Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Michael Flynn resigns as national security adviser

How the Trump regime was manufactured by a war inside the Deep State

"On its website, the company offers an extraordinary declaration regarding its rationale for focusing on unconventional oil and gas resources:
“The peaking of world oil production presents the US and the world with an enormous challenge. Aggressive action must be taken to avoid unprecedented economic, social and political costs.”

Could a £400bn plan to refreeze the Arctic before the ice melts really work?

Authorities issue dire warnings amid threat of California dam collapse

Sikh Temples Open Their Doors To Oroville Dam Evacuees

Trump, Bannon Said To Weigh Firing Mike Flynn Over Russian Phone Calls Scandal

Washington Post Admits Shutting Down 'Fake News' Will Move Us Closer To A Modern-Day '1984'

Apple's Tim Cook Urges "Massive" Government Crackdown On 'Fake News': "It's Killing People's Minds"

Passengers Flee United Flight After "Unstable" Pilot Goes Off On Bizarre Trump, Clinton Rant

Bacteria fed synthetic iron become electrical generators

Judge Forces Town To Return $3 Million To Residents Fined By "Unconstitutional" Traffic Cameras


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