Wednesday, June 03, 2009


All of the archived physical copies of FTW were destroyed in Oregon in 2006. If anyone has a hard-copy of the first "From the Wilderness" from May 1998 please contact the blog and advise immediately. it's needed for a final cut of the movie "CoLLapse" which will be formally announced soon. A scanned image of the first page would do, but a hard copy would be better. If you have it, please let us know right away and we'll figure out how I can get it as quickly as possible.




agape wins said...

I'm focusing on you finding a copy,
it's all I can do, every Bit helps!

In the scheme of things this is small/not, how many "Bits" make a Hummingbird?

Serry J said...

I have TWO of your best reports in hard copy. The 15 page COUP D'ETAT and the 10 page Bush-Cheney Drug Empire. Let me know if you want them.

Jamey Hecht said...

So you can't just print out a fresh one from the .pdf --- the electronic copies of the first newsletters were destroyed too, at all locations? Wow.

I have some old print FTW newsletters around here in a box, but I doubt I have any from before 2002.

I also have my copy of the FTW "Tyree Papers."

UseLessEater said...

The Wayback Machine has archives from May 29, 2002 to Oct 26, 2007 of the publicly accessible content of the FTW website but nothing earlier.
Internet Archive Wayback Machine

streetsoflove said...

I've got it. Only it's dated March, 1998 - Vol. I No. I. Let me know what you'd like. Glad to help in any way I can.

Jenna Orkin said...

to streetsoflove:

Contact Jenna directly at We can't get your email from the postings. Jenna will put you in touch with me.

Thank you!


Chris XVX said...

Finished A Presidential Energy Policy and enjoyed it. It was surprising though to see that one point was sorely missed-the massive amounts of energy, crops, water and land that is used for Factory Farming and overall meat production. Not to mention all the methane, CO2 and pollution produced because of it.

How can we be expected to change a paradigm based on greed, ignorance, apathy and violence if factory farming and the mass slaughter of millions of animals continues unabated?

Dave Crossland said...

Chris: Animal farming is important to keep nutrients in the soil, although industrial animal farming doesn't do this very well.

Gustav said...

There's still hope for EU! Way to go, Angela!!

Anthony said...

Why not use to see the website exactly as it was , at any point in time?