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Michael C. Ruppert

July 21, 2009 -- Hi guys:

To make the film CoLLapse work best, BLUEMARK FILMS urgently needs original FTW hard copy newsletters to scan into the movie of the following stories. They can't take them from the web because that won't visually show that they were written years ago and existed in print. If anyone has them, please send them directly to the BLUEMARK film offices in Milwaukee. They will be returned to you within a few days. Please let Jenna know if you have them and have responded. Sending USPS, First Class is fine.

Bluemark Productions220 E. Buffalo St #400Milwaukee, WI 53202


1. Microbiologists -- 2002 http://www.copvcia.com/free/ww3/02_14_02_microbio.html2. Oh Lucy Timeline -- 2002 http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/ww3/02_11_02_lucy.html3. Insider Trading and 9/11 -- 2001http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/ww3/10_09_01_krongard.html4. PROMIS -- 2001 http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/pandora/052401_promis.html

Thank you!

Am truly enjoying this little vacation. Haven't read a news story in almost two weeks. I've been writing some kick-ass song lyrics that are being looked at in L.A. and Nashville. Also been trying to get my pipes back into shape and singing every day now.

CoLLapse is nearing the final cut and there should be announcements soon. Sorry I can't say more. It's maddening for me too... moreso, trust me. It is all good news but delays can drive one bananas. I've been trying to raise a little cash to help me pay the legal bills from Oregon. Over the last three years they've added up to more than $45,000 including travel and expenses. I'm tapped out and it'll be a while before I see anything from the book or movie. If any of you would like to help with that you can write to me directly at my home address: 4269 Baldwin Ave. Culver City, CA 90232. (There's no point in not printing it anymore. That part of my life is over and done with.)

Here's a set of new lyrics I wrote. It'll tell you where I am... Enjoy! -- I'm not sure what the polite protocols are. These lyrics are being worked on by a pro songwriter who I've known since 1982. So, if anyone wants a shot, just know that they are being shown and worked on elsewhere. This is a song I want to sing someday.


My Heart Lies This Way

Don’t know if I can go near this love again
My heart lies to me this way
There have been so many loves
That have burned almost as bright
That shook me like a rag doll
Never with my heart at night

My heart it lies this way

Don’t know if I can go near this love again
My heart lies this way
A wild-man wizard blinding
I was too much for them to take
And just too much for myself
They all ran away and stayed

Their hearts lied to me this way

If I go too near the music
Then all I've labored to understand
The years I lived the old way
Has the weight of blowing sand

My old life's on the table
I'm eager to see it go
All the duties and obligations
Let music make it so

(Surrender to your fate) [Back up]
(Surrender to your fate)
Consume, blow me away
Consume me

And now just at sunset friend
You come knocking at the door
Stirring flames and passion
And that familiar hungry roar

My heart it lies this way

Don’t know if I can go near this love again
But I see I’m already there
Like Icarus close to heaven
I’m waiting for my friend

Our hearts they lie this way [All]

(Repeat chorus)

Let these lovers have their day
Consume me
Consume me

Our hearts they lie this way

[This is the way Bernie Taupin and Elton John did it... Gilbert and Sullivan too, I think.]


Susan said...

Your lyrics are magic. Keep writing. I feel like doing a painting with those words.

I read your blog with such interest but this is the first time I've been moved to respond.

Mitch said...

Glad to hear you're having a fine time, Mike.

I'd be happy to help pitch into a legal fund. It's the least I can do.

Can you clarify - should we mail a check made payable to you to your home address?

IAmHugh said...

Old FTW member here...I just tried to find Jenna's email address but couldn't. Wanted to send this news item that you might want to post about spyware made in CA installed on Blackberry phones in the UAE:


daniel said...

Max Keiser Compilation

This is an absolute must watch. Max gets very agitated but his analysis is spot on not to mention prophetic.


MCR said...

Hi all:

Yes, checks made out to me and sent here... Thank you!

Jenna's email is jennakilt@aol.com

Back to the music!


businessman said...


Thanks for sharing your lyrics with us. It's been awhile since you've given us another recording of you singing, so please, when you're ready, send us another one.

And since I know we've got other talented musicians in here, if you've got any new recordings to share with us, I'd definitely like to hear them.

It's been sometime now since we've had some music in here!

OregonSurvivor said...

Eagerly awaiting the movie, sorry I can't help with the printed FTW - I had them but lost along the way. Great lyrics, would love to hear the finished product. After reading the map, I arrived at the conclusion that singing / picking music is the only thing that makes sense in this crazy world that we can only attempt to interpret.

Mike, I don't know if you have been exposed to the world of Bluegrass Festivals as regards music. If you like acoustic music and a welcoming atmosphere, the Bluegrass festival is a great place to meet like minds. Musically, that is. Many of those "like minds" are ignorant or worse when it comes to politics and world events. The only tie between what would otherwise likely be political adversaries is the music. Yet that is what makes it work. Every person is accepted for the contribution they make to the music. Nobody wants to talk ideology...just Bluegrass and related. Shut up and pick, as it were. And that is in fact what I will be doing for the next few weeks!

Pick on!

KimB said...

Great lyrics Mike. You've certainly been demonised in many quarters, labelled "Mad" by people who were too lazy (frightened?), to respond in a reasoned and articulate manner. I think you say it here:

"A wild-man wizard blinding
I was too much for them to take
And just too much for myself"

. . . it's not easy being a "Wild-man wizard," or "Mad," or (for that matter), "A witch" or "Terrorist." Language weaves magical spells (not all of them good), which can bind us in a trance. Stepping outside the boundaries has great personal cost. Check out this Media Lens article, "Brilliant Fools," you might smile with recognition:


RanD said...

PeakedOut... In the event snrnr hasn't gotten back with you re halfpasthuman, perhaps the following will do:


Clif (last name not used) has a patent on computer-assisted reading technology which allows reading from computer screens at up to 2000 words per minute. Reaching into other areas of hidden potential within language use by humans, he has been developing a system of software internet agents (like search engines use) and other proprietary processing methods to predict future events. The software project, begun in 1997, captures near-real-time changes in language patterns within internet discussions. Then, employing radical linguistic techniques of his own devising, he develops a model which anticipates future events with some seeming accuracy. The processing has, at its core, a method of assigning emotional values to complex content and time carry-values to predict changes in future behavior based on how people are using language now.

re ALTA Process: http://www.halfpasthuman.com/altaprocess.html

sunrnr said...

RanD - Thank you, excellent synopsis of halfpasthuman and the ALTA project.

Peaked Out - ALTA is short for Asymmetric Linguistic Trend Analysis, something I'm sure RanD knows much more about than I.

As I understand it, the project has been going on for over 10 years. The results are issued in numbered reports which I believe are still available.

Bottom line is they're issuing smaller reports for a nominal fee as events dictate. The latest one has some VERY dire language in it that seems to fit the potential outcomes pointed to by the postings on this blog and others.

Remember when MCR & Jenna pointed out TPTB's plans appear to be spinning out of control? The latest report results seem to support that assessment.

The timeframe for things really going to hell on us has already started. August into early winter should tell whether this is all so much poo poo or real.

Israel will attack Iran with nuclear buster bombs to take out Iran's nuclear capabilities. Unfortunately, a highly radioactive cloud will result when an underground storage facility will be hit resulting in millions of deaths and poisoning of much of the plant.

North Korea will send one or two nukes into South Korea.

The economy will finally totally collapse resulting in massive demonstrations by depositors.

Famine, earthquakes, on and on and on ..... the outcome and chances of survival by most of us appears to be very bleak.

With that said, the reports point to possibilities, not actual events. Quantum theory is pointing to the possibility that we control our reality. Maybe by being aware of possibilities we can do some critical thinking and direct the future to a better outcome. It can't be done individually, only in the collective.

Or, as I heard one time, we can continue to act like 100 piss ants floating down a stream on a log. They're all arguing and calling each other names about who's steering the thing. All the while, the noise of the falls ahead is getting louder and louder.


RayLeeUS said...

Best of luck in all your endeavors! Life balance is essential and it sounds like you're doing a good job on those scales (pun intended).

Speaking of CC, I lived at various places in town there for a number of years. Used to ride my bike up Duquesne every day to the baseball park. Been in NY for 5 years now and was floored on a recent visit when a friend said "hey, let's go get dinner in downtown Culver City." Do what?! ("downtown??!"). I'm thinking Novecento's was the only place I would even think of walking into, and the so-called downtown hadn't advanced much as far as I knew since Laurel & Hardy shot there or the dwarfs from the Wizard of Oz trashed the hotel. Man was I surprised.

Peace, my friend, and prosper. You're always a worthy cause.

tim said...

businessman, re: Lindsay Williams.
Evey Christian Republican I've ever met basically believes the oil industry is just a bunch of good ole boys responsibly bringing energy to their customers. He wrote in the political climate of the 70's which was very antagonistic to the industry and believed that the government wanted to nationalize it. I've always found that to be very amusing considering that 80% of what the American military does is protect oil infrastructure around the globe. Not nationalized, but very simbionic. Read "Blood and Oil" by Michael Klare for an outstanding discussion of this. As far as discovered wells that are tapped and not expolited: Williams is not the only one to say this. Roumors have always floated around concerning this. 2 Shell engineers told me that once. I can think of only 2 reasons for this. 1) the government wants a much larger strategic reserve across the country for the possibility of WW3. 2) the relationship between the dollar as reserve currency, oil sold in dollars internationally, and the way that pays for the endless American debt.

Paul said...

OrwellianUK: I agree - terrifying!

This first came up about two weeks ago here - but I can’t find the relevant thread to remind myself what was said.

There is more from jane burgermeister on her Bird Flu website (extract below)

WHO has refused to release the Minutes of a key meeting of an advisory vaccine group – packed with executives from Baxter, Novartis and Sanofi – that recommended compulsory vaccinations in the USA, Europe and other countries against the artificial H1N1 “swine flu” virus this autumn.

Meanwhile my 4 year old daughter is ill in bed with severe sore throat - there is swine flu at my wife’s school....

David H. Stern, M.D. said...

I have virtually all issues, formatted as they were published, in PDF documents, from 2000 through 2006. If anyone is interested, contact me, or put up a post where I will see it.

David Stern

wez said...

Mike...didn't know if you were aware of the little musical treasure a few blocks from your house....check out some of the (really cheap!)acoustic shows at Boulevard Music...absolute world-class steel-string players...I think you'd dig 'em...

brisa said...

Hey Mikey...did I read somewhere that you played a character in a production of "The Full Monty"?

The Grand Theater Group of Dubuque, Iowa is putting the show up in October. Ther director wants me to read for Harold. Sounds like a juicy role. Just wondering how to deal with the last scene and displaying full frontal nudity to a house full of geriatic Catholics.

At 53, the days of playing late thirties are rapidly drawing to a close so... what the heck.

Just wondering....

eyeballs said...

Hillary rolls over for India

This Forbes article gloats over the spanking given to critics of India, as Secretary of State Clinton appeared to give in on key issues. Note the arms deals in the making and the two nuke plants. Anything to save “the economy”.

RanD said...

snrnr (et al)... I did not author the halfpasthuman 'Synopsis'. I merely cut & pasted a C2C AM bio of halfpasthuman's Clif. The principle(s) and mechanics that George Ure (Clif's professional associate) and Clif claim to effectively implement (ALTA) should (from my perspective) produce feasible hypotheses re future developments. Thus, as you wisely observe, halfpasthuman's "reports point to possibilities, not actual events." As for "Quantum [T]heory pointing to the possibility that we control our reality"... and, "by being aware of possibilities we can do some critical thinking and direct the future to a better outcome" ... hey wow, that sort of right-on-target coherent thinking will put us right where we want to be.

Don't stop; keep it coming!