Thursday, June 28, 2007

White House, Cheney's Office Subpoenaed
Washington Post Cheney Series
China May End Coal Liquefying Projects
Pentagon: Al Qaeda Leader in East Africa Arrested
Al Qaeda in West Africa
Pakistan Heart of Pearl Story
"Arctic Tale" Puts Faces to Global Warming Threat
Computer Simulation of WTC Attacks
This is a deft way to hammer a few more nails into the coffin of true 9/11 research. By focussing on simulation technique rather than the substance of the study, the demonstration propagates its myth as gospel. J.O.

Jerome Hauer Promoted

This is Hauer’s reward for getting the US Gov to stockpile the dangerous, deadly, despicable anthrax vaccine that his company produces. Michael Kane
Jerome Hauer climbs the ranks at company formerly known as BioPort

IAEA Head: Iran Attack Would Be Act of Madness
Bank Melli Iran Will Launch Fund to Invest in Bourse


bartonbythesea said...

Bank of International Settlements: Credit Boom May Spark Depression -

Anonymous said...

The Vertical Farm Project

Rice Farmer said...

Now that people are beginning to see that biofuels are a bust, there is a lot of excitement over these coal liquefying projects. But in terms of energy yield this is even worse than biofuels because it is purely conversion -- the inputs are totally fossil fuels (biofuels have a small input of solar energy). The efficiency of coal liquefaction is about the same as a coal-fired power plant at 40-odd percent. Basically, people mistakenly see biofuels, coal liquefaction, hydrogen, and other such processes as energy sources, when they are merely means of converting and storing energy at a considerable loss.

Anonymous said...

I fear that 'We' (humanity) would burn humans if there were just some convenient conversion process put them in our gas tanks.