Saturday, February 28, 2009

from Jenna Orkin:

The Spectacular, Sudden Crash of the Global Economy
Economy Shrinks At Staggering Rate
Failure to Save East Europe Will Lead to Worldwide Meltdown
How the Economy Was Lost
This article has been described by GATA as, among other things, an ex-Treasury official's confirmation of the suppression of the price of gold.

In Europe, Breaking Up Is So Easy To Do
Ukraine's Collapse
Ukraine Shuts Soviet Radar as Russia Launches New One
To Counter Ukraine's Claims of Genocide, Moscow Admits to Mass Murder
So you see, Ukraine, it really wasn't personal; it was equal opportunity genocide. - JO
Russia's Putin Warns Against Protests
Hungary Seeks $230 Billion in Aid to Eastern Europe
Russian Bomber Neared Canada Before Obama Visit
Kyrgyzstan Leader Plays Russians Against Americans
South Korea "Hit by Lightning" By East Europe Concerns

Royal Bank of Scotland Reports Record Loss

"The Royal Bank of Scotland has posted the largest annual loss in UK history, and it will receive a further $28 billion of taxpayers' cash.

RBS was once one of the top five banks in the world."

Perhaps it still is, as they all now race in the opposite direction, towards the bottom. - JO
ECB President Stands to Gain More Powers
EU Confidence Drops on Unemployment

US Economy Shrinks 6.2 Per Cent
The U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) fourth-quarter reading was far worse than the 5.4 percent rate expected by most analysts
US Stocks Slide on Citigroup Rescue, Worse-Than Expected GDP
What Will Happen If The US Dollar Is No Longer a Safe Haven?
Is America Becoming a Chinese Puppet State?
Chinese Finding US Real Estate a Real Bargain
Huge Increase in US Military Aid to Pakistan
Dividend Cuts Coming for Morgan Stanley and Goldman?
See February 26 blog's links on dividend cuts at JP Morgan et al.
JP Morgan Cuts 12000 Jobs in WaMu Merger
BofA May Be Next, Credit Analysts Say
Breach of Fiduciary Duty at Bank of America?
Re the Merrill Lynch acquisition
Bank of America's CEO Subpoenaed for List of Who Got Bonuses

Next Oil Shock Will Be Far Worse Than $147 A Barrel

India Joins Club of Nations Capable of Building Battleships

Apart from India, only the US, France and Russia have the capability to build warships of 40,000 tonnage capacity.

World Faces Last Chance to Avoid Fatal Warming
How to Survive the Coming Century

Article on climate change with interactive map.
Best Mushroom Products

Comment sent to the blog:

In response to the comment about where is the best place to store one's "survivalist seeds," the answer is "in your garden beds." It takes some practice to get good at growing food, especially if you depend on it (and it's not just a hobby). If the collapse takes some years to fully materialize, then there will be (barely) some time to practice. Some varieties will do better in your location than others. It takes some time to improve your soil with compost and mycellium (see You'll want to trade with others for things you can't grow or don't have space to grow. When you harvest the plants and seeds, the seeds should be stored in a dark, dry, cool place.

On the Road to 9/11, There Was 9/16

Sept. 16 was the culmination of a violent struggle between extreme elements of the American left and Wall Street-bankrolled capitalists, as the government shredded civil rights laws and emboldened its foes with its harsh tactics...

It is a story that overflows with fascinating characters. There is J. P. Morgan’s son Jack and the firm’s resident spin doctor, Thomas Lamont, who also owned The New York Evening Post. How convenient. One can only imagine the field day that today’s aggressive media would have with that. Morgan and Lamont were joined by the steel magnate Henry Clay Frick and the coal baron John Markle, both of whom survived anarchist assassination attempts.

But Ms. Gage also presents a Who’s Who of the American left — many of whom, of course, did not condone violence. Still, she says, it’s unsettling today to hear how some of them debated whether violence might be necessary to achieve their ends.

Against a backdrop of police action against strikers — and the deaths of so many workers in industrial accidents — “it was not unusual to hear the use of dynamite praised as a justifiable reaction to capitalist tyranny and a weapon of working-class self-defense,” she writes. “And that talk did, at least on occasion, translate into action.”


Michael Alleman said...

God bless you, and thank you so much for all of this alarming information about peak oil, government corruption, and politics. My prayers are with all of you. I served in the US Army from 1986-1992.

I want to subscribe to From the Wilderness, but I am having trouble accessing the subscription page. When I click the link to join, I get the message "You have reached this page in error. To go to the new FTW store, click here."

I really enjoy learning about peak oil, politics, and world news from Mr. Ruppert. He explains so much that I never understood until hearing his lectures on Youtube.

How can I subscribe to From the Wilderness?

Michael Alleman

FTW admin said...


the blog is the only active part remaining of ftw. thx

pstajk said...

1st, the soil restoration and replenishment business idea is genius and would be a money maker. I know some of you called Mike out on his ego after proposing this, but damn, it’s Survival of the Fittest out there!

(Plus, for me personally, this whole substitute teaching gig in hopes of getting a full-time job next year is just not cuttin' it at ‘ol Redondo High.)

2nd, I apologize for the length of this post; although, I bet everyone gets a kick out of it, most of all Mike. Serious am I though.

3rd, we should ALL get in on this.

If anyone lives in the Monmouth County, Jersey Shore area, contact me and let me know if you’re interested …

This concept is forward thinking; it's action. A soil restoration business would be a means of helping yourself, your neighbors, and the environment. Would it not equate to the most moral Social Darwinism and Natural Selection out there (if that makes any sense)?

Here are my Thoughts, Ideas, Hang-Ups, & Questions

1. Catchy Business Name
---- “Soil Survivors” ----
---- “Soil ‘R Us” ---- (Should be ‘we’.)
---- “Soil Pros” ----
---- “Soil Not Oil” ---- (Too liberal)
---- “Soil Minus Turmoil” ---- (No)
---- “Royal Soil” ---- (Hmm)
---- “Super Soil” ----
---- “Soil Restore to the Before” ---- (Needs work)

2. Procedure – How to Restore Soil? (What does the procedure entail?)
A – Two Ways to Restore (also create wood chip pathways around restored soil to keep out weeds)
i. Cut up sod/grass, dig up soil, compost, leaves, more dirt soil (all piled in layers in that order)
ii. Sheet mulch grass, compost, cardboard, leaves, soil (all piled in layers in that order)
B – At least 4-6 months (maybe longer) must be given for initial soil restoration to work
C – Do any of you guys have any other suggested methods to restore soil, which might be easier or more involved?

3. Basic Materials, Equipment, and Minerals Needed (How much is this really going to cost me to start?)
A - Soil Testing Kits
B - Sod Cutters
C - Compost
D - Minerals and nutrients - Rock Phosphate, Pelt meal, Green sand
E - Wood chips
F - Lots of leaves (easy)
G - Strong, Durable Shovels
H - MycoMedicinals / Mushroom Kits
I - Charcoal?
J - Others? Subtract items above, add items below?

4. Where to allocate some harder to get materials, equipment, and minerals needed
A - Home Depot (geez)
B - Local hardware stores
C - Outside!
D - Others?

5. Labor
A - Family
B - Friends
C - Neighbors
D - Recruits
E - Experienced Gardeners
F - (How to find E)
G - Secretary to take calls and schedule visits
H - Customers themselves (subtract the cost for labor, only charge for materials and assistance)
I - Others?

6. Employee Wages
A - $15-$20 an hour (?)
B - 3-5 employees to start, maybe more
C - Maybe just me
D - Others?

7. Customer Base
A - Any open-minded and willing soils (souls) HAHA!
B - Anyone who simply has a lawn
C - People within ½ hour driving distance or less or 5-10 mile biking distance
D - Others?

8. Marketing and Advertisements (How the heck does one get the word out about this and create some interest? - Slightly complicated I’d say)
A - Radio / television commercials (yeah right)
B - Flyers on telephone poles / Handouts
C- Coupons
D - Demonstrations in front yard
E - Signs in front of house
F - Soil Restoration Web Site
G - Slogans like “Gardening is the new golf.” (Refer to economic collapse (or not?)
H - Others?

9. Transportation
A - Any available vehicles
B - My Jeep
C - Others?

10. Permits
A - Do I need a work permit for this operation?
B - Permission to operate
C - Copyrights needed? (just in case)

11. Types of Soil I’m Dealing With
A - Entisol to Histosol and everything in between
B - What specific plants grow the best in specific soils?
C - What are the best kinds of plants, vegetables, and fruits to grow in each type of soil or in my region?

12. Unforeseen problems I may run into
A - What the HECK do I know about soil? (Educating myself)
B - How to educate and teach employees?
C - How to educate customers? (Pamphlets, guidelines, instruction manuals, tips)
D - People expecting results over night / Proof or Guarantee of Results
E - Marketing
F - How to eliminate pesky weeds or avoid them?
G - “Why restore the soil on my lawn? Why make my lawn a food garden? Does that mean I have to do work???” one may ask. (Answers? They are many and varied.)
H - What do I know about water swales, permaculture, and growing food? (Very little)

13. Fees / Charges
A - How much would I charge for a service like this? (Not too much, not too little.)

14. Can I Deal With Seed Companies?
A - Which viable and trusted seed companies exist out there to work with?

15. Helpful Internet Web Sites & Articles (Google, etc.)
A - Wikipedia
B - Compost and Soil Quality
C - Soil Quality
D -
E -
F - Bringing the Dead Back to Life
G - Soil Restoration
H - Soil Ecology and Restoration Group
I - Soil Restoration With Organics Enters Mainstream of Storm Water Practices
J - Soil for Schools
K - Microboost ‘MBST’
L - Bioenergy Lists

16. How long will this whole idea take to get off the ground?
A - 2 weeks
B - 1 month
C - 2 months
D - 6 months?

17. How can I find out if any soil restoration companies exist in my area?
A - Yellow pages
B - Google
C - Is it possible that companies like this already exist? (i.e. Would lawn care services be placed under this category? I would assume that they DO NOT since many of these companies use chemical fertilizers, yes?)


businessman said...

Jenna...You normally do such a great job of giving us links to articles to read, but this time you've completely outdone yourself. These articles were outstanding!

I'm disagreeing with the author of the article on 9/16, however, when he mentions the following:

"It is a story that overflows with fascinating characters. There is J. P. Morgan’s son Jack and the firm’s resident spin doctor, Thomas Lamont, who also owned The New York Evening Post. How convenient. One can only imagine the field day that today’s aggressive media would have with that."

In my opinion, today's media would not necessarily be as aggressive as he thinks on reporting something like this. If Thomas Lamont was high up in the hierarchy of the most elite financial families in the country the Bushes, the Rockefellers, and others...he'd be pretty much untouchable outside of a few minor mentions about this in the media.

businessman said...

pstajk...If you're a guy..."The Godfather of Soil"

D! said...


grayfox said...


You need to check out BioChar (a.k.a. Terra Preta) and add it to your thinking -


FTW admin said...

thanks businessman. i knew you guys would appreciate the irony of the msm's self-congratulations.

Peter J. Nickitas said...


Here's another article on gold.

gaelicgirl said...

I also thought this was just a bumper crop of articles!
Thanks, Jenna

pstajk said...


I'm half way through reading your link; it's great.

Question: suggests that the process of tillage is mostly harmful because it takes the organic matter near the surface, buries it well below the reach of oxygen, and basically kills any chances of it becoming nutrient rich again.

What about all of the lawns nowadays that have been tread over hundreds of times by lawnmowers and people and damaged by chemicals?

Is it more efficient to restore those lawns' soils by A) sheet mulching on top of the grass and composting or by B) cutting the top layer of grass out and composting the uppermost level of soil beneath it?

What think you?

PNW free thinker said...

Michael A...

As you are coming to this blog and discovering the old, now defunct, FTW website anew...
A few reccomendations as to how to get up to speed

I highly reccommend going back through both the blog and the comments, and also the From The Wilderness website which has archives available of the valuable work that Mike and those who worked so hard at FTW selflessly made available for free to all...

Sadly the paid portions of FTW, and the newsletters are no longer available, but you will still find a wealth of information about how we got where we are as a planet and people. Mike and the staff at FTW were pioneers in uncovering truth and the hidden connections within, and machinations of the machine that we all "rode in on".

Also most highly reccomended is to purchase and keep handy for reference a copy of mike's seminal 600+ page work "Crossing the Rubicon" as it ties it all together and serves as a useful index of past deeds many of players that may show up in news stories you read.

Hope this extended explaination of the resources available helps.

Think locally, act locally, serve globally....

grayfox said...


You wrote: "(Plus, for me personally, this whole substitute teaching gig in hopes of getting a full-time job next year is just not cuttin' it at ‘ol Redondo High.)"

Have you thought about experimenting with your soil restoration idea at the school where you teach? I know (by experience) that teaching can be a thankless career, but it's also a huge opportunity to pass some great information on to the next generation. You probably don't have the cash on hand to launch into your soil restoration business immediately and if you have any kind of a job right now, you might want to hang onto it.

Garden projects in schools are getting a lot of support here in California. Besides growing vegetables they can provide real world ways for kids to learn science, math and other subjects. It can make a lot more sense to the kids than sitting in class doing math word problems from a book. And it's better for their mental and physical health for them to be outside.

If you can get the local school to let you use a little plot of land, perhaps your students can help you work out the details of making a business out of soil restoration . . . i.e. doing experiments, etc.

Even though high school kids can be hugely challenging, when you run into them years later after having been their teacher you might find yourself feeling that perhaps you had some influence in the amazing adults they turned out to be.

Anonymous said...

Mike, Jenna, and other fellow bloggers, here is another installment of the Manifesto calling for the New Declaration of Independence.

If you're all keeping track, this is chapter 8. Hope you're all gathering it together!


Now, it comes time to lie out the crimes of the Corporatocracy and the Banking Elite that have created the Culture of Empire. They are truly the absolute causes, which “impel” us to separate from such a Culture and such an Empire. These abuses and usurpations are indeed, the ultimate proof that their goals are clear, as they have always been, an attempt to dominate the world! And, with their hegemony on the brink of collapse and the fuel for their Empire peaking, they have recently increased the pace of such crimes against us in their paranoid, desperate attempt to hold on to their power! As their wealth & power begins to crumble, more and more of their crimes reveal that the “Empire has no clothes!”

I will cover a brief historical study of how they came to be, from the early “banking class” that formed prior to the first American Revolution, to the criminals who occupy the inner circles of various traitorous groups such as The Bilderberg Group, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, and The Project for the New American Century (to name but a few). There will be an adequate description of their crimes and treachery, yet, there are also so many more that exist and so little time to cover all of them. For the sake of the reader, I have spared many in the writing of this manifesto, but I have included those I feel are the most significant and relative to the New Patriots and their cause.

Before taking this leap into the dark past of this country, I must first clarify a widespread problem with the “common” perception of some of these views. It is a problem that many, including myself, must battle, who, when they have expressed such views, are profusely labeled as “conspiracy theorists.” This use of the term “conspiracy theory” as a derogatory, epithetic phrase is something that propagandists have perfected over the ages. For, it is a useful tool for eliminating articulate dissent that would, to put it least, “inconvenience” policy agendas of various centers of power throughout the world. This is especially prevalent in today’s Culture of Empire.

It is also ingrained in us that the idea of our leaders, who head heralded “democracies” of Western Civilization such as the U.S., could ever commit such atrocities against their own population is so morally horrifying, that most people cannot believe it. It is as if we believe that Western Civilization is somehow “above” such tyranny. Such public delusion only re-enforces the epithet of the “conspiracy theorist,” further marginalizing them to the fringes of society.

Although the following crimes of the Corporatocarcy and the abuses and usurpations of their predecessors before them are indeed, “conspired,” and secret relations do take place at the highest levels of society amongst the inner circles of elite groups, the word “conspiracy” is much too simple of a word to describe the actual extensiveness or reach of their power. They operate amongst, inside, and through a system fueled by something far more complex & dangerous. The system is fueled by what motivates them, which is not only their obvious self-interest, but an idea that permeates amidst their ranks and spills over into the Culture of Empire they created.

This “idea” is the belief that “all economic growth benefits humanity, and the greater the growth, the more widespread the benefits.” This belief inevitably leads to honoring greed, and where greed itself becomes the prime motivator toward corruption. The gluttonous consumption of the Earth’s resources is equated with a status resembling sainthood. The consequence of this is that those people who excel at stoking the fires of economic growth are exalted and rewarded, while those born at the fringes are available for exploitation. However, as we will see, they only stoke the flames of their funeral pyres!

In their drive to advance their “Global Empire,” the Corporatocracy uses their financial and political hegemony to ensure that our schools, businesses, and media support and promote such a fallacious concept. In doing so, they have brought our civilization and our planet to a point where our global culture is a monstrous machine that requires exponentially increasing supply of cheap, abundant, and rapidly produced energy, so much so that in the end, like a great, infectious plague, it will have consumed everything in sight and be left with no choice but to devour itself! Their systems of control from their religious institutions to their monetary systems have enslaved the human race like never before in history, and have endangered our planet to possibly a point of no return.

As energy depletion has begun to take hold, and the fuel for their Empire causes their power and control to fade, we do not want to be in the way when it collapses, as we see today with their most recent crimes. When the Empire falls, we must brace ourselves before we can celebrate- we will have to trim the fat from our souls.

I have selected to use the following quote from Jordan Maxwell to start off this section, because it speaks of the ultimate shift in mentality the New Patriots must complete in order to understand the truths of our time- to recognize the crimes that are the abuses and usurpations against us, and look where the conjurers do not want us to look!

The more you begin to investigate what we think we understand; Where we
came from, what we think we’re doing, the more you begin to see we’ve been
lied to!…We’ve been lied to by every institution, what makes you think for
one minute that the religious institution is the only one that’s never been
touched?!? The religious institutions of this world are at the bottom of the
dirt! The religious institutions of this world are put there by the same
people who gave you your government, your corrupt education, who set up
your international banking cartels, because our “masters” don’t give a
damn about you or your family! All they care about is what they’ve always
cared about, and that’s controlling the whole damn world! We have been
misled away from the true and “divine presence” in the Universe that men
have called “God!” I don’t know what “God” is, but I know what he isn’t!
Unless or until you are prepared to look at the whole truth, wherever it may
go, whoever it may lead to…[or] if you want to look the other way and play
“favorites,”…somewhere along the line you’re gonna find out you’re mess-
ing with “Divine Justice!” The more you educate yourself, the more you
understand where things come from or the more obvious things to come, then
you begin to see lies everywhere! You have to know the truth and seek the
truth, because the truth will set you free!”

Thus, like how Jefferson stated in the Declaration how the “new guards” must lay out, and state the usurpations against us before they act, here too I will begin to lay them out with no remorse. And, what a better way to begin than with this quote? Out of the many themes of this passage, the one that I feel stands out and has the most relevance to our cause is how much he is aware of the control that the Empire has had on our minds and our lives for so long. He recognizes how it indeed takes a conscious effort to open your eyes to the great shell game that has been playing out for ages. And, that if we don’t make an effort to seek the truth soon, we will suffer great consequences.

It preaches that if we don’t make a courageous effort to awaken ourselves and those around us, we may miss our chance at a glorious, fulfilling future for the human race that allows us to finally break free from the chains & shackles of the Culture of Empire.

With such a theme in mind, I can humbly accept the usage of the phrase “Divine Justice” that will come down hard on us for our procrastination, because to me this “divine providence” is the Natural World, and the limitations that go along with it- the very limitations that are leading to the collapse of the Empire, but will devour us in its path as well if we remain asleep, and do nothing!

I will begin with the crimes that began during the formation of the United States. Although it is certain that the “long train of abuses” towards the common man has always been present, it is the birth of corruption in the American Empire that I believe is most relative to our cause, and therefore should be most understood by the New Patriots.

In 1775, the American Colonists sought to detach from the monarch rule of England. There were many reasons claimed for their desire for independence, as one can see in Jefferson’s Declaration, but the one reason that stands out above all is that the Crown, along with a growing supportive network of banking elite behind it, refused to permit the colonies from printing their own interest-free currency. This fact can be summed up in the following quote by Benjamin Franklin:

The refusal of King George III to allow the colonies to operate an honest
money system, which freed the ordinary man from the clutches of the Money
Manipulators, was probably the prime cause of the Revolution

These “money manipulators” were the growing banking class that would eventually evolve into the Corporatocracy ruling the globe today, who were then, and still are to this day, bent on manipulating the currency supply (with interest!) to attempt at perpetually enslaving the rest of society and ensuring that all wealth always flowed & remained at the top of society. Hence, the eventual creation of “central banks,” which run on a monetary system that is based on the fractional reserve currency model.

America would win its independence from England. However, the battle against these “money manipulators,” their central banking concept, and the corrupt, greed-infested men associated with it, had just begun!

By 1790, this battle continued, and is most especially apparent when studying the standoff between Jefferson & Hamilton. The reader should clearly understand how & why a mere handful of founding fathers & statesmen of the new republic, led by Jefferson & Madison, feared the central banking concept and its ability to destroy liberty. From around this time in our history comes the following quote from Jefferson himself:

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous than standing armies…
If the American People ever allow private banks to control the issuing of
currency…the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will
deprive the People of their property until their children wake up homeless
on the continent their fathers conquered!

These forefathers were well aware of how the monopoly of currency proposed in the central banking concept and its interest-baring, fractional reserve system introduced by these “money manipulators” would inevitably, quite swiftly, lead to the enslavement of us all!

For, at its heart it ensures that the populace can never, ever pay back the infinite amount of debt it compounds upon them, and wealth itself is always directed toward the top. In addition, with the corollary of the “American Dream” in play, ingrained into the psyche of the American public, where acquiring wealth & success is next to godliness, it ensures a blinded, willful, public mass to go along with it all!

Along with the dispute between Jefferson and Hamilton over the central banking issue, you begin to notice the recurring theme touched on earlier, where it is the Federalist concept, led by forefathers such as Hamilton, which continued to pressure for centralized government that as we saw before, opens the door for the Corporatocracy and its Culture of Empire to take hold.

It is no doubt where some of Hamilton’s views arose from, because even his marriage was a quite ambitious move to acquire wealth and status, where he chose to marry into one of the wealthiest families in all of New York. John Adams referred to him as having “…high-minded ambition…” and his wife, Abigail Adams, would later openly loathe the man, referring to him as a “…dangerous man, another [Napoleon] Bonaparte.” Near the end of Adams’ presidency, he would openly begin to concur with the sensibilities of his wife, when he referred to Hamilton as “…intrigant…a man devoid of every moral principle, a bastard…”

By 1790, Hamilton, with probable backing from his new banking elite colleagues back in England & Europe, had amassed a large campaign to push for legislation that would bring forth the central banking concept to the United States. His campaign, not surprisingly, consisted of mostly Federalists, and they soon had laid out a large report for Congress. By January, it had been passed in for congressional scrutiny.

Hamilton, who was one of the principal authors of the Federalist creed, laid out in the Federalist Papers, was ranked, obviously, as the leading proponent of a strong, central government, which was intimately linked to his ambition & support for a central bank. It was publicly portrayed as something that was “essential for economic growth & national unity.”

Here, the recurring theme used by the elite that you see again and again throughout history, is seen for the first time in American history. This is where they create a “need” in the psyche of the public, where they “desire” what is proposed to them, before they commit the crimes associated with it. At this junction in the American Experiment, the Nation had just got out of the Revolution and was just getting back on its feet, rocked by fatigue from a long battle with England and struggling to rebuild its finances. Thus the rhetoric from Hamilton’s campaign easily struck at the heartstrings of the public during a critical time in our history.

Hamilton went so far as to say that by creating a national debt as opposed to debt held in the hands of the states was a “blessing,” keeping in mind that debt is money (currency) and money is debt. He boldly stated, “..for the greater responsibility of the central government, the greater its authority!”

While this clearly demonstrates how bold the ambitions of Hamilton and his Federalist supporters were, it will soon be shown in this manifesto how indeed bold they would become!

As the debate continued that year, and the feud between him & Jefferson flared up, a seemingly perfect distraction occurred, where Congress was also deciding to move temporarily back to Philadelphia. This brief hiatus more than likely aided the central bank supporters in performing more behind-the-scenes bargaining, persuading, and possibly intimidating of politicians to support their proposed legislation.

As is today, the public was climbing from a quagmire of debt from the Revolution, and although prosperity was slowly beginning to return, one can assume that many of them were deeply distracted. The public was more than likely anticipating the harvest that fall, which would make or break many local economies, and were thoroughly too overworked to notice they were being swindled. Hamilton & his cronies surely rode on the back of this increasing public confidence in the success of the new republic, and growing support for their “leadership.”

By the Fall of that year, Hamilton’s proposed “National Bank,” had support from nearly everyone. By the beginning of 1791, the Bill was ready to go before Congress, and the “Bank of the United States” passed by a sizable majority, despite the loathing opposition of Jefferson and Madison. Jefferson made one last effort to stop the Bill by attempting to persuade the president to use his veto powers, but Hamilton seemed to have more weight with Washington, and the president signed the Bill into law in February.

To Jefferson, Hamilton was not just a “monarchist,” but supported “monarchy bottomed on corruption.” Jefferson had clearly warned us during this period that “monarchists” were poised to destroy the young republic.

Thus, from the very beginning, the crimes began, led by those that wished to centralize power, coupled with Federalism, and infiltrated by the growing banking elites, who sought to create the American Ruling Class that would evolve into the Corporatocracy present in the world today.

**More chapters are soon to follow...

hope to continue to intrigue...and, hope as you collect the pieces of this grand manifesto, you begin to spread the word!!


pstajk said...

Yes, I would love to hang on to a job right now.

It's just that ... I don't really have one right now. Like I said -substitute teaching.

I'll continue teaching, but it won't be in the classroom. :)

I've got farming in my blood. Both my mother's and father's families farmed.

Just ordered Jeavons' books. Where's the biochar!?

grayfox said...

BioChar (Terra Preta) here -

and here -

You can probably google for more info on it.

Also get Steve Solomon's book

Happy farming!

Velobwoy said...

U.S. commits further $30 bln to AIG

from Karl Denninger:

"AIG will also give the U.S. Federal Reserve a preferred interest in its American Life Insurance Co (Alico), which generates more than half of its revenue from Japan, and Hong Kong-based life insurance group American International Assurance Co (AIA) in return for reducing its debt, they said."

The Federal Reserve does not have the legal authority to take ownership stakes in anything.

This is what we get for not raising unholy hell when Bear Stearns' "Maiden Lane" was put in place, or when AIG's CDOs and CDS were taken by The Fed.

Now we're rising to open and flagrant flouting of the law.

The Fed, for those who are uninformed, is empowered to loan (under unusual and exigent circumstances) anyone money against collateral.

However, they are not empowered to own anything except debt instruments backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Federal Government.

That they would take an equity stake in a firm based in Hong Kong is beyond outrageous.

Folks, there is no reason whatsoever to believe that our financial system or capital markets will stabilize until "The Bezzle" is forced from our markets.

Make no mistake - it will be forced out.

The only question that remains is whether it will be forced out as a consequence of regulatory action or mass bankruptcy, with unemployment reaching 30% and possibly beyond, 20% of the S&P 500 bankrupt and the SPX trading at 210.

We are headed directly to at least the mid 400s on the S&P and 4,000 on the DOW unless this idiocy is stopped here and now, and I have absolutely no belief that our government has any interest whatsoever in stopping it.

Welcome to the Greater Depression.

Pandabonium said...

Personally, I get a lot more from GhostofSpartacus than from RanD, (who I haven't paid attention to in quite some time), but that is hardly here nor there. I just wish they would each start their own blogs and let the readership chips fall where they may and not clog up this space with blogapotamus rex comments, however well intentioned or valuable they may be.

Anonymous said...

An article by Servando Gonzalez, sort of a Libertarian twist on the economic collapse...and a really interesting read, especially after the halfway point (ignore the stuff on oil). Please enjoy:

RanD said...

Michael, Jenna, and other fellow bloggers--

I cannot but again fully endorse the exceptional words and information that GhostofSpartacus is bringing to these FTW pages. His words stem from a mind which "knows", not merely from one or another mere silly mentality that can only hope to have everyone "believe" it knows what it's talking about, or one which simply cannot bear words which are produced from a position of personal confidence and integrity. Information such as comes to us via GhostofSpartacus' most recent post, in particular, on this same comments page, near perfectly correlates with the work of RanD. All of this bodes exceedingly well for humankind's future. Nonetheless, there remain significant challenges ahead which are fully engaged (by generally unwitting minds) to the objective of removing humankind from existence.

Interestingly, just as I'm writing this, Ruthie informs me that Pandebonium has just chimed in saying he gets "a lot more from GhostofSpartacus than from RanD, (who I [Pandebonium] haven't paid attention to in quite some time)," and "wish they would each start their own blogs and let the readership chips fall where they may and not clog up this space with blogapotamus rex comments". (Hm-m-m-mmm?..." blogapotamus rex"?... how imaginative.) How neatly synchronistically Pandebonium's words fit to and affirm my statements above. Indeed, these are heady times here at FTW, planet Earth, and throughout the entire Universe (whether all of us know about such matters notwithstanding). And my how good it is to be here, at last!