Monday, June 15, 2009

From Jenna Orkin:

North Korea Declares All Out Push for Nuclear Weapons
[T]he resolution risks standoffs between US and North Korean ships – a danger underlined by North Korea's response. "An attempted blockade of any kind by the US and its followers will be regarded as an act of war and met with a decisive military response," the regime said.

The Coming US-Saudi Fight Over Energy Independence
Peak Coal, Global Warming Policy and Exponential Math
From Recovery to Oil Price Surges
Secret Documents Show How Shell Used Military Government Against Protesters
Feingold's Objection to McChrystal
"The Role of the Department of Defense During a Flu Pandemic," June 4, 2009.
"Geospatial Information and Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Current Issues and Future Challenges," June 8, 2009.
As Iraq Runs Dry, a Plague of Snakes is Unleashed
As Wind Power Grows, a Push to Tear Down Dams
US Cities May Have to Be Bulldozed to Survive
Argentina accused of economic war

Russia: GDP Shrinks 9.8% in 15 Year Record
Report Says Crisis Curbs Need for Democracy

Pakistan Hikes Defense Spending 15%
Four from Rice Farmer:
Pakistan orders army to go after Taliban chief
From last year: Taliban Leader Baitullah Mehsud Dead
Report: Baitullah Mehsud is Dead
Russia Seeks Bigger Role in Afghanistan on Eve of BRIC Summit

East Asia
Humans Intrude on an Indonesian Park
Niche in Europe for China Cars?
Chinese Cities to be Lit Up By Leds
China Stockpiling Oil (February)
China Stockpiling Corn (March)
China Stockpiling Soy (April)
China Stockpiling Copper (April)
China Stockpiling Copper Metals (April)
China Stockpiling Iron Ore (June)
Poppy Hunt in Beijing

The End of the Internet for Namibia?

Students riot over attacks

A.P. in Deal to Deliver Nonprofits’ Journalism
Researchers Use Brain Scans to Read People's Memories
Information from brain scans has already been used in court in India to help judge whether defendants are telling the truth or not.

Regarding a recent reference to the threat of stem rust to the global wheat crop, see also: Weaponization of Stem Rust
Investors Rush to Buy Gold
The Return of History and the End of Dreams (Book Review, 2008)


Thomas Rudolf said...

Maybe a link of interest:

January 14, 2009
Fresh Uganda oil find ‘Africa’s biggest’

Mr Atherton said that of the 18 wells the company had drilled in the basin so far, all had produced oil. “Clearly the entire basin is full of oil,” he said. “It’s a world-class discovery, the most exciting new basin in Africa in decades.”

Anonymous said...

Rural Michigan counties turn failing roads to gravel

agape wins said...

There are still a lot of posters here who don't save their drafts, some don't read what they wrote to insure it is a correct,
constructive expression of their thoughts! If something is not accepted read it over, from a third person viewpoint, is
there something suspect, odd or possibly negative? Does it sound like you are "cornering" or "boxing" someone in?
The quickest way to be shut out, is to allow the impression that you are superior, or would like to be.
Some links may be "borderline", Distracting, out of context/misleading, or deliberate fabrication!

When you know your way around the net, you get a feel for danger, it's better to use caution, than to mislead someone, OR get a reputation; remember what you find here can normally be trusted--if not a "regular" picks it out in a flash.

I had a post rejected some time back, on review the link started with a picture which would have been pornographic in another context; in my re submission I had advanced to the picture which made my point, the other pictures had to be viewed to put that picture in context; imagine Jenna's reaction when she opened the link; after understanding the point
the other pictures took their rightful place.

Putting people in boxes (name calling is always negative),
is a NO NO: please!
Trying to understand someone's stance or viewpoint here is
constructive. We are all in up to our chins as the speedboat approaches!
That is what Amae's Dependency is, if you will not hold my hand, to keep my head up; what are you doing here?

An example of the S*** that passes for information- it's been around several times as Billy Grahams Prayer-NOT!!

sunrnr said...

Blue-green algae blooms are being reported in many of the nation's lakes. These are highly toxic to humans and animals. The toxins cannot be removed by boiling, filtration, etc.

The damage we've done to our home (nest?) is irrepariable, global warming or not.

One of many signs of the times and of what's to come I believe.


OrwellianUK said...

Israeli-Western effort to destabilise Iran

Jenna Orkin said...

agape wins wrote:

agape wins has left a new comment on your post "From Jenna Orkin: Headline North Korea Declares A...":

6,16,09. 6:42pm.
This may seem like a distraction, but it is about perception, values, & change in mindset!
Today, less than an hour ago I saw A late model yellow convertible, Rolls Royce traveling down Center St. in Casper Wyoming, USA!??
My Reaction? Pity followed by disgust, the same reaction I have toward the high priced SUV'S, & Hummers that I see every day! It took a little reflection to determine the last time I envied that waste; it was in 1956, I had the choice of buying A 1955 Lincoln Capri, or a 1956 VW bug.
Both were $1,600! I bought the cold/hot, slow, "death trap" VW, driving it & 6 others a total of 800,000 miles. It did take me 6 more years to get over the M B 300SL Gull Wing Coupe. As I said the Arrogance of youth!!

Here is the real reason for this post, be careful!...

agape wins then linked to stephen lendman's article on mandatory vaccination. but the website on which the article had been reproduced is not one we can endorse here.

agape wins said...

Yes-YES, I agree, The link is one which should be read vary carefully, getting excited at this point is premature!
BUT we have to be aware that something smells about this whole
Swine Flu deal, stay informed!!

I do not think anyone should be forced into anything! A Shot that could Kill as much as save; someone determines who will live, the Nazis' used vaccination to purify the "Master Race", as did South Carolina in the USA, to save the "Feeble-minded"(& the state),
from themselves, surgeries were also performed; strange that one race was "singled out"

I have no objection to the deletion of the link.