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10:20 EST 1/1/2009 Russia Cut Off Gas Supplies to Ukraine -- JO


We're going to be saying Uh Oh! a lot. This is very serious in terms of potentital for loss of life. FTW's pages are filled with stories not only about the Ukraine and Russia but about how Britain -- at the end of the Russian gas food chain -- has between 30,000 and 50,000 "excess deaths" each winter. "Excess deaths" are situtations where the poor and the elderly must choose between feeding coins into heat-vending radiators... or eating. A disruption in Russian gas to
Europe could result (especially in this economy) in 100,000 or more British deaths and who knows how many more from France to Holland, to Belgium, to Germany, to Denmark, to the Czech Republic to...

Clearly this is the die-off scenario we did not want to see. The "free" markets at work. The Ukraine/Russia tension also holds fertile seeds for a nuclear confrontation in short order. At this point I cannot rule out a Russian military occupation of Ukraine. In fact, it looks to be only perhaps two steps removed from that as it stands now... And who could oppose it. OK, I see parallels with Europe in 1938 with the Anschluss -- the rape of Austria. There is no one Hitler
this time... It is now every Hitler for himself and that's what's really scary.

I'm working on a large piece for next week. About two or three weeks ago I told you what my predictions for 2009 were. They haven't changed.

Please make this New Year's full of love; special and worth remembering.

I feel a bit like Tiny Tim... "God bless us, one and all."


JO adds:

Medvedev Hopes For Better Ties with Ukraine, US, in 2009
But in case that doesn't work out, see article above for Plan B.
Gazprom Reeling

Kashmir Elects a Government Friendly to India
To Hurt Taliban, Pakistan Seals Off the Khyber Pass
US To Widen Supply Routes in Afghan War

Mckinney Relief Boat Hit By Israeli Ship
A Palestinian in touch with her relatives under bombardment, first hand accounts includes an update on Israeli harassment of a ship trying to deliver urgently needed medical supplies.
Free Gaza - end the blockade
Israeli newspaper with better coverage than US media, not ideal but does allow some dissenting voices through.
-- Gaza links provided by "M."

Kuwait Scuttles Venture With Dow Chemical
To the tune of over $17 billion.


FTW admin said...

cj wrote in part:

Here we have it. A whole bunch of articles within the past week or so detailing plans for martial law under a variety of pretexts. From the Washington Post:

Anonymous said...

re: my last post.

They commit 20,000 troops to the streets. There are 306,023,000 people in the US +/-. That's one soldier for every 15,300 people. They can't be everywhere at once.

M.D. Creekmore said...

This is a serious situation, that in my opinion could lead to world wide resource wars with the U.S. leading the way.

F.Kamilov said...

Pakistan's North West Frontier Province and its capital city Peshawar are nowadays facing gas and electric "loadshedding" previously UNHEARD OF, even in its history as a third rate third world country... there were always power cuts, but not on a scale like this. This is a country where the largest amount of cars in the world runs on gas - since 2002, that is.

The blog news headline JO provided a link to should read as "To Hurt Taliban...." not "To Hurt India, Pakistan Seals Off the Khyber Pass".
As far as I know, Pakistan has not sealed off the pass to spite the Taliban, as this article contends; its desperate forces are actually conducting an "operation" there to ferret out "miscreants" who among many other criminal things, used to attack NATO convoys and that is why it is sealed.

For this see:

Anne said...

Mike, Jenna, and all of you in this community:

At a time when the world can go horribly awry in mere seconds, I am reminded to cherish the moments of Peace and Joy when they come.

The following words were written many decades ago by my mother, and I thought I would offer them to all of you who make this place so very special...

Take this moment
Just this one

Grasp this moment
Let it run

Share this moment
Clasp it tight

Guard its deepness
Spread its light

Hold it gently
Let it play

Give it freely
Make it pay

Lend it - Love it -
Bind it - sever

Just this moment -
Now - or Never

Blessings To All of You, and Thank You for everything you give.


RanD said...

January 1, 2009

(Interestingly,) I failed to get this in ahead of MCR's & JO's New Year's Day 2009 post; nonetheless, the following remains RanD's New Year's Day 2009 post to all the world's FTW folks. As it is: although these words were generated after reading businessman's response to comments nade by Narender on FTW's Dec. 29, 2008 post, I wanted to share these uncommon words of the future with us all.

Dear businessman, thank-you VERY much for your enlightening response to Narender's mal-informed comment(s) on the role that the U.S.A.'s enslavement of black skinned people played in the U.S.A.'s Civil War. Moreover, thank-you in particular for pointing out the disturbing fact that "even today parents [at least most parents with white skin, and no doubt even a number of black skinned parents] wouldn't [generally] rise up and insist on sending their children into battle to protect the rights of black people here in the United States." Your response to Narender speaks knowingly (if not exhaustively) of why the human condition is in the state that it is today: EVERYTHING unacceptable about human behavior is rooted DIRECTLY to human character.

Throughout our species, generally not well understood if not entirely unknown is the fact that the whole of existence does indeed have an overarching/underpinning moral foundation. Nonetheless, human ignorance of such in no way diminishes the fact that a fundamental distinction between RIGHT and WRONG is essential to the capacity for anything meaningful and thus worthwhile to exist at all.

Moreover -- despite how much anyone might choose to think, or believe, or insist otherwise -- every single thought, feeling, and action of everything and everyone that has the capacity to effect and experience thoughts, feelings, and actions is able to exist EXCLUSIVELY as the consequence of ONE, SINGLE, intrinsically SELF-unied/SELF-unifying overarching/underpinning SOURCE of everything that exists. Whatever word or words another might prefer using to refer to that singular foundational SOURCE OF EVERYTHIG makes no difference; however one chooses to refer to the exact same SOURCE that's being referred to here is just fine.

As for what that ONE SINGLAR SOURCE that's being spoken of here is doing that should be of particular interest to everyone:

Right now, that SOURCE is ubiquitously perched ever ready, ever watching, ever monitoring, ever weighing, and ever waiting -- via all the while ever-continuously systemically interfunctioning throughout and intimately with the entire field of things that existence which are currently manifesting directly out of that SOURCE's own ultimately/essentially FEMALE SELF...yes, FEMALE SELF! Moreover, that SOURCE is right now preparing to very soon SELF-abort -- from HERSELF -- every fukking unacceptable practice and behavior -- WHETHER HUMAN OR OTHERWISE -- from the entire impendent future field of existence which is right now in the Process of also being born out of HERSELF.

Indeed, "God is right now again blessing us, one and all -- just as God always has and always will."

whistling grizzlybear said...

Conspiracy theory: it is hard for me to witness the attacks in Mumbai without wondering "who benefits", and who had the capability.

Any group that wants to make it more acceptable to kill people who can be depicted as 'Muslim terrorists' - they benefit from the attacks in Mumbai.

Were the attacks in Mumbai set-up to toughen our callous' about the current extermination of Palestinians going on in the Gaza strip ?

What is implied by this question - did the Israeli and/or U.S. government have a role in the attacks in Mumbai ?

Other than the precedent of false flag attacks and un-provoked wars on Muslims, and the American involvement with ISI (hand-picking one of their recently-installed leaders), there is no evidence to directly support the question I am asking. So I am labelling it as a theory.

FTW admin said...

thx f kamilov i fixed it

Eddie Willers said...

It seems the masses are content to blame the free market for all of the ills visited upon society. Nothing could be further from the truth. Governments are the root cause of all of these problems by interfering in markets, not by "allowing" markets to be free.

I think FTW's biggest weakness is its minimal understanding of sound economic principles.

The sooner we realize the fool's errand that is blaming freedom for economic woes, the sooner we can recover from our present woes. Applauding (albeit tacitly) government intervention will only exacerbate our present condition.

Sebastian Ronin said...

Re "Clearly this is the die-off scenario we did not want to see. The 'free' markets at work."

It is my understanding that the "die-off" scenario is quite different from a "systemic correction" (call it a Gaian purge, if you will). If one overlays a population graph over the depletion slope of Hubbert's Peak, it is possible to forecast such a purge of between 3-5 billion over the current century. Without the industrial oxygen of oil, the planet's carrying capacity resorts to pre-industrial numbers, i.e. 2-3 billion. The numbers projected for Britain/Europe merely show us that things will not be limited to the poorer countries. If we like it or not, or agree with it or not, is really beside the point. The slide has begun. Some are prepared, most are not.

Also, the ecological correction of the planet's population cuts across capitalist, socialist and communist. It is the civilization of industrialism that collapses. Whatever economic systems are at work in industrial nations is secondary. The "free" industrial markets will suffer the same fate as the "unfree" industrial markets.

FTW admin said...

to eddie willers:

re our "Applauding (albeit tacitly) government intervention"

we did? we've been recommending for ages which advocates the opposite;
also referring readers to john crudele's foia articles.

anyway, what kind of intervention and for whose benefit?

KimB said...

As I sit here in the summer, sub-tropical heat of the Brisbane, Queensland, Australia environs, I read these latest comments with huge fear. My close family are all still in the UK, though all my children are here with me.
And, whatever else eventuates here in Oz at tropical/sub-tropical latitudes, at least we won't freeze to death . . .

Eddie Willers said...

In re-reading the article above I clearly mis-interpreted it. Oops!

My "blaming freedom for government's problems" trigger is admittedly a bit quick these days...sorry for the confusion!

MCR said...

Man, was I misunderstood.

By saying "the free markets at work" I was NOT saying that the free markets had created the situation. In my new book I make the case that "the way money works" did. There's a significant difference.

It's clear that between 2 and 5 billion will die off. What I protest is that the free markets are making the decision as to which 2-5 billion that will be; Henry Kissinger's "useless eaters". What is happening is that the collapse of the economy is turning people who were productive workers yesterday into useless eaters tomorrow. Who's next?

I have always felt the the decision should be made some other way, based upon some other criteria. If it remains this way then we will have been a species which had as its ultimate raison d'etre, something as foolish, illusory, shallow and disconnected from reality as money.

It has been the way money worked, along with a one time energy widnfall, that took us to 6.5 billion. And it looks like it will be money that makes the decisions on the way down.

That is precisely the one thing that I am trying to change.


pleison2 said...

mike,so what criteria should be used to choose who lives and who dies?
this is geting pretty scary.

feliz año

agape wins said...

I am in total agreement with Mike,
I understood his point
strightforward, first reading!

The point is, the way money works,
and how it is no longer working.
The TPTB are constrained by money
and how it is failing, we each of us has a future, but if all we can think about is # 1, we are no better than "those in control"/or out of, it seems to me.
If we can't get outside of ME &
start living the Emotion of Feeling (Amae), we are in danger of having no Future.
There are examples all around us
of those who have put others before themselves, I could list some, I will later, for now just
think about what Mike went
through to bring YOU to where you are today, the first day of 2009,
the Beginning. Or will WE,each of
us make it the end?
We make a future together, or we
fail alone!

BTW: if Gold goes to $2,000 per
oz., or higher($10,000), where
are you going to trade it,
Safeway? How are you going to protect it & yourself?
In the past those with resources
traveled in caravans, guess why?

Sebastian Ronin said...

Mike, re "Man, was I misunderstood."

Okay, clarified...somewhat. However, by highlighting "free" only in the original post (as opposed to the parentheses block of "the free markets at work" in your response), I think you may see how the mis-perception happened.

Re "What is happening is that the collapse of the economy is turning people who were productive workers yesterday into useless eaters tomorrow. Who's next?"

Yes, that is what is happening. So now that theory approaches praxis, we are left with having to own the condition, or not. Kissinger's elitist ramblings aside, those of us in the loop have known for some time that we were in for a world of hurt. So now it is upon us. What needs to be done?

Re "If it remains this way then we will have been a species which had as its ultimate raison d'etre, something as foolish, illusory, shallow and disconnected from reality as money."

Yes, a majority will have been such a species because that has been exactly their "raison d'etre." I think even for a great many urbanite Peak Oilers the enormity (and their predicament) of the situation has not settled in. Cranking out cyberspace bons mots has no return. On a historical and global scale, what lies in store will make the Black Death look like a nose bleed.

Again, the condition prods the political challenge: What needs to be done?

Eddie Willers said...

MCR, I totally agree that we must change the way money works before any substantive change will be realized. Ideally, a return to a commodity-backed (i.e. gold) standard is best - as only commodity-backed money contains within it the ability to foster sustainable, real economic growth while simultaneously limiting the growth of government.

If I understand you correctly, you stated that free markets will determine who will die off...or determine who are Kissinger's "useless eaters." This statement is incompatible with free markets for two reasons.

First, free markets are about individuality and liberty - personal freedom of choice and lifestyle. I think you have government intervention (through rationing, caps, tariffs, and a host of other economic perversions) confused with markets. Only in a free market is the consumer king; in government, special interest is king.

Second, Henry Kissinger is far from a free marketeer. A lifetime bureaucrat, how can we expect him to NOT support every possible government intervention?

Money becomes disconnected from reality when it is issued and manipulated by government fiat. Rubicon opened my eyes to this fact several years ago. The free market is the only solution to today's woes...and a commodity-backed currency is the easiest way to limit (and decrease) the size of government.

Eddie Willers said...

Of course, I could be mis-reading your comment again :)

(sorry for the double post)

Michiel said...

This great looking game saterically explains the story from the perspective of the Bush clan.

sunrnr said...

"The Secret and (Very) Profitable World of Intelligence and Narcotrafficking"

I'm quite sure MCR is well aware of this information, but to me being an outsider peering it, it corborates much of what FTW, Mike, Jenna and other expert contributors to this blog have been saying.

Everything is interconnected, an integrated system as it were. Jiggle one of the cards in the house of cards and the entire structure reacts.

And it's all about money, greed, power and absolute control.

I'm beginning to think the game has become everything to these people, not just a means to an end.

I also agree with MCR, things are spinning out of control for the Empire, the Elites and TPTB as the integrated system has become a living thing which has become unpredictiable and uncontrollable.

Seeds to our their and our destruction being sown everyday.

But, as indicated in the article, there are those like MCR and FTW that continue to attack the beast looking for vunerablities.

Like a pack of wolves trying to take down a Grizzly bear, let us all continue to work together for our mutual benefit. Nature proves it can be done.


RanD said...

January 2, 2009

Hey Michael, your valid concern-laden statement that "What is happening is that the collapse of the economy is turning people who were productive workers yesterday into useless eaters tomorrow", and having "... always felt [that] the decision should be made some other way, based upon some other criteria"[, which would make of us human beings something much grander than merely] "...a species which had as its ultimate raison d'etre, something as foolish, illusory, shallow and disconnected from reality as money[,] precisely the one thing that I am trying to change", speaks directly to the reason why all of us are here working on these same pages down at FTW, as a team.

The resolution of your above stated concern can only come from the ultimate SOURCE referred to in my above previous post of yesterday, Jan 1, 2008. That SOURCE is fully accessible by each and every reasonably healthy human body with a reasonably well developed/balanced -- predominantly compassion and logic oriented -- mentality. "Thinking in this direction" and sharing word of it, wherever possible and sensible to do so, works very well for all parties comparably concerned.

As for helping resolve your above stated concern, it's inexorably necessary that you fully mentally assimilate the actuality of fundamental distinctions between spirit, mind, and body -- as follows:

That which is truly alive is that which by SELF-definition intrinsically cannot die and therefore NEVER DIES. Everyone and everything that is alive is made alive by systemically possessing throughout its mental-physical self its respective "spirit", which spirit is an extension of that ultimate SPIRIT that is the SOURCE of everything that exists.

That which is one's "mind" is a manifestation of the Universal Mind, with the Universal Mind being the very first-born out of the ultimate SPIRIT that is the SOURCE of everything that exists. The Universal Mind is therefore the Mind of GOD, which Mind Jesus referred to as his heavenly Father. Here we are informed of the True "Parents" of us all, as well as of Jesus and everyone and everything else that has ever existed, exists, or will ever exist within the SELF-defining parameters of this currently SELF-manifesting/ever-evolving Universe. Thereof the coupling of our True Parents came into existence everything that has existed and will ever exist -- of course including physical reality:

It is readily evident to all that physically tangible, measurable, and thus quantifiable corporeal reality is "genuine" and thus "real". However, it is also readily evident to all that when physically structured objects and devices -- such as marble statues, fence posts, human bodies etc., for instance -- possess neither living spirit nor mind, that such bodies are, in themselves, indeed definitively "not alive". It is a fundamentally (psycho)logical tenet of reality's foundation that inherently non-living physical objects, materials, substances, elements, etc. -- i.e., 'graven images' -- NOT be used as if they had intrinsic value. It is a corruption of Truth and Logic to do so, and much of the global-wide consternation we see today concerning money, economic, and ecological systems stems directly from our having been treating (i.e., 'worshipping') physical quanta as possessing intrinsic value. Hence the source of your above expressed concerns.

By Truly knowing these things and implementing such knowledge to one's life, one soon enough begins to realize that the only source of dismaying concerns is insufficient knowledge of reality's actual construct and one's personal connection thereto. For instance, from the information just given it is made evident that the SPIRIT that is GOD which never dies, and is the existentially SINGULAR SOURCE of which we ourselves are made alive, aware and knowledgeable of all that we need be, is right now providing us with everything we ask for and need through the very course of our doing as we have been -- just like we're doing right here. And I assure you, the work that is going on here via FTW is effecting positive ramifications far beyond what a predominant number of us have traditionally been inculcating ourselves to believe possible is True and thus sensible.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, and seeing to it that we gain all of it that we can to each other will put us exactly where we synchronistically need and want to be exactly when we need to be there. And it's good not to bitch too fervently when one sometimes doesn't get quite exactly what one might have thought one wanted or needed; the continuous need of refining one's thinking is fundamental to physically-embodied life.

Love y'all.

Stacy Brittain said...

Hello Mike and all,

This is not quite on today's topic but I wonder if you know of the book, "Unforgiven: The American Economic System SOLD for Debt and War" by Charles Walters. I just picked it up recently -- bought it about 5 years ago but since reading Rubicon I'm able to understand it better. I think you might find him a kindred spirit. The book was originally written in 1971...the author has been speaking out on this stuff for years.

Here's a quote from the back of the book: "They [Wilken, Ray, Coulter and Adkerson -- the book is written in regards to their work] demonstrated how all new wealth enters an economy as raw materials provided by Nature. By fairly monetizing these raw materials, an economy is diverse, balanced, and free of debt...the crisis this book addresses has become even more increasing wealth gap, a crumbling internal economy, human and economic harm inflicted upon our trading partners, millions of family farmers driven from their land, and small, privately owned businesses becoming extinct...Wilken (Carl Wilken et al.) feared the concentration of power "in a few strong hands" as the deadliest enemy of a free society and saw the demise of independent enterprise and the family farm as the final curtain for the most dramatic social experiment in history: the American Dream."

Also on the back of the book in regards to the author: Charles Walters is called by the National Organization for Raw Materials (NORM) the "consummate living reference source on raw materials economics" and the "foremost biographer of the raw materials equation."

Every time I pick up the book to read it makes me think of you and your work...

Thanks for all you do. Take good care!

sunrnr said...

Here's the "2009 Annual Forecast" from the webbot project.

This document comes from

The webbot project used to develop this report is a very interesting use of technology and appears to have a pretty high hit rate.

The report pretty much coalesces all that's been talked about on this blog to date.

It predicts we're headed back to the 1900's level of living at the very least.

Lock'n load and get ready to rock'n roll ...


FTW admin said...

Andrew Ryan wrote in part:


I have always felt the the decision should be made some other way, based upon some other criteria.

Enlighten us. Just come clean and tell us how you would prefer the 2-5 billion (that's a pretty broad range by the way, isn't it?) are going to "die off"?

FTW admin said...

Andrew Ryan wrote in part:


I have always felt the the decision should be made some other way, based upon some other criteria.

Enlighten us. Just come clean and tell us how you would prefer the 2-5 billion (that's a pretty broad range by the way, isn't it?) are going to "die off"?

Mark said...

"Enlighten us on how to arrange the die off? "

I feel like as we arrange for people to migrate to permacultures, there are people arranging for die off. Well, what are you arranging other than a check list?

Are you building design for sustainable systems? That is who will be chosen to survive. Everyone else will be in big trouble. Yes?

I do not think you have to worry about who is going to be chosen to survive. That is all up to nature.
She does not need FTW's help.I appreciate the die off news though. I would not miss it for the world.

pleison2 said...

Where you live is important in order to you live in a town?that's a city ,that's bad.if in a town,do you have some land to grow food?know how?can u do without heating in winter?
I'm lucky i live in a town and own land,but when comes to health I'm fucked since I need some pills for life but won't b available when civilazation goes to hell.
this are the main things to think about ur chaces,I humbly think.

KimB said...

I absolutely love Mike’s analysis and writings, and his pithy, take-no-prisoners style – however, there’s one point where I diverge. Both our present monetary system, and seeking some kind of “Security” in physical gold, have the same root. Fear. That’s what got us into this mess, and it won’t get us out. TPTB are too shit scared to let go of the present system, even as it destroys them too, and in the end, hoarding physical gold will be equally useless. Fear is at the root of addiction. Mike knows something about this subject (as I’ve picked up from his writings), and I’ve also learnt some painful lessons after working in a de-tox unit for over ten years. Hoarding gold, instead of relying on our fractional reserve banking system, is like switching a two-bottle-of-whisky-a-day habit for a 50-tab-of-Valium-a-day one. Both stop the jitters, but at what price? Better this quote from “Charge of the Dark Goddess”:

“I am the chrysalis in which you will face that which terrifies you and from which you will blossom forth, vibrant and renewed. Seek me at the crossroads, and you shall be transformed, for once you look upon my face, there is no return.”

So what am I investing in? Primarily loving relationships with those in my expanding circle, knowledge, water (two very large rainwater tanks), seeds and soil. Fear is extremely useful and very necessary, but as our teacher, not our master.

zeusij said...

The die off is inevitable. Hopefully it will be as little as possible. Hopefully we will adapt quickly, work together, learn to live with less, and keep our rights in the process. I do like to hope while preparing for the worst.

Anonymous said...

RE: the collapse/die-off/the end of the dollar, etc.:

When I bring up the topics mentioned here on FTW blogspot with friends and acquaintances, they tend to look at me as if I am insane. They seem totally confused about why I am putting in a woodstove, getting gardening equipment, warm clothes, food, etc. together. I direct them to this blog, Rubicon, Oil Empire, etc. and hopefully they are reading with open minds. I find it pretty scary to think that 99.44% of the population is either clueless as to what is on their doorstep or they've taken the blue pill. Our children have lived their entire lives as if every day is Christmas. They will be totally unprepared and will have some very painful adjustments to make. Most folks in our modern world have no idea how to budget, do without, cook from scratch or fix their own belongings, much less grow their own food, save water or use their resources in a conservative way. I think now would be a good time for parents to have a serious talk with their children about what is coming, but most parents are still in a state of denial themselves. If the network news says everything will be okay, the so be it. I don't know what would be worse: living with poor people who find themselves with no resources or rich ones. There are a lot of gun-toters out there and maybe that is how a lot of people think they are going to survive. Makes me wish I lived way out in the wilderness like Dick Proenneke in "Alone in the Wilderness" - only with my son and a few close friends.

sunrnr said...

SEC approves changes to reserves reporting requirements - "WASHINGTON, DC, Dec. 30 -- The US Securities and Exchange Commission unanimously approved changes to its reporting requirements for oil and gas producers. The adjustments reflect technological improvements over the last 25 years, SEC said Dec. 29."

"They also allow producers to disclose probable and possible reserves, which contrasts to earlier rules that limited disclosures to proved reserves."

"... if wishes were fishes ...."


sunrnr said...

Gas exporting countries form charter, choose Doha as base - "LONDON, Dec. 30 -- The Gas Exporters Countries Forum (GECF)—a group of the world's largest natural gas suppliers)—has established a charter and chosen Doha as the home for its permanent secretariat, signaling Qatar's growing importance in the natural gas market.",-choose-Doha-as-base/?dcmp=OGJ.Daily.Update

"The Moscow meeting was held amid growing concerns that Europe could suffer a shortfall in gas supplies from Gazprom due to a $2 billion debt dispute that the company has with Ukraine. Ukraine has since agreed to pay the debt."

Oh, boy?!


businessman said...

Most of us in here know that Mike moved to Ashland, Oregon for awhile, and that he feels that area has some very positive things going for it to live in and simultaneously deal with the coming ramifications of Peak Oil.

Does anyone have their own top ten list of cities or towns they'd recommend living in to deal with the coming ramifications of Peak Oil?

anton v said...

Maybe the Saudi's have even less oil than they're admitting, thus these preparations, or do they know something about US plans for the dollar (or both)?

Oh - to Businessman and others thinking of moving during this period: If you haven't read Mike's posts upon his return from Venezuela and then subsequently to L.A., he offers several nuggets of wisdom on this topic.

fleetfox said...

I don't know if places like Ashland are good for short term survival. Think about security. Would people allow for such a community to thrive while they suffer? Who will protect you? 300 mil people are not going to simultaneously move toward permaculture societies for obvious reasons. You're probably looking at several years of untimely death due to chaos & confusion among other unpleasantries. The key is trying to make it through this period and then form communities like Ashland. The wealthy will rely on their gold/money to hire gunmen to fend off the useless eaters. This is nothing new. We'll be living in an age of fear so gold/money ain't going anywhere. I would think the more remote the better for survival, at least in the near term. Pac NW seems to be the easiest climate to survive in (no extreme temperatures, rain, wildlife, good growing conditions). Colder climates will require more skills to deal w/ winters & scarcity. Those who own such land are lucky. Those who don't, should pool whatever they can toward acquiring & sharing such property. If some west-coasters want to brainstorm, I would be down. Geography. Not sure about timing but I would think sooner is better. I could be wrong.

pstajk said...


Your response regarding the civil war makes sense.

As far as your list goes
#1 Vermont / New England!
#2 Canada
#3 the American midwest
#4 my basement?
#5 don't buy a gun

I just saw the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still ... incredible (and yes, as far as the aliens and such go, nonsense) but allegorically it hits very close to home (EARTH, OUR HOME).

And everyone who is talking about the futility of buying gold - i'm with you guys, what's the point? i'd rather die broke with friends than rich and friendless.

This whole idea of the AMERO is a crock of shit.

Build a transit system like Kunstler's been screaming about for the past 5 years now!

Hey, by the way if we (or maybe just myself) are all saying Vermont won't everyone else be thinking the same? Where the heck are all those people in NYC and LA going to head?

eyeballs said...

to cj:

Your comment on talking real sense to the kids is right on. But the suppleness and quick reactions of young people should not be paralyzed by unnecessary constraints. Key concept from Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide: DON'T PANIC.

Living alone in the woods is safe??? Our ancestors bunched together for good reasons. If Pa gets hurt and needs a doctor, who will fetch one? From where? While Junior is gone and Pa's laid up, who will protect the homestead and the flocks?

We need each other. It's best to have 20-50 good-hearted, mutually sympathetic people who have their heads on straight, in a village just out of the way of larger towns, but close enough to source goods and services. Who can get along with that many people and raise the necessary material foundations and move in before the storm breaks for real? As far as anyone will be "safe", I should think it would be these.

agape wins said...

I started this on Jan. 2nd., from the posts I have seen today, people are starting to wake up, the future is looking brighter.

Businessman asked about moving, STAY! MCR moved three times, & finally returned to his Base, He admits LA has it's faults, but he feels at home, he thinks like the locals, & knows his way around when the chips start to fall. Consider how he was treated, he was an outsider, therefore suspect! It takes time to acclimatize, time which should
be spent forming the community needed for survival.
If you feel forced to relocate find your base, somewhere
that you once felt at Home. That means you think like a local, and
they accept your presence, as Alice (Alice in Wonderland), said "There is no place like HOME!"

You can taste the dislike of those around you, but it will not feed

Regarding our fiat money & a return to a Gold based currency.

MCR has drawn the map, we have exceeded this planet's carrying capacity, and now with our reckless printing of worthless Money(?), there is little possibility of a return to GOLD!

That is, without forcing everyone to give up their supply, what
do you think that will take?

When Mike says "How Money works" he is not talking about what you have in your pocket, but SOMETHING that works to replace what is no longer working/never worked well, except for those who controlled the supply!
I can not institute the change, MCR, would already have, if he was able; its going to take a Team effort, BUT where is the TEAM? We are the team, chasing around in circles, avoiding working as the winning TEAM to solve what MCR has
defined as what has to be changed--Before anything else can be
changed !
It always comes back to getting above selfishness & working for
the good, & betterment of the TEAM. Greed has brought us to
Today, the 3nd of 2009, three days closer to the Future, which only
we can make.

In response to F. Kamilov about those living on the margins, They
will be here long after our die off, it would be too expensive to
eliminate them, & also solve nothing! We do have a lot to learn from them, that was my point in the first place.
The die off will/has to be in OUR energy consuming World.
As MCR stated, there is no Hitler (or Stalin, or Mao Tse-tung), we must decide to get above their destructive mindset and concentrate on saving as many lives as possible. First start with how we trade (Money), the rest will be easy!
Now it's the Steel mills!

agape wins said...

Wait just a Minute!

Is this going to save any Oil,
Encourage innovation, or postpone
the collapse?

saoirse said...

Business Man:
I'm not sure it's really possible to predict the top ten places to live post peak- because how everything falls down is so uncertain. I think it also depends a lot on people too (the kind of personalities, skills etc that one town or another has)- though definitely small town.
I'm living in France, and have chosen a self-sufficient town, hidden away in the country, surrounded by forests and farming land with exceptional soil, fresh springs, and river full of trout...a community that consists of many skilled tradesman, farmers and other skilled professions. The kind of people that you know work well together (at least the majority)...after that, I cross my fingers.

Joera said...

Dear Mike and Jenna,

Ukraine situation is far from as dangerous as you describe. Ukraine president is bluffing. Since SU Ukraine has received subsidized gas for 1-2 billion dollars a year. Yushenko wants to change overlord, but 'the West' will not pick up the bill.

We - the West - believed the orange revolution was about ideals, freedom and souvereinty. We were naive.

Even more naive was Ukranian orange leadership who expected the west to pick up the bill Russia has been paying before and is still paying.

We don't love Ukraine like Russia loves Ukraine. Period.

What we see these days is the last effort to get some (financial) result from western capitals for Ukraine's western course. Bad timing. Money is expensive these days.

The orange regime is on its last legs. The next president will quit playing anti russian games and settle debts. Everyone, who cares to be informed, knows this. Otherwise the country will fall apart. So, there is no real threat of escalation. Just international scheming by a president with one digit approval ratings at home.

Like in 2006 Yush hopes European capitals will fall for the fear of Russia's gasweapon. Since that year, however, Gazprom has upped its PR efforts.

Everyone serious - not necesarily the journo's - now knows that when there is gas missing on the European side, it's the Ukrainians who have been stealing. At the moment there are German lawyers sitting on Russi-Ukrainian border monitoring how much gas is going in. Russia will not be fooled twice.

At the moment, Ukraine president is buying time, hoping for financial aid from European capitals. In a few days he will pay. Timing will have all to do with the political fight between president and premier.

Russia will do nothing. Political mismanagement of pro-western cligue is so bad that democracy (as in the choice of the people)will soon improve relations between both countries.

Don't worry. Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

According to CNN, Israel has begun moving ground troops into Gaza...uh oh.

H. R. Wolf said...

I'd like to recommend a few sources:

Also, please check out Max Keiser. His (and Stacy Herbert's) podcast is excellent material.

All the best,


Anonymous said...

To saoirse:

Can we come live in your community? Sounds ideal. I even speak passable French.

Sebastian Ronin said...

Re the several mentions about Vermont being an ideal location as we enter Post-Peak Oil, it may interest you to know that Vermont is considered to be the state most likely to secede. For further info see:

New England/The Maritimes is a good location. Yes, the winters are rough and can only get in one crop during summers. Total population of Novacadia is 5 million with no one city being over 200,000. Majority of population is rural, so there's your political base. Rural property in The Maritimes is dirt cheap, and will stay so even relative to the real estate collapse.

As an ex-Cascadian, I wouldn't hold my breath about the West Coast. Right on the coast is okay, but up in the mountains there are only a few fertile valleys. Nice if you can romp around in a 4x4, with like infrastructure, but those days are coming to an end.

businessman said...

Thanks for the responses. I'm not planning on moving immediately, but I want to be prepared with some options to research as alternatives for the future. I know that oftentimes people describe the kind of environment that would be ideal to live in as Peak Oil makes things more difficult for all of us, and I thought it would be helpful for some of the people in here to mention some cities and towns that fit that description.

bostx said...

Joera, thanks for the accurate analysis. The sky isn't falling.

saoirse said...


sure, come on over~
Yes, sounds ideal...and it is, but one can never really know if they're in the right place- a little bit like gambling, but seems as good a chance as any. It's also ideal since there is a hydro power generator (from the river)- so that can keep the main core of town running. It's a medieval town- and the French always build their structures to support a siege- so that can be handy too! lol Anyway- what else can we do, but try to position our selves as best we can!

RanD said...

Hey Wow! What dynamite commentary a-comin' to us all via the FTW cyber-waves -- all you sweet-hearts brothers and sisters! We all no doubt are keepin' our #1 mind-openers MCR-&-JO a'grinnin' and ourselves a'concentratin' ear to ear. Thank y'all!... and... Ain't Life Great!

Rice Farmer said...

Businessman - Whether you relocate or not, community-building is the most important thing you can do.

If you want to take your chances in a city, fine. You might luck out. My personal recommendation is to stay away from big cities, as in the main they will turn into disaster areas. A rural location near a small town, or in a small town itself, would have good potential. Low population and plentiful surrounding farmland and forest is good. Also consider availability of water. A river is a source of water, food, and a good transportation artery. If there is forested land that can be sustainably harvested, so much the better. Get a high-quality wood stove (not a pellet or corn stove -- they are idiotic). And chickens are a good thing to have. They provide practically free eggs (and eventually meat). Chickens will thrive on weeds and insects.

RanD said...

January 3, 2009

In response to cj's concerns about "the collapse/die-off/the end of the dollar, etc.":

All the above actualities -- with Peak Oil, along with Peak Resources, in general, also of course being integral components -- are either imminent or already occurring and all heading straight for one or another state of collapse relative to humankind's current level of physical needs. In terms of where "physically" to go to survive all these perceived unpleasant/not-yet-prepared-for things that are (and/or soon will be) taking place, one best picks a spot where one's feelings coupled with one's own good sense about one's personal circumstances want to take you; all the while knowing that ultimately no "physical" place exists where anyone can go to escape what's taking place throughout Earth's current human condition. This is a primarily mental-spiritual experience we're going through here on planet Earth, and the only way for the human organism to fulfill its mental-spiritual requirements within the context of a mental-spiritual experience is to elevate one's consciousness of reality -- which is what human life is ultimately all about anyway.

As for the spooky specter of "die-off" specifically (which misnamed actual issue is better recognized as merely being attrition -- which is going to happen like it or not -- of Earth's over-population of human bodies), it requires only a minimal/sufficient number of human organisms to accommodate the minimal/sufficient level of cosmic consciousness required to meet one of the current Universe's primary existential purposes --which, again, includes both producing and sustaining the human species while at the same time progressively bringing it into general consciousness of reality.

Given the fecundity of our species within a reasonably well-functioning environment, I'd say your guestimated inference of around 40 million fruitful human bodies (.56% of Earth's current human population of app 7 billion living human organisms) in service to the Universal Common Good should provide all the seed-stock necessary for ensuring the human species' evolutionary continuum.


And kudus to you, KimB, for speaking to us all of how one is capable of being beautifully well tuned-in with the ever wise and firm and loving and playful rhythms of reality.

agape wins said...

Jan, 4, 2009

Water is our most important resource, we exceeded waters peak sometime in the 1950's! The pollution is everywhere, even bathing can be dangerous.
Those with health issues can be endangered by what is added to our drinking water, plus all the drugs that are flushed!

To these 8 add #9, after the die off starts, the unattended dead.

Dams can, & will be dangerous as we pass peak because of failure;
regardless, there are water issues!

Everyone needs a water test kit.;_ylt=AomCGSR9jHi_qG1eerTFgbdG2vAI?p=water+test+kits&fr=my-myy-s&toggle=1&cop=&ei=UTF-8

The only sites that I could find want to sell you something, you should have a local extension agency that can supply you with local dangers and testing.

Boil or distill any unknown water, it could kill you, I'm sure it will kill many.
It's best to find a good clear spring & test it!

As I have said before, stay where you know the ropes, prepare, educate those around you, but foremost, work to improve the Negative conditions around you.
Remember when you move you become like a baby, Dependent on someone who knows less than you and maybe doesn't care.

Question everything, think clearly, and use your God given Talent!!
For a much Brighter Future.

agape wins said...

When should we ask for help?
Is it better to die trying or accept help; at what point in our future?

Anonymous said...

Re: the need for water

Some of the posts on this blog have really driven home the need for a clean water supply. What's the use of a lot of dried storage foods if one has no water to prepare it with? Just walk to the river, only 1/2 mile away, right? What if it isn't safe to leave one's home? I've considered putting a shallow well in my basement as there is a section with a sand floor. 24 hour access, confined inside one's home, somewhat clean water, possibly safe in case of nuclear attack (because it comes from underground). You need a wellpoint, threated pipe, connectors, a pump and a sledgehammer to drive the pipe down, and that's it. There are websites and books which give free advice on how to to this yourself. Here's one:

Boiling water kills pathogens and 8 drops of plain household bleach per gallon of water kills viruses. I got myself a Berkey water filter which claims they kill 99.99% of all pathogens and a whole slew of contaminants. With two black filters and using a gallon a day per person for drinking water only will last 2 people 8.2 years. They claim these filters are used by missionaries going to the third world.

One can also make a solar distiller, which would change sea water or contaminated water into potable water (hint-hint to Mike)if you can get to the ocean in California. Here's a website which has plans to make one:

All you need is a large sheet of tempered glass or plexiglas, some plywood, black food safe silicone sealer, tubing and a container to put the water in (and of course a source of liquid to put in it). They even work overnight with condensation of dew.

I think Los Angeles, New York City or other really large, densely populated city would be suicide in a national emergency. With millions of people with no yards to grow things in, no water supply and no heat, it would take less than a few days for the masses to figure out who has resources and who doesn't.

bostx said...

Jared Diamond: Why Societies Collapse

businessman said...

Thanks, Rice Farmer. I live in an area that's completely dependent on bringing in water from areas that are far away, so I know we're going to have problems here. It's just a matter of how quickly those problems begin to develop for us.

RanD said...

Hey there agape "wins"... what is it that you're "winning"? One of the fundamental principles that underpins FTW's reason for even existing in the first place is collaboration, NOT competition. Give yourself -- and all the rest of us here -- a break, and begin paying MUCH closer attention to what your brothers and sisters here at this outstandingly wonderful family together are informing each other of, instead of driving us all to distraction. This ain't a war or a football game we're in; what we're doing here is figuring out how to get and then keep the human species on track toward INTELLIGENTLY, CONSCIOUSLY -- and only thereby SUCCESSFULLY -- ensuring our species' bodies' systemically correlated mental-spiritual presence on into the future of Universal/Eternal Life.

Slow down, take a nap, knowing that we love you. And while you're doing so, know that we're also all rooting for you to begin personally seeing the way beyond a life of frustrated chronic angst...which is EXACTLY what this Universe of which we're all integral components wants us to do. On the other hand, if all you -- personally -- want to do about it is bitch about things like bad water...well...just go to where you need to go to have some better water to drink.

And thanks for your input.

FTW admin said...

eyeballs wrote:

Two weeks ago I said they were trying not to fight. That China would not make a fuss until it was ready to win hands down. Has the time come so soon?

China has violated an agreement with Japan by continuing to develop a gas field in a disputed area in the East China Sea, a press report said yesterday.

It's a worry for Taiwan, which is also sometimes said to be on "China's continental shelf". Recent KMT concessions to "reunification", such as postal and direct air links, may have emboldened the giant to nudge Japan, which has homeless people flooding a Tokyo park:

Okay, now I have the jitters.


FTW admin said...

eyeballs, those are the sorts of incursions that have been causing jitters for quite a while, ie:

China Bans Ships Near Disputed Area

djmagic said...

Regarding living locations and people talking about moving...I'm of the mind that, unless you live in a place that NEEDS to die, i.e a place that's almost inherently unsustainable (Las Vegas comes to mind), staying in and helping our own communities is one of the healthiest and most productive things we could do. am I wrong?

Rice Farmer said...

This gas field dispute has been going on a long time, usually simmering on the back burner, and only occasionally coming to the fore. It graced the morning news here in Japan, for the first time in a long time. China will keep pushing this, little by little, as a test to see how far it can go without provoking a physical reaction from Japan. Neither side has the stomach for fisticuffs yet, although it will no doubt come to that eventually.

sonofafarmer said...

Mike and Jenna,
I respect your work and the focus, but I'm afraid the greatest travesty this planet needs to turn its attention toward is Genetically-Modified (GM) crops and food.
This is the real shit-storm hitting us right now, and it is spreading faster than peak oil, energy prices, or pirates. We're talking about over 200 million acres across the world poisoned with GM cotton, soybeans, canola, corn, and soon to be wheat and rice.
India alone had 275% increase in GM cotton from 2007 to 2008.
Monsanto has more frightening products out for display in 2009. This is the real population-thinner, if you want one. I'm afraid while we are all focused on oil prices and supply, it is our natural seed supply versus Frankenstein seed that is the real story that isn't getting ANY headlines in this country. Without seeds, oil is exactly what it began as - thick shit good for nothing.

agape wins said...


Dear RanD, & other bloggers of similar mindset,
"a life of frustrated chronic angst...which is EXACTLY what this Universe of which we're all integral components wants us to do. On the other hand, if all you -- personally -- want to do about it is bitch about things like bad water...well...just go to where you need to go to have some better water to drink.

And thanks for your input."

This Blog is/never has been about "selfishness-ego-personality", one expression!
Is not about MCR, he almost gave it his life, not about Jenna, I'm sure she gives a lot of herself; it's not about ME or any other single Poster, it is about sharing,
about Community. I am proud to be allowed to post here, & feel a kinship with everyone, even with those who no longer post, I pray they are still reading!
I have been posting since 2006, you only since Nov. 2008.
You know nothing of my background or, it seems the concept of Agape
Take your pick:

I am 73, many of my generation do not own a computer never mind post.
I have asked for their input, and asked everyone to find someone who
"Has been There, Dun that", please do that.
At my age I don't expect to survive, as I am "An unproductive Eater".
So much for my selfishness, look up some of my past posts, please.

All the domestic water we drink is treated with chemicals, has been since before 1955, otherwise the die off would already have started, I have no "Bitch" with our water, it's a fact that when our water is no longer "treated",
many will die from just the water!

Several have posted lately about water, streams, and Dams, should I
address each posting? Every option has a down side we should think about.

I was not in the flood, but did loose 2 Friends, whose pickup, nor
their bodies have ever been found!

Please read my posting more carefully, & as I said Think.
It is all about Community!

Amae (the emotion of feeling),You are Welcome,

Claude Hiler.

agape wins said...

Bostex is right on!

Diamond, states things which were not in his book, watch it more than once, we make the future!

Raymond said...

a friend recently spent 18 months looking for a more suitable place to live than our small, highly cooperative, but resource (water and food) poor town. and she couldn't. of all the towns in australia she most felt at home in, this one was it. community, family and friends trumps water, soil and resources. everytime.

i agree with others here. if you feel at home where you are now, then stay. did deeper connections with friends and the rest of the community. dig a garden. don't panic. love and live.

i'd much rather take my chances amongst common folk, drinking home brew and playing the ukele than hiding in a hill somewhere counting my water purification tablets.


RanD said...

Hey there djmagic, I'd say your thought(s) on just "staying in and helping our own communities is one of the healthiest and most productive things we" might do well to consider is top end wise. What agape wins has to say on his above post re "people are starting to wake up, the future is looking brighter" is also full of useful commentary. And what Rice Farmer had to say in his last post to Businessman [also just above, regarding] "Whether you relocate or not, community-building is the most important thing you can do" is [as his comments typically are]right on target.

Also, what cj just said...
Re: "the need for water" provides much good info on that -- indeed -- crucial issue.


Here's to all of us benefiting from each others' good thinking, good decision making, and good fortune.


sunrnr said...

This is a bit off the mark, but it has ties to the "Pirate" issue off Somalia.

The author poses the interesting twist in that the Somalie "pirates" are really trying to disuade governments from dumping radioactive wastes in their waters and stealing their fish.

"Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah, the UN envoy to Somalia, tells me: "Somebody is dumping nuclear material here. There is also lead, and heavy metals such as cadmium and mercury - you name it." Much of it can be traced back to European hospitals and factories, who seem to be passing it on to the Italian mafia to "dispose" of cheaply."

This could explain the story about mysterious "poisoning deaths" of Somalie pirates that boarded an Iranian vessel.

More layers than an onion in this one, eh?


djmagic said...

Have I mentioned the fact that it's the very existence of communities like this which cause me to smile, and offer me more than mere glimmers of hope? It's almost as if I'm watching a life-boat factory in action...

A wish of health, hope, and happiness to you all in 2009.

The Renegade Painter said...

"On Sunday, Gazprom's chief executive, Aleksei B. Miller, said the company was asking Ukraine to pay $450 for 1,000 cubic meters in January, the Interfax news agency reported." (NY Times, Kramer, 1/5/09) That's up from the $250 per 1,000 cubic meters they were asking for before, when the trouble started, according to the Times. Also from the same article, "Hungary, Romania, Poland and Bulgaria reported shortages of up to 30 percent over the weekend." This looks like Russia is starting to hoard its resources to me. Still from the same article, "The dispute has caught Ukraine's economy, already wobbling from the global financial crisis, at a bad time." Thoughts of Georgia and South Ossetia are coming back to me. That conflict seemed to play into Russia's hands. Ukraine and Georgia... they're "NATO friendly" apparently. Will NATO get itself involved if THIS situation continues to tense up? And why are these two countries so damn important anyways?

To those of you who keep talking about moving into the country side and living off of your own farms, I have a question you should consider. How will you pay for the land? I believe that cities, or at least most of them, can be sustainable. Take twenty square yards of land in Kansas or where ever and you'll have just that, but give me twenty square yards, a 15 story building and enough human fertilizer and I'll give you a hanging garden that gives 10 times as much food as your land. Ah I theorize, verticle farming is certainly plausible, though hasn't been demonstrated on any significant level... yet. But maybe as importantly, you won't have people coming to repossess your inner-city home like you would if you couldn't pay the tax man for all your acres of farm land. No money no land, that's not going to change and it's foolish to think it will or that you can even avoid that problem.

Good Luck!

wxdude714 said...

Last week German Energy firms were bragging that
"OAO Gazprom, the Russian gas exporter that provides 35 percent of Germany’s supply, may shut off supplies to Ukraine on Jan. 1 if an agreement over that country’s gas debt isn’t reached. German energy providers say they expect stockpiles to last for about three months and can source the fuel from Norway, the U.K., Denmark, the Netherlands and domestic producers. "

Now we read a news story from AP claiming shortages in Germany. I wonder what happened?
I've been watching the weather war taking place between Russia, NATO and the US Military over the past 3 weeks. Russia is doing a fantastic job running the table and freezing Europe. After making 7yrs of accurate weather forecasts based on weather modification, I'd say Russia is going to run the table with the cold weather over the next 4-6 weeks.

"EU members Austria and Romania said deliveries were down 90 percent and 75 percent respectively, and German energy firms warned there could be gas shortages in Europe's biggest economy if the dispute dragged on and sub-zero temperatures persisted."

John said...

Martial Law, the Financial Bailout, and War
- by Prof. Peter Dale Scott - 2009-01-08
Since the financial meltdown, there has been a sustained move in the direction of martial law preparations

MCR said...

For the record, I DO NOT have and never have had any plan or idea for determining which should die and how population should be reduced. I have always said so and that's the truth. I won't even form an opinion. What I DO KNOW is that there is at least one plan and that's it's underway.

This is a species-wide issue and it must be addressed from that perspective. My dedication has been towards opening that collective dialogue.

RanD, I read the same book you quote from back around 1985. It resonated.

Joera -- Always great to have useful input from someone with better eyeballs. Whiler I am less stressed about a Ukrainian/Russian conflict no (and I've said that Ukraine "belonged" to Russia for years) it's Europe that worries me.

Europe is getting its ass kicked as a result of shortages.

Great, great discussions!


David said...

mr. ruppert,
just read your most recent post that 'for the record' you have no plan as to who should die or how or when. kinda wonder, since you have so many ideas about so many things, but lets leave it there. that said, i would like to request that you also 'for the record' if you would, please, sir--since you (your bold type) 'DO KNOW' that there is an actual, existing plan for dieoff (in my world, a 'plan' for dieoff would be called extermination) and that it is already, currently being implemented, would you mind taking a few minutes from your, I'm sure, very busy days and providing a some detail about this currently operational plan to kill off multiple billions of people.

Maybe I've missed something, I usually do, but what I've read from you is that you ongoingly urge folks to "prepare, prepare, prepare" and that you urge that we all share on your blog whatever we can to save as many people as possible. that is, in fact, the substance of your intro to yourself and this site. can't imagine that all those billions of us you want to save if at all possible might not have at least some bit of a leg up if you were to spell out the already ongoing, functioning scenario to compost most of us. maybe you could spare a moment or 2 of Rag's time, or whatever time you might be willing to free up if not his, to delineate a few of the parameters of the intentional slaughter of your brethren that is occurring on our doorstep (so far) so that we might at the very least have the opportunity to die with our eyes open.

best to you in sunny socal and to jenna in the people's republic.

gotta go now...I have lots of cold and otherwise needy creatures who are facing the better part of a week of sub zero temperatures, and who are certainly more deserving of my time at the moment than my keyboard is.

thx, and regards,


FTW admin said...


in case mcr doesn't respond to your question:

i know him well enough to believe that when he says he knows there's a plan etc... that doesn't mean he knows any details or even that there's some useful information he has which he's withholding from the rest of us.

he undoubtedly means merely that he knows how these things work.

if he refrains from answering your question, it will probably be because he is aware that most readers were able to infer his meaning accurately enough. it will not be because he doesn't feel the question to be worthy of his time.