Sunday, March 15, 2009

from Jenna Orkin:

AIG Reveals Biggest Beneficiaries
AIG Asked Buffett For Help Before US Rescue
IEA Sees Massive Fall in Mexico's Cantarell
Platts Survey: February OPEC Oil Output Fell to 28.07 Million Barrels a Day
Energy Department Said to Err on Coal Project
Chevron Seeks New Mideast Reserves
Don't Be Surprised If We See $20 Oil, Says Roubini
Energy Descent and Agricultural Population
Preventing a Water Crisis
Business Suffers With World Water Shortages
Water Scarcity Clouds California Farming's Future
Solar Energy Can Help Overcome Power Crisis (UAE)

US Economy: Exports, Imports Slide as Global Trade Collapses
At Heart of Turkey Plant Workers' Unrest: Overtime
US Army Called in Aid of Alabama Police
IDC Predicts Worldwide Mobile Phone Shipments to Fall 8.3% in 2009

Japanese Economy Shrinks 12.1% in Q4

Cure for Depression: Uppers
Japan Pledges Third Round of Spending to Spur Economy
Japan PM Orders New Stimulus Package
China Plans Another Stimulus
China's Stimulus Plan Will Change the World

BRIC Countries to Meet Ahead of G20
Policy Comments of G20 FinMins
Don't Bank on Financial Trouble Being Resolved Without Conflict
Euro Declines on Fear Region Will Fail to Counter Turmoil

CIA Responds to Seymour Hersh (from Rice Farmer)
Political Cyberattacks to Militarize the Web
Senator Norm Coleman's Database Leaked
CRS On Cybersecurity Initiative

Stealth Bomber and Fighter Deployed to Guam for First Time (from Rice Farmer)
Pentagon Plans Blimp To Spy From New Heights (from Rice Farmer)

The End of Weird Finance
Geithner Says Global Recession is Deepening
How Low Can the Stock Markets Go? Much Lower - Roubini
EU Employers Warn of Job Losses as Major Economies Hit
EU Businesses See 4.5 Million Job Losses This Year
US Household Net Worth Had Record Drop Last Quarter
US Household Wealth Falls by Trillions
Berkshire Credit Swaps Rise to Record Level Implying "Junk"
Buffett Affirms Derivatives Bets; Says He'll Do More
Buffett Comes Out Against Labor-Backed "Card Credit" Bill
Credit Card Issuers: Buy Something Or Else!
Citigroup Executives Gain $2.2 Million on Stock Trades
Jim Rogers: Short JP Morgan Chase
Madoff: The Chase Connection
We're All Madoffs Now, Says Roubini

India Worried as Russia Grounds MiG 29 Fleet
UN Puts Russia, Moldova, Ukraine on List of Countries to Face Demographic Losses
Russia: Job Cuts Fuelling Unrest
Russian Mobsters Consort with Terrorists, Slave Traders
Venezuela to Allow Russian Air Bases: Chavez
A New Cuban Missile Crisis? Russia Planning to Use Cuban and Venezuelan Air Bases
Kyrgyz Opposition to Protest Repression
Tajikistan Weathers Energy, Food Shortages Through Winter
Serb Power Shortage Protests Continue

Unrest in Helsby [England] Over Spate of Youth Crime
Germany Faces Biggest Slump Since WW II
Ghost Towns Dot Finland as Forestry Collapse Threatens Growth
Swiss Bank Secrecy Under More Pressure as Lichtenstein Eases
Greek Extremists Threaten More Bombings After Citibank Attack

Thai PM: 4000 More Rangers to Quell Insurgency in South
Unrest in Pakistan: Protesters Start Anti-Gov't March
Police Removed Names of Leaders of Gujarat Riots: Prosecutor
Madagascar President Offers Elections to Ease Tension
Patient Riots After Cut in Rations
US Citizens Encouraged to Leave Madagascar

New Zealand Cuts Key Interest Rate to Record Low 3%


eyeballs said...

RE: Energy Department Said to Err on Coal Project

The Diablo Canyon Nuke Plant project installed its earthquake shock-absorbers upside down. We all went out to protest, and then the announcement came: it could not be opened for several months. The protest dwindled away. They opened it soon after, with the retrofits in place.

Clean coal is not a stupid idea because it's too expensive, it's a stupid idea because it doesn't exist. Even if you can somehow capture all the carbon from the burning process, there is no clean way to mine coal. And the idea of liquifying it to keep our insane car culture running while the rest of the world starves is inane.

Clean coal is a stupid idea because it does not involve a fundamental change in our lifestlye, which is inescapable in the long run. The question is only what level of tragic exploitation will preceed this fundamental change. There's no question that coal buys only a very small amount of time for a doomed Way of Life.

Someone sent me this, which I think is quite apt:

Silent Armagedon?

kiki said...

This could get interesting as the story develops:,0,4358692.story?track=rss

Diaspora said...

DOD Ends Sale of Expended Military Brass to Remanufacturers

"It is an end-run around Congress. They don't need to try to ban guns--they don't need to fight a massive battle to attempt gun registration, or limit "assault" weapon sales.

Nope. All they have to do is limit the amount of ammunition available to the civilian market, and when bullets dry up, guns will be useless."

Scott said...

Scott said...

This index rates derivatives counterparty risk. It currently stands as high as it did when Bear Stearns went belly-up despite the fact that an international Credit Default Swap clearinghouse went into operation today.

Sebastian Ronin said...

Re "Don’t bank on financial trouble being resolved without conflict"

This is a fairly tame and pedestrian article for those who know their history. The kicker comes in the last sentence. The entire article is a build-up to this pitch: "A global green New Deal, a super-IMF and a new global reserve currency are the solution. Nations are the problem." This has got Bilderberg/NWO written all over it.

Here's another take on the same historical predicament: "Again, to highlight the current historical contradiction, an alleged one-world government is diametrically opposed to hundreds of small, autonomous nations, although both global constructs require and envision the dissolution of the large industrial nation state in order to succeed. This contradiction cannot be stated emphatically enough. The pending crisis entails a showdown of worldviews with the large industrial nation state caught in the middle and cast in the role of historical albatross for both competing tendencies."

-Post-Peak Oil and NAmerican Regional Secession

Hef Lee said...

Re: Banks scramble to return bailout funds

If the bailout money is deposited, becoming part of the banks' reserves and the banks are being goaded to give loans, expanding the money in existence - is it the deposit of the loans that will cause inflation and the true effect of this economic crisis?

it makes sense that the banks would try to give the money back, not motivated just for public relations, right?

Sebastian Ronin said...

"America's Fiscal Collapse - Obama's Budget Will Impoverish America"

This is a pretty black-and-white analysis offered by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky. To listen to the audio:

gamedog said...

Another great idea from the UK, "printing billions of dollars worth of a global 'super-currency'"

IMF poised to print billions of dollars in 'global quantitative easing'

Are they actively aiming for hyperinflation globally?
If you can't beat the UK, join us... buy up your own treasurys too!!

Treasurys Are 'Disaster Waiting to Happen': Dr. Doom

Jacob said...

NATO opens new centre of excellence
on cyber defence

Anonymous said...

Here's one that will make you cry...


in_the_light said...

I am currently studying the civil rights movement. I think a study of African American politcal strategy during the mid 1900's reveals things that can offer much to the current sustainability movement. I'll be brief and would love to talk more with anyone who is interested.

The first thing I wanted to say is this: The civil right's movement was not made from leaders, the big names we all know (MLK, Malcom X, etc). The civil rights movement was made from the individuals within the african american community that stood up and said enough is enough.

Secondly, the political strategy that had the most profound fundamental changes, which is what the sustainability movement is all about, was, in my opinion, the one that didn't chase the carrot through the system, but seduced the system into changing in ways that it had never wanted to change in.

I think this is the strategy that we as the individuals of the sustainability movement need to adopt. Mike once brought this up a while back and it was met with much gruff and dissent. But the reality is that the system that was in place in the 1950's was so flawed fundamentally that there was never any chance for the legalization of racism to exist once the African Americans of that time period stood up to it. There were so many weak holes and so many power exploitations that once those courageous souls of the time (and I want to state that I certainly do recognize the enormous amount of courage these people put forth. I am not taking anything away from that!) stood up and harnessed the power of equality, change happened. Not easily. But it happened.

It moved mountains. And mountains are what we are trying to move here.

Has anybody else delved into the politcal strategies of that era? They are truly fascinating and enlightening.


John said...!-Growing-Transatlantic-tensions-on-the-eve-of-the-G20-summit-An-illustration-of-Wall-Street-s-and_a2940.html

agape wins said...

How money works and why it has to change.

A few years ago we closed out several credit cards with rates around 12.5% several weeks ago,
we received an excellent offer from Chase bank, who must have acquired one of our closed accounts
bundled (how strange) with some active accounts they picked up in the bail out: their offer?
If We sign up for automatic payments they will reduce our Variable APR (our old rate was fixed! I would never accept a variable rate on a credit card!), to 26.24% (from what % ?)! If we continue to pay on time
(these are automatic, right?), stay below our credit limit, & have no returned payments for 12 months, our APR will drop to the even lower 13.24%, they state this, with a straight face, about a variable rate account!
How about buying a broken down bridge?
If the account were still active, we'd be first in line, wouldn't you? NO way, a fixed rate loan to
pay off that rat ASAP!


Hotspringswizard said...

Mike said " he has nothing more to say ". Is this a temporary thing? Is he working on other stuff right now? He was rolling along with quite a bit to say for a while lately and now nothing. Just wondering why this is?

Sebastian Ronin said...

"US Mint Suspends Production of More Gold and Silver Coins"

From the comments section to this blog, the following is likely the most succinct explanation for this gold/silver clamp down:

"There’s only one conclusion: the govt is anti constitutional and does not want the public to own gold and silver and platinum; inversely, they want no one to have an escape hatch for the mountains of worthless paper assets. Get ready for precious metals prices to skyrocket!"

RanD said...

Reading the Alexis Zeigler analysis that eyeballs linked us to -- Silent Armaggedon? -- and listening to the Michel Chossudovsky analysis that Sebastian Ronin linked us to at, will provide FTW readers who are not themselves intimate affiliates of the NWO's PTB with every reason they need for thinking "out of the box"; which box would have us believe there's any future for the world we've been living in.

Wake up brothers and sisters, the only way into the future is via spiritual-mental -- not physical -- means.

Sincerely, RanD

FTW admin said...


he's busy. don't worry