Thursday, June 21, 2007

Rules "Hiding" Trillions in Debt
Bear Stearns Staves off Collapse of Two Hedge Funds

In the last line of this article, you'll be relieved to hear one insider reassure the reader, "I don’t think people need to start hoarding food, water and ammunition because the end is coming.”
Congress Weighs End to Private Equite and Hedge Fund Tax Breaks
The General's Report
Seymour Hersh on General Antonio Taguba, the latest "casualty" in the Abu Ghraib scandal
US Takes Aim at Iran Finances
Chavez Announces New Stage of Energy Revolution
Venezuela To Take Control of 14 Electric Companies
UAE ID Cards to Contain Iris Scans
China Overtakes U.S. as Top Emitter of CO2
Thirteen-Year-Old Proposes Explanation of Colony Collapse Disorder
Buzz on Bees: Not so Bad
Climate Shift Tied to 150,000 Fatalities


Pandabonium said...


"The weakening yen against the dollar and the euro, coupled with recent rises in crude oil and raw material costs, has gradually pushed up prices of everyday necessities, from gasoline to toilet paper."

Regular gasoline is expected to top 140 yen per liter (US$4.29/gallon) in July.

I love my bicycle more with each passing day.

Isis said...

Very good interview with Richard Heinberg on "Peak Moment" (taped June 9th). Packs a lot of hot energy topics in just 28 minutes, including high gas prices, peak coal, the ehtanol scam, and other "alternatives". You might say it's an energy dense interview. :)
Peak Oil, Peak Coal, and Beyond

David said...

Why are they afraid of the NSA spying on them??? :)

France bans BlackBerry use by officials:
Government fears U.S. snooping, threat to state secrets.

Rice Farmer said...

The Americans Have Landed

On the creation of AFRICOM.

bartonbythesea said...

BP cedes Kovykta gas field stake to Gazprom

bartonbythesea said...

World's first coal-to-oil mass converter due to start operation this year -

bartonbythesea said...

The fight for the world's food -

Rice Farmer said...

Pain at the Pump in Haiti

Another example of demand destruction at work, although that is not the interpretation favored over at CounterPunch, whose writers tend to see high fuel prices merely as instances of the oil companies gouging the working poor. Peak oil is another blind spot, along with 9/11.

Dick McManus said...


read my on-line book. It is still a draft as I am adding to it and I am still word-smithing it.

Rice Farmer said...

Thanks to Isis for the Heinberg interview heads-up. He certainly is knowledgeable, but seems a bit too sanguine to me when he starts talking about solutions. Personally I think we will see little cooperation from the big players, leaving the Little People (us) to create our own communities and cope as best we can. Meanwhile, governments and corporations will be doing whatever they can, no holds barred, to secure resources and energy. It's going to degenerate into an ugly free-for-all.

Rice Farmer said...

Rich Nations Accused of Green Imperialism on Climate Change

What took them so long to notice?

Tyler Havlin said...

More on the housing bubble.

Thanks for the heads up, Mike.

Rice Farmer said...

If you go over to Scientific American's site right now, you can download their July issue free as a PDF. No, there is no article on peak oil. But there is one called "An Earth without People," whose author imagines what would happen to our cities -- in particular New York City -- if humans were suddenly to disappear. Now, there's a lesson here for us peak oilers. No, I don't think humans are going to disappear from the face of the Earth because of peak oil (although I do think there will be a big die-off). Nevertheless, it's not just humans, but also the huge amount of energy at their disposal, that make it possible to maintain big cities. This article says that, sans maintenance, our grand cities will begin to crumble in a surprisingly short time ("a matter of months"!). And because the energy for said maintenance will become prohibitively expensive in the not-too-distant future, this article (and its lurid pictures) perhaps unintentionally give us a prelude of what's going to happen because of peak oil. Food for thought.

David said...

U.N.: Opium production soaring in Afghanistan

Afghanistan accounted for 92 percent of global illicit opium production in 2006. That's a lot of profit. It could almost fund a never ending war.

Chris XVX said...

Organic Bees Are Thriving While Pesticide Intensive Conventional Bee Hive Colonies Are Collapsing.

Chris XVX said...

Here's a great show on The Progressive Radio Network. It's free to listen to.

Richard Martin examines the state of the economy as it pertains to you. He will talk about steps you can take to protect yourself against the coming economic collapse.

Tyler Havlin said...

Half of the world living in cities by 2008 according to UN report:

The agency found current policy initiatives often aim to keep the poor out of cities by limiting migration and cutting lower-income housing.

"Cities see poor people as a burden," Obaid said. "They should be seen as an asset."

"Investing in them in terms of shelter, education and so on would mean you have a good economic force that can work and create even further economic growth coming from cities," Obaid said.

bartonbythesea said...

US expert calls for 'peak oil' study -

bartonbythesea said...

Sheiks on a Plane:
FBI Docs Expose Anatomy of a Cover-Up