Sunday, March 08, 2009

from Jenna Orkin:

Oil Price Cannot Remain at Low Level: Iraq Oil Minister
A Look at Economic Developments Around the Globe
Morgan Stanley Predicts Economic Collapse Worse Than Depression

Russia's New Best Friends
Russia Opens Gas Plant To Supply Asian Markets
Indian Cosmonauts in Russian Spaceships
Italy Hands Church to Russia, Hoping to Ease 1000 Year Schism
It's about time.
Kyev Hails Russian Proposal on Cooperation in Black Sea Fleet Emergencies
Obama Offered Deal to Russia in Secret Letter
Clinton Vows to Bring Russia Back in from NATO Cold
Putin: Ruble Will Not Collapse
Russians Mourn Stalin

...and old enemies:
Russian Jet Fighters: Formidable Oponents of Western Technology
Alleged Arms Smuggler Says US Framed Him

From the birthplace of democracy:
Attackers Throw Firebombs at Bank in Athens
Gordon Brown Bankrupting Britain as Taxpayer Liabilities Soar
Austria Default Risk Passes Italy's as East Bet Sours

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch:
The Greatest Depression Underway
The Bottomless Economic Pit
Or: Fox News Grows Integrity During Democratic Administration.
US Financial System is Effectively Insolvent
Frontline: Inside the Meltdown
Downturn To Be Deeper Than IMF Forecast
Pension Liabilities to Hit Local, State Governments, Buffett Says
Economic Collapse Leads to Courthouse Cuts in Several States
LAPD Force Grows to Record Levels
Fed Expands Tools
Chase Becomes Third Largest Bank in World
Mounting US Debt Burden Threatens Poorer Nations
Wall St. Spent $5 Billion for Political Influence
The authors don’t blame either political party, noting that roughly 55 percent of the donations went to Republicans and 45 percent to Democrats. In the 2008 election cycle, they note, Democrats received slightly more than half of the financial sector’s contributions.

They also say that 142 of the lobbyists employed by 20 “leading financial firms” during this period “were previously high-ranking officials or employees in the Executive Branch or Congress.”
Abruptly, Expatriate Bankers Are Cut Loose
Indian, Chinese Immigrants Go Home for Better Life
Census of Agriculture Shows Disappearance of Midsize Farming
Fakes Enrich Dangerous Criminals
For Indian Tribes, Economic Necessity Collides with Tradition

Thanks to Wikileaks for the following four links.
Intelligence Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan
RAND study
NATO in Afghanistan: Master Narrative
DHS Targets Respected Conservation Groups with Terrorism Label
Obama Administration Expands DOD Budget Secrecy - Wait; What?

Mexican Peso Falls to Record
Mexico Under Siege Amid War on Drug Cartels
20 Killed in Riot at Ciudad Juarez Prison
Venezuela Short of Money and Food
Riots in Suriname (Over Fake Toni Braxton)

US Hands Over Nine Suspected Pirates to Somalia
US Delivers Seven Somali Pirate Suspects to Kenya

South Korea Tackles Financial, Economic Crisis
South Korea, Iraq Sign $3.5 Billion Oil for Aid Deal
Nikkei Touches New Low
Indonesian Central Bank Lowers Key Rate to Record Low
NATO May Ask China for Support in Afghanistan
Pakistan Formally Demands Chenab Water From India
Mumbai Police Get FBI Evidence Linking Pakistan to 26/11
External Elements are Responsible for the Unrest in Swat
Unrest Among Indian Engineering Students
Worsening Sri Lanka Violence
Tibet Governor Dismisses Unrest Reports as Rumor

Australia: SBS in Funds Pitch to Stave Off Social Unrest

Coming Soon: Mass Migrations Spurred by Climate Change
The Making of the Age of Stupid Climate Change Film


Pandabonium said...

re: "Wall St. Spent $5 Billion for Political Influence"

That's one investment that is paying off for them big time.

RanD said...

What with all the vogue-ish clamor going on over the minutia of the status quo's collapse can one expect other than one day becoming bored enough with the same-ol' same-ol' to begin stepping back and see the actual whole picture of what's taking place.

It looks real good from here. Take a breather, get bored, and find out how truly beautiful it really is. Just remember: try not getting pissed if someone comes along to suggest that the real picture is way more than just an exciting scattering of scary brushstrokes.

Paul said...

'Run on UK' sees foreign investors pull $1 trillion out of the City

"Like Iceland, the UK has an unusually large banking sector in relation to her national income, with liabilities four times GDP. Should the UK taxpayer have to assume these debts it will represent, in relation to GDP, about double the national debt the nation bore at the end of the Second World War, a near unsustainable burden."

Looks like the localisation we have talked about here is not just limited to people running home - but to the big money too.

Another nail in the coffin for globalisation perhaps? However, it looks like the UK may be closer to the edge of the cliff than our dear friends across the atlantic??

businessman said...

Mike...It's been awhile since we've had some music in here. I'm definitely looking forward to your next release from MCR Records, and in the mean time here's a recording of me singing a song:

Click Here for the Song

Pandabonium said...

Check out the police surveillance video in this article and listen to the comments of the PCs who are taking it. Guardian UK - "Revealed: police databank on thousands of protesters"
"Police are targeting thousands of political campaigners in surveillance operations and storing their details on a database for at least seven years, an investigation by the Guardian can reveal."

I wonder if Paul would care to comment?

dollie said...

It is time to stop talking about the coming problems, to get off the stick and start getting prepared to face them when they are here.
We have forgotten, perhaps a better description is 'unlearned' a great many survival methods/skills of our lean and moxy ancestors, many techniques that will become lifesavers. but there's not enough time left to learn them all before they are needed, and most STILL don't believe it's all happening.
I am spendng an hour a day sifting thru the internet finding information on home medicines, cleaning aids, gardening techniques [for our area], ideas for entertainment sans tv, movies, and telephone communications, and any number of 'how to' instructions on anything and everything from Applejuice to Quilt making to Zen methods to quiet blood pressure due to stress.
The resulting information is going into folders like loose leaf books. My children and some friends think I've gone over the edge, but I know this will be valuable to them down the rocky road our government is building for us.
We won't have time to practice all this lore befor it's needed, BUT,
It will be a reference to start from when a skill is needed. Good luck to you all. Love your community. You're going to need it.

F.Kamilov said...

As I have always said: Russia is The Future – a Eurasian federation, more likely, centered on Moscow. I and my colleagues are working on that theme now. Like Mike, I don't have much to say; there is nothing more to say in fact. So I don't. There is little left to say but a huge lot to do, as the Anglo-capitalist order's colossus - which has ridden astride the world for a good 350 years to date - crumbles. And I can predict it won't go quietly either. More is the pity. Such an unholy chaotic mess they have left the world in too, which will take decades to clear up even after they have been defeated. The Middle East, with its unrelenting dark Islamic fanaticism on the one hand and aggressive Israeli ardour on the other, does not belong in the future. I see little or no place for India – a huge, teeming and filthy sewer of caste-ridden backwardness and viciously contending religious sects, disease and squalor despite its fancy “Bollywood” glamour, and postmodern “developing” and “software exporter” veneer, or China, the potential instability of the colossal population of which – together with its helplessly rocketing capitalist industrialization and consumerist demand – is the ingredient for one huge explosion which will rend it and scatter the remnants all over Eurasia if not the whole world once the capitalist collapse penetrates it.

Before going, I will leave you with this latest snippet reproduced below:

Dubai hotels at emptiest level in 5 years
Updated at: 1445 PST, Monday, March 09, 2009

DUBAI: New research shows Dubai's hotels are emptier now than at any time in the past half decade because of a slump in visitors and an increased number of rooms.

The Jones Lang LaSalle property report Monday also shows that the supply of empty office space in the Middle East tourism and trade hub doubled to 16 percent over the past six months. That's the highest rate on record. The Chicago-based business consultancy estimates half of the residential and commercial projects planned for the fast-growing city-state through 2012 have been put on hold or scrapped outright. Dubai has scrambled to shore up its struggling economy, and recently agreed to a bailout of at least $10 billion from the Emirates federal government.

F.Kamilov said...

As to the Russian minister Sergei Shugai's endeavour to criminalise the denial of the USSR's Great Patriotic War victory - I say Bravo. In this "modern world" not only have sloppiness, promiscuity and several other vices been allowed to pass for peoples' ordinary "rights" and "liberties", but also a lot of patent rubbish and lies as far as history and information in general are concerned. One can't even slap his delinquent son for fear of being reported to the police, and then being "counseled". It is high time that this and all other such nonsense be put a stop to anywhere, but Russia's leaders should ensure that this "postmodern" Western virus doesn't permeate their society and turn it into a junkyard - especially at this given time in history when the West is dying and Russia coming into its due role.

koolkarma817 said...

The End of the Consumer Credit Empire: Stairway to Retail Heaven

I don't think this was posted yet. Fascinating numbers. Very soon we will all be selling each other when retail is gone

Paul said...

U.S. says Chinese vessels harassed Navy ship

Diaspora said...

The Daily Diary of the Global Nightmare is just filled with cheery news and it’s only Monday morning’s edition. The following are just four harbingers posted at

Chinese Vessels Shadow U.S. Navy Ship

Housing Spat Strains Israeli-U.S. Ties

Highway Upgrade Goes Private
Florida Deal with Spanish-Led Group Serves as a Model for Cash-Strapped States

U.S. to Push for Global Stimulus
The U.S. will press world leaders to boost emergency spending to lift the global economy, risking a rift with Europeans.

AND from the Asia Times:

Obama and his magic lamp
For the United States to borrow the US$2 trillion a year that it wants, a poor country like Turkey cannot borrow the $30 billion a year that it needs - unless, that is, the United States borrows it first and re-lends it to Turkey.

Yeah, this system is sustainable and will put us back on the road to “prosperity”.

anton v said...

A friend passed this along this morning. Chinese Navy and US Navy dance:

SkipGreeb said...

Just came across this:

Extremely important as it relates to the inevitable move to more localized production of food...this bill must be stopped.

gamedog said...

Pandabonium Re: UK Stazi.

Notice how the news from the Guardian was obtained under the FOI Act? Not much longer, the ACPO (a private company) does not fall under such bothersome laws, it will soon set up a full on police state, the UK Stazi no less, funded by public money, but without oversight to the FOIA!

It has taken over the old MI5 role, cataloguing trade unionists, & political unrest, part of New Labours Fabian Socialist agenda.

"Brown is my shepherd, I shall not work.

He leadeth me beside still factories.

He restoreth my faith in the Police State..

He guideth me to the path of unemployment.

Yea, though I wait for my dole

I own the bank that refuseth me.

Brown has anointed my income with taxes

My expenses runneth over my income

Surely, poverty and hard living will follow me all the days of his term

From hence forth we will live all the days of our lives in a rented home
with an overseas landlord

I am glad I am British

I am glad that I am free

But I wish I was a dog

And Brown was a tree ....."

It will be too late for most of the UK sheeple IMO, rioting will play in to their hands, the "news" is already predicting a "summer of hell". I'm sure glad I read Mikes stuff as far back as Cop Vs CIA, regular check ins to FTW woke me up early to PO. We've had a rural Doomstead since 04, we're about 50% self sufficient on food, on site well, installing a woodfired Esse cooker atm, stocking up food, buying essential tools, two small generators, keeping chickens, reading into permaculture for the 7 acres we just completed on. We're well on the way, thanks to Mikes signposts! I have yet to meet anyone else preparing for a full on collapse in the UK, I recently met some permaculture activists who set up 20 miles away, but thats about it, I gave up trying to convince anyone about a year ago when it was raising tension with my family (who live 150 miles away anyway). I have my wife, two dogs, and all the folks here :)

Keep up the good work gang.

Paul said...

Pandabonium and gamedog...

During my delay in replying to you Pandabonium - Gamedog has pretty much covered my views.

Interestingly, while considering my reply, I thought "best be careful how I reply - you never know who is snooping on these posts..."

Fear is one of their strongest weapons, for sure!

On a similar vein, I am a keen amateur photographer, and there are frequent reports of photographers (both amateur and journalists) being prevented from taking photos, having images confiscated/deleted and or being held. The argument is that photos can be used to aid terrorism. This gives the police plenty of scope..... Being prevented from following a hobby is hardly a life and death issue - but it shows how far our freedoms are being constrained by TPTB and how quickly.

Gamedog - I am impressed by your level of preparedness. I have done what I can, but there is much more yet to do... I know of only one other person who believes in the importance of this work - luckily it is my wife!

in_the_light said...

It is interesting to hear the comments about all the work that needs to be done. On the one hand, I see where those comments come from: it is important to remember that the ride is not over. On the other hand, at the moment, there isn't any work that CAN be done. The snowball has been rolled up and over the hill. Right now, it's avalanche time. Keep your eyes open and watch for the ground to move out from beneath your feet. Be ready. But as far as doing? I just don't know if I can agree with that. It seems anything you do today is liable to be wiped out tomorrow. In this case, I think the best prep is rest.


Scott said...

Craig said...

Mike'll like this one..

From Al Jazerra - "Mexico Condemns U.S. Corruption"


Peter J. Nickitas said...


Here's another article on the Fed you may find worth posting:

Peter J. of Minneapolis

OrwellianUK said...

China 'harasses' US surveillance ship

Venezuela ready for Columbia aggression

shady said...

Jenna - Orlov radio interview for download:

pstajk said...

I watched "The Making of The Age of Stupid." Fantastic. I can't wait for it to air in the US.

It's too bad Franny did not sneak JAMES LOVELOCK, CHARCOAL, and BIOCHAR in at the end of her film. I wonder if she even knows about these possible answers to the damage climate change has had on the environment.

So, Jeavon's books arrived in the mail the other day, I've read halfway through "How to Make More Vegetables ..." so far.

It provoked me to, today, order $1000 in garden equipment from Bountiful Garden's web site and send it home.

It's bout time. I can't wait for spring now.

Diaspora said...

Looks like the big dogs at the table are trying to raise the ante yet again. Those looking for heirloom seeds might consider buying "Indestructible Survival Seed Bank Can that can be buried to avoid confiscation." The seeds are packaged to last for 20 years and are designed ( Why would you want such a thing?

HR 875 - The food police, criminalizing organic farming and the backyard gardener, and violation of the 10th amendment

HR 875


“This bill is sitting in committee and I am not sure when it is going to hit the floor. One thing I do know is that very few of the Representatives have read it. As usual they will vote on this based on what someone else is saying…Devastating for everyday folks but great for factory farming ops like Monsanto, ADM, Sodexo and doubt that this legislation was heavily influenced by lobbyists from huge food producers. This legislation is so broad based that technically someone with a little backyard garden could get fined and have their property seized. It will affect anyone who produces food even if they do not sell but only consume it. It will literally put all independent farmers and food producers out of business due to the huge amounts of money it will take to conform to factory farming methods. If people choose to farm without industry standards such as chemical pesticides and fertilizers they will be subject to a variety of harassment from this completely new agency that has never before existed…a whole new government agency is being created just to police food, for our own protection of course.”

It would appear our representatives in Congress are nearly done with rehearsals and are about to debut their staged version of ‘the best little whorehouse in America ’. Understandably some might have a difficult time separating the whores from the pimps and the Johns since it seems like most of them would bed the devil for a dime. It’s unclear if the role of ‘public outrage’ has been cast and will make an entrance before the final curtain.

Anonymous said...

In light of the recent refusal to publish excerpts from the most relevant document yet to be written in our genre, from Peak Oil'ers to 9/11 Truthers, which could unite all of us to a common Cause, which is the Manifesto I have written and dedicated to all of you, I make the suggestion that the name of this blog should be changed very swiftly to:

Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate!


FTW admin said...

translation: abandon hope all ye who enter here.

businessman said...

GhostofSpartacus...Just ask who wants to receive your manifesto and then E-mail it to them.

Gray said...

I too also followed the link to, and enjoyed watching the Making of the Age of Stupid. After googling its release date here in australia, i found it was showing to a collective of climate change activists that night. Drove two hours, and crashed the screening. Worth the drive. Great movie.

But what I really wanted to see was the reactoin from all these groups. Within minutes of the movie finishing the groups were arguing the best strategy for direct action when the movie is released here in July. It was so frustrating. Here was a movie calling for decisive, quick, joint action. And so many of the members of these groups seemed more interested in activism for its own sake, and getting "them" to change or fix the problems.

We even had one person at the screening drinking a coke lecturing someone on the effects of drinking bottled water!

I'm so sick of the wasted time and energy fighting amongst ourselves, and so many more interested in being seen and heard than actually assisting in the change.

tim said...

Ghost, RanD,
I would like to read the rest of your manifesto, Ghost, and continue our conversation, RanD, but I would have to post my E-mail address on the blog, correct?

RanD said...


Yeah, I've been watching for you. And yeah, FTW policy has moved to subject matter conversations such as ours no longer being published on MCR's blogspot. So yeah, if you want to hear from RanD on what you're interested in I'll need your E-mail address on FTW's blog. (In advance, thanks ever so much for your courtesy, Jo, we very much appreciate you. Sincerely, RanD)

RanD said...

Tim-- Pardon me for having not given you our e-mail address: Send us an e-mail and we can get back with you and pick up from where we left off. We'd very much like to share with you our perspective on the human condition's socio-psychological destination. RanD