Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Iran and Belarus Cement Ties
Iran Plans to Strike European Nuclear Power Plants
...and at the same time price its oil in euros. Hmm.../ J.O.
Cheney Seeks to Keep Visitors' Records Secret
NY Times on the Privatization of the OVP (Office of the Vice President)
Fox' Accusation that the New York Times has Refused to Publish Cheney's Letter in Response
US Urges Kazakhstan to Diversify Oil Routes
...and thereby bypass Russia/ JO
Syria to End Dollar Peg; Second Country in Two Weeks Can the UAE be far begind? J.O.
Tibetan Ice Melt to Cause Floods
What a horrific "perfect storm" post-Peak scenario. Global warming causes melting of Tibetan ice caps. Ice caps melt, set to cause massive Yangtze River floods. Yangtze Three Gorges dam, the largest power project in history, itself triggered by Chinese preparations for Peak Oil energy crisis, will be tested. What if the dam doesn't hold up?/ Larry Chin
Pipeline that Diverts Malacca Strait Oil
RCTV and Freedom of Speech in Venezuela
Finally, a fair and balanced exegesis of Chavez' controversial move in shutting down the TV station, ostensibly interfering with the free speech of his opponents./ J.O.
RCTV Moves to Youtube

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Jacob said...

Saudi Prince Got Secret Payments From UK's BAE Systems

"Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan received payments of hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars from the UK's biggest arms dealer BAE systems."

"A Serious Fraud Office (SFO) investigation into the Al Yamamah deal unearthed the payments but the investigation was scuttled in December 2006 by the Prime Minister Tony Blair because of "national security concerns"."