Saturday, April 14, 2018

From Jenna Orkin

Tulsi Gabbard on Syrian Strike

Cancer-Killing Wasp Venom - FB

A looming crisis will force humans to change how we eat, build, and power our lives — here are some of the most promising solutions

The word “solutions” is a tad optimistic.  Taking it for granted that we’re not going to change our lifestyle in any fundamental way, here are the proposed technofixes.
  1. We know geoengineering can’t replace emissions cuts. Temporarily blocking Earth from absorbing more heat doesn’t remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. As soon as a geoengineering effort ends and we stop filling the sky with particles, warming would rebound immediately to previous levels. And most experts say solar geoengineering wouldn’t do anything to change the fact that carbon dioxide is making the oceans more acidic.
  2. But we also don’t know for sure that solar geoengineering would cause the spate of geographically unequal and disastrous side effects that most models show.

More people than ever are eating meat, and farmers are turning to bugs to feed their livestock

Michael Cohen was known to record his conversations — and that could be a 'gold mine' for investigators after the FBI raided his home and office this week

The Cambridge Analytica data breach also harvested people's private Facebook messages

The way Americans get electricity is one natural disaster away from decimation — but a resilient power grid is in our reach

One Of Germany's Richest Men Has Disappeared In The Alps

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