Saturday, July 11, 2009

Between the Lines of the Writing on the Wall

From Jenna Orkin:

Are You Ready for $20 Per Gallon Gas?
FDIC Insurance Fund Doesn't Actually Exist

Review of "A Presidential Energy Policy"
America's Fiscal Train Wreck and Cassandra's Curse
Waves of Job Losses Sap US States' Budgets
Obama Jobless Safety Net Torn by New Normal's 48-Year-Old Rebecca Alvarez
U.S. Consumers' Mood Sours On Jobs Data
Suzuki, Mitsubishi Urged to `Forget About America' as Vehicle Sales Plunge
US Consumers Fall Behind On Loans at Record Pace
Feds Have 48 Times as Much Debt as Gold
Influence is All in the Bag for Goldman Sachs According to the New York Stock Exchange figures for the week of April 13 that I quoted, Goldman executed twice as many big trades -- called "program" trades by the industry -- as any other firm. And, the bulk of the 1.234 billion shares bought by Goldman that week were paid for with the firm's own money. This was the time, remember, when banks were trying to recapitalize by selling shares to the public. Goldman, you'll also recall, had turned itself into a bank holding company so it could take $10 billion in government money under the Troubled Asset Relief Program.... Federal prosecutors accused a guy named Sergey Aleynikov of stealing proprietary "black box" computer codes from Goldman. The agent in charge of the case said the following in court: "The bank (Goldman) has raised the possibility that there is a danger that somebody who knew how to use this program could use it to manipulate the market in unfair ways."
G-8's Economic Dominance Faces Challenge From China, India, South Africa
Brazil, China and the New Asian Currency
Pension Costs for Local Governments May Triple by 2015
Ron Paul video on auditing Fed
Comment on gold manipulation at 4 minutes, 30 seconds.
Audit Would Harm Country, Fed Vice-Chair Warns
Health guide for 9/11 kids is released, with one doctor critical
McKinney released, returning to United States (from Rice Farmer)
Statue of Liberty Decapitated
Stolen from VoxPop, coffee shop of Sander Hicks, 9/11 researcher.
In California, Even the I.O.U’s Are Owed
California Dreamin': How the State Can Beat Its Budget Woes
Smoke Dope and Save California
US Apartment Vacancies Near Historic Highs
Staggering Budget Gap and a Reluctance to Fill It
Alcohol Deaths Rise by 40%
Generals Who Led Honduras Military Coup Trained at the School of the Americas (from Rice Farmer)

Oil demand set to rise
The Fed and Peak Oil
Obama's Push for Caspian Energy Routes Imperiled by Azeri Refugee Struggle
Canada: String of pipeline bombings (from Rice Farmer)
Iranian oil: Depletion and rust -- only five more years of oil exports? (from Rice Farmer)
Iraqi Oil Goes To China
Ecuador: January-May Crude Oil Exports Down 63%
Price is EV's Elephant in the Room
Boomtown Bremerhaven: The Offshore Wind Industry Success Story
Pickens Backs Off Wind Farm Project
Utah Coal Plant Scuttled, 100th in US Since 2002
9$ Airline Seats

Democrats Say C.I.A. Deceived Congress
Did CIA and RAW create Uighur unrest? Xinjiang - China's energy gateway
Beijing's concern at the unrest in Xinjiang extends beyond the threat to its own authority. The vast region, already an essential supplier of oil and gas to the rest of China, is an important border gateway for energy supplies from its numerous Central and South Asia neighbors
North Korea Suspected in US/S. Korea Web Attack
UK Weapons Inspector Who Was Found Dead Was Writing Expose (from Rice Farmer)
Colonel Sabow
Unclassified Report on the President’s Surveillance Program (pdf)
Joint Inspector General Report, 10 July 2009
Sending GPS Devices the Way of the Tape Deck?

Climate Change
Winter, Like Guest Uninvited, Drops In
Snow in New York in July
Two from Rice Farmer:
Heat and humidity causing problems with pavement buckling
Searing heat, preceded by wet conditions, causing pavement to blow up

Swine Flu
Swine Flu Shots Could Begin This Fall
Swine Flu Epidemic (UK)
Swine flu: Government is scaremongering say leading GPs
Russian doctors say treating swine flu with aspirin causes coma

Russia/Central Asia
Russia Wants to Open 2nd Military Base in Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan weighs opium as industry (from Rice Farmer)

Troops Flood Urumqi as Chinese Minister Cuts Short G-8 Stay
Cyberattacks Hit U.S. and South Korean Web Sites
Chinese Bank Announces Bombshell (from Rice Farmer)
Taiwan's Exports Down 30% in June
Yuan Deposes Dollar on China's Border in Sign of Future for Global Trade

Sterling Crisis Looms as Unravelling Leads to Budget Cuts
UK: Bleak job prospect for 2010's graduates -- 48 applicants per opening! (from Rice Farmer)
U.K. House Prices Unexpectedly Decline as Unemployment Rises,
Banks to Use Food Labels
Swiss Government Says It May Seize UBS Data to Prevent Disclosure in U.S.

NSW in the grips of a blackout crisis (from Rice Farmer)

Theory of Everything Said to Solve Its First Real World Problem


Sebastian Ronin said...

Don't you just love it when a book reviewer, a supposed literati, can't spell worth a shit?

tim said...

You are getting closer to understanding (from the energy article) "the electrons form a collective independent of distances". Just like the stars are not independent because their gravity bends the light from all other stars. But there is nothing you can buy at Wallmart to prove this.....

agape wins said...

Where have all the flowers gone?
I honestly miss those who have dropped away, I review their blogs, post some, but there is little activity. Most Blogs on the net are misleading, or downright NASTY!!

Love you all!

A visit to this blog!

Not screaming, or are you "listening" with just your ears?

Information/Entropy; I'm almost done! Tim your 8:16am post is in
line with my future series, good
expression/meaning of your thoughts!
It looks like dueling Banjos between RandD
and Agape, this is not oneupmanship, just seeking/sharing

Two sadder items, nothing new; crying does not help!/?

Cold War cleanup?

Refinery washes cars, homes

agape wins said...

A vary good link! 7.14,09

The problem is they are all bound up/Entangled in meaning, we are still taking baby steps, putting letters together- like the ga-ga of an infant!
How can a Bit spin in both directions, respond with two answers, & be in several
places/times simultaneously; what about changing "states" if seen or not?
We have to learn not only the questions to ask, but how to translate the reply when
the information/entropy is invisible to us.
we are still cutting our baby teeth, in 50 years, if things last that long, we will smile
over our primitive "home movies"!

Velobwoy said...

Bankers, The Spooks Want You!

So what skill sets do bankers have that the CIA could possibly want and for what reason? It seems as if the specific targeting of bankers by the CIA is an indirect admission that economic war between the Western world (the US, the UK, and the EU) and those countries opposed to the monetary policies implemented by the Central Banks in these countries (China, Russia, India, Brazil, Venezuela, Honduras, Bolivia, etc.) will intensify in the future. And it also seems to be an indirect admission that the story of the “green shoots” is a blatant lie if the CIA is actively recruiting bankers to use their skill sets in this “underground war.”

RanD said...

"Who are WE?" becoming "Who WE are" - #2

(First time through RanD failed to study Agape wins' words re the movie "Lust, Caution" in conjunction with the July 7, 09 Non Sequiter cartoon's message as carefully as necessary: R & D agree with Agape's "summation". But, "Who are WE?" defining "what Meaning means" requires first building an informational substrate from which to produce a Meaning-ful answer; as follows:)

Other than our current Universe's universally most conspicuous physical (i.e., "bodily") features/criteria, it is evident that there are only two other -- distinctly NON-physical -- fundamental features of our Universe's overall existential composition. These are thinking (i.e., "mind"), and feelings (i.e., "soul", or "spirit"). Thus we are -- through intelligently implementing the human condition's current state of techno-/psycho-linguistic advance -- capable of readily & generally seeing & understanding that everything throughout the field of existence is one or another of these three self-evincing foundational elements of existence; or, is a systematized integration of these three which manifests as a living phenomenon (a paramecium, a tree, a human being, etc), a living planet (such as is our Earth), or a living universe, in toto, such as is this Universe of which we find ourselves integral components. Thus:

Through yielding to comprehensively existential means, one is able to determine that "feelings" -- however unseeming if not altogether absurd it at first might seem (especially to non- and anti-quantum physics physicists) -- are in fact synonymous with that which John referred to as "spirit"; which "spirit", btw, is the exact same thing that virtually all North-American peoples of pre-Columbian heritage refer(red) to as "the Great Spirit". Thus it is seen that both John and virtually all North-American peoples of pre-Columbian heritage use(d) these synonymous word-terms -- spirit and Great Spirit -- when speaking of, or to, specifically that which is the exclusive progenitive SOURCE of everything else that exists, has existed, or ever will exist. And, it is through having gained information such as this from the exact same SOURCE of existence as just described above that I'm made able to share these words with my siblings regarding "who WE are" and "what 'Meaning' means to me".

Necessarily, more is forthcoming, of course.

tim said...

Thanks,Agape. I very much like the respect shown on this blog, although I wish we could talk about any subject, but I understand MCR's concerns, too. Using technical language, I think humans are in the process of evolving from awareness of a 3-dimensional reality to a multi-dimensional reality. I miss NB; he has a good understanding of 3-dimentional Newtonian physics, but I always pointed to 4th/5th dimentional awareness. We are not seperate. There are no objects. God is not a vindictive war-monger. Looking forward to your future series, Agape!

agape wins said...

RandD & others looking for a constructive future, When I inquired about"WHO" it was directed at My/Your/OUR part in real life as portrayed so
dramatically in the movie. Events in our day to day existence are not as extreme, physically, or
emotionally-but I feel the minor things we ignore possibly make/determine who we are behind the "mask"! Again I am being too leading; Your path is not mine, your shoes do not even fit me!

I have 1 link to several reviews of Lust, Caution, and another on the short story, they are on another computer, they give insight into the many meanings
expressed/experienced by the reviewer . I have not VALUED My meaning here, yours will differ
according to your life experience, as it should, ambiguity is what makes us unique, I'll get to that

RandD is way ahead of the game. things are moving ahead, please don't get over dogmatic, as I said
before I detect 7 "mindsets" here, none of which is more valuable, just a different expression.
There is no need to state your "meaning", just be sure you know "who" will be crossing the Rubicon
in your skin.

Tim, I think we can voice any subject here!!
Y&ou have to approach things from a constructive position. Your intent must be positive, make sure
your dagger is left at home, the enemy is not here, but your best friend (even Yourself), can turn on
you in a heartbeat. It's why I stress Dependency!!

Jenna, if I have misstated the intent of this Blog please
delete my last statement.

Carolyn said...

dear mr ruppert:
I was going through some old papers and discovered a lot of your newletters, etc from 1998 to 2001.
I seem to remember your asking if anyone had some of the older papers and thought I'd give you a list of what I have on hand in case they would be helpful.
I cannot figure out how to e-mail this information should you be interested.

Paul said...

Migrant wave wanes with Spain's economy


The tide of illegal migration peaked in 2006, when 600 boats brought 31,678 desperate people to the Canaries in search of better times.

Often, the cayucos would be crammed full with up to 90 migrants, who had paid handsomely to make the perilous journey. Over the past three years, the number of migrants has been falling steadily. Many more - certainly hundreds, and perhaps thousands - died during the crossing. The figure is a matter of guesswork. But over the past three years, numbers have been falling steadily.

In 2008, 9,181 migrants made it to the Canaries, a 71% drop compared with 2006. And during the first five months of 2009, numbers were down by half again on the same period last year. "In April and May, we didn't have a single boat," explains Mr Alayon proudly.

"I don't recommend Spain at this moment," sighs a 28-year-old migrant, who came here from Cameroon in 2004. Spanish unemployment rate has reached 18.7%, the EU's highest. "To me, it's like Africa, only civilised. And in some ways, it's worse than in Africa - because here, you have to pay for everything you eat."

Another migrant, aged 27 from Nigeria, describes the growing difficulties in finding work on the black market. "When I came here three years ago there was lots of construction work," he says, "but when the crisis started, things got difficult for immigrants. Now, I'm lucky if I get one day's work a week." So what would he say to someone back home in Nigeria who was thinking of coming to Spain now? "My advice is that they're better not to even think of coming to Europe," is the terse reply. "For now, it's really hard here."


tim said...

We cannot even talk about Francesco Cossiga's views about 911. I don't see how his opinions contradict anything MCR wrote in "Crossing the Rubicon". I have the utmost respect for Jenna's 911 experience and understanding but we can't read her opinions of this because it's taboo here. The 911 truth movement is divided and conquered.

RanD said...

RanD said...
Ecosutra; "Home" is the most awesome moving picture statement Ruthie & I have ever seen on the current state of our human condition and the planet which makes it possible for us to exist. July 15, tomorrow, is the last day it is scheduled for viewing via U-Tube.