fall is lower too. This cuts off money to invest in maintaining what Simmons calls "rust bucket" oil infrastructure. Which means that the supply destruction is accererlated.

explains this in detail.

Also, the Transition Towns Handbook - the paper book that wasn't previously available online - is now available and welcomes you additions at

Can't wait for MCRs book! :)

Mike said...


Mike Ruppert you are large. You contain multitudes.

john said...

mike..mp3 link not working? this the jackson browne Rosie from running on empty?

eyeballs said...

Regarding the excellent article, ‘Russia and Iran Get Strategic’, regionalism is to be expected – not only because of peak oil, but because the American Empire is exhausted and unable to prevent it. Mutually productive relations between neighboring states, one of the default conditions of world politics, is often punctuated by warfare, but the war is often over trade.

For some time, the U.S. has been able to obstruct cooperation between the major states of Asia. But if a beleaguered America pushes hard on Pakistan, the government there is likely to warm to Russia, China and Iran, despite differences it has with each. Washington can’t stand up to all of them at once.

Russia and China are getting on better lately. Imagine the effect, if the several Asian powers could somehow all come to a long-term, stable cooperation. The oil and gas (not to mention the smack) would no longer belong to America and NATO. But Asia might get along pretty well, resource-wise.

At present, India, Israel and Saudi Arabia would ally with US interests, against such cooperation. But if India somehow got onboard, I think the Saudis would have little to say, and Israel would be ill advised to insist. That’s all bad news for Taiwan and Japan, who pretty much rely on U.S. muscle. But absent that muscle, they too would have little voice to object.

Here’s one pre-Mumbai article that suggested a possible India link:

And here’s another, post-Mumbai article from India, suggesting that’s now absurd:

Motive for the attacks?

Pakistan is a rotten board on the creaky footbridge, above the Chasm of Doom. Seems like an 800 lb. gorilla in an American uniform is ready to put his foot down. Can we please not go there?

Of course, Mike is right about the factions within supposed nations and within their departments and agencies, but I'm talking about the powers that run the oil, weapons and drugs, the powers that make treaties, war and domestic laws. In Pakistan the official government has recently changed and may again soon, but if nationalistic forces, insulted, cannot be overcome, they will send anxious tendrals reaching to Moscow, Beijing and Tehran.

You do Rosie very well, Mike. (Course, nobody does it like you can do it.) I’m sure there’s a lot of good folks who’d help you out with your, um ... music, if you showed interest. For another Jackson Brown number, very pertinent to our enterprise:


Anonymous said...

Regarding Uranium deposits under Native American Lands, the indigenous people in the Big Mountain region of the Dineh (Navajo) Nation have been under government repression for decades.

It is time to Heal Mother Earth, and Unite All the People of the Planet in Peace, regardless of their underlying spiritual beliefs.

Miracles Do Happen!!!

Green2Go said...

MCR! Great job.
Multi-talented for sure.
Thanks for sharing.

RanD said...

Concentrating Focus by Expanding Aperture - Jan 29, 2009

First off: if it were the best thing to do, RanD would provide utterly sincere gushingly appreciative personalized responses to every single FTW participant's absolutely wonderful specific comments &/or ponderings expressed on this ever consciousness expanding blog. As it is, however, rather than that, the even better thing for RanD to do comes about as follows:

As previously stated here, the human species & thus human condition are integral components of a fully Universal/existential Process. This means we are integral components of everything that exists throughout the Self-actualizing paradigm of this current Universe in which we find ourselves routinely doing whatever we're doing at any given moment, no matter where we choose to find and express ourselves to each other; all of which is done-- ultimately-collectively -- to fully experience and communicate to each other EVERYTHING THAT EXISTS EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME. Whether we've always managed to continuously know/remember that this is what we've always been, are and always will be doing for however long this current Universe has existed and will continue to exist, from this point forward all knowledge of what we are and what our collective existential mission/purpose/raison d'ĂȘtre is will soon enough become fully consciously fixed in us all.

As you can see, RanD's taking a real big bite into the future here, so hang on gals & guys and start grinning. We've entered warp speed.

Also as previously stated, this current Universe we're living in is an intrinsically Self-alive phenomenon; one of which "we" always have been, are, and always will be integral components -- AS SPIRITS. So it is that, being intrinsically incorporeal spirits from the outset of this current Universe's existence, in order to experience our Universe's physically actualized state of being has included learning how to live in physicalized bodies that our spirit-minds have had to collaboratively structure/evolve/create/produce -- in the name of "GOD" (which reverential word/name of reference represents life, love, reality, existence, and Universe). And it is hereby our spirit-minds' collectively focused consciousness of such actualities as just described that our spirit selves are made able to suitably function within/throughout the environmental conditions specific to whatever given localized region of our physicalized Universe that we choose to be integral components of at any given moment. For instance:

Right now, we self-conscious spirits who have chosen to physically/systemically live within & intimately experience the biospheric Earthen-Solar Locus' conditions of our Universe's Milky Way Galaxy -- AS A TEAM OF COLLABORATORS -- are here experiencing an infinitely wide range of interests and thereby generating a myriad of specialized perspectives within the context of ONE ultimate all-inclusive objective: the Universal Common Good. And btw fellow collaborators, we're doing very well at this by in fact doing EXACTLY what we agreed to focus on doing -- in compliance with the road map/plan we so many incalculable yrs before now designed and placed in front of ourselves -- just as we're doing today on this FTW blog; and as we will continue doing in the future via however many other novel means eternally in service to our common, singular objective.

Ah yes, EVERYTHING there is to be known about how these mechanizations of existence work is blossoming into view of everyone who has, whether from the outset or during the journey, either chosen, found or earned her/his way here to see, intimately experience, and ultimately know such things. And it's so immeasurably pleasurable to be here amongst dear friends, sisters and brothers -- again! Along with lovingly home-made music?... and all those healthy designs for achieving lovingly home-grown fruits & veggies to boot?... Wow!

Love y'all!

(RanD's next post: the source, part, and extinction of Subversive Mentalities/Behaviors/Practices.)

Sebastian Ronin said...

Re "Thanks for sharing." ??? Hi, my name is Seba and I'm a recovering Crooner-Doomer.

Anne said...

This article is right on regarding the most basic survival needs...Food and Water.

I would only add a much greater sense of urgency!

"We live off what comes out of the soil, not what is in the bank".

".....for 50 or 60 years we have let ourselves believe the absurd notion that as long as we have money we will have food".

tim said...

Though you've been told many times before, Messiah's pointed toward the door.....but no one has the guts to leave the temple...I'm free, and freedom tastes of Reality. -The Who

If I didn't care for you, and you didn't care for me too, we'd just zigzag away through the boredom and pain... occasionally glancing up through the rain....and watching for pigs on the wing.- Pink Floyd

RanD said...

BTW, MCR--you sing very very nicely. Sounds like you might be a whiz at doing renditions of Mr Henley's stuff. Ever tried The Last Resort? There's one that, when done does Henley, can wrench tears out of a rock.

Green2Go said...

Seba, you recovering crooner doomer, ;)
"Thanks for sharing" translation for you - Mike, thanks for sharing your musical talents for us to hear.

Bonnie said...

hello everyone

Nice going on the song Mike.

My quote of the day:
"The truth is always the only frontier and it has always been an inner one about seeking and unflinching acknowledgement
of what one discovers---which in the end inspires universal compassion. Looking upon the world with eyes as cold as ashes but with a heart like a furnace."
J. Bageant

Another great song for the playlist

Closer to The Truth


MCR said...

I know probably every song Don Henley ever wrote. That syas a lot! But, like Steve Perry from Journey, Henley has a voice and a range that no human being can replicate. I'm not sure Henley isn't an alien... Men in Black.

Only Jackson Browne equals his lyrics.

For a singer it's maybe the paramount inner conflict to have a Glenn Frey voice and a Don Henley heart and soul. (Eagles fans will truly appreciate that one, especially Don Felder whose book I read about a months ago.) I can only cover maybe four of DH's songs. One of my favorites, which is a true reflection of my spiritual attitude now (empahsis on the now), is "My Thanksgiving" from Inside Job... Unbelievable, uplifting lyrics!


FTW admin said...

mcr wrote

Dear DesertFae:

I know a great deal more about Cabazon than drugs. Cabazon was heavily involved with PROMIS software and I have a whole chapter in my "Rubicon" on it. However, I absolutely cannot at this point take a second away from preparations for the publication of my new book. As all my writings have said, I no longer expendany time to pursuing justice over past crimes. I have gotten involved in maybe five personal cases in the last fifteen years and they all sucked me emotionally and siritually dry after dealing with them and the pain they caused. That doesn't mean you shouldn't. You are much more deeply involved.

What you need to obtain is writing and a book called "the Last Circle"
by Carol Marshall. It's still out there on the web. See is a better
source than I because she's been to Cabazon many times and interviewed many of the parties. She also obtained direct documentary evidence. I have no idea how to contact her and haven't spoken with her in maybe
nine years. She's still around I'm sure.

Long ago I stopped getting involved with any personal cases. The personal grief and amount of work involved sucked life right out of me and I have seen only one case actually accomplish anything in twenty-plus years. I am needed now to help with the future. I wish you good luck and caution that currnt events combined with the intransigence already in the legal system is going to give you an uphill battle. I'm afraid that's all I can do to help you.


Anonymous said...

The Last Circle by Carolyn Marshall.

Also read MCR's blog entry from October 15, 2008.

And finally this comment for some further insights...

Murph & Freeacre said...

I am a consistent reader of this blog and have been following Mike's writing for many years now. Although I have followed this blog since its origin, I have not commented.

One of my big questions has been whether this economic mess was planned and being executed for some agenda or is the result of of incompetence and plain old greediness.

As Mike consistently says, connect the dots, follow the money. One of the dots I have not been seeing lately is some of the past information done in the 70's concerning the concept of "new world order" and the manipulation of mass thinking. Here is an article that I think is pertinent.

businessman said...

Great job on the singing, Mike! And you even multitracked it, too!

I'm with you, brother. Jackson Browne and the Eagles mean a lot to me. I saw that tour when Jackson recorded the song you just sang, Rosie. Back then it was called the Universal Amphitheater, and it was open-air, with no roof on it at the time.

I was actually born in Santa Monica, which I believe is where you're spending your time now.

Glenn Frey's "The Dog House" recording studio, where the Eagles recorded much of their most recent CD, is on Barry Avenue just south of Olympic Boulevard, just a few blocks from Santa Monica in West L.A.

redrosebeader said...

MCR, one of the things I like about you is your honesty and
your lack of false modesty!
Liked your singing!
I recently came across this Film clip taken by Thomas Edison in 1894: It is a rain, ghost, buffalo or? dance. I forgot that film is actually that old! We must never forget what we have done to native peoples all over the world.

ChrisJ said...

RE: H.R. 645 - Region VI Possible National Emergency Center. Just read the house bill and have a possible location for the Region VI center. Here are the requirements:

(1) CLOSED MILITARY INSTALLATION- The term ‘closed military installation’ means a military installation, or portion thereof, approved for closure or realignment under the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Act of 1990 (part A of title XXIX of Public Law 101-510; 10 U.S.C. 2687 note) that meet all, or 2 out of the 3 following requirements:

(A) Is located in close proximity to a transportation corridor.
(B) Is located in a State with a high level or threat of disaster related activities.
(C) Is located near a major metropolitan center

They "closed" Kelly A.F.B. in San Antonio in the 90's, now I believe Lockheed is running the base. I-10 and I-35 intersect in downtown San Antonio, and there is experience dealing with large groups as a large portion of the Katrina evacuees. I wonder how much info the hurricanes have provided in mobilize large groups of citizens.

ecosutra said...

Mike, keep the Bob Dylan out of your voice, try to stay lower and softer in the mix. there are times when you hit it right. I had to add reverb on my board to make it better.

Perfect example "She was sniffling all around", you hit it perfect, but then went into Dylan on the pup thing. I suggest pretending to be black. Find yourself Mike, find your voice. Its there, keep it constant!

Permaculture- planting non native species to repair landscape.

"We don't have enough local plants that can repair landscape in the time we need, to recover from the 250 years of degradation." Geoff Lawton.

Then he started talking about how America use to have camels. Extinct

We have come to a time when a new knowledge is coming. A new education to live in abundance while repairing landscape. What will be of the University system when people grasp the hands on do it yourself models of permaculture design sciences?

There is no time to teach the past only the future.

Raging Lefty said...

You are an honest cop, an excellent author, a blogger, a teacher, a patriot, a truthteller, a brave soul, a mapmaker, and a talented singer! WOW! But can you juggle?

PS: I loved it! Thank you for "Rosie".

Victor said...

Right on MCR. That's a real voice... I like it, for me, voices sound better when they have a little flaw... makes it human. Great song to sing too, BTW, he's a master, as we've said, Jackson Browne. You're welcome to sit in with my post crash blues band, should I be so lucky to hold one together.

In the spirit of fair play then:


MarcosLagoSalado said...

Hey Mike & Jenna
fascinating commentary in (the advertising industry newsletter) on the times that theres gonna be a Superbowl ad
for direct marketer cash4gold!
Direct-Response Cash4Gold Buys Into the Super Bowl
Ad Features Pitchman Ed McMahon, Rapper MC Hammer

MarcosLagoSalado said...

Hungary pushes for new gas pipeline
Act2 folks: did you see this 1/27 al jazeera article? intersting quote from article below

"The European Union should finance at least the beginning of the project to the tune of 200m to 300m euros, with credit and money from its own budget," he said.

European officials expressed support for the pipeline but stopped short of offering direct financing for the project.

Andris Piebalgs, the European energy commissioner, said that although the EU could provide loans and guarantees, it should not consider providing capital financing.

gildone84 said...

Nice job on the song, MCR.

While we're on the subject of music: David Francey (, one of the best storytelling songwriters around wrote a song about 9/11 called "Fourth of July". A couple lyric excerpts:

"I returned to the States one year after, the towers returned to the earth. And the sabers were drawn from their scabbards, they were rattlin' for all they were worth.

And I understand how that can happen, I don't need to ask anyone why. It's September and I can't help but think that, it looks like the Fourth of July...

...It's the powers that be pay the piper. It's the powers that be call the tune. They want all of us up for the dancin'. All howlin' away at the moon. But my ear's to the ground and I'm listening. I keep watch with a weather eye. It's September but I can't help but think that. It looks like the Fourth of July."

He's also written a chilling song about the execution of Timothy McVeigh ("Wishing Well"), and a great one called "Morning Train" that's a metaphor about how the messages of the gods from the various religions are really the same, but people don't just don't get it.

Another great song by an interesting artist, Dwayne Ford ( called "God, I'm Glad to Be Here" Excerpt below. Note: this song was written BEFORE Katrina:

"...The sea is rising in New Orleans. Comes up a foot or so each year. They say they'll build a wall to keep those hurricanes out. But there's nothing they can build to stop the fear.

They’ll be sending warning in from Brownsville. They’ll be sending signals from the Keys.
But I’ll just stand here on the mainland wall. And watch those bridges fall into the sea."

Chicken Little said...

fine, fine voice. Thank you.

Just to plant a song germ for you all - I told The Hubby if I go first I want the #1 song played at my final celebration and they can all lift a glass and whistle!

The top 10 “alternative funeral songs:

1. Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life - Eric Idle / Monty Python

2. Cabaret - Liza Minnelli

3. Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye - Gracie Fields

4. My Way - Sid Vicious

5. They’re Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa - Napoleon

6. Fame! I Want To Live Forever - The cast of Fame

7. We’ve Gotta Get Out Of This Place - The Animals

8. Going Underground - The Jam

9. Spirit In The Sky - Dr and The Medics

10. Enjoy Yourself, It’s Later Than You Think - The Specials

"The survey, commissioned by the Children's Society, also found that nine out of 10 people found talking about funeral arrangements more difficult than talking about sex."


Yetirider said...

Salazar kickin' some arse...Just saw this on the RMN website

Paul Davis said...

Going back a few posts and Mike commented about future disruption and riots in the UK. Myself and others didn't think it currently looked likely but now I see the first smoulderings of unrest.

Oil refinery strike to continue
Hundreds of striking energy workers are due to hold a mass meeting over the use of foreign workers on a construction project at an oil refinery.

As you see this isn't a normal strike about pay or conditions, it's about the use of foreign workers.

British White Van Man's (WVM = joe plumber) resentment over foreign workers taking British jobs has been simmering for some years now.

With thousands of jobs being lost across the UK it seems this could incident could incite others like it as frustrations boil over.

Jeff King said...

Speaking of music, this is one of my all time favorite songs and all time favorite video.

And the #1 greatest duet in rock history in my book. What’s funny though is that none of them make an appearance in their own video. The video is it’s own little short story. Art imitating Life imitating 30 year old videos...

Paul Davis said...

Hi again Mike & Jenna,

The BBC are reporting (8.30am GMT) that the "foreign worker" walkout has now spread to an oil refinery in Grangemouth, Scotland and to a power station in south Wales.

F.Kamilov said...

Below is the link to a very important article regarding the Pakistani Taliban. In fact, I was thinking of highlighting this theme myself in my next post, but along came this article to do it for me (just as Jenna had previously posted a link some days ago, two minutes before she read my post suggesting it!).

So "here goes", but I will add the following before signing off: the Pakistani Taliban are certainly an off-shoot of their Afghan bretheren (both also share the Pashtun ethnicity), but the conditions of their upsurge in Pakistan are somewhat different from why they proliferated in Afghanistan -- the Pakistani variant feeds more off the social collapse now underway in Pakistan due to systemic breakdown and dysfunction engendered by permanent elitist corruption, now becoming terminal. I read the article on Mexico's instability suggested by a list member in the previous series of comments - and believe me, I thought I was reading about northern Pakistani conditions: scores of daily kidnappings of citizens, corrupt officials and businessmen for ransom, targeted killings on the streets, the police being in-league and on-the-take with all kinds of criminals now cashing in on the absence of state writ.

There is a strong class element, not just religious puritanism, in the Taliban's struggle here, against the oppressive feudal landowning class, which the US supports. In this regard, the Pakistani Taliban movement can be likened to the "Liberation Theology" of the 1970s and 80s in Central and South America, which was a popular peasant-based reaction against the oppressive US backed dictatorships in places like Guatemala and El Salvador, etc.

Here is the article:

Faceless Taliban rule

Hikikomori said...

WOW! You can sing, Mike! I'm impressed! :) You remind me a Man of constant sorrow :)

I WANT MORE !!! :)

Donald Dee said...

Google Spy! The New App!

Mike, after reading your post on Google, I stumbled across this article. Is this the first step in the government contracting INC's to break our rights to privacy. The constitution protects the the people from the government not private INC's.

Google Maps Van Kills Deer, Google Earth Busts Pot Growers

businessman said...

The more I observe what Obama's been doing so far in his Presidency, it appears to me that George Bush's job for The Powers That Be was to deliver eight years of a total power and financial grab, looting the system for them before everything crashed economically...and it would no longer be as easy to do this for them anymore. And now Obama's job from The Powers That Be is to appease and appeal to the middle class and poor to deal with what's now left over for them.

Los Doggies said...

Check out the Post Carbon Institute's Presidential Energy Policy:

Post Carbon Institute's Real New Deal - Richard Heinberg

It seems they have teamed up with the Transition US initiative movement that offers a theoretical framework with which to build a relocalized community in your town. Looks like there have been some successes.

Also, if you are interested in the interconnectedness of all life and living in peace and harmony, then continue on the path of enlightenment with The World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle

There is a free download of the entire book.

wxdude714 said...

Putin's speech @ the World Economic forum 1/29/09

sunrnr said...

Water concerns (drought)are coming to the forefront of things to stress about in my humble opinion.

California -

Argentina -

Nevada -

Links courtesy of

The above site says the linguistics model from predict this will be "a summer from Hell".

Finding several secure sustainable water sources near your refuge should maybe move to the top of your preparedness list.

Everything is connected. Failure in one area will cause waves in many others, many of which may be unseen until too late.

And we thought we were the masters of the universe ...


p.s. MCR - your vocals and the blogs musical discourse provide a very much needed respite from the gathering storm clouds. Keep it coming and thanks.

Ed said...

I have to admit I listened to Rosie with a little smile on my face. Having known you all these years and listening to your renditions of your favorite Neil Diamond and Jackson Browne tunes, you've still got it my friend. Take care, be well and keep your head down Inspector Clouseau.

MCR said...

To Businessman: Your last description was exactly the way I saw it five or more years ago.

To Ed: Allloooooo! Life is good.


MCR said...

guitarbuddy -- Oh man... I bow on bended knees before your greatness. I used to to that before a blues guitarist named Sunny in Portland who used to play with my buddy Lisa Mann, ranked the 4th-best blues bassist is Oregon and multiple Muddy winner...

The drum solo was amazing. I am a frustrated drummer. Jenna knows.

To ECOSUTRA -- I have found my voice a few times and it was amazing. Your critique is that of someone who really knows whereof they speak. I listen to you.

Next time I do a song I'll be eager to hear what you say.

We are all trying to find our truest voices now.


businessman said...

Mike...I'm not as fast as you are at seeing things...but eventually I usually get it.

And I usually get it because you saw it first and then told me about it...;)

The fact that going back to last summer multiple lawsuits have been filed claiming that Obama is not a natural-born U.S. citizen, and therefore he's ineligible to be President, indicates that the people in control most likely wanted him to be President. The U.S. Supreme Court has so far refused to try any of the cases that have been filed about this, and multiple additional cases are now pending.

If our media was truly free here in the United States we'd be hearing about this in the national news. But this is just another example of how the media is controlled, and how we only hear the stories that the people who run things really want us to know about.

Do you think that multiple lawsuits being filed claiming that Obama is ineligible to be President is information the American people would want to know about? Whether or not the allegations about Obama's birth are true, this is a story that the American public would definitely want to know about.

When the news is damaging to people like Britney Spears or Michael Jackson we'll hear about it. But when it's damaging to the most powerful and influential families, or damaging to their overall game plan for us, we won't be hearing about it.

Here's a link to a TV news story that was shown in Toledo, Ohio on the subject:

And if you're interested in any additional information on this, you can search the Internet under the terms "Obama Birth Lawsuit" or "Obama Berg", as Philip Berg is the man who filed the original lawsuit.

businessman said...

When it comes to the drums, I live to hear music where Jeff Porcaro is playing them.

businessman said...

Mike...Since you're such a big Eagles fan here's a link to a good number of quotes from Glenn Frey about many Eagles songs over the years, and what was involved in both writing and recording them. He also has some quotes in there about some of his own solo work, too:

Among other things that Glenn discusses here, I had no idea that the original working title for "Hotel California" was "Mexican Reggae"! But you may have read about that when you read Don Felder's book.

I also enjoyed reading the book "To the Limit: The Untold Story of the Eagles", which was published about 10 years ago.

desertfae-exposing the octopus said...

Thanks for your comment back. I just happened to check here after all these months and saw it.
First, I'm not looking to drag anyone else into this with me. It's dangerous and I don't want to feel 'responsible' if someone gets hurt.
As far as different publications and what went on at Cabazon, I'm well aware of all aspects of what happened & I've read nearly everything that has anything to do with the area and what happened (part of my vetting process).
I have all the contacts/documentation and more than Danny Casolaro did, so I have a full picture of the 'octopus' at this point.
At this point, I'm not just doing this because of my dad's, Fred's and Patty's murder, true, that's what got me on this path, but I've uncovered A LOT of stuff that is relavant to things going on today and the future of the country, this is what I wanted to speak or email with you about, not to drag you into all this. Mainly to GIVE you information about current stuff and just compare notes about my dad's case (although, at this rate, I probably have everything needed in that respect).
You are well respected by my contacts and I've been told by more than one to try to speak with you, which is why I was here months ago, trying.
Rachel aka desertfae