Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Here's a great quote from a story on T-Bills (linked below)

"One of the more unusual manifestations of the financial meltdown this year has been the dollar spike, that caught a lot of traders by surprise, and was generated in part by a stampede into the percieved safety of short-expiry US Treasuries, which necessitated the purchase of US dollars. This is now arriving at its ultimate conclusion where Treasury yields have been beaten down to zero, which means that in real terms they are negative, resulting in the bizarre situation where investors are now paying the US government for the privilege of lending them money. This is clearly an untenable circumstance that cannot be expected to continue indefinitely, and it has only been occasioned by desperation, as panicked investors have sought safe haven."

PLUS, the BIS is now warning that the bailouts are putting nations at risk... That means several nations (e.g. the US) might be going bankrupt soon.

So here's the way the first half of next year is shaping up. Mark my words here amigos. MIKE RUPPERT IS MAKING ANOTHER PREDICTION.

Dollar collapsing. Oil rising slowly in the first three months, after an OPEC production cut to try and hide Peak a little longer. Some temporary and illusory signs of a "maybe-sorta" recovery and bottom. Bailouts continuing. (Some like Citi might cry wolf again.) Bailout sending. Bigger banks failing. One of the big three failing (GM or Chrysler) plus maybe one more in Chapter 11. Foreclosures skyrocketing. Layoffs exploding. Then somewhere around June or July, an oil spike up past $100.bbl. That should pretty much finish things off. It's possible that by the end of 2009 the Government of the United States of America will declare itself insolvent.

Remember also that the Federal Reserve is a consortium of privately-owned banks and that it too can fail... It can probably declare bankruptcy which -- carried to its fullest extreme -- would mean that there would be no effective legal tender "for all debts public and private." Note the "public" part. They could possibly "public" in many ways.

How much do you think gold might be worth then? I don't know how to put a number on what gold could be worth if that happens.

[Rice Farmer, you rock!]

Call it heroic patriotism. Or touching, if pathetic idealism. Or call it the final fukking over (a phrase whose Anglo Saxon spelling I've apparently coined) of the public before the Hugest Pop of the World's Latest Greatest Biggest Baddest Really Humongulous Bubble. In an article marvelling over the zero yield of US treasuries, this morning's New York Times calls these investments "the world's safest."

The Times is not a-changing; on the contrary, it is living in a time warp as well as a geography warp. For true to its xenophobic, solipsistic tradition, it is comparing US treasuries to US stocks as opposed to some other country's treasuries in today's economy.

Keep on running, people. Just don't look down or you might notice that the ground beneath your feet has disappeared. Only then will we all go splat.

Like a doctor who, hearing that his medicine has done no good, doubles the dose, the fed is a one-trick pony. When the ground disappears, they simply run faster.

Ostensibly this is because they are focussed on the immediate problem, deflation. And since we live in a constant state of emergency, they are 'of necessity' responding with short term fixes or at least what they're calling fixes. Maybe they mean that in the sense that a baseball game is fixed.

But the faster we run, the sooner we hit hyperinflation. Does the word evoke in you the symptoms of the sound-alike "hyperventilation?" No? Wait a few months.

In the vortex that is approaching, everything, particularly metaphors, will get blended together like the kaleidoscopic images in a dream. The United States and Zimbabwe, previously at economically opposite poles, will find themselves rubbing elbows in hell on wheels.

And yet, even as I never cease to marvel at the sleight of hand of today's media, I'm grateful for the bromides, the mindless reassurance. It means we have another day.

Follow the 8.5 Trillion: Breakdown of the Bailout

The New Yorker magazine runs a competition in which they present a cartoon and readers are invited to submit captions. You might find this week's cartoon fun.



Paul said...

Mike, Earthquakes are right! Look what Cliff and the WebBots are predicting for the next few days at (see 'Watchful Wednesday Mode' under the Wed Dec 10 heading). So not only are we headed into a new financial paradigm, we are heading for a new understanding of how time itself actually works. Perhaps this is the "shift" that the Mayans predicted would happen circa 2012. Stay tuned... a wild ride is just ahead. Keep up the great work. Finally just got my own copy of 'Rubicon'.

Anonymous said...

I've seen gold predictions in excess of $10,000 - with the extreme at $50k. When you consider that Zimbabwe is now printing "$200 Million Dollar" bills, those figures shouldn't come as any surprise.

I'll add another prediction to Mike's: Localized rioting and community uprisings as things go from bad to bust before the end of '09. There's a town near me of 11,000 people that just lost 1/3 of it's employment with a single business shutdown. They're all cooked.

I took a cab today and the driver is new to the business - after a life-long career in residential construction. Another driver for the same company just moved back home with mom because he needs to house his wife and kids after he lost a factory job.

It's very real, folks. Anyone whose following these blogs and posts as a means to understand what's going to happen, yet hasn't taken steps yet to prepare yourself, should consider Mikes prediction as the final curtain call.

On a personal level, I've been watching and waiting for years in preparation to make necessary changes when the time is right. I have arrangements made for multiple scenarios, depending on how things turn out. They include long-term food storage (the good stuff - 20 year shelf life), extremely rural land, membership in local food co-ops, seeds, community networking for mutual support, and even a "bug-out" bag for a large family that includes everything from a mobile home ready to be hitched, to mountain bikes, and all of the survival gear. By all appearances, we look like a self-sufficient family who enjoys the outdoors. In reality, we're prepared to shelter in place for a long time, to move to remote locations with portable shelter, and to take several other measures from the mundane to the dramatic if necessary.

I'm still the typical suburbanite corporate type. But we're ramping up hard for whatever it might take. Passports, documentation, you name it. Plus - when I moved out of a failing industry ten years ago (thanks to the GATT agreement), I specifically chose an industry that would be counter-cyclical as the economy spun out. I'm currently leveraging the last ten years worth of experience to build a new department for a new employer ...and we're hiring.

Buckle up folks. I can't repeat it enough. My wife spends all of her free time on the phone with family and friends warning them that we're not in a downward trend, but a collapse. People are finally beginning to listen.

We're being bottomed out in preparation for a global economy. Being the biggest player on the block, we have the furthest to fall. Take the steps to prepare yourself now. Today. Even if you start out by ordering wool socks and a sleeping bag. Just do something. When the grid goes down, you'll need every advantage possible.

NB Patton said...

A brief report from this grunt on the front:

T.G.I. Friday's was building a new restaurant in my neck of the woods. That is until some bean counter probably had an "oh shit!" moment and realized there will be little to no return on investment and decided just to stop building it half way through. So there it stands, naked to the elements, month after month.

My mood momentarily changes whenever I drive past. We stare at each other with knowing eyes, like former best friends passing each other in a crowded hallway; briefly reminded of some mutual dark secret that abruptly ended the friendship...

I wonder if anyone at T.G.I. Friday's realizes they built the most honest and poignant piece of art around? A monument to the end of the age of fossil fuels...

trevbus said...

This isn't new but I think you'll like it!
Send it to friends!

Yetirider said...

First off I'd like to extend my thanks to Mike for opening my eyes..and to Jenna for this blog

Cheney Indicted,
Just saw this on Cathrine Austin Fitts' website. MSM very quiet about this..why?

prettywitch13 said...

Obama plans to nominate Nobel laureate Steven Chu as his energy secretary and former EPA chief Carol Browner as his energy "czar."

DC said...

What would you say to someone who still has two years of university (a post-peak relevant degree & no debt, at least) to finish while all this is going down?

(Thanks guys - been following FTW since high school)

FTW admin said...

yetirider, there's an old saying among judges: you can indict a ham sandwich

koolkarma817 said...

Mike/Jenna....will a $TRILLION be enough? This is beyond frightening.pefect follow up to Mike's post/prediction

sunrnr said...


I've read the information about earthquakes that Cliff and the WebBots are predicting. After much thought, they couldn't be predicting the results of a nuclear exchange between Pakistan and India could they?

There are a couple of big storms forecast for the Pacific Northwest with 50 year lows as far down as Southern California. Could this be part of the prediction also?

It's really starting to fit the prophecies of Nostradamus and the Book of Revalations it seems.

What's going to get us first, the asteroid, the second coming of Christ, Arrmegddon or our own plain stupidity & arrogance?


koolkarma817 said...

I can't read fast enough.
1) Is the Fed taking first steps to selective default and devaluation
2) The Federal Reserve is considering issuing its own debt for the first time, a move that would give the central bank additional flexibility as it tries to stabilize rocky financial markets.

Am I to assume this means Americans are getting Fukked( thanks Jenna) and not kissed?

Hikikomori said...

Here is approximate timeline of video news reported on Cheney indictments. Date and time shows when the news were published, not when

actual events happened.

Tuesday, 18/11/2008
Willacy County Grand Jury Indicts Vice President, 02:38 PM
Willacy County Indicts Vice President, 06:00 PM
Guerra Indicts, 07:34 PM
Willacy County Reaction, 09:50 PM
Willacy County Indictments, 09:51 PM

Wednesday, 19/11/2008
Indicted Judges Continue Hearing Cases, 06:21 PM
Willacy Co. Indictment Hearings, 06:22 PM
GEO Group Ties, 07:02 PM
GEO Background, 07:03 PM
County Back in Spotlight, 10:43 PM
Willacy County Indictments Latest, 10:44 PM

Thursday, 20/11/2008
Where's Juan Guerra?, 05:27 PM
Guerra Calls Back, 06:55 PM
Former Willacy County Foreman Talks, 09:58 PM
Guerra Speaks, 09:59 PM

Friday, 21/11/2008
Judge to Decide if VP Indictments to Stick, 09:42 AM
Indictments Arraignments, 05:56 PM
Willacy Indictments Latest, 11:14 PM

Saturday, 22/11/2008
Indictment Hearings, 04:25 PM

Monday, 24/11/2008
Judge to Decide Who Will Hear Willacy County Indictments, 06:15 PM
Willacy County Court Problems, 09:46 PM

Wednesday, 26/11/2008
Guerra Reveals Evidence, 07:14 PM

Monday, 01/12/2008
Judge Rules on Willacy County Charges against Vice President, Other Public Officials, 08:20 AM
Willacy County Indictments Hearings Continue, 02:04 PM
Judge to remain on Cheney indictment case, 04:09 PM
Willacy County Indictments Dismissed, 11:12 PM

Tuesday, 02/12/2008
Case Backlog, 07:00 PM
Ammerman Reaction, 07:01 PM
What's Next in Willacy County, 10:14 PM

Tuesday, 09/12/2008
Willacy Latest, 05:06 PM

Wednesday, 10/12/2008
Indictments Hearing, 01:37 PM
Guerra No Longer Able to Prosecute Officials, 06:31 PM

Since stories aired on NEWSCHANNEL 5 are only kept in the web archive for 30 days, you may also find some of them on

1. Dick Cheney Indicted by Texas Grand Jury
2. Texas DA Reveals Evidence That Led to Dick Cheney Indictment

Also you can search for "Cheney" or "Guerra" on

Emanuel said...

Dawood Ibrahim's role in Mumbai attacks being downplayed.


MarcosLagoSalado said...

Hi: Rice Farmer, Michael Ruppert, JO And all you other insightful folks out there...
Since Rubicon the best book out there i have read is john Michael Greer's
"The Long Descent: A Users Guide to the End of the Industrial Age" and also his Archdruid blogspot along with this site and Sharon Astyk's...anyhow, i bring this up because his argument is the same but is cogently presented as a longer descent than i think many of you all are envisioning--let's hope it is! anyhow, home food production and prepping yourself and your local community is doing something at least--if the fast crash really hits it's still more than just guns and gold. keep up the good work!

tlpenttila said...

We're starting to feel the tremors out West here where folks tend to think they're above all this nonsense about collapse.

My health club filed for bankrupcy and locked out customers and employees without notice. I stopped to get my Hoover vacuum repaired only to find Hoover is closing all service centers so they're out in the cold. A major auto consortium here is down and out. My in-law live in Florida and a major restaurant chain locked out customers and employees without notice.

I went shopping at a local sporting good store and found the shelves empty in the gun department. No guns, powder, bullets, casings, ammunition!!! The local TV says this is due to NRA members' fears about the Obama administration taking away their 2nd amendment rights. However, I think the fear of anarchy due to the pending collapse is more likely.

The foundation is crumbling and the tremors are increasing.

I've become debt free, but I'm having trouble trying to figure out where to store food and water. Still working on it while winter has come at last with a vengeance.

This sucks!


Sportscorner said...

Look at this
12/20/08: Michael Connell Killed: VR Demands Full State And Federal Investigation