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Former Norwegian Prime Minister held for questioning at Dulles Airport

Joel Kenneth Miner

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UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: on the previous interview posy yesterday.
Let me start by saying. We all know the government can get and see pretty much whatever they want to about is online. So there is no reason to hide anything in this interview. Below is the questions and answers as close to the same order as I can remember. I have put a * next to the questions i found strange and concerning. I will then follow with my thoughts. Like before in the original post above.
Q. Is your name Joel Kenneth Miner?

Q. About 6 to 7 questions about dob. Social security number. Place of birth. Mother and fathers name. Basic info for identification purposes. (No issues here.)
Q. Are you or any of your family member followers of the Islamic faith?

A. I have a brother who is a wounded veteran and practices Islam.

(This question is only slightly concerning but not enough for me to worry as there was no follow up about which brother or his name.)
Q. Did you vote for President Donald J. Trump?**

A. I do not wish to disclose my ballot selection at this time.
Q. Do you recognize President Donald J. Trump as the legal and authorized leader of the executive branch?***

A. I recognize him as the President chosen via electoral college to represent the U.S.A.
Q. Are you an Islamic sympathizer?

A. What do you mean?
Q. Do you believe the U.S.A is a Christian nation?***

A. Our country was founded on securalist beliefs that all men can worship how they choose without fear that the government will impose any one belief on it's people.
Q. When did the USA obtain indepence?

A: we delcared independence on July 4th 1776 and obtained it after defeating the British Empire in the Revolutionary war in 1783 with the Treaty of Paris. (Suprised look on his face. I love history)

Response: 1776 would have been fine.
Q: who leads the executive branch of government?

A. The president.
Q. Who is in charge of the legislative branch?

A. Congress
Q. Who leads the Judicial branch?

A. The supreme court.
Q. Who was the 1st president of the United states?

A. George Washington.
Q. Who was president during the Emancipation Proclamation?

A. Abraham Lincoln.
Q. Do you think a Muslim should be allowed to be President?***

A. Yes, if they meet all the requirements under the Constitution and obtain the votes.
Q. Do you believe that the USA is in a holy war with Islam?***

A. No but i think the government is using war and fear to increase corporate interests.
Q. Have you ever been arrested in protest of the US government?***

A. I have never been arrested in protest.
Q. Do you think the US should build a wall to protect our borders?**

A. Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free.

(Gives a small smirk)
Q. If you were called to war would you answer?

A. I would support and defend the constitution of the United States of America.
Q. What is your religious affiliation?***

A. I refuse to answer at this time.
Q. Would you ever stand in protest of the US government or its officials?***

A. I will protect my nation against all enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC.

(Chokes in a laugh with a small cough.)
Q. Did you leave the USA to avoid legal action against you?

A. No
Q. Do you think Islam is a threat to the USA?****

A. No
Q. Do you consider yourself a patriot?**

A. I will defend my country and its people from any regime or government that shows its purpose is to deny or remove the individual freedoms so many have died for. Be they foreign or domestic.
Q. Do you have anything you would like to add?

A. I love the USA. I did not choose to leave out of hate or anger or fear. I chose to take advantage of the freedom being a citizenof such a great country affords me. I chose to travel, explore the depths of my spirituality, expand my knowledg and career and move forward on a life i choose because of the freedom my country has. I will always love my native land and i will always support equality and justice for all.

(He nods)
Interviewer: slides a memo over which reads. All citizens living abroad may be subject to informal investigation due to heightened security measure in the USA before final submission of new passport requests.

Pulls memo away.
Me. Sir this is not the same....

He cuts me off. Mr. Miner we all have a job to do don't we. No need to cause any problems. Your passport should be available for pick within the next 3 weeks. Have a good day.
Me. You too.
We shake hands and part.
There were some other questions intermittently about all the visas and stamps in my passport. Why i was requesting extra pages. A couple more about work history and my military service but none that i think need to be added here. Thoughts below.


Overall I found the interview to be more about why i left, why so many places traveled. Basic questions about identity and some intense history of the US government similar to what immigrants have to know for citizenship requests.

The questions about donald trump, immigration, war and my religion definatelu rubbed me the wrong way. Based off the previous memo compared to the new one and the random placement of some of the questions (almost as of catching me off guard woudl reveal some hidden truth ) my gut tells me that this is all a little fishy. I don't know if any of these investigative interviews will lead to any negative impact towards citizens or if it is just weird questions mixed in with what i would find totally acceptable concerns for a citizen living abroad. It is almost as if donald trump got an interview form for citizneship and added his own questions in order to boost his ego.
Overall i think we should be cautious and pay attention to what we are asked and how we respond but i find this more amusing now then disheartening. There were even moment where it was obviius the interviewer was as shocked as i was by some of the questions he was asking. I dont think this is a witch hunt (yet) and i think as more people exeperience these types of interviews my hope is that the silly non pertinant questions will eventually find their way out.

Be careful and continue to educate ones self.

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