Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Letter to President Barack Obama

by Michael C. Ruppert
(C) Copyright 2009, All Rights Reserved. Michael C. Ruppert

FEB. 17, 2009, 11:00 PM PST

Dear Mr. President:

Today, as you signed your recovery package into law, you said that this was "the beginning of the end."

No shit!

The death and collapse of the U.S. and global economies has been inevitable for some time. The collapse of industrialized civilization cannot be prevented by any plan or scheme invented by any political party operating in the current economic paradigm. There are alternatives and options that can save hundreds of millions, if not billions, of lives, but they are outside the box that you think in. I and many others have foreseen and accurately predicted these events for years. We are known as the Peak Oil/Sustainability Movement. Because of our incredible accuracy in predicting events to this point, over decades, you might want to pay attention to what we and a growing number of honest business reporters are saying about what is coming next.

With all respect, when you said "beginning of the end" with that sincere smile, transmitting hope and confidence, it sent a shudder down my spine. All you are doing is buying time to prevent the collapse of totally dysfunctional marriage where the mother (the government) kills the children (us) to save her relationship with the father (the way money works). The time has come to admit to the people the catastrophic event horizon before us and all of humankind. I cannot believe that you do not see this. And, if you do see it, then what you said today was the biggest Hail Mary pass in American political history. Those, Mr. President, are words that will come back to haunt you and it scares me to think that you might be cynical enough to try and sell it to us.

Mr. President, what you said today was a "tell" of desperation. There are those who want to help you, who are eager to help you. But you must look at us and call us by our name. Otherwise it will not be long before one of two things happens. Either you and the government of the United States will be compelled to listen to us, or else the people will stop listening to you.

The President we need now is not Abraham Lincoln.

It is Thomas Jefferson.


Michael C. Ruppert

The Man Behind the Curtain Revealed

by Jenna Orkin

As we all lunge towards Wikipedia to figure out what it is about Thomas Jefferson that makes him such an apt mentor, I believe Mike's referring to two things:

1. Jefferson's emphasis on local rather than federal government. This is going to play out anyway in the coming years, whether TPTB like it or not.

2: His resistance to the establishment of a central bank that was not beholden to the people whose taxes maintained it. Hamilton won the argument by conceding that the bank would have to retain a gold reserve.

The rest, as they say, is history. As are we about to become, when the end President Obama mentioned we're at the beginning of, arrives in force.

But even as we players strut on the stage in the final act of whatever drama this is, it's gratifying at last to understand our role and to learn the name of the author.

Turns out, the drama's The Wizard of Oz.

First revealed by school teacher Henry Littlefield in 1964, and explicated superbly by Ellen Hodgson Brown in Web of Debt, the fable was written c. 1900 to protest events which would culminate in the establishment of the Federal Reserve. Author Frank Baum did not trust gold which is in notoriously short supply; hence the failure of the yellow brick road to get Dorothy where she wanted to go. In the original story, the magic slippers that finally did the trick were silver.

The scarecrow represented farmers who felt intimidated by the city slickers setting up the Fed. The tin man represented factory workers. And the cowardly lion was William Jennings Bryant whom Baum was trying to enCourage [sic] to fight the good Populist fight.

So the wizard, as we always suspected, was the Alan Greenspan of his day. Fittingly, at the end, he goes off in a hot air balloon which is what Mr. Greenspan was always so full of.

Brown doesn't mention it, but I wonder if the tornado that got the story off the ground, so to speak, was a vortex of inflation or the crash of 1873.

Perhaps all this was clear to audiences when the book was first published. Or perhaps, in the spirit of Baum's contemporaries, Messrs. Freud and Jung, the characters were simply intended to resonate with the archetypal Chairman of the Federal Reserve in the collective unconscious.

As for Oz, that stood for 'ounces.'

Top of the Agenda: US Troop Boost in Afghanistan
Just in time for the unemployment crisis. Note the article further down: Mysterious Attack on presidential palace in Equatorial Guinea.
Russia Restricts Gas to Poland
Over-exposed to Emerging Europe
"It is quite likely that the emerging-markets exposure of European banks exceeds even that of US lenders to Alt-A [Alternative-A] and sub-prime loans."

"I don't think that the EU will let any of these big banks fail," Deuber says. But if they do have to recapitalise their subsidiaries with sizable amounts, he continues, they and their governments will regard those new EU members such as Poland and the Czech Republic as more like core markets, while those countries less integrated with the EU and worse hit by the crisis, such as Ukraine, could be let go.
Crisis Tops G7 Agenda

European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet said the ECB had not drawn any particular conclusions after discussions with other central banks.
"I have said that I did not exclude additional non-standard action, but no decision has been taken yet on top of the non-standard action we have already decided to do and we will see," he said on Saturday.

Why does that language sound so familiar? Oh yes: That's how Gideon Gono used to describe his actions as Finance Minister of Zimbabwe.
Eastern Europe Could Dump Gold
Despite Obama Pledge, Justice Defends Bush Secrets
JP Morgan Launches Gold-Linked CDs
"The payout will... be around 30%." In other words, they're capping it.
JP Morgan Sees $6.4 Billion Capital Shortfall at Deutschebank
Russia's State Arms Exporter has $20 Billion in Foreign Orders


bostx said...

Thomas Jefferson gets too much credit. Yes, he vehemently opposed a central bank but he was not a man of the earth like John Adams. Jefferson was a spendthrift who couldn't manage his personal finances whereas the frugal Adams maintained strict budgets. John Adams is who we need as a role model right now.

Don Hynes said...

Good on ya Mike! We need to keep all the intelligent backpressure possible on Obama. I wrote this recently at Vantage Point (

"Obama speaks about one nation, one people and I admire that aspiration but it’s as far from fact as the goat stories of GW Bush. Does the deliberate malfeasance and wholesale theft of the US treasury that Paulson and his Wall Street partners engineered have anything in common with 90% of the population standing in line at a grocery store? The Congressional performers take pot shots for the cameras at CEOs who show up for a little abuse and a load of gold while at least 10% of what Congress doles out to the corporations finds its way back into their own re-election chests. The bankers withstand the sterno can Congress calls heat while Timothy Geithner whose charmed career as a banking insider from Kissinger Associates to Chairman of the NY Federal Reserve Bank where he engineered the bailout of Citigroup which some analysts say started the meltdown in the first place, now dumps ton after ton of sand from his crew of Bernanke supplied helicopters upon the inferno at core reactor 11 Wall Street.

My point being this is no time for progressive voices to be silent, to find some new found respect for the office of president or blind belief in Barack Obama. America has risen out of its slumber through the Obama candidacy and election and the sleeping giant must not return to its comatose state."

Keepin' the faith that's real!

ecosutra said...

The directors of Permaculture
Darren Daugherty and Geoff Lawton, said to me.
" we need to start a Permaculture international draft."

I totally agree. We needed it yesterday.

agape wins said...

History is the lies we want to trust!
I am sure Mike & Jenna know about the warts each of our founding fathers possessed and have their reasons for choosing one over another!
I, after reading " The Lies My Teacher told Me" have no respect for any of them, but we have to
have a frame of reference people can relate to.
Go with the flow.

Did you know that Columbus was the father of the dehumanization of people as justification for racial Slavery, that 55% of Washington's first budget was for the eradication of "Indians"?
Our war "Of Independence" was truly just to institute another evolution of the powers that control the flow of money, not how it works, part of which is who gets to Bully who! The Independence movement was in the
minority and resistance to it was strong for years after our "Freedom" was granted. Our take over was less painful and more successful than that that in France or Russia. Why do you suppose that Ben Franklin went
to France, never to return?
THINK, Dont just believe what you
have been told by those in control!!

sunrnr said...

MCR - Did your post actually get to the President? I've left similar vein messages on, but I doubt they get beyound the web server.

I'm starting to believe either President Obama really is another front man for the Empire and continuing to further their agenda or he's so naive he actually believes he's doing the right thing.

Either way, I agree they're trying to sustain a way of life that's unsustainable and are unwilling to see it (ultimate state of deniability).

Thanks for continuing to try.


DisplayName said...

Dr. Littlefield was the Headmaster at the York School in the 80's when I was blessed to take AP American History from him.
He was a brilliant, tough but nurturing man who expected his students to excel and to give back.
He peeled back layers of History never discussed in college...not just the Wiz of Oz and its message of a silver standard but the society of the Cincinnati and the battles against the Bank of Andrew Jackson.

We need more H. Littlfield as many of the battles we now face have been fought before and perhaps the presidential role model should be "Action" Andrew Jackson.

Dave Crossland said...

Mike has been on the "debt slaves" angle for years, and here it is: "How many people will become unwitting interest slaves for the rest of their lives by signing up for one of these "loan modifications"? That is likely to happen if non-recourse loans become recourse loans." - Mish, famous economic blogger, at

John said...

Here's one reason on why Jefferson is a timely good model (From Mike Whitney's review ofRichard Cook's book "We Hold These Truths"

"It's clear that Wall Street has further tightened its grip on Washington even while it continues to wreak havoc on the financial system. It's no wonder Thomas Jefferson concluded that, "Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies"."

PeakedOut said...

Our one eyed jack sure seems to be keeping up on the blog despite his injury and pending professional duties. Has MCR become a dictator? LOL

In regard to Jefferson or Adams, I am leaning on a different Adams of late, Samual Adams!!

If the current crisis (this word really doesn't sound severe enough)keeps unfolding at the rate it is, shouldn't we be hoping for a series of local leaders to rally around? As long as we look to a national figure to save us, aren't we giving them the power they crave and need? Do any of us still believe a national solution is possible?

Robert Paulsen said...

MCR: I think President Obama knows exactly what's coming up around the bend. He's articulated an awareness which is reflected in his choice of Interior Secretary. The problem is that he, probably for political image management, is framing the situation as two separate crises (Economic Crisis and Energy Crisis) rather than flip sides of the same coin (as you say, money represents the ability to do work, energy IS the ability to do work). I'm not sure if Obama is being pragmatic, cynical, or both.

Jenna Orkin: It's always a treat to read your insights. I had no idea that L. Frank Baum was writing an allegory of the Federal Reserve. Unfortunately, with the pending death of globalization, I fear the future will be less Emerald City, more Zardoz. Not that I don't believe TPTB aren't losing control, just that they'll do their damndest to create the illusion that they aren't.

Green2Go said...

Jenna! I love a good Oz story! I've always thought we needed more Totos.

John said...

States vs. Feds

There is a war going on but it is not one we are reading about in the news.

As tax revenues decline, the federal government can operate with deficits. By law, states and counties must balance their budgets...
My read of the stimulus package is that it was designed to provide a great deal of money to ease the financial pain that the states and municipalities are experiencing. It is not described that way — but I think that is what it is and what got it passed...
Behind the scenes, the states had to get their half a trillion or so to go along with the bankers getting another $2.2 trillion.

After playing with the numbers, my intuition says that this money is enough to push the state problems out to September, maybe October.r. The states will need a lot more money in the 2010 federal budget which will go into effect on October 1, 2009...

Anonymous said...

Mike & make me proud. It is deeply heartening to hear such words, backed by INTEGRITY. Oh, that our Mr. Obama will listen & heed...

D! said...

I think we need people less concerned with wealth of material things in positions of power and more leaders dedicated to the improvement of actual living conditions of every breathing human being.

But I know that this world is full of liars, cowards, and whores of all kinds.

And to quote me, from this blog. . .

"we are all guilty"

Enjoy your mental masturbation and limited physical exercise consisting of short rapid hand movements.

Peter J. Nickitas said...


"The Wizard of Oz" came out in 1900, 13 years before the Federal Reserve Act. There are illusions to the Panic of 1873, not 1907. Some have claimed that the Wiz was Pres. McKinley.

I note that the balloon was made of green silk. The allusion to greenbacks is obvious.

The Wicked Witch of the West was supposed to be the railroads, who strangled farmers. Her eastern sister was supposed to be Wall Street. The spider could have been J.P. Morgan. Ellen H. Brown draws a comparison between Baum's spider and David Rockefeller, the Master Spider of our era.

I agree with MCR that Jefferson is the model president. Lincoln and FDR considered him their model. Bostx's point about John Adams is well taken, although I need to check Adams' position on a central bank.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich is the author of a bill called the American Monetary Act of 2008. That is the most important legislation in decades, because it will abolish the Federal Reserve as a private fractional reserve money manufacturer and reestablish greenbacks as the currency of the land, as Lincoln created in the war. For more details on the bill, please check the American Monetary Institute's website.

Peter J. of Minneapolis

MCR said...

You guys need to do more reading...

Thomas jefferson was the guy who said that we needed a revolution every four or five years. It was a good thing. He said that freedom depended upon the people being willing and ready to tear everything up and throw it away to think freshly.

Of course, revolution can have a thousand meanings but isn't that what we call for? A revolution in human thought?


Anonymous said...

Mike I feel I have a manuscript that truly makes the Call to a Cause, of which Jefferson would be proud of...

I hope to get it to you and the other bloggers...

I hope for you to be able to review it for your thoughts.. Here is the opening quote (see if any of you can recognize it...):

...And through the night went his cry of alarm,
To every Middlesex, village, and farm,
A cry of defiance, and not of fear,
A voice in the darkness, a knock at the door,
And a word that shall echo for evermore!

For, borne on the night-wind of the Past,
Through all our history, to the last,
In the hour of darkness and peril and need,
The People will awaken and listen to hear,
The hurrying hoof-beats of that steed...


FTW admin said...

thanks for the editorial corrections, peter nickitas. changes made accordingly.

businessman said...

I'm with Mike when it comes to Jefferson. He was a man who the people loved, while Adams didn't always enjoy the same reverence from the people. Adams' approval of the Alien and Sedition Acts was also his undoing, and both he and his son were the only early U.S. Presidents to not be re-elected.

Still, in our current day and age, Jefferson couldn't get elected because he spoke with a very soft voice...Not a trait that would go over well in today's TV and soundbite era.

Lincoln also would be unelectable today because he spoke with a high-pitched voice...back in an era when an extremely high percentage of the voters never saw him or heard him speak.

I'm deeply drawn to Jefferson myself, and I also recognize that in being so I'm trying to find a politician I can actually believe in, in the hope that one really does exist. For the reputation of our founding fathers surely holds some truths for all of us, as well as some myths.

Yes, Jefferson spent a lot of money and had great debts, but his legacy was so great that his creditors wouldn't foreclose on him, allowing him to remain in his beloved Monticello throughout his dying days.

With respect to his relationship with Adams, it was good in earlier times, then it got strained, then later on in their lives they became friends again as elder statesmen, sending letters to each other for years while rekindling their friendship and discussing the important political matters of the day. Those letters are one of the greatest treasures remaining to Americans and they're available in books today.

Amazingly, along with their renewed friendship, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both died on July 4, 1826, on the 50th anniversary of their signing of the Declaration of Independence, each one passing within just hours of each other. John Adams' last words, not knowing that Jefferson had passed away just hours earlier, were "Thomas Jefferson survives."

Thomas Jefferson, however, was not a man without inner conflict. While stating that "All men are created equal" and entitled to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" in the Declaration of Independence, he was a slave owner himself who owned more than 200 slaves. And at the same time he was also opposed to slavery.

To me this represents the inner conflict that all of us have inside ourselves in many ways as human beings throughout our lifetimes.

There are many, many great quotations attributed to Jefferson, but in this exact moment, this one is the one that resonates the strongest with me:

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."

Anonymous said...

Dear Mike,

I am educated in the field of History, Philosophy, and Science...

Ironically, i'm the same age as Jefferson was, when he wrote the original Declaration...

I am seriously trying to get my manuscript over to you, which compliments all that this post entails...It is in a very rough draft form, but I wish to only bring the Peak Oil community together..along with other communities in the movement for Truth....and I feel that only such a manifesto could acheive that task. It truly is the link necessary from Jefferson's Declaration to that which is needed today.

please email me:


Hikikomori said...

Sorry Mike, but you sound like RanD. Sort of: Hi, I'm a Peak Oil/Sustainability prophet. Now listen to me and do what I say, or else you and the whole humankind shall be doomed forever...

If you would receive such a letter, what would you do? Would you receive it at all if you'd be the busy President and Jenna still would be your firewall of incoming communications? The author would be lucky if she'd know who's writing. Otherwise, would there be a difference from hundreds of letters of other "prophets" so eager to teach him?

In theory with your letter you're applying for advisor's position. When was the last time you wrote your CV? With such a "cover letter" you have to be lucky if his chain of communication knows your brand. But since you don't know if they know, perhaps it's better to assume they don't know and give them some attractive substance to try.

Perhaps you could start sending him your opinions and analyses regarding important issues and events on regular basis. Some kind of newsletter. Do your best not to sound like a conspiracy theorist or saviour of the world. No need to play your best cards in the beginning. That's not sustainable. You know what I mean.

Speak his language. Write the way that he could quote you without fear of being associated with extremists, communists, conspiracy theorists, utopianists or any other kind of aliens. Build your brand gradually. In President's league. If you wish.

You don't have to sell your soul to the devil. Actually, you could bail it out. Yours and perhaps billions of others.

Another way to get President's attention would be if some of your past or present congressional subscribers would approach him with your new book and a short but highly condensed intro/overview, like this or this. Just be careful not to say too much. That's too scary for the mainstream. No need to be sweet all the time, but if you ignore etiquette and rules of the game, you'll always belong to the underground, which is not bad, but not always wise and effective as it could be.

But you're your own boss, Mike. Please don't feel offended. I know that you don't like to be taught and I'm not doing that, I guess. I'm just sharing with you some of my thoughts, coz I want you to be successful, just as you wish for Obama.

Good luck!

P.S. Peak Oil/Sustainability Movement is also a box. Can you think out of it? RanD can, but there's no surprise -- he is special :)

FTW admin said...


i assure you that mcr is aware of the issues you raise and takes them into consideration. thx

Shiner said...

Hello everyone, I have been rreading this blog for quite some time. I don't post because you guys are pretty smart and always beat me to the punch.

Today I am posting to say that I am glad I m not the only one who finds RanD's post foolish.

I don't just want to insult but those posts are so condesending its laughable. spiritualis sucks. It literally sucks the life out of participents. It does not matter what wrapper is put on it it is all toxic.

The future we face needs needs people willing to rollup thier sleeves and work so hard they crash at night to tired to worry about crap that does not matter.

We have no more time for mystical gods or aura's or any other such nonsense. If you can't get what you need to feed your soul from the people around you get new people or ask yourself "what is wrong with me".

Belief in nonsense we can neither see nor hear is part of what allowed us to be lulled into this position. It is time for it to stop.

RanD, awhile back you promised not to post because in YOUR infinite wisdom talking about gold and the future was oh so bad.

Its disapointing that you didn't keep your word.

Mike, I am a great fan of your investigative work. I am sure I could not do it well without some training. I have been a semi pro singer for years. Like you I started with natural talent. It only took me so far. If you are going to keep singing you should at least get a vocal course cd. It will teach you how to sing. You may think i am criticizing but I am not. I believe almost everyone can sing if they apply themselves and from hearing your voice I know you have the ability to learn. If you take my advice and buy a vocal course I am sure you will thank me. Positive.

I also saw a speech on youtube where you mention that you know David Baerwald. That guy is a hero fo mine since the Boomtown days. If you ever happen to know when he is playing in LA it would be greatly appreciated if you announced it on the blog.

Baerwald said it very well 25 years ago.

"Swallowed by the cracks falling so far down, like the rest of those clowns beggin bus fare back".

businessman said...

Shiner...Welcome to the party and thanks for speaking up...;)

bostx said...

businessman, my comments about John Adams were made in good spirit so I hope MCR didn't interpret them as a critical of him. Both Jefferson and Adams were good men. I happen to prefer Adams because he was plain spoken (WYSIWYG) whereas back in the 18th century Jefferson was closer to the 'materialistic' polticians we have today. I'm sure you have read McCullough's John Adams a wonderful book that details the letters and relationship between both men.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mike and other fellow bloggers...Here is an excerpt from my manuscript, Chapter two, on such principles laid out by Jefferson:

Now the attention must be turned toward an examination of the accomplishments, and shortcomings, of the last American Revolution…

The question is raised; Must there be another Declaration of Independence? Or, was enough said in Jefferson’s piece that merely must be restated to better relate to our more modern struggle?

The best route to take is to start with Jefferson’s Declaration, interpreting it philosophically, as I believe it is to be understood, and, examining how it is effective and how it relates to today.

When in the course of human events,

This first phrase is profound, where there is a clear emphasis on separating human activity from acts of supposed “divine providence,” and the like. It is clear he recognized the necessity of a secular understanding of the world when it comes to formulating political action.

It becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have
Connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the Earth,
The separate and equal station to which the laws of Nature and of Nature’s
God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that
They should declare the causes which impel them to the separation…

Here is recognized the necessity of revolutionary acts in the midst of tyranny and the like, but likewise, a necessity to state the reasons for the actions. This is precisely why today such declarations should indeed be made, but as said before in this manifesto, part of this new declaration must include an awareness of the People of what the root causes of their struggle truly are. These are very different than those in the days of the American Revolution, nor could they have been comprehended or predicted in their time.

We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they
Are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, among these are
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness…

This pledge of the understanding of so-called Natural Rights comes out of the milieu that our founding fathers came from, the Enlightenment and the Age of Reason. Locke’s “State of Nature” is certainly present in these words, but the passage points to the ever present dilemma we face even today when it comes to how humans have now, and in the past, chosen to practice & execute these “rights,” which we’ll see below in the next passage.

That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men,
Deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that
Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends,
It is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new
Government, laying its foundation on such principles, as to them
Shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness…

The great dilemma of past formations of republics, such as the U.S., is when people decide to acquiesce their duties to physically protect their rights to a governing body and related institutions, for, the void is created for tyranny and despotism to enter in and take control, indefinitely. The U.S. formulated its Constitution and government bodies to take this responsibility for (or away from) the people who entrust it to them.

What I believe is clear in this passage, is that Jefferson recognizes that it is the duty of the people to abolish any tyrannical threat to this system of governance, especially when there is a particular threat to the rights of the people themselves. The problem of today is that the system is obviously corrupted by the Corporatocracy, in many ways, to the point where it is impossible to be repaired by conventional means. “Special Interest Groups” (the foot soldiers of the Corporatocracy) and the “banking elites” have led this treachery from the beginning. The People have been put to sleep by a massive propaganda machine and an ambush of the once “free press” in vertical media monopolies, where there is little the over-worked, under-paid, over-stressed populace can do to resist it.

Also, this passage clearly defines that our enemies, those that are “destructive” toward our freedoms outlined in our Constitution, can not only come from far away lands nor from groups at the fringe of society housing themselves within our borders, but can also be those that reside within our government itself, and those clearly staged behind them. In addition, there is a large portion of the American People who believe that “Oaths of Office,” made by government officials, politicians, military, and the like, which ultimately derive their concept from this very passage in the Declaration, believe that when they swear to “defend against all enemies foreign and domestic” it means “invaders from afar” or “radical” or “deviant” groups outside of government, housed within the confines of our nation. This could not be further from the truth, and it is an unfortunate reality that plagues our People. For, it is clear that this passage, and oaths made in its spirit, warns us to look for tyranny that corrupts our government from within, and that like the condition of our government today, these threats are in the form of criminal elements operating in symbiotic ways with actual government agencies, offices, and etc.

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should
Not be changed for light and transient causes, and accordingly all
Experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while
Evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms toWhich they are accustomed…

This portion tells much of the story of today’s sufferings and the behavior of the current status quo. It is more and more evident today that the majority of the People are so swept up in the Culture of Empire, and asleep, that they blindly accept the revolting damages to their liberties that the Corporatocracy has caused over the past several decades. These are certainly not “light and transient” atrocities that we can just “dispose to suffer.”

The People have been brainwashed by the corporate censorship & control surrounding their everyday lives. They quietly accept the business-as-usual, consumerist culture that is at the same time destroying the very thing, which gives them life, the planet itself!

Recent patriots look on them with loathing minds, wondering if they would ever “…right themselves by abolishing the forms which they are accustomed.”

This time around, “the forms” have power over our lives, mind & body, in ways our founding fathers could never imagine! In some cases, these “forms” would seem “god-like” to them. And all of these “forms” that the People have so sadly become “accustomed,” where we make them a part of our way-of-life, are completely and utterly dependent upon depleting, finite resources.

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the
Same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism,
It is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to
Provide new guards for their future security…

Indeed, recent and past crimes of the Corporatocracy have created the great emergency in our human societies today. It is indeed a “long train of abuses,” which links in many directions. It is these abuses that we must receive retribution for, and the perpetrators should indeed be “thrown off.” It is no longer a government of the People nor for the People! It now lives and breaths, and indeed fights, for the Corporatocracy and the Culture of Empire, and that alone!

We, like our forefathers, must provide “new guards” for our security! This is what must fill the void that will be left upon their end. As the world economy is collapsing, so too is their power. Yet, only for a brief moment, very soon, will the door be open for us, the New Patriots. If the void of power is not quickly filled, as was mentioned before, chaos, tyranny, and mob-rule will take its place. We must not be hasty. This moment can be magical or horrifying. It is up to us to choose!

Clearly, Jefferson’s Declaration and the activities that followed in the subsequent Revolution had a successful endeavor. But, it is quite clear as well that the light of this “torch of freedom” has by today nearly gone out. The history that played out following this early success of liberty slowly diminished the message of the Declaration. The Culture of Empire that was created over the course of the following two centuries silenced the voices of liberty. Up to this point, the ideals of the first American Revolution are all but a whisper now.

Now, more than ever, the New Patriots must follow its original call; the call to action! We must indeed “throw off” the corrupt elements of our society that have taken our government hostage and ambushed the People and our planet!

Would love to share with you all, especially MCR, the entirety of this manuscript, which I feel will be important for us to rebuild our country once the dust settles from the economic collapse.


businessman said...

bostx...John Adams was a solid politician and a very important part of American History. It's just that he and Jefferson had different styles and different strengths, and each of us gets drawn to the people who resonate within us the deepest.

Anonymous said...

Mike, Jenna, and other bloggers,

Here is another excerpt, Chapter 4, that pertains to the very debate and expressions I've seen in this blogg entry:

At the beginning of our government, there was an overwhelming drive to create a “separation of powers” that would ensure a democratic republic, along with basic human rights, and, most especially, that no branch of government, no charismatic leader, could ever have more power over the other, neither could one have power over our “natural-born rights.” Unfortunately, there was even more pressure by those at the top of society to ensure, above all, that they would always have their privileges held intact.

Hence, the ideas of Federalism were born, and made their way into the formation of our government. Again, as mentioned before, the founders believed that it was necessary to acquiesce power to execute and legislate our governance to elected & appointed government offices, forming representative democracy, in the form of a republic. This was done in the hopes that it would maintain a level of general “order” and a means of protecting the new democracy itself.

This, as one knows, immediately separates society into two sectors, “public” (the government) and “private” (the “People,” along with the products & “privileges” that come from their liberties that are rendered).

During the Founding Period, the rise of the Federalists came, who believed that only those of a “rational nature” were able to hold political positions, and that this power they “hold” must have precedence over the “uneducated, irrational masses.” To them, state & local power should be controlled in the new republic, because to them, allowing these regions of the populace to have influence in the nation would lead to factions that invoke the “tyranny of the masses.” To the Federalists, civic virtue was something that not all humans could attain.

This drive to ensure more power at a national level is reflected in how the branches of government were formed and, of course, exist today. The House of Representatives, seen as the branch of government in Congress to more directly represent the People, have the shortest terms of office, making it nearly impossible for ideas emanating directly from the common citizen to reach national attention or invoke real, widespread change. It pushes each representative to have to focus much of their term in office on getting re-elected, rather than legislation. Not to mention the fact that modern representatives that hold an office, the incumbents, have huge advantages over any challenger via their “franking privileges,” “pork barreling,” and “political action committees” (lobbyists that fork over “campaign contributions,” rewarding positions after public service in large corporations, etc., who are indeed the foot soldiers of the Corporatocracy).

On the other hand, the Senate was set up to have much longer terms of office ( 6 years) as opposed to the House of Representatives ( 2 years). The very fact that there are so few senators compared to representatives, illustrates and exemplifies how the Federalists won over, giving more power to the few, rather than the many! However, as with the representatives, the Senate is never short of their own Corporatocracy foot soldiers, shoveling funds into their pockets, ensuring their vote on relative legislation, in a national government body that was supposed to be “the Peoples Government.”

This Federalism, founded on these and other protocols, consisted of a form of understanding that “human nature is guided by self-interest,” which would fit nicely into the growing ideologies of the soon-to-be, omnipresent, millionaire class that was to arise.

They believed that Federalism was necessary in forming a “large republic,” which they imagined as their “manifest destiny,” with a strong, central government, and its representatives need be of a “class of citizen” that functions as a “political filter,” sifting out the “bad, lack of civic virtue” represented by the public demand of the masses.

Another aspect of the Federalist agenda, obviously involved forming government that would protect the concept and practice of “private property,” and, in most cases, a desire to protect this “right” above all others. It is obvious this was one of their goals, because they all were significant business & property owners.
This topic of “private property” will be evaluated much more thoroughly later in this manifesto, but at this point, it is prudent to say that in the coming years, the whole idea of “private property” and “public property” must be redefined. It will be of absolute critical importance if we are to allow civilization, let alone, human rights & dignity, to survive in the future. This belief will be tremendously challenged as a concept and practice in our society as the economic collapse continues, and the relentless decline of fossil fuel production takes its toll.

In an environment of Federalism, the People are actually further removed from the public sphere and the political process. The Federalists hoped that large-scale, centralized government would ensure a system of “compromise,” with slow, “stable” change that would thwart “violent rebellion.” Unfortunately, compromise, for decades upon decades, was taking place only between those at the top of society, who were indeed the few, and never had truly represented the many.
Slow change did occur, but not toward a more free, “perfect Union.” Instead, it evolved toward building a hegemony of the banking & corporate elite that gained their strength with the rise of industrialism, capitalism, and the beginning of the Oil Age. Thus, the “public good” was never achieved out of their concept of “compromise,” and elected officials in the national government never consisted of truly “enlightened statesmen,” which they envisioned in their myth. Their politicians never had to fear of losing a re-election by having to actually perform for their constituents.

What did evolve, however, out of the endeavors of Federalism, was a more efficient way for the elites to influence politics, molding government to their bidding. The door for such corruption was opened, making it possible to begin creating the institutions that would eventually enslave us today, a power to enslave that could have not been imagined before.
These are, but not limited to, their conceived monetary systems based on fractional reserve, debt-based currency, infinite growth economics, “free-trade” that only enslaves poorer societies, and unchecked corporatism. All of this being protected by the false promises of the American Dream and the so-called “work ethic,” which preaches that “success” in capitalism is somehow a virtue to be rewarded, admired, and protected at all costs, no matter how many are trampled upon in its path. Political hubris had been, and is to this day, held hostage by this tyranny.

What is certain today, is that the ability to continue this machine, this monstrosity of national governance, will soon (if not already) be severely challenged. It will become increasingly difficult to maintain this level of control and political power first envisioned by the Federalists. Likewise, not only will this phenomenon affect the national government, but the tyrannical clutches of the Corporatocracy as well.
Be that as it may, as we are beginning to see now, the elites, who have had this long history of political control, will more than likely do everything in their power to maintain it, no matter how illogically, self-destructive it may be to themselves, the People, and our world. As the reader will begin to see, continuing to read this manifesto, authoritarian “solutions” have already been enacted and put in play, well behind the backs of the People. And the paranoia and disparity can be seen in their recent crimes.

Hope this continues to intrigue you all


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for Mike, Jenna, and other bloggers, especially for Agapewins:

another excerpt from the manifesto, from chapter 9:

Many modern-day historians have traditionally portrayed the events that surrounded and were included in the American Civil War as being centered on the immorality of slavery. But, one must be more honest, and understand that the root cause was not such a righteous endeavor, and in reality the true reasons are much more complicated and sinister. One cannot take seriously that those at the top of society, either in the North or the South, cared much for the fate of the Africans with whom their forefathers had kidnapped from Africa and brought them to this continent to remain in absolute bondage.

Those at the top, in control of nearly all social movements and disputes, centered their actions around what they had always centered them around- power and wealth, and how to increase both!

Thus, it can clearly be concluded that the probable root cause, which rode on the back of the national fervor to “free the slaves,” was again, a strategy to increase the preeminence of the banking elite, who had mostly based themselves in the North. The Southerners, ruthless elites themselves, wished to retain the old model of economics, which centered on slavery. Changing their way of living over to the growing industrialized models that were coming about in the North would mean a certain end to their wealth and power.

It was in the North where industrialism as well as central banking concepts first arose in America. It was in the North where the first industrial uses of Oil & coal were begun.

Now, the banking elite had the power of industrialism and the promise of seemingly limitless resources of Oil, coal, and natural gas to perpetually fuel their monstrosity! With this level of power, there could be a chance at eventual world domination! With this kind of temptation before them and the world at their fingertips, there could be nothing that would stop them at attempting to achieve it- not even if it meant rising up in arms against their former, fellow revolutionaries of the South…Not even if it meant civil war that could possibly tear the country apart, leaving hundreds of thousands of dead in their path!

As the reader knows, this insane ambition continues today, and now the repercussions threaten civilization and the planet! But, most especially, it has led to the eroding degradation of our democracy to the whisper that it is today!

The persuasive elements in the endeavors surrounding the American Civil War are clear and obvious. With the central banking concept and its ability to perpetually keep the population in debt, subservient to their control of the money supply, coupled with the rise of industrialism and mechanized production, and the like, the elite could now enslave everyone! There would no longer be a need to house the “slaves” in the new society, and there would be no more of a need for them to be their caretakers, catering to their basic needs. The “slaves” would now work and toil, housing themselves, all under the delusions of the “American Dream.” And, with the belief of religious proportions of “limitless growth,” fueled by the new Oil & fossil fuel industry, the elite believed that if they could just eliminate those recalcitrant Southerners from the picture, they could ensure their domination of the American Empire and essentially, the world!

Therefore, the social strive to eliminate the evils of slavery, although valiant in its effort, had succeeded not from a newfound moral shift in public conscience, but from the relentless ambition of the growing ruling class in America that would eventually become today’s Corporatocracy. This reality becomes even clearer when you recognize the obvious failures of protocols that followed the war. The disaster of Reconstruction certainly comes to mind, and the rush towards Segregation. Sympathy for the former slaves never existed before or after the war in the North either, where racism in defacto was rampant.

The affects of slavery have never been fully eliminated in this country, even with the relative success of the Civil Rights Movement of the 20th century. Those at the top have never cared for the issues surrounding the enslavement of Africans on this continent, for they would eventually enslave us all!

again, i hope to intrigue you all to read more of the manifesto that calls for a new declaration of independence!