Friday, July 21, 2017

Satellite Snafu Masked True Sea Level Rise for Decades

Scotland Powering Country on Wind

California lawmakers passed a landmark climate change bill — and environmental groups aren't happy about it

Greece Brain Drain: 33% Of Unemployed Looking For Jobs Abroad Vs 11% In 2015

Here's Why The US Just Took 'Rebranded' Al-Nusra Front Off Terror Watch-Lists

Purchases Of US Real Estate By Foreigners Hit All-Time High In 2016

Wal-Mart Replaces More Than 4,000 Employees With Machines

Pentagon Furious After Turkey Leaks U.S. Base Locations In Syria: "Hard Not To See This As A F-You"

The Feds Just Expanded Civil Asset Forfeiture 'Laws' Nationwide

Nationwide Outage Hits Bank of America: Customers Unable To Access Accounts


La Curée said...

Hi Jenna:
Have you looked at the Jarad Kushner & Qatar thing closely.
Looks to me that this is the USA attempting to muscle in on the UK's sphere of influence & force business Trumps cronies way.
The 'trouble' could just be the USA stirring up fairly trivial tribal rivalries to try & suggest to Qatar, that only the USA can protect them from the Saudis.
No one likes 'Bif' tactics, no chance of a velvet glove.
Also: Former US Defense Secretary Robert Gates stated in May 2017 that he doesn't "know instances in which Qatar aggressively goes after (terror finance) networks of Hamas, Taliban, Al-Qaeda," and that "My attitudes toward Al-Udeid and any other facility is that the United States military doesn’t have any irreplaceable facility.

La Curée said...

More on the deal