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Michael C. Ruppert
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February 1, 2009 --8:30 PM, PST -- This has been implicit in everything we developed at FTW and all that I have written for the last seven years. The New World Order will fail, almost at its birth, to produce anything that has been anticipated. The quote that follows from the linked story is perhaps the most profound sentence I have read in a deacde or more. -- "European court judgments whose interpretation they left to EU obsessives: it is now illegal – illegal – for the government of an EU country to put the needs and concerns of its own population first." The European Union is self-destructing at warp speed. As the story explains, the reasons are obvious and you should read every word of it. It's not just that the inevitable protectionism is going to erupt with its eventual viciousness; it's that when it does erupt, the nations that cause the most harm will be jeopardizing the safety of their citizens who work in the countries they cause harm to. British jobs no longer belong to British subjects... they belong to Europe. This is a recipe for absolute chaos and I don't see how the EU can hold together. The European version of the New World Order is falling apart before it's even had a full debut.

Can you see the potential for hate, crimes, savagery and pogroms all over Europe?

That's the way the dinosaurs died... They behaved like dinosaurs. It was all they knew. Perhaps a moment of some dim clarity hit them before they perished. But we are humans and we are -- although highly flawed -- much more intelligent than dinosaurs. It is this moment of clarity that I have been waiting for (it seems like my whole life) and it's beginning to happen.

As I have been hinting on this blog for a while... a massive global repatriation is about to begin. That by itself will generate drama like we have not seen in our lifetimes. I have always said that
geography trumps everything. Relocalization has never been an option; it has always been an inevitability. But relocalization takes on a whole new meaning when what, a half a billion or a billion people decide to go home in a big hurry?

To me this is a positive development vis a vis the EU. Because the sooner it is apparent that the old plans don't work, the more we'll see openings to make our case... and to change the end game. And the very last sentence of the story gives us very good reason to be grateful we're here in the U.S. if you ponder on it for a while.


Violent Unrest Rocks China as Crisis Hits

Even in China, with all of it's ethnicities, the result will be the same... relocalization. And woe to those who are trapped in unfriendly regions.

It is good to be home.

I think I'll need to ask Doug Lewis to let me sing another song for you guys soon. He's the band leader for a kick-ass band called The Cheeters. They have a guitar player named Michael Joost who is just breathtaking and works an acoustic or an electric as good as Steve Stills. A while ago I watched the guy play classical guitar on a Fender P base. I'm just listening to a new CD of theirs -- which I love -- and am actually going to write a review for them. I have a great many nice things to look forward to. My personal experience lately is that a lot of love and blessings have been coming my way. I am having friendships blossom with sweetness and beauty, and some loved ones have come back. In the midst of all this I'm smiling bigger smiles than I have in years.

Hang tough guys,



Jenna Orkin

We may be smarter than dinosaurs but we're still dumber than yeast.

The Chris Martensen website that everyone's talking about underscores the insidious way in which exponents creep up on you. In the end they're still moving at the same rate but my, how they've grown. And when a monster creeps, the world shakes.

Say you have a yeast culture that doubles in size every minute (not biologically possible but this is an abstract problem.) It's 12:00 AM and the culture consists of a few unassuming cells in a Petri dish. In twenty-four hours the culture will fill the room.

Question: At what time will the culture fill only half the room?

Answer: 11:59 PM.

You can hardly blame yeast for getting caught by that one.

Especially when we're replicating their example, albeit with more subtle numbers than 'double.' Using rates closer to 4%, exponential growth is what's driving the population explosion, Peak Oil and the economy.

A couple of months ago we observed that for the United States to create its first trillion dollars took its entire history of two hundred plus years. To create the next trillion took the last six months.

When will we start to notice? When we're creating a trillion dollars every six minutes?

Did you shudder as the shadow of the sword of Damocles settled overhead last week, ie when the word "hyperinflation" crept onto CNN?

Here in New York City is where a hefty per cent of the Smart Set lives. At least, that's our reputation and certainly some of us believe it ourselves; it's the reason we put up with the rats on the subway.

We are the industrious ant; we work at what we've been told will bring us security and respect.

And we're really good at it; "If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere."

But what if the ant had it all wrong? After all, grasshoppers aren't extinct either. Ants are busy little bees and look at what's happening to the bees.

The old paradigm dies hardest here because the dream is most vivid. We tolerate the rats on the subway en route to a cocktail party with rats in Armani suits. We are in the eye of the storm. Indeed, we are at most one degree of separation from the people who manufactured the storm, so we're the last to see it coming.

We feverishly forge ahead building our awe-inspiring monuments and aedifices, because it's all we know how to do. Meanwhile we pray they'll be finished and we can get our fifteen seconds of fame before the laws of nature move in and show who's boss.

Flagship Fusion Reactor Could Cost Twice As Much As Budgeted
Storing Power on the Future Electric Grid
Pessimistic DOE report.
The Political Suspicions of 9/11
The extent to which this is disinfo remains to be seen but it's interesting that it's being aired a mere two weeks into the new administration.

However, for a review of how the New York Times has handled 9/11 issues in the past, see

NATO Chief Sees Role for Iran in Afghanistan
Did the Amish Get It Right, After All?
Black Man Given Nation's Worst Job
Echoes of Mike's post from several weeks ago.


John said...

Re: "And the very last sentence of the story gives us very good reason to be grateful we're here in the U.S. if you ponder on it for a while."

Personally, I think you are deceiving yourself in your turn as regards the US, which has its own particular set of grave problems.

businessman said...

Here's a video from C-SPAN showing how if the U.S. Unemployment statistics were still calculated using the same method that was utilized in 1994, the current unemployment rate would be 17.5%:

Isaac L said...

Glad to hear/read you are doing well Mike. I can only imagine how tough it must be on you mentally to do and have gone through all that you have.

Keep it up.

Sebastian Ronin said...

Quick thoughts before I head back to the shop:

-agreed, the NWO will fail, but not before having given its best shot...of which we are only at the beginning
-where is it written that the transition stage, i.e. the current century of PPO, is going to be a cake-walk viewed through pink, democratic spectacles?
-re "...the sooner it is apparent that the old plans don't work, the more we'll see openings to make our case... and to change the end game." I doubt this very, very much. It has to play itself out; it is a runaway train. To think that we, knights in shining armor, can divert this destiny, strikes me as the John Wayne gene acting up.
-re "...the very last sentence of the story gives us very good reason to be grateful we're here in the U.S." This may come as a great culture shock, but not all of "us" are in the U.S. of A. And anyway, the U.S. will not last...the center will not hold.

brell said...

bizman-right. has said that for a while.

i'd say, just "add 10-15%"

still see lots of immigrants hanging outside of home depots, RR crossings and uhauls waiting for work in the sf bay area...

MCR said...

John... You are absolutely correct. But the problems we face here are known and relatively familiar. To have massive social unrest and government services falling apart (on levels we heven't come close to seeing here yet) would be devastating.

I'm not deceiving mself in seeing clearly that to have problems like Europe is having on top of our own would be devastating. We have to find little things to be grateful for. I am no rosy-faced optimist. We're all going to same place but how hard and how fast is of great importance in determining what's left. Racial hatred will most certainly show up here.

I'm just dispassionately assessing imminent challenges. Europe is twenty feet closer to the cliff edge than we are. And the social challenges there now are both greater and different from our own.

We watch and we learn what we can from what's happening.


Al Czervik said...

Further to Jenna's comment:

AR said...

It’s looking like the neocons have burrowed into the DoD and are planning a coup d’etat of Iraq/oil policy, at a minimum:

“There are indications that Petraeus and his allies in the military and the Pentagon, including Gen. Ray Odierno, now the top commander in Iraq, have already begun to try to pressure Obama to change his withdrawal policy.

“A network of senior military officers is also reported to be preparing to support Petraeus and Odierno by mobilising public opinion against Obama's decision.”

Is the DoD allowed to propagandize US citizens? Of course!
“Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon’s Hidden Hand” (NYT)

Even Laurie Milroie is buried deep at DoD, cranking out ‘reports.

The MIC rules. Peak Pentagon indeed.

Seems the old regime’s ploy of renaming its nefarious acts, as a way of claiming policy change, has been adopted by the new regime. Thus extraordinary renditon continues under a new name, and torture continues, authorized by Appendix M of the Army Field Manual.

The military already has mutinied, it would seem, now that it’s clear they are resisting orders by the CiC.

“Guantanamo Judge Refuses Obama’s Request for Delay”

Sebastian Ronin said...

Hey, Jenna, I thought that Batman was going to save Gotham City? Don't tell me that I've had the wool pulled over my eyes! Re rats, ants and grasshoppers, maybe Keith and the cockroaches will inherit it all.

agape wins said...

In response to John, posting since
11,08, you have no idea where MCR
has been, just reading CTR, or
reviewing this Blog for the past
year's posts will show you that he is well aware of where He/we are!
Tomorrow, is another matter, "ponder that"!!

Come on folks, is everyone out to lunch?
George was the prince "in shining armor",
handsome, with MONEY, & slaves.

I knew, as a child that those in power had to be
rich or handsome, those I saw were both, or at
least they dressed well!
Would George court a toad, possibly bed almost
anyone, but take her to a Ball?
This is all a distraction, next some "forensic anthropologist" will
produce a nude image!
The slippers are not glass, but are what I would visualize for
the era & her station. When were the buckles lost?
It's like the costumes used in the movies, slightly modified
to meet the current styles.

As for destroying correspondence, some did, some did not.
Mostly it was embarrassed relatives!

Biff said...

I posted a lengthy set of questions and comments the other day which were valid. Why weren't they posted for Mike to read?? I thought this forum was for people interested in these topics and interesting in changing. I am starting to see that this forum is only for the select few. Similar to what the government and the financial elite are already doing.... thanks for your help !!!!

businessman said...

Biff...Sometimes the Blogger system does not allow our posts to get through to Jenna. It happens to all of us.

agape wins said...

To Biff;
if you have been watching this
Blog for any length of time you
should know that blogger is not
the best program, Jenna has stated several times to save your posts
for resubmission if they become
It's not FTW's fault, MCR does not have the time at present to find
a Blog sponsor that works, bear
with us until his book is put to
bed, please we want your point of view.

AR said...

There's a big problem trying to post long URLs here. I tried using HTML to hyperlink, but that doesn't always work. Merely pasting a long URL into the comment returns an incomplete link, with the portion that 'blows the right margin' disappearing off to the right. In some cases, there will be continuation of a URL on the next line, but this is only when there happens to be a hyphen or _ in the URL, which serves as a cue to the software to 'return' and show the rest of the URL (following the - or _) on the next line of the comment, omitting the portion of the URL between the margin and the hyphen/_.

A solution to this would be create a tinyURL at I don't like to click on tinyurls because I avoid certain websites.

businessman: How do you get your clickable links to show? Is there some HTML code you can share?

The following links from my post @ 11:23 AM failed to post in full:

Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon’s Hidden Hand [NYT]

Mylroie link:

gamedog said...

The UK Gov response to the wildcat strikes is to roll out the traitorous Peter Mandelson(now lord) at least once, huffing and puffing on the BBC about illegal strikes and how we can all find jobs in Europe instead.

He is officially the "New Labour" fall guy having resigned in various scandals 3 times, then getting a knighthood for it from Blair. I for one will be glad to see the back of him, but doubt we will since there are no legal ways to remove criminal Lords from the house. links for background on mandy..

Also in the Fabians with Brown & Blair plus 200 other in Westminster (coat of arms/crest has a wolf in sheeps clothing) link

Luckily for the Gov, this dusting of inclement weather were getting is now officially the "worst snow for 18 years" (6" today -2 celcius) which justifies the BBCs continuous rolling weather coverage no doubt. I bet New Yorkers would giggle at that one :lol:

Good on the boys at Lindsey refinery who managed to come out in force regardless eh. over 900 in support elsewhere in protest. 20% of the UK workforce stayed home to avoid the nasty scary snowman. What a shame the unions are now corporate entities, or we might have had a spokesperson on the live coverage with something more to say than "British jobs for British workers".

Funny, I remember my father leaving the house to walk 7 miles to work in engineering (Metro Vickers later GEC) with a shovel in the late 60's with 2ft of snow, my how times change, a bad forecast and the UK shuts down these days. No public transport was able to run in London!
Transition Towns: Thanks LeoBro, good pointer!
There's a rather poor critique from the usually forward thinking with a response from Rob Hopkins (founder of TT) here

It pushed me to speak to Graham
Burnett of TT Brixton link

Graham is inspirational, a thoroughly decent chap, so much so I ordered his permaculture book, and a copy of Robs Book "The Transition Handbook: from oil dependency to local resilience
by Rob Hopkins" to see if it's worth something locally.

If the snowman don't get me first :rotfl:

keep on singin mike!

Sebastian Ronin said...

An amazing article! Thanks, Mike. I found it even more interesting to read the nuances and between the lines as the article itself.

I am blown away by how quickly (especially within an historical context) things are unraveling. Up until very recently, my own projection was pointing towards 2030, give or take. I am still tending towards that date for the maturation of the crisis, but am really not that sure anymore.

Re "Relocalization has never been an option; it has always been an inevitability." Yep. I guess folks should by now be familiar enough with my comments to know that this is my opening to plug the NAmerican secession movement. So shoot me! =:-D

Re extinction of dinosaurs, I lean towards the meteor theory. So drawing on that anology I think it safe to say that we have been hit with the Peak Oil (and derivatives swaps) death star and are about to be suffocated with the consequences. Adapt or perish still applies, but with an urgency that I believe tragically escapes the perception and imagination of most.

agape wins said...

To Biff, 02,02,09;
I just sent a post remarking
about lost posts & the need for saving them for reposting, sadly
I neglected to save that post!
So I have to start over.

MCR has not had the time to locate a Blog sponsor that works, please be patient, we value your viewpoint.

kiki said...

CNN just reported Bush pardoned Rove in perpetuity - a few hours before the inauguration and it just happened to be in a lawyers hands until now - how convenient

kiki said...

CNN just reported Bush pardoned Rove in perpetuity - a few hours before the inauguration and it just happened to be in a lawyers hands until now - how convenient

DarkNetz said...

found this recently:

searching google for "blogger to wordpress" should yield many results

Sebastian Ronin said...

Did anyone catch this to-day: Gaddafi vows to push Africa unity.

I find it interesting taken within the context of possible EU meltdown and NAU still on the table (from what I can see). The United States of Africa...has sort of a nice ring to it, dontcha think? I guess it was payback time for Muammar, having been such a good boy and all as of late.

Josh Wachtel said...

Mike --

I've been following your blog since you started up, but have yet to comment. I'll connect now on a tangent, in response to your song posting and your discussion of your love for music, which hadn't been clear until now. My band Radio Free Earth recently started a podcast where we post a 25-minute musical radio show twice a month. In some crucial but not obvious way we see our music as necessary to the cultural transition required at the present time. Feel free to tune in here:

in_the_light said...

It makes me ponder the true meaning of "local" in relocalization.

EU leaders tried to bring Europe together under common law, they violated a fundemental law/rule/code that was at the foundation of their individual social contracts, that is that the contract exists between individuals and states, not states and states. It exists that way not because it should, but because it must. States cannot give up their rights in the way that individual citizens do to become a part of the larger whole. Those states have no rights inherent to themselves. Europe governments would have to totally collapse and then the citizens would have to choose to rebuild from scratch a new unified government in order to really have a unified Europe. But in reality, would all the individual peoples of Europe agree to bow to the same power? Undoubtedly not.

"Local" regions are defined not only by spacial boundaries but also by cultural ones. The member states of the EU made a disasterous decision in choosing to ignore the fact that their rights as soveriegn states are not inherent to the state body, but to the individual citizens that agree to allow the state into existence. In many cases, the cultural boundaries that exist in Europe are more difficult to cross than the ocean that seperates them from the Americas. And in hard times, that expanse of ocean may be easier to cross than those enormous cultural walls.

Last thing about this: Prior to western contact in the Pacific Islands, there existed a unified body of societies that stretched across much larger pieces of Earth than that of Europe. Today's indigenous people call that network Oceania. For them, the ocean was not a vast expanse of nothingness that kept them from each other. The ocean was an enormous resource that interconnected them. It was an everyday occurance to cross it and engage in trade and reciprocity. Today, in this Westernized region, we see ourselves as tiny islands isolated from each other and the rest of the world. As relocalization continues, we just may see this network, as well as others around the globe, restring itself together.

I wholeheartedly disagree with you mike when you say we are more intellegent than the dinosaurs, though highly flawed. Yes, more intellegent, but this false notion that we are somehow flawed (in what way, I don't know) has got to be thrown out if we want to survive. Just as the late Epeli Hau'ofa said of the Pacific Islands' isolation and resource scarcity which his own people placed at the core of their demise, I say of all of humanity, "There is a world of difference between viewing [us] as 'islands in a far sea' and as a 'sea of islands'". If we want to survive, and better yet thrive, we must understand that these limitations we have inherent in our humanity are not "flaws". They are our indeed our very humanity. And that is our strength. The human being is flawless. Damaged, yes. But not flawed. And the difference is everything. Damage can be healed. Flawed spells out doom. Consider the difference

kiki said...

these were not in Coatesville itself but a short distance to small towns west and south of the city:

kiki said...

these were not in Coatesville itself but a short distance, to small towns, west and south of Coatesville:

sunrnr said...

IBM offering to outsource (relocate)people it's laid off. Novel approach to the emptying of America.

What's next?


businessman said...

AR...and anyone else who's interested...Here's a link to some easy instructions on how to post HTML hyperlinks to other Web sites.

Patrick said...

Hi All,

This is one eyewitness account of the conditions in KY, Fema, Nat'l Guard, etc.

Kentucky Power Outages, Fema, Nat'l Guard

Question: Is this a glimpse of what we may expect, based on the KY power outages?

Peace all,

Flying column said...

Your house is your castle always defend it.

Keep up the good work Mike.I may be losing my Job soon,but i'll never let them take my house.


PS:"Johnnys in the basement mixing up the medicine Im on the pavement thinking about the government"

Chicken Little said...

Yup Kiki here is Huff Post link-

..Michael Isikoff reported for Newsweek that while many of us were fomenting about Bush preemptively pardoning at-risk members of his administration, he and his lawyer Fred Fielding (White House Counsel) were concocting one last expansion of executive privilege. Four days before he left office, Mr. Bush authorized Fielding to write letters to Harriet Miers and Karl Rove giving them "absolute immunity" from Congressional inquiry and prosecution. Preemptively. In perpetuity. Absolute and irrevocable.

The letters set the stage for what is likely to be a highly contentious legal and political battle over an unresolved issue: whether a former president can assert "executive privilege" -- and therefore prevent his aides from testifying before Congress -- even after his term has expired.

Wonder who else is carrying letters?

Rice Farmer said...

Things have gotten so bad so fast, that in a perverse sort of way I stand in awe of TPTB for their ability to hold the system together this far. All the bailing wire, twine, and cellophane tape in the world is not going to save us, but it's amazing that such simple tools have gotten us to this point.

As I've been predicting for some time, a US government debt default is coming. Get ready for the dollar crash.

martypantsROK said...

To: Agape wins:

Just because "John" has only been posting since 11/08 he's completely ignorant? Come on, surely you don't believe that a person's post rate equals his or her read rate, do you?
I rarely post, but I READ everything. I don't expect to get shot down on a comment simply because I don't write (here, at least) as much as some of you others.

Ponder that.

I tend to agree with John. The US has only a few advantages for Americans - familiarity, space and a couple of oceans separating it from most of the rest of the world. Otherwise, I think the US is jacked. I'm happy here in Korea where I can get cheap but good quality medical care, fresh veggies grown locally, and my salary stretches a long way. As an American among Koreans, I am well respected and would no fear of being left out or shunted aside should things get tough.

Meanwhile, in America, your medical costs skyrocket, your products are all made elsewhere and you eat frankenfoods. Good luck with the POS GM car and your monsanto corn.

MCR said...

Sebastian -- Pretty much agreed on all counts. Bt if we liken this to an avalanche and we must create air pockets, the sooner the old plans fail the less interference we will have in building our little shelters to house families or neighborhoods.

This is a big kernel I've been mulling for a while.

Yes, nothing is sacred now; nothing immune. 29 million uneployed in China... Cheez! All lerge multi-ethnic nation states are doomed. It is a good thing though that we might have anywhere from a week to a few years longer than China.


Pandabonium said...

"Violent clashes in Russia as angry protesters call for Putin to resign over economy"

2500 march in Vladivostok, 1000 Communists rally in Moscow's Central Square...
full article here:
Daily Mail Online

Pandabonium said...

AR - re: links in comments -
I can't put the code for putting links in comments without blogger reading it as a link, but if you email pandabonium at I'd be happy to email the code to you.

v said...

Technical Analist ING is "very bearish"

Japan on edge of ABYSS


Raymond said...

PRESIDENT Hu Jintao and his generals have ordered the military to obey the Communist Party "at any time, under any circumstances", as China enters its most politically fraught year in 20 years.

Ex-Australian PM calls for abolition of IMF and G7; transferring power from debtor to surplus nations (i.e China, Japan, India)

Paul Davis said...

Hello all,

Seeing a few posts about the functional limitations of this blogger site had me thinking.

Should we use something like the Joomla open source software to create a more dynamic online community?

A Joomla component like JomSocial might let us share & discuss the important information and news from Mike, Jenna & others plus adding more light hearted bits like pictures, music, media to help through the gloom. :-)

I've built a few Joomla sites and I'm sure there are many other readers here who have used/heard of it also.

gamedog said...

Josh Wachtel: Quality acoustic from Bens living room! Save some electric tho, unplug the axe :lol:
One reason we like "devolution"

SENIOR Welsh MPs are pressing the Government to clarify the law after a series of wildcat strikes spread around the UK in a row over British jobs....

Former Welsh Secretary Peter Hain said it was a “puzzle” that foreign firms could bring workers over to the UK for contract work, pay their accommodation costs and remain within EU employment rules.

“This does not seem to me to add up,” he said. “The real answer to this puzzle [is] these contracts are sub-contracted all the way down the line to the point where nobody really knows.” link

Mandy responds...

Lord Mandelson provoked fury yesterday after claiming strikers protesting about the use of overseas workers were driven by a hatred of foreigners. link

Dear Britain: Get Stuffed. Sincerely, New Labour [first call for Mandy's resignation?]

The strikers live on BBC said they don't mind foreigners so long there's equal opportunity for Brits.
Diversity in Britain, drumming up divisions...

The "extreme snow event" is a nice cover for the Gov, Banksters are being grilled by parliament this week, zero coverage on the BBC.

The UK is closed toady, it's too icy to go to work!

Flying column said...

The EU are not happy with Obama

Sebastian Ronin said...

Rice Farmer, re "As I've been predicting for some time, a US government debt default is coming."

Agreed. Now mix in that "46 Of 50 States Could File Bankruptcy In 2009-2010." See:

Connect the two dots and it is somewhat obvious that the Feds cannot bail out the States which, by law, cannot run deficit budgets. Cutting back to the bone and when the bullet hits the bone (for all you pop culture types) converge at a level of social hurt.

Mike, re "Yes, nothing is sacred now; nothing immune. 29 million uneployed in China... Cheez!"

It is all uncharted turf, no matter how advanced the skills of the cartographers. =;-D Literally, the slate is about to be wiped clean and then advanced upon with "anyting goes." Nature abhors a vacuum, yes? Speaking of Chinese labor, there are 6 million coal miners feeding dirty, Chinese energy flow-through. I smell a vicious soft underbelly, an Achilles heal of scary proportions to make the British wildcats seem tame in comparison.

Note re "The map is not the territory." I've dropped this maxim a few times. For anyone who might be wondering, no, it is not a shot at Mike. It is a standard information theory principle. The map(s) will get us to the point of encounter, i.e. the turf. Then it becomes a matter of jumping down into the trenches and getting creative...and very, very dirty.

Misterseth said...

This doesn't specifically pertain to the thread at hand but on the subject of localization, self-sufficiency / general Peak Oil preparations I thought the following might be a useful resource for those who do not know all that much about growing food such as myself:

I work for the Royal Horticultural Society here in the UK as their web producer and have just launched this area of the site. I want to be absolutely clear that this post is not intended as a viral marketing ploy of any kind (we are a charity at the end of the day). It has simply occurred to me that this could be a very helpful, user-friendly guide for a lot of people – perhaps not for yourselves but for your less horticulturally inclined friends and relatives. I apologize if it is too fluffy for the mavens but it is designed to be accessible in every sense. I also apologize if it is too UK-centric for some but most of it should apply across the pond.

If I haven't said so already: Mike and Jenna, thank you so much for all that you've done. I grew up asking a lot of questions that virtually nobody was able to answer until I found you.

Misterseth said...

On another topic the following has made me absolutely livid for some time now (probably a waste of energy but oh well)...

Firms' secret tax avoidance schemes cost UK billions

I first came across the subject on the BBC: Call for corporate tax clampdown

The first link was the main feature yesterday on the home page of the Guardian. Unfortunate timing as most people were distracted by the biggest snowstorm in 18 years. By rights the UK taxpayer should be extremely pissed off about this. At least its coming to light now.

RanD said...

February 3, 2009

MCR says humans are more intelligent than the dinosaurs, though highly "flawed". in-the-light says humans are "damaged" but not flawed: whereas damage can be healed, to be flawed spells out doom. RanD says that humans are neither "flawed" nor "damaged", but are merely generally "ignorant" of "the source, part, and [inevitable, timely] extinction of [their] subversive mentalities/behaviors/practices".

The following information resolves the above issue --and how one chooses or chooses not to interact with said resolution as given below determines one's part within humankind's evolutionary continuum:

The advent of this current uniquely physicalized living Universe's SELF-manifested existence was and remains premised upon the principle that EVERYTHING is capable of existing. Whether produced in fully materialized physical form or produced as purely incorporeal intrinsically unconstrainable mental imagery, thereby such means the Mind of GOD is continuously and freely coursing throughout the field of GOD's SELF in the process of manifesting existence. As the fully self-Self-SELF-realized spirit-mind embodied by Jesus of Nazareth put it: "with GOD everything is possible."

It is thereby above said principle and means that all which is not good -- i.e., "evil" -- also was inevitably and requisitely caused to come into existence along with and in opposition to all which is good. And it must again be emphasized, that it is also by this same singularly unique principle and means that the Earth and everything it contains, produces, and sustains -- certainly including our human selves -- have likewise been caused to actualize within our Universe's infinite and eternal field of existence.

The part that evil has played in securing to GOD's currently manifesting Universe is manifold. Firstly is evil's need to be manifested in order to provide an absolute alternative to good, and thereby fulfill the Mind of GOD's current Universal objective which has been to manifest EVERYTHING. Secondly, evil has functioned as the paramount device by which GOD's ultimate physical manifestation as SELF in GOD's image --i.e., the human species of organisms -- has been brought fully into consciousness of reality/the Universe/existence/GOD/everything: as it is for GOD, so it is for GOD's children. Thirdly, upon humankind's realization -- as announced via fulfillment of their own fully conscious articulation -- of themselves in relation to their means and purpose for existing, all evil will imminently be removed from the entirety of GOD's Creation.

It is a good day here at FTW, and good one throughout the entire Universe, as well.

sunrnr said...

The cracks are widening ...

Bold step for sure. There are towns in Utah that have done this, but this is the first state I know of to put up a public fight.


kiki said...

i think someone already mentioned something about this but here it is again for those who may have missed it:

wxdude714 said...

As a former FTW subscriber I read a lot about finding the community you want to live in for the post-peak oil world. There's nothing like home sweet home, but I was reading my ESRI magazine(since I graduated with a Geography degree) and came across this article. It's available online and it included a couple of good maps by county that describe the lifestyle habits of each county in the United States. The study breaks down the life style habits into 12 categories. I'd like to add that I don't like the color scheme used to demonstrate this research. I thought I'd share with everyone!

extraterrestrial_dna said...

Hey everybody. The appearance of a collapse of the E.U. may give a hint of the failure of the planned N.W.O., however I hesitate to hope too fully in that idea. It seems to me rather that this is exactly in line with the plan. I don't believe there is any chance involved with the collapse events happening in Europe, here in the U.S., or anywhere else. I believe it's been planned from the start. The E.U. will not collapse. Rather, there will be a rally around the idea that in unity the European people can make it through the crash. This is an effort by the N.W.O. to consolidate, finally, Europe into one gov't with one currency by shattering the economies of the countries that still hold onto sovereignty due to popular demand. I could say the same here, with the coming bankruptcy of the Federal gov't as well as the states. The north and south american continents will be relagated to third world status now that the american empire has outlived its usefulness. What is happening with fema in KY is indeed a conditioning effort by the Pentagram aimed at all of us. NONE of this is accidental or chance. I believe Obama knows exactly what's being planned and there is no coup for he is covertly right behind the millitary. He will publicly denounce their actions but those words will have no teeth. Obama has no intention of saving this nation.
I am in the process of stocking a years worth of dry goods. For people on the east cost, check out for affordable bulk organic food. Email them from that website and they will email you back their most current catalog. It's truely amazing. I've been trying to educate my family and coworkers at the farm about what's coming and no one wants to hear it. I'm afraid for my parents and siblings because they're all in the debt cycle and I won't be able to help them much in the meager position i'm in trying to support my sons and partner through the coming rapids. What can we do for our still-sleeping loved ones? Well, I have hope for tomorrow because I made it through today. Love you all.

tim said...

Evil does not exist.(God has no "enemy") The Divine Reality is the process of infinite possibilities. That process expresses Itself as birth, life & change, and death. (appearance, change,disappearance) All of us, me, you, the blades of grass, the kitty-cats, MCR's dawg, the stars, none of us is exempt from this process. Evil or the Devil is just a childish personification of apparent disappearance. The more spiritually advanced you are, the less reactive you are to the death process. The higher your consciousness, the less "evil" manifests in your world.

WeRF*ked said...

This is a quick analysis of a report tabled at Davos where the G20 were meeting recently. None of this is in the mainstream media which is shameful really.

The original report is here…

Todd said...


Very well said!

My knowledge of the 'Human Experience' and the 'Earth-Life-System' has grown exponentially over the past few years... and is serving me well at this interesting juncture of human evolution.

The quantum leap in knowledge that I've enjoyed has come from many hours of self-initiated out-of-body exploration, and many hours spent in deep meditation, contemplating and analyzing my experiences.

My experiences tell me that at our core (soul, essence) - we're pure consciousness, and we're using this physical system and these physical bodies as tools for evolution.

Have courage... enjoy the journey... and be MAGNIFICENT !!


tim said...

Well spoken, also, Todd. I believe we should maximize the activities you're talking about and minimize playing corporate slave. But we still have to be responsible for ourselves. Localized, permaculture-based, spiritually mature groups cooperating are the only ones that will survive in this world...