Monday, January 26, 2009


January 26, 2009, 1:30 PM PST -- I've been hinting at it for weeks now. But events of the last 72 hours have pretty much convinced me of something which adds enormous new regions to our map. Historically, by definition, we have always spoken of a fast crash as a collapse of both the economic and political systems within a two-to-ten year range. We also defined a slow burn as something occurring over a ten-plus year span; hopefully between twenty and thirty years. At the current rate of economic, political and social deterioration I would estimate that the bulk of the current collapse will be over by the summer of 2011 or roughly three years after oil prices peaked at $147/bbl. It now appears that we have a controlled fast crash. In other words, there is a systematic plan underway ATTEMPTING to shut down the global economy in advance of the most serious phases of die-off. Someone else is trying to preserve critical infrastructure and societal cohesion. In "Lord of the Flies" it took a long time for the boys to revert to savagery and -- once they did -- most were irredeemable. That's why a slow burn is particularly dangerous; everything deteriorates so slowly that you don't know it's gone until it is too late. You can't go back to the garden. ("You don't know what you've got till it's gone. Pave paradise, put up a parking lot." Love ya Joanie.)

Previously I observed how all major economies appeared to be imploding at the same rate; i.e., a real controlled demolition. That's a far cry from 9-11 controlled demolition theorists because this is a controlled-demolition for which there is abundant, admissible evidence. Last week I wrote about how Europe's, and in particular Britain's economies were losing consciousness. The most dramatic symptom of this was the fact that the pound was racing downwards towards parity with the dollar. That would have ended the government and possibly, eventually the Monarchy. Today suddenly -- as more catastrophic news hits the U.S. economy, the pound and Euro are soaring. I smell a new and improved version of the Plunge Protection Team here. As long as there are no apparent discrepancies; as long as all nations look at each other and see no parachutes being opened, there is hope that the world stage might be held stable enough to function in for a while. What we are witnessing is a grand, global disengagement where the Indians fleeing vanishing jobs in Dubai are leaving their cars abandoned at the airport; and where Poles and other late-comer EU arrivals flee the UK and Ireland to go home. I am certain that by this point in the collapse of industrial civilization, every sentient nation understands that it is going to be on its own very soon. Instinctively, most animals go home to die; whether they be salmon or wolves or elephants. They may die or they may not, but instinctively they return to the place where they have the most power and support, the most connectedness with life and a piece of ground.

It is a survival instinct that works and it should be nurtured. The global stage will hold together until the first major economy pulls its ripcord. Then all the chutes will start opening.

So that leaves us with that question about whether this is intentional or not; whether the PA fires are a government plan or an outbreak of Jungian mass psychosis. I have climbed high in my mountains and from my perspective I see what the species homo sapiens is doing in response to a life and species-threatening event. What is being revealed now is the soul of our species. Someone once told the story of a stubborn man on the Titanic. He was last seen standing on the
stern as it began it's death plunge shouting, "I am not getting off this ship until I find out why this happened?"... Those of us on this list and from FTW days know why this happened. Whether this is being coordinated or not doesn't change the fact that our first task is to survive it. As we move, as we gather more data, maybe we'll pick up more clues that will reveal new trails. We must be good dancers.


At today's press conference, Secretary Robert Gibb stated categorically that President Obama was certain that domestic oil production was going to increase. I don't think that anyone in the Peak Oil movement from Matt Simmons, to Colin Campbell, to Richard Heinberg, to me would believe that was remotely possible -- except in one case and one case only: Oil at $100. As we all know, that increase would be short-lived and perhaps the last great flicker of a candle. Yet Gibb immediately followed that comment by saying that he was certain that energy prices were going to rise... and soon. Thus arrives, as I wrote some months ago, the last heartbeat of the bumpy
plateau. Those of us who can read the map just got, at best, a five month head start on the rest of those who haven't got a clue.

At present I see only a few signs of what the bottom will look like. We're still too high above the ground and the free fall distorts vision. But I can see global unemployment in excess of 25%. I can see the Dow in the 4000 -5000 range. I can see gold at $10,000 or more. I can see an absolute patchwork quilt of regions in this country with various levels of civil unrest, from paradises to the "no-man's lands". I can see Green Zones being carved out around vital infrastructure where life will remain good for at best five years. Those inside the Green Zones will be lucky. As an example, I can easily see that Los Angeles International Airport, the San Pedro Harbor and north to Malibu will likely be a Green Zone. Green Zones could be protected by regimental to division-sized military units depending on the region's size. Same with San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Houston... But not all major cities will be so lucky. Not enough personnel... Put a fence around it! I see eventual mass migrations along geographic corridors of unrest and lawlessness. These will become the fault lines for regional disintegration. I see state and local governments dumping their flight plans and assuming massive emergency powers on an ad hoc basis in an increasing vacuum. I see hunger. I see that there are six new bird flu cases in China. And I see all of that regardless of whether the government, or The Powers That Be, or the New World Order, or whatever you want to call it is orchestrating it or whether it is just happening as a result of our unenlightened ways. This is what mankind is doing to itself, right now.

We have a new genius to add to our discussion: Joannie Mitchell (who I once had the pleasure of hanging out with for a few hours). I'm not sure she's human though.

Express your highest good today. Love something... I'm going to play with Rags.


Could Some of the Nafta Superhighways be Defining Future Borders of Wastelands and Protected Zones?

It certaintly looks true for key coastal regions in the northeast, southeast and west. But, as this map suggests, we can see how CONUS is divided north-to-south. But what will happen east-to-west? Any one got the graphics capability and the data to superimpose a map of FEMA's ten regions over the Superhighway map? That would tell us bucketsfull.


So, Rags and I go to our dogpark right after hitting SEND on the last one. While we're there a regular comes up with a clipboard. She's a nice lady... Occasionally I suspect there's a little vacant space between her ears. Anyway, she's all fired up about this petition. It's a petition to complain to the City of Santa Monica about not putting in enough wood chips, not enough lighting and asking for more benches. She was really angry about it... No shit! I really think this falls into the Clueless Beyond Belief category. Imagine my relief when one of my buds who does read the map said, "Yeah, we could use a drinking area with a wet bar." I immediately chimed in, "And a hot tub!"

For some reason, I feel much better now... I'd like to pay public homage to three men who greatly influenced my life. Forgive me guys if I have any of the details wrong. It's been thiry years. Jim Vojtecky was my first LAPD training officer. He had been a 1st Lieutenant/company commander with the 101st Airborne in a place called the Au Shau valley. After I got off probation I had a roommate and occasional partner named Fred Fogarty. Fred had been a LRRP sniper with the 173rd Airborne Brigade in I Corps. And then there was Jack Hoar.If I remember this right Jack had been a Marine with the 5th Marines in a city called Hue. Jack is a legend I don't have words for here. These are the men -- and others -- who taught me how to face death and have an absolutely fanfuckingtastic time doing it.

Can I have my hot tub please?


Jenna Orkin adds:

2011? I'll take the relative cheeriness of the Mayan calendar.

BTW, the government of Iceland threw in the towel today. Thanks for the heads-up, Nihil Matters. And apparently Great Britain came within three hours of collapsing on October 10.

As some of my foreign students once said, thinking they were proposing a toast, "Up yours!"

Fema's Ten Regions

In the NAFI map, all roads lead to Mexico City. But you're right; there does seem to be some correspondence between the two jigsaw puzzles.
Peak Oil Production in Russia Suggests Worldwide Supplies on the Brink
Crisis Talks on the Slopes of Davos
Russia Calls For Global Financial Watchdog
Russia Stops U.S. On Road To Afghanistan
25 People At The Heart Of The Meltdown
Among the culprits: The American people.
Among those who saw it coming: The ubiquitous Nouriel Roubini, next to Warren Buffett.
What You Need To Know About Gold
Wall Street Journal article referencing experts familiar to many on this blog, such as Chuck Butler of Everbank. Actually, Everbank is more known for offering access to accounts in foreign currencies, a subject that hasn't been discussed here. Feel free to share information thereon, anyone out there who has it.
GAO High Risk Report Urges Action on EPA, Last Minute Bush Rules Add Insult to Injury


Eugene Warren said...

superimposed map of FEMA 10 regions on Nafta Superhighway; rough.

Rice Farmer said...

About that energy lie -- Maybe, just maybe, there will be a slight uptick in production if all the conditions come together just right, but I'm not counting on it.

Let's review the situation. Since before the crude price spike, Matt Simmons has been warning us that much of the world's oil infrastructure is rusting away. He says that many of the world's offshore drilling rigs are aging "rust buckets." Thus, there was already a shortage of investment.

Now fast-forward to after the spike. Plummeting crude prices have obliged oil producers to scale back and cancel one project after another. Kuwait's foreign minister recently said that oil-rich Gulf Arab states have postponed or cancelled 60% of development projects. Further, oil companies themselves are now downsizing. When crude was high, they had a severe manpower shortage; now they are cutting people loose.

Cutbacks in activity and investment, the shortage of capital, and the deteriorated state of oil infrastructure in general will, I believe, seriously depress energy production further, and constitute an insurmountable barrier to recovering and increasing production. In other words, it's all downhill from here.

MCR said...

Thanks Eugene!


Andy Edwards said...

Somehow looking at the highway map makes me think that there's no one at the wheel here.

Kunstler has been so vocal and correct in espousing the virtues of an improved rail system. It's totally least as do-able as a superhighway. Plus it utilizes far less petroleum; a thing we'd assume elites would want to hold on to.

And it follows that others, say planners, could have thought of this.

So why as oil is heading out the door would people in the know seek to build an enormous highway?

Sure the govt. or TPTB are always backwards in some way, but if we are affording them/it the capacity for controlling or containing something like a global meltdown then you've got to figure they'd see the economic logic in a rail system.

But no they want a highway....really? No chance.

Even if the rail system was only going to eventually serve the elites, it would at least make sense as a method of cheap (er) cargo and passenger transport.

You see what I'm saying... Why build a superhighway at all? Just build and secure a few rail lines.

But not even that can be spoken of, why not?

In some ways, like as a sanity preserver, it's probably not important who or who is not running the show. But on the other hand, it's probably the most important thing in terms of what plays out once the lights go out.

With some meddling entity it's going to be a hell of bitch to organize locally. Without it and if you can stay healthy, it's probably not that big of stretch for folks like those on this blog.

But shit, you get some demonic John Galt behind the driving wheel and we could all very well end up in some fucking work program, the ends of which serve no one at all we'll ever meet.

Another thing that fuckin me up lately---if there needs to be a die off and it's going to be mitigated by some human entity aka not mother earth, then why wouldn't these evil bastards just release the bird flu or the aerosol plague and move things along?

Mike might be right about a soul war going on here, because none of this makes much sense when you start trying to package it into good and evil. Which is probably what happens when you have to face yourself down. Tactics, choices, beliefs all start to filter away.

Good post MCR.

Hey check out the band Wovenhand, that shit is so right for right now it's eerie.

agape wins said...

Mike's comment about the lady in the park prompts this diversion,
I hope you all find it interesting.

To F.Kamilov,
I was not having an "outburst" nor are we disagreeing, just
discussing and clarifying, everything ends where it started!
who defines east or west? I think differently than a New
Yorker, or an Englishman. More later.

For those of you that want a quick link to the bible, without
actually owning one, here is a link. you know there is a lot of
interesting stuff there if you look past the worship stuff.

Again the fine landing in slow motion:

You possibly know I am not that interested in War, but am in
all things strange, try these.

I wonder if the Japanese reactor the Russians recovered in
Korea still exists somewhere in Russia?


Sebastian Ronin said...

Ditto Mike, Eugene, thanks very much!

One has to wonder how much the Super Highway big brains fell back on Garreau's "Nine Nations" (1981) when conceptualizing this entropic monstrosity. The cornucopian caps must have been pulled tightly on heads limiting blood supply to brain. What we know (and I would imagine "they" know by now) is that we can't get there from here.

The recent decision of the Texas Department of Transportation to drop the Lone Star segment of the $175 billion plan is, in the eyes of sceptics, nothing more than smoke. See:

Conceptually, it is obvious that the SH is an infrastucture precursor to continental integration, i.e. NAU. The imperialist and military motives are as evident as the Romans laying down roads and the Nazis laying down autobahns (which were engineered to allow for aircraft landings and take-offs). Still, entropy dictates and they can't get there from here.

I've always found the FEMA regional breakdown interesting when superimposed over the original Nine Nations and a bioregional perspective. Right now there is a fairly serious debate brewing in the NAmereican secessionist movement re individual state/province secession vs. regional secession.

It's a long shot, but the FEMA designations may play into the regional postion. During all civilizational collapse the new social construct always inherits the institutional infrastructure of the outgoing social construct. One doesn't have to be marxian to appreciate that dialectic. It's pretty well common sense.

Sooooooooooo...once the FEMA regions have been kicked into play when the crisis matures, do we get to apply political imaginations in a Post-Peak Oil world (based on survival and necessities) to contruct a hybrid re-invention of Turtle Island incorporating FEMA/Nine Nations/Bioregions? Work with what ya got, not with what you'd like to have.

BTW, Novacadia fits in nicely. Now why the Cascadian folks (who have had such a head start on this) can't get their political shit together is beyond me!

Scott said...

U.N. crime chief says drug money flowed into banks

Pandabonium said...

I'm glad you have Rags, Mike, as I have Momo (peach)"the wonder dog". Unconditional love and "visibility" offered by another sentient being can be a rock to cling to in times like these.

I left the US in 2004 to create a safe haven for my daughters, and though I didn't end up where I had planned, my efforts have not been in vain, as they - adults on their own paths - have learned from Dad and "get it" and are taking care of themselves.

Joni Mitchell - wow. Here in Japan they have literally "paved paradise" as much as anywhere, and as a long time resident of places like Hawaii and Fiji, I really relate to that song. Now of course, the more subtle meanings are becoming more clear. My favorite of hers though is Both Sides Now - "Its lifes illusions I recall, I really dont know life at all".

Ralf said...


shady said...

joni! her albums "blue", "court and spark," "for the roses" and "ladies of the canyon" are, in my opinion, pretty much *perfect* albums.

fascinating blog. lots of info to digest.

kiki said...

re: bird flu:

i know very little about military/bases etc. - how does the overlap look for troop movement ie. double duty use of Nafta superhighway ?

FTW admin said...

ur email was fwdd

FTW admin said...

ur email was fwdd

tim said...

But Rice Farmer, I've seen on TV the nice scientist from Mobil/Exxon telling us about wonderfull new recovery technology. It's the most exciting time of his career!
That was sarcastic, of course. I wish I could share first-hand experience of oil field infrastructure, but I have never seen it. I have always been involved in the downstream side. We were always told that no new refineries have been built for environmental reasons. Over the last 30 years, no new refineries have been built in the US, but many upgrades and expansions of existing ones have occurred. I don't have the words to express how repugnant it feels being in a refinery. Possibly the same feeling one would get giving 'ol Dick Cheney a big hug and kiss. ewwwwww... As you all know, oil companies have been merging and downsizing for years. They are also outsourcing much of their engineering work.

sunrnr said...

RE: Obama's First Official Energy "Lie"

This fits right in with Pakistan's claim (pipe dream) they'll be gas sufficient in 3 years.

I almost think the Obama Administration actually believes oil production is going to increase. If that's the case, they're seriously out of touch with the oil and gas industry.

All the big oil field players (Halliburton, Schlumberger, etc.) are laying off workers. The numbers of oil and gas drilling rigs in the US are declining rapidly due to the glut of oil and natural gas supplies.


F.Kamilov said...

This editorial from a key Pakistani English newspaper below speaks volumes in describing the ongoing rapid erosion of Pakistani state power - and its being replaced by that of the Taliban:

Extremism far and wide

sunrnr said...

RE: Scott said "U.N. crime chief says drug money flowed into banks" -

Mike, Jenna and community - Is the drug trade suffering from the economic downturn like the rest of us? What happens when currencies are no longer viable?

The drug loards and cartels are as addicted to money and power as much as their victims are to their products. \

What happens when the 1's and 0's in some banking system representing their wealth goes bye-bye like the rest of the world's monetary instruments?

Will the drug trade collapse as well? I can't imagine the demand will decrease, in fact I think it will be the opposite.

How will people "pay" for their doses? How will bribes, payrolls, etc. be met?

The drug lords may not be "remainders", but the users certainly are. What happens when the programs to prevent and fight drug abuse are cut due to local, state and federal belt tightening?

Addicts needing a fix with no means to "buy" it and no supplier to provide it prompts images of total chaos. Part of the die-off scheme?

Thoughts? Worth pondering or just more twaddle?


Green2Go said...

It's a bit rough sketched but here it is...
FEMA region overlay to NAFTA Superhighway

John said...

The Road to Ruin

Bob Simon on Gaza

Victor said...

MCR and CA residents.

A couple of posts back, when you were first starting to voice concern about unrest, you sited California as one of the flashpoints. I'm wondering what areas you think are most prone to unrest. My assumptions are Riverside (my hometown), San Bernardino and east and north San Diego counties, Fresno, Merced, Bakersfield and the general San Joaquin.

Just wondering your thoughts. I have lots of family and friends scattered throughout the state and I'd love to have my radar a little more dialed by some consensus.

Susan said...

thanks for adding your
"I JUST HAD TO SHARE THIS" section - how I needed a good laugh.

Last year I hooked up with some people who seemed to understand the map. Then one of them told me that I should 'lose' my dog - he's a liability and someday I'll have to choose between feeding him or me. I was horrified. Right then and there, I decided if that's coming, so be it, and I'll be food to my dog - who has provided me with joy, love, warmth, wisdom, humor, protection, and companionship. (and he sings too).

Oh, and I also decided to not spend my remaining time building an underground bunker. Poor souls in that 'community' were having the hardest time finding others that they'd be able to tolerate while 'living' together in their underground bunkers in the coming times. Yikes!!!

Andy Edwards said...

Since we're on a musical kick...MCR, I'd like to hear you go one time on the gun grab topic. Tell if I'm wrong, but didn't you work at a gun store for awhile? And tell me again, but seems like an apt digression in regards to civil unrest, those crazy politicians, etc, etc. Go one time.

Anonymous said...

Go to this website:

and type this in the search field:

H.R. 645

Get ready, folks. Among other preparations for supporting military control of failed national regions within the US, this Bill establishes regional command and control centers for FEMA regions across the country. be implemented within 60 days.

Fast Crash? I doubt it. More like "Supersonic Crash". Good work, Mike and Jenna. It's coming.

Also, thanks again for posting on the "controlled" collapse. Like I said in my unposted comments, the folks who've been planning this are prepared to take control when it's over.

Hence the bill that I just referenced.

pstajk said...

Andy Edwards:

It's unbelievable how stupid and irresponsible Americans are not to be right as this very moment rebuilding, restructuring, and restoring the national, statewide, and local railway system. Unreal.

I recently got off a plane at LAX and took one of those highway trams to my car in the parking lot. I kept thinking in that little shuttle why I shouldn't be able to do this all the way back to my house (within at least a mile at most).

Same thing at Newark - after the flight get off the plane, get on the NJ transit coastal / shoreline train and BAM I'm in Red Bank 2 miles away from my house - no car needed - in less than an hour - THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME IT WOULD HAVE TAKEN TO DRIVE!!! Ridiculous.

pstajk said...

Andy Edwards:

It's unbelievable how stupid and irresponsible Americans are not to be right as this very moment rebuilding, restructuring, and restoring the national, statewide, and local railway system. Unreal.

I recently got off a plane at LAX and took one of those highway trams to my car in the parking lot. I kept thinking in that little shuttle why I shouldn't be able to do this all the way back to my house (within at least a mile at most).

Same thing at Newark - after the flight get off the plane, get on the NJ transit coastal / shoreline train and BAM I'm in Red Bank 2 miles away from my house - no car needed - in less than an hour - THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME IT WOULD HAVE TAKEN TO DRIVE!!! Ridiculous.

koolkarma817 said...

Yes Michael, Dubai is slashing jobs
Dubai since November 2008, showed thousands of job cuts, including the 3,370 announced by companies as of December 28.

These are in line with estimates by Advantage, a Kuwait-based management consulting firm, which has reported that 30,000 jobs have vanished in the region between October to November 2008.

Advantage’s forecast expects 30,000 more job losses in the first quarter of 2009 across the Gulf on the heels of the global cash crunch.

koolkarma817 said...

Great article from global research

NOW the report referred to in the article is too complex for me.....Mike and other financial gurus, can you explain to us what this all says!

businessman said...

I'm glad you mentioned Joni Mitchell. I was standing behind her in line at the supermarket on Sunset Boulevard in Pacific Palisades, California several years ago. I told her that sometimes I think her music has been directly inspired by God, and she smiled at me and said, "I have to give you a big hug for that one," and did so.

She was buying about $450.00 worth of groceries, and when the cashier asked if she had the store's membership card and she didn't, my friend gave the cashier his own card for her, and we ended up saving her about $37.00!

She is an absolute treasure both to humanity and to the music industry.

ecosutra said...

Permaculture module=
We are an inside economy. Not an outside economy. If you want to commercialize permaculture you can try to do that, good luck. Because you dont have enough time to work that much sustainable food forestry for yourself and go commercial. You are too busy composting and planting so many different types of food trees, stacking them in swales. Finding water key points and damming them with over spills or into swales. Permcaulture is a design science.
To get it right you want to start small. We want to make life easy on you. That is the motivation for permies.

The days of cargo culture trophy gardening are over. That was part of the fossil fuel time line. So make that adjustment for the future.

If there is an agency manipulating the die off, it is perpetrated through a seedless world and GMO's.
I am convinced this is the TPTB mechanism for population die off.

Well, nature is coming to lend a hand.

"Nature has put humanity on trial" Paul Stamets

"We need people to save the earth. Take people off the planet, and the planet will still slide. We made that much of a mess of things". Geoff Lawton

Its time for permageedon.
and it's still so off radar. Like peak oil really, People hear more about peak oil than they do of permaculture design.

Many mentors I have spoken with agree, we all want desperately and call for a global / national work camp permaculture draft.

You can make it a boot camp, but you are not following the ethics. Its about artisan theme camps. That is what burningman is trying to showcase, and is worth seeing. Go look at the theme camps on the main strip. Mind blowing community structures. The Black rock City organization could lead us in orchestrating these work camps. We have the network waiting.
Anyone up for Burningman next year?
I have a theme camp.

If you get to a point where you have 150 people in your eco village, its time to split it up and start another one.

On day 8 of 11/ Almost finished

Trouble said...

Hello Mr. Ruppert. I'm a frequent lurker to your site. I've picked up your book but have not yet read it. My response is based off the Russia Stops US on the Road to Afghanistan article but can apply to other areas.

If certain regions are able to cooperate to a limited degree would that not make them targets to the more envious/less prepared? Isn't this as dangerous as not being prepared at all?

Peak preparations are fine and good until we become a target then the best of plans are out the window. Just like planting a garden in a populated area could be invaded nightly, a cooperative alliance in which America cannot control the flow of arms is a risky proposition.

If we extend this thinking onto Middle Eastern affairs, wouldn't any attempt at coherence and self determination be viewed as a threat to the prior movers and shakers? I found the article below moving for a number of reasons, primarily because I think Israel is aware that its window of free reign is coming to a close. If this happens this will force American policy to choose sides and divide the country at a time it can ill afford to do so. Another piece of the 'map'.

As a northern neighbour I am continuously reminded of the phrase 'be careful what you wish for, you just might get it'. I do not want America to become a banana republic because they would be a banana republic with nuclear armaments. Unfortunately I think Obama's respite from militarism will be too little too late.

Diaspora said...

When I was a DAE with FEMA Region II (pre Brownie)a letter about Civilian Prison Camps made the rounds.

The letter was from North Carolina Congressman Bill Hefner confirming approval for civilian inmate labor programs and camps. A copy of the letter is available at:

Sebastian Ronin said...

Re H.R. 645, thanks, Shorebreak.

I found of special interest two things: Sec. 2(b)(3) (3) "to provide centralized locations to improve the coordination of preparedness, response, and recovery efforts of government, private, and not-for-profit entities and faith-based organizations; and"

I would think that the "private" designation covers Blackwater, etc. Should they not make the trip to Afghanistan combined with homeland troop shortages (needs confirmation), they'll need to be deployed somewhere. This strikes me as almost a cookie-cutter fit. What think you?

Secondly, the definition of "major disaster" taken from the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act covers in part "regardless of cause, any fire, flood, or EXPLOSION, in any part of the United States" (emphasis mine).

"Fire" "regardless of cause" covers any urban unrest, I would think. More importantly, does "explosion" cover additional prep for Homeland Security for the next false flag that has been dangling in the blogosphere for some time, i.e. a small, dirty nuke?

From the waltz towards the dance. Grab a partner. No wallflowers allowed.

PeakedOut said...


High population areas will be challeges all around the world. Specific to California, I'd guess LA, San Diego, San Jose/Santa Clara/San Francsico/Alameda. If it doesn't start raining, water usage issues could become an issue for all these areas. Many of these large areas are also still somewhat segregated by race, which can be another flash point. I really have no idea how things will really play out, but I suspect we will see severe cuts in social programs which will drive up the crime rate. How well government responds to the needs of people will dictate how and where things will get crazy.

My experience of people in crisis is a bit bleak. Most people are sheep. Some are wolves (pack predators). The sheep will follow anyone that promises safety. The wolves will pick off a few. Uncle Sam will hunt the wolves and do with the sheep as they wish. The great majority would chose facism and safety over freedom and struggle. Even if it was put in such straight forward terms. I guess many already have. I'd like to think this country is full of brave and decent people, this blog seems to be. My experiences say otherwise. Americans will submit to whatever plan TPTB have. resistance will be minimal. Sorry to sound so bleak, especially with all the good vibes of late. I'd love to hear contrary or supporting views?

eyeballs said...


Drugs are as good as gold, and form a barter/currency of their own. In the game of control, having powerful powders will provide all the bribes, incentives and exchange media needed to format situations in the absence of viable money. That is why Afghanistan and Columbia are vital to "American" interests. I think that is also why Russia is shortstopping the plan to route NATO forces through its interests to the north. That government wants a cut.

With regard to lower-end users, people will do things for drugs (and food) that they would not do for money. Especially those who need, or think they need, the substance. No collapsing market there. But a vast worry about who will sell out to those who have the stuff.

MCR said...

SHOREBREAK -- Excellent catch. Everybody needs to read HR 645. It's scary but also prudent.

Everyone scroll up to Shorebreak's comment and go read that bill. We need to follow it closely.

It's a sure signal that some folks are way far ahead in planning. I've met Alcee Hastings briefly. I know he's not a NWO kinda guy. One thing I saw in the bill was that it was also to assist private entities and faith-based orgs... Hmmm

It's clear that there are going to be lots of displaced homeless very soon. For humanitarian reasons alone I would prepare for this. OK, another piece of the map.

I can't call it yet for california but Riverside sounds likely. Pomona and East LA. South Central should be good for a while. Around L.A. it's Lancaster/Plamdale that's scary to me.


v said...

some interesting articles:

Is Oil’s Future Sustainable?
If Not, What Are The Consequences?

The Patch: Peak supply vs. peak demand

Mexico's Instability Is a Real Problem

Mexico reacts to ominous Pentagon report —as pundits plug military aid


Jeff said...

Speaking of energy lies,check out the middle of this article where they say "double production".there is no way this is possible.

kiki said...

re: pa fires - if the c i a is involved, as you suspect Mike, it would be easy in the area of the fires for 'them' to provoke it and an effective way to trigger regional problems based on race relations - it will be interesting to see if various 'old hotbeds' or current locations of 'hate' groups begin to ignite areas near them, around the country..............with food shortages and job losses, adding in a dimension of race could really be explosive

MCR said...

Kiki -- It's a minor point but I wouldn't say CIA is a candidate re: the PA fires. CIA does a lot of other stuff but generally it is all OUTSIDE the country. It sets up a brain trap. Let's just say Black Ops or parallel government. Making the wrong suumptions about agencies leads to bad conclusions.

At this point I wouldn't even blame or single out a single agency. We don't know who's setting the fires yet. Remember that there are fault lines within the government and we can expect them to get more stressed as time passes as fundamental decisions are made aboutwhat's acceptable or not.

A part of our safety and our tool kit depends upon waiting to see what divisions exist between and within government. Then we play to those.

I have reached no conclusions about PA yet and no one else should either. I suggest spending time on the things we know for sure and tabling the things we're watching until we have more dots to connect.


Brendan Carmody said...

In times like these I like to try and stay grounded like most sheltered westerners waking up and realising were we are right this minute, probably gives one heart palpitations!

Here's a quote from an almost forgotten American race from when America was founded.

"Only to the white man was nature a "wilderness" and only to him was the land "infested" with "wild" animals and "savage" people. To us, it was tame. Earth was bountiful and we were surrounded with the blessings of the Great Mystery. Not until the hairy man from the east came and with brutal frenzy heaped injustices upon us and the families we loved was it "wild" for us. When the very animals of the forest began fleeing from his approach, then it was for us that the "wild west" began."

Luther Standing Bear,
Chief of the Oglala Sioux Tribe (1868-1939)
Land of the Spotted Eagle, 1933

original quote from this site
Great site I might add with pipe music too!

I can't criticize much either, in Australia its much the same thing...

Chicken Little said...

with all reasonable cynicism in place,

After a quick read of HR 645 it almost sounds reasonable for applications like Hurricane Katrina - forget FEMA trailers and Superdomes, there may be a decommissioned military base near you with more appropriate facilities to support families displaced by disasters.

It specifies that the facilities will be developed and upgraded to safe standards, this legislation is to identify and fund upgrading for use of closed bases but no way authorized operations of these bases to be under Homeland Security (that I can find)

Todd said...

Looks like I've been going about my food storage system all wrong...

I was watching Horizon the other night, the instalment was titled - 'Why Are Thin People Not Fat'.

During the course of the program, they mentioned the case of a 450 lb man who was so frustrated with his weight, he agreed to take part in an eating study for a Scottish PhD student (year was 1968).

Under her supervision, he ate no food, and only consumed water and vitamins.

In total, he went one year and two weeks without eating, loosing over 200 lbs in the process.

A scientist then explained that during past times of famine, larger folk were better suited to deal with food shortages as the fat stores in their bodies would get converted into energy.

Well - that sorts out all those irritating food storage bugbears such as shelf life, rotation, storage space, and protecting my hoard (after collapse) etc, etc...

Right... I'm off to Mickey D's !!



sunrnr said...

RE: Eyeballs said

Thank you for the analysis. I did a bit more digging and found many articles on how the South American drug trade is now using routes through West Africa to distribute cocaine to Europe.

The paths to America, stepped up enforcement and declining demand seem to have stemmed the flow north to a degree.

Seems as you said, the trade is alive and well.


kiki said...

thank you for your reply despite my reference to the cia instead of govt - i just found the milk in the cabinet and the cheerios in the gig too - time to go play for awhile .... i must need a dog !

ecosutra said...

If San Fransisco And LA harvested and collected all the rain water for the year, they would have equal the water they outsource. If Manhattan collected all their water, they would be able to outsource water to agriculture. Manhattan will be the fastest city to green. Its the indulgent sector now though. What an ego.

If Florida and Atlanta harvested their water, there would not be a tri state water war. Who is winning in that battle? Florida of course. The supreme court gave Florida water rights for the north Georgia mountain watershed. I heard California's water is owned by China.

What is the number one reason why Americans do not want water tanks in their neighborhoods? EGO!!!!!!
Ascetics, like hanging laundry to dry.

Mike the parachute metaphor is heavy. I cant get it out of my head.

businessman said...

That's hysterical, Todd!

I'm amazed at how much you're constantly posting here yourself, Mike. When you don't post for two days or so it feels like an eternity to me.

Jon said...

Here's a small article describing how some foreign banks were saved by drug money laundering. Surprised this even made the news.

Anonymous said...

I recommend that people take a look at some of the actions that their local and state governments are taking. Fore example, I used to live in Indiana. One thing that they're trying to do right now is to eliminate all local government and place them under a single elected county official. Everyone else is either appointed or hired.

As part of these plans, there is a plan to consolidate all EMS, 9/11 Police, and fire, in addition to consolidation of all other financial control and budgeting under the county management rather than under local municiplaites and incorporated communities.

My initial thoughts on these activities have been "power grab". The state is working to eliminate representative leadership at the local level. I've recently added another layer to my concerns - the state may be working to prepare for the failure of local communities by consolidating all resources under a central authority.

With regards to regional CCIS deployment and how that'll play out in the minds of military officials, I have a lunch meeting scheduled next week with a former special ops intelligence guy who I'll be working with for the next little while. He's fluent in Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish, English, and Portuguese, and he's used all five languages as a part of his HUMINT role. I'll be looking for insights into domestic military operations and the responses of the general public. I'll give you an update.

Also, I'll be in Mexico for the next few days. Among other things, I'll be taking note of the domestic environment and the economic concerns among Mexican residents. I'll be staying in a resort area (not by choice - it's company paid) but I'll spend time traveling in areas that I appreciate most - among the regular folks so that I can identify with the local culture. I'm specifically interested in small community resources and local/micro economies.

Earlier this week I was in northern Ohio and Southern Michigan. It'll be an interesting compare/contrast to weigh the viability of a poor Mexican community v. a wealthy Detroit suburb in the face of an economic collapse. I think we all know the answer regarding which will fare best, but nothing will compare to experiencing the contrast in person.

And finally, with regards to Command and Control, I'm starting to wonder how regional centers will be tasked and organized to deliver in a domestic environment per H.R. 645. For example, NATO has command elements like COMSURFLANT, COMLANDEUR, COMSUBLANT etc for the different organizational elements that require command coordination. What command elements will comprise regional CCIS centers? Who will be tasked to support them? Under whose tasking orders?

H.R. 645 is huge, folks. It opens boxes that most of us don't want to peek into - even those of us who connect dots and compile risk-based assessments that most people don't even imagine.

My initial observation is that in order to begin implementation of requirements within 60 days, as specified in the Bill, a lot of people have been very, very busy bees for quites some time to lay all of the groundwork. Including the referenced NGO's and faith-based organizations. This thing is huge, it's multi-tiered, and it's organized on a broad scale through an established network of participants. You can't identify and move this kind of legislation without that level of pre-game.

The more I look at it, the more it occurs to me that this is probably parallel in scope to COG efforts. Watch it very, very carefully. I haven't even begun to consider the Constitutional ramifications of multiple self-suffient military command elements operating domestically.

My advice: Don't blink.

P.S. I searched for an old CCIS acquaintance. Someone's been very busy:
And I came across this in the process (may take a minute to load):

ecosutra said...

shorebreak. you have to go see whats happening in San Miguel Mexico. Ask for Doug Weatherby of Nova Scotia. He is one of the leading ecological energy and permaculture scientists working on the international eco village project. I may be hyping it a bit. I do not know. I highly recommend going there.

FTW admin said...

mcr wrote

Now we're active map readers and explorers.

FTW admin said...

mcr wrote

Now we're active map readers and explorers.

rocklicker said...

USPS considering cutting service. In the past, they would just hike postage rates to cover a budget shortfall.

Postmaster General: Mail days may need to be cut

wxdude714 said...

Postmaster General: Mail days may need to be cut
My father is a USPS Electronic Tech in the main post office in Baltimore. This cut has been on the table for sometime as well as much larger cuts where the post office handles the mail. The USPS is talking about consolidation of it's major mail processing facilities. Other changes could include the end of home delivery in urban areas. There will be designated locations in each subdivision where mail is delivered, it will be your job to pick it up. Potter is also making a push to take the USPS workers pension money to fund the shortfalls.

anton v said...

Falling on the heels of Kissinger, over at the Wall Street Journal, they're talking about the pro's of the NAU and the Amero:{D10536AF-F929-4AF9-AD10-250B4057A907}

Anonymous said...

Ecosutra - I've lived in Nova Scotia. They have the best blues music outside of St Louis. One of my old buddies is one of the greatest blues guitarists ever - he taught me most of my scales.

With regards to San Miguel, sorry, maybe another time. This is a short trip.

MCR - re: explorers. You have no idea, brother. I hitchhiked the mountains of Bosnia solo during the early 90's, trekked through Europe on occasion, attended black tie affairs in Paris, guided my self through Nara, and bounced around the Americas like a super ball on steroids. You could say that I've always been a fan of understanding maps :)

Of all of the things that I've learned along the way, there is one common and persitant theme that I've discovered first-hand, time and time again: Human beings are the same everywhere. The only true separation is geography. Every other difference is nothing more than perception. Language, culture, faith, and politics have no impact on the spirit and generosity of the human soul. I've witnessed the same spirit on continents and in countries everywhere, from the loneliest mountain passes to the busiest city sidewalks.

I've certainly faced my share of challenges and unsavory individuals, but that is the same throughout as well.

Here's the greatest single lesson that we can learn in order to understand the people of different cultures: Look in a mirror and reflect upon who you are.'ve just been introduced to 6 billion people. Now go out and find a way to live in a manner that reflects your new understanding.

kiki said...

of interest to growers:

kiki said...

why is it U.S. wasn't there ?

Anonymous said...

Is MCR living in Santa Monica now? Can someone tell me how L.A. is remotely survivable during collapse?

Anonymous said...

Japanese boat seized by Russia off Sea of Japan

wezbo said...

well, someone's got to drive the bus! not exactly Cowboy Neal at the wheel...empty prison buses on the dry run from Tucson to Tucumcari...FEMA spoken here??

MCR said...

Auggie -- I answered your question in my last post. Read it again.


RayLeeUS said...

I knew in general terms, and in many specifics, what was going on and what we were up against before the copvcia site was recommended to me by a friend some time in 2002 (the wilderness for the newbies). The gist of the message to me? "Get Ready." Individually, locally, nationally, globally. Get Ready. That was the inspiration for a song I wrote that I would like to share now for any who are interested. Thanks, Mike.

The recent dialogue re music has got me really inspired. Much I'd like to say (for starters, of the many big name and smaller name artists I would recommend, I'll still always rely on the Beatles for inspiration of what this world can be, what we can build out of whatever is left). But for now, I'd just like to share a few songs from a new album I have written, recorded and produced.

The album is titled "After the Fall" - and works through many of the issues we face dealing with the world after the fall (fall of the towers, fall of the economy, fall of oil production, etc., etc.). ("I can hear your call", MCR); "Down by the Trees" and "Carried by the Wind" are songs about getting back down to the business of focusing on what's really important in life. "Get Ready" is fairly obvious from the title and was directly inspired by Mike's writings. "We Will Not Forget Them" is my elegy and homage to the victims of 9/11, as well as a round denouncement and calling out of the perpetrators. There will soon be a post of "Don't Stick Me" inspired by Stan Goff articles.

For the singers who are interested, including Mike, please feel free to participate in the virtual chorus of We Will Not Forget Them by lending your voice. The instructions and links are on my myspace page. The building of a virtual chorus with other musician friends has been going on for a few months now and continues to grow as I work on finishing the album. (You can hear some of it in the working mix now) But I welcome all who would like to participate - as I say, no serious submission will be excluded.

if you're a facebook person, search pages for "raylius"

This community rocks in many ways, and I thank you all for your contributions to the blog and individual efforts. This is hands down the best site on the internet and the first place I go after checking basic headlines. I can't thank Mike and Jenna enough.


MidWestHerbalist said...

Quick Sketch of FEMA Regions Over Super Highway

allison said...

"Could Some of the Nafta Superhighways be Defining Future Borders of Wastelands and Protected Zones?

It certaintly looks true for key coastal regions in the northeast, southeast and west. But, as this map suggests, we can see how CONUS is divided north-to-south. But what will happen east-to-west? Any one got the graphics capability and the data to superimpose a map of FEMA's ten regions over the Superhighway map? That would tell us bucketsfull."

I did it, I superimposed the one atop the other, I just don't know how to post it so everyone can see it...

allison said...

Okay, here it is truly superimposed...

Peter J. Nickitas said...

Mike and Jenna:

Here's another one for the blog's gold corner:

Peter J. of Minneapolis

badattitude77769 said...

Survival tip: On a personal level, we may be defending ourselves from hungry people, etc. Have bought a 9mm and 12 gauge, lots of ammo. Live in an old neighborhood, upscale near some low rent apartments, machine gun fire, etc on weekends, drug dealing going on in my simple apartment complex, most of us older people, Two sundays ago, took the garbage out to the dumpster at four am on a sunday, and gangsters pulled up to the curb and gave me the eyefuck in the dark. Handy to have a blade handy, no one wants to be cut. They drove off, no drama, just stood there looking at them. Buildings being tagged all around. Friend up in oregon says some of the drivers come from southern california and carry throw aways wallets with forty dollars in them for when someone sticks a gun in their face while unloading. He and one other driver asked truck supervisor, we call him Sparky, that if the economy really fails could they have someone ride shotgun, armed, with them. Sparky just laughed, he does not have to deliver 50 to 70 thousand dollars of grocery products at night. Been stashing some cash, do not trust the banks, wonder if cash will have any value in following years. My father survived during the depression by eating his brother and sisters oatmeal, they did not know where their next meal was coming from.
Am still in the city working like a dog for a failing trucking company, just remember that the wealthy elite probably laugh at us when we operate from fear. Scuse me for rambling, just suggesting to everyone to keep their chin up, we are all together as one.