Saturday, July 01, 2017

This blog has been and will continue to be disrupted for another few days due to unforeseen mayhem at apartment.
From Jenna Orkin

This Region Is China's Next Target For Resource Deals


rjs said...

Mayhem? that doesn't sound good, Jenna. i had a rough patch last summer when a 70 foot maple fell on top of my car in the midst of a major flea infestation...

A peon said...

Hope everything is ok Jenna.Thank you for continuing this blog! =)

La Curée said...

Tell us Jenna.
Human interest story for your readers.

I'm suffering a bit myself today hurt my shoulder yesterday, staying put for a few days. Reduced to left handed typing by slinging a heavy rucksack of fox food over one shoulder, then standing in a beer garden with a cold wind under wrapped for a couple of hours. Happened due to a recent lack of upper body exercise I dropped press-ups & set practice the last few weeks - the wages of sloth 😉

Hope nothing too dramatic.