Monday, July 20, 2009

Pick Your Poison

From Jenna Orkin:

Swine Flu
Swine Flu threat greater than terrorism
NHS prepares for 65,000 deaths from swine flu
BBC 'stockpiling' Tamilflu
Doubts over UK swine flu vaccine deals
Swine Flu: Pregnant Women and Young Children Most at Risk
Flu outbreak could tip stretched UK into deflation
Dead Silence: Fear and Terror on the Anthrax Trail (book review)

One of the reasons we do this 'job' is the fun of connecting the dots. Start with the first headline below, connect to some recent events, as well as their consequences, on the not-so-quiet Eastern front and see what picture emerges.
Fiscal ruin of the Western world beckons
Commercial Paper Falls at Record Pace
GE Profits Fall 49%
Unemployment Rates Hit Record Highs In Several States In June
Supporting the Financial System by Bleeding the Real Economy
As Mexico Border Tightens, Smugglers Take to Sea
The NSA Wiretapping Story Nobody Wanted
The Biggest Blow to Health Care Reform
Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Population Control
Jon Stewart Takes on Goldman Sachs

EU Moves to Cut Europe's Gas Risks

UK: Eco-towns Approved Despite Country Devastation Fears
Britain revealed as a dumper of toxic waste
UK firms accused over hazardous rubbish
Britain’s role in dangerous trade in e-waste
Britain to take Brazil toxic waste
Millions of identities for sale on the net
Helicopter fleet to be reduced to save £1.4bn
Barclays workers in pensions strike ballot
Turks and Caicos Islands Commission of Inquiry into grand corruption, Final Report, unredacted, 18 Jul 2009:
French workers paid not to blow up factory
EU Georgia war report delayed
Police uncover £80m 'Ponzi scheme'

Middle East/Africa
Israeli warships rehearse for Iran attack in Red Sea
Cash Offered for Drought Plans

Eastern Front
Blasts At Jakarta Hotels Kill 8, Wound 50
Nine dead in Indonesia hotel bombings
Jakarta Stocks Slide On Bomb Attack
China admits shooting dead 12 rioters
Countering Riots, China Snatches Hundreds From Their Homes
Restless China eyes Russia's assets
Washington funds its Uyghur 'friends'
Boeing engineer gave secrets to China
5 militants killed in Tajikistan shootout
Kashmir: Ground zero of global jihad
Asian Gains Checked By Political Uncertainty
Four from Rice Farmer:
Military Escalation: From Afghanistan To the Caspian Sea and Central Asia
Japan looks to triple army and boost defence budget
Japan watching Chinese navy
U.S. wants to boost Japan nuclear umbrella: paper

Plane Crashes Cut Travel Demand, Raise Insurance Rates: Chart of the Day
One way or another for the last several years, oil has been conserved during the peak summer travel months.
MI5 Whistleblower Becomes Transvestite Squatter
One of those who has muddied the waters of legitimate 9/11 investigation now also gives a bad name to transvestites.


Iconoclast421 said...

Dead Silence: Fear and Terror on the Anthrax Trail

The link appears to be broken. I did read some other reviews and it looks good.

Jenna Orkin said...

the link works altho' it might not come thr'u' for people who don't subscribe to the times.

sunrnr said...

"The Shape of Things to Come (2010)" is available at

It is definately NOT for the unprepared or the faint of heart. It portends (or supports) the direction being pointed to by many of the posts here by Jenna and others.

Being prepared isn't going to be enough it seems. It appears we'll need a great deal of luck and an unwavering will to survive.

Then again, maybe what's being revealed are possibe outcomes which can be changed if the need is great enough and if we collectively put our minds together in a common direction.


OrwellianUK said...

After seeing a report this morning on Sky News detailing WHO reports of 700 Swine Flu deaths, I decided to look at the Seasonal Flu statistics: World Health Organisation - Seasonal Flu

Note the paragraph below (my emphasis):

Seasonal epidemics

Influenza epidemics occur yearly during autumn and winter in temperate regions. Illnesses result in hospitalizations and deaths mainly among high-risk groups (the very young, elderly or chronically ill). Worldwide, these annual epidemics result in about three to five million cases of severe illness, and about 250 000 to 500 000 deaths. Most deaths associated with influenza in industrialized countries occur among people age 65 or older. In some tropical countries, influenza viruses circulate throughout the year with one or two peaks during rainy seasons.

On the subject of David Shayler, I wondered if he might have some similarity to Delmart Vreeland - you know, good information in amongst the disinformation, desperately trying to ingratiate himself with researchers while trying to keep on side with an intel agency that has cut him loose and is destroying him, in that perpetual double game?

Alternatively is this a smear campaign to discredit or merely another stage in his own 'deep cover' mission? Very Odd.

eyeballs said...

Thermal depolymerization on bionic legs? This appeared in my local newspaper today:

US military robot not a man-eater, creators say

Cyclone Power Technologies has posted a response that insists “EATR” is a vegetarian. Apparently there’s some kind of law against desecrating corpses on a battlefield, so it would never eat its way through dead and dying “enemies” on way to complete some mission. That’s very reassuring.

Drone attack planes, cloaks of invisibility, nano-robots and now EATR. Sheesh. If industrial civilization doesn’t crash soon, we can expect much more fun stuff coming out of DARPA.

The worst scenario is the one where they crash our institutions yet continue to produce this virulent technology to serve only themselves. With intense depopulation and slave labor for the survivors, a hyper-tech elite might just be able to pull off world domination amid the rubble. Yech.

PeakedOut said...


Can you tell us a little more about

Who does the writing, what is the goal or focus, etc.

Perhaps you can empathize with the volume of reading I try to keep up with? Thanks for the heads up!!

OrwellianUK said...

What do you make of this Jenna?

bioterror lawsuit

frankly, if true, this is the most terrifying story I have ever read

Jenna Orkin said...

X wrote:
When the wheels don’t move

Who will work the assembly line
Who will pull the freight on time
Who will work the all night haul
Who will explain it all
When the wheels don’t move

Bigger chariots didn’t save Rome
Easy money didn’t stay at home
They said the iron horse would always roam
Who will tell the children
When the wheels don’t move

Man’s power over nature
Hubris and greed let the fossil fuels burn
No way to keep the wings in flight
When the turbine engines don’t move

Going green a casino catch phrase
Ethanol is made of smoke and mirrors
Who makes the decision
To feed the tanks and not the mouths
When the wheels don’t move . . .

The red planet as salvation
Divine hope turns to depredation
Who’ll be left to make that station
Devoid of god and nation (we trust)
When the wheels don’t move

P.S Please forward to mike and post on blog if desired (I cannot figure out my name and password I used on there



Anonymous said...

Sorry I haven't been able to follow the blog much lately. Thanks to belt-tightening where I work, I was given enough work for two people, but had to document the numbers and need before the boss would consider bringing on more help. Just can't keep up right now. Am merely skimming articles and hopefully will find the time for a more in-depth look in a few weeks. Hopefully no bombshells have been dropped in the past few weeks.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -


The article concerning the vaccination lawsuit you mentioned was more horrifying than just about anything I have ever read also. Consider how close we may actually be to having this scenario played out in the near future. How on earth could all the enormous preparations for this have been carried out without anyone trying to put a stop to it or the public finding out? Pair what we learn from this article with the sections in the Patriot Act where Americans must submit to vaccinations if instructed to do so by the government or be arrested and have all their property confiscated. Why on earth would they have put those sections in it if there hadn't been planning for something like this to occur? I was very confused about this section of the PA when it first came out, but the light bulb came on after I read Mike's articles on engineered viruses and noted microbiologists mysteriously dying all over the earth. H1N1 vaccination trials have started in Australia. I feel horrible for those who have volunteered to be guinea pigs. Have you read the feedback to all those alarmist articles in the British press this week? Doesn't seem like too many people in Britain are taken in by it. Americans are so used to their dumbed-down news. Hopefully, we will start asking questions and demand no vaccinations here before the clinical trial period even ends. But then again, if all goes well down under, how do we know they weren't given one strain of flu shot while the potentiated strains will be held back for mass use later? It's all the stuff of nightmares.

sandman said...

Thought internal revenue was taking the lions share. Evidently, they rather tax me senseless than see me carry a few coins around. In the near future, I will buy pocket-less pants.